Is Apple Even TRYING?? - Airpods 2 Review


  1. MinecraftMike

    MinecraftMikeHace 3 horas

    Refuse to support a company that refuses to use model names or numbers other than calling shit "new". Sorry apple, try hiring someone who can count. I'll keep my monoprice wireless charging headphones (product #38542) for $69 (heh) that are better in literally every way (except stroking your "look how much money i gave apple" dick in public)

  2. Sage Link

    Sage LinkHace 9 horas

    Apple doesn’t have to try, slap a half eaten apple on a white device and boom, profit.

  3. Freddy’s Shreddies

    Freddy’s ShreddiesHace 22 horas

    Apple is garbage

  4. Micha미차_

    Micha미차_Hace un día

    *You would be a great Apple Producer* *You know all the problems and solutions and making things fair*

  5. Xpyres

    XpyresHace 2 días

    Is Cortana dead?

  6. jordy van rossum

    jordy van rossumHace 2 días

    I mean not the first there were a lot like gear icon x months before apple even anounced about the airpods

  7. 1 million subs with no content

    1 million subs with no contentHace 2 días

    Bose, samsung and Sony have the best truly wireless earbuds. So why buy airpods when they suck, there is no point in flexing because it just shows people how bad you are at making financial decisions

  8. Wilfredy Nunez

    Wilfredy NunezHace 2 días

    No thanks i'll stick with my souljapods.

  9. Rick Malone

    Rick MaloneHace 2 días

    I only clicked on this to see why your face looks like you're having an aneurysm lol Nothing short of that should be that bad!

  10. TheIARM

    TheIARMHace 3 días

    why get airpods when you can get some sonys

  11. Mark Tyson

    Mark TysonHace 4 días

    Apple don't have to try. Making the best, leading edge products is not their priority because it's not necessary. Their incredible marketing strategies have recruited millions of Apple worshipers who will buy their products regardless. Don't get me wrong, Apple have some brilliant products, but they've put themselves in a position where they don't all have to be brilliant, or even above average as is the case with these air pods. Why spend a fortune developing the best when you can sell an average product for the same price?

  12. andrew kline

    andrew klineHace 4 días

    back round music at the beginning?

  13. Bisgamer Gameplay

    Bisgamer GameplayHace 5 días

    My friend has airpods (old version) ... And he always curse at them... After 1 year of usage and battery life Phone call - 15 minutes Music 30-45 mins 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  14. Bisgamer Gameplay

    Bisgamer GameplayHace 5 días

    7:01 Rip

  15. Erik Ramirez

    Erik RamirezHace 5 días

    "Apple users agree.." Yeah of course they do 😂 just a bunch of mindless zombie sheep who will throw their money away at anything Apple gives them 😂 I'll stick with my Raycon e100s, they're much more comfortable and sound a HELL of a lot better

  16. crocman2cool

    crocman2coolHace 6 días

    using siri to change volume, genius!

  17. Usual

    UsualHace 3 días

    No it’s not but believe what u want

  18. Noel Stephenson

    Noel StephensonHace 6 días

    When you buy a wirles charger and have a iPhone 6 and realise it’s not compatible 😂😂

  19. 1 million subs with no content

    1 million subs with no contentHace 2 días

    Well judging by your spelling I can see how that happened

  20. Verne Arase

    Verne AraseHace 7 días

    I actually like the way AirPods fit, as they allow me to maintain a degree of situation awareness about the world around me. I've greatly disliked the way some in ear earphones have sealed up my ear canals, keeping me from hearing things like honking horns. YMMV.

  21. OptimisticScales

    OptimisticScalesHace 4 días

    That's why I love my Sony WF-1000XM3s, they not only have noise cancelling but also allow sound to come through, even giving you an option to choose how much sound goes through. It's more expensive at 230 but I'm very happy with it.

  22. Ritzy stoner

    Ritzy stonerHace 8 días

    Whose listening to this on airpods

  23. XxGalaxyNinjaxX

    XxGalaxyNinjaxXHace 9 días


  24. Mohamed Alhosani

    Mohamed AlhosaniHace 9 días

    4:34 The best part in the video

  25. Daniel Chang

    Daniel ChangHace 9 días

    4:07 Tosses the buds across the desk

  26. will gaskins

    will gaskinsHace 10 días

    I see the ok hand

  27. thirsty footpath

    thirsty footpathHace 10 días

    to poor for an iphone but u still have earpods

  28. Michael Vo

    Michael VoHace 10 días

    Galaxy Buds are amazing! Sold my airpods to buy the Galaxy buds. The Galaxy buds are so much better the airpods. Better sound quality, app features, comfortable over long time use, better quality, wireless charging, and a few more stuff. I highly recommend the Galaxy buds for people looking for really nice wireless earbuds.

  29. Dimitri Petrevski

    Dimitri PetrevskiHace 8 días

    Yeah I just bought mine today and they already feel and sound great.

  30. rools2roolsproject

    rools2roolsprojectHace 10 días

    You forgot to say they are not sweat or rain resistant.

  31. c m

    c mHace 10 días

    literally why does everything have to be wireless? 😂 am I the only one who doesn’t care?? Also I never liked Apple earphones anyway bc they don’t fit in my ears.. they always slip out, so there is no way I’d pay to have wireless headphones that do the same thing.

  32. 郭自強

    郭自強Hace 11 días

    Why would Apple give a Sh*t?... Sad really... The company is badly spoiled. Apple fans will still buy it even it fits badly... Majority of them don't care about the audio quality anyway.

  33. 郭自強

    郭自強Hace 3 días

    @Usual we r talking about audio quality here, there isnt anyting to do with windows... You cant be askung too much with a earphone with no isolation design option anyway. Im not saying it is bad, just not worth the upgrade, when they r absolutely capable of a improved design, but feels like they couldn't be bothered...

  34. Usual

    UsualHace 3 días

    No that’s not correct I have only used windows and apple since I got my first device and I care about the whatever quality

  35. OnyxTech

    OnyxTechHace 8 días

    As an Apple user, I’d like to chime in. I have a set of audiophile headphones, a schiit amp and dac, all that good stuff, but the only reason I’m considering the AirPods is because of sheer convenience, sure they may not sound that great but they would be great for going grocery shopping, bike riding, etc. I hate to be the “oh it’s the ecosystem” guy, but it really is, being able to sync them with my watch would be absolutely awesome.

  36. Hahnsdn 123

    Hahnsdn 123Hace 11 días

    Would they charge faster if you used wireless charging and plugged it in? Surely it would charge faster

  37. Wulfy

    WulfyHace 8 días

    Hahnsdn 123 I was wondering that with my iPhone 8. I tried it yesterday. No. It doesn’t work charge faster.

  38. Bring me Peter pan

    Bring me Peter panHace 11 días

    My skin doesnt fit my ipad... its like a mm or two to short to reach the bottom and top...


    THE EPIC FISTHace 11 días

    Mic sounds a bit tinny

  40. Alduin 12345

    Alduin 12345Hace 11 días

    This is why you don't buy an Apple it is garbage like every Apple product on this Earth.

  41. Hale Prophecy

    Hale ProphecyHace 12 días

    android users should get samasung buds :P

  42. Hale Prophecy

    Hale ProphecyHace 7 días

    Yes the galaxy buds are defs good and you should defs get them

  43. Quazar

    QuazarHace 8 días

    Galaxy buds* I'm definetly getting them, i was watching this to see if i should buy this or the galaxy buds but apparently galaxy buds are still better.

  44. extZOMBIE165

    extZOMBIE165Hace 12 días

    I hate how youtubers have buildings or studios for youtube video😂😂

  45. Wirxaw Tanev

    Wirxaw TanevHace 12 días

    KZ has successfully beta- tested their T1 TWS headphones, so... pretty soon the TWS market will be obsolete. I mean, not that 1DD+2BA drivers for 40$ is a great deal for sound quality, you can get better hybrids or 3BA pure armature for that, but, as far as the wireless market goes - that's still the cheapest armature available. Right now, last time I checked, there are only 3 legitimate competitors: 1. Galaxy Buds - basically the same crappy dynamic as Apple, but better, cheaper, and more comfortable. ~100$ 2. Huawei Buds - I think they had a model with a DD+BA hybrid, which is already a plus. ~100$ 3. Mifo O5 - single Knowles-BA driver. Not a huge upgrade when done with a single driver, but still - BA>DD. ~80$ With KZ entering the market at ~40$, if their beta is of any indication, while offering a decent-quality V-shaped sound with interchangeable buds and quality BT chip - well... what more would you want from TWS? I mean, personally, sitting here broke with AS16, 8 balanced armature drivers per ear, having basically an orchestra-level sound stage in my ears, with comfortable memory foam and a proper DAP source - I want a lot more from TWS. The bar is too high. But I am a realist, I recognize that building a TWS is a very complicated process, so it obviously will never be better than 40$ wired headphones. It's physically impossible. Unless, maybe, that will be some extremely-well tuned Knowles-Sonion combo of micro-BA drivers(like the ones used in 10-21BA per ear headphones). But that shit will cost AT LEAST 300$. And, of course, the sheep will only buy an expensive product when it has an Apple logo attached, not when it's an actual QUALITY product. For reference, the primary difference in headphone manufacturing is this: 1. Dynamic IEMs require a bum-level plastic cable that transmits a bare minimum of current, because dynamic drivers are just... BAD. Sure, some "higher" quality DD IEMs may have a better cable, and high-end overhead monitors definitely have a thick cable, but I'm talking about generally 100$> dynamic IEMs. Plus most of them use only one driver(even though you can physically stack up to 4, there are some 15$> QKZ quad-DD IEMs that desperately attempt to build a soundstage via better frequency reproduction at a given volume). So the bottom line is that it's double-cheap. All you have to do is, hopefully, take a better DD driver(and, unfortunately, they do vary) and configure it to a proper frequency response. The better the quality and your skill as an audio engineer - the better the final DD sound will be. Still, the lack of a sound stage, the dirty bass and the broken mids and the potentially extremely artificial treble - are some of the many of "identifiers" of a DD driver. 2. Armature IEMs first of all require armature cable. Which is still cheap if manufactured efficiently, but a replacement one can cost almost as much as a full-on pair of DD IEMs(5-10$). Armature drivers, however, are a separate subject. I know only three manufacturers: Knowles, Sonion and Bellsing. Knowles and Sonion are used in high-end, premium, like actually LUXURY grade IEMs, so their presence in budget IEMs is very limited(Tenhz T4\T5 is probably your best bet, and that's only 4-5 drivers). Bellsing is, as you'd expect, a chinese copy. From my own experience and numerous people on Headfi - the difference in sound quality is ... not that huge at all. So much that the said Tenhz aren't exactly the "bang for buck" that they claim to be. However, whatever the case - Armature drivers by themself are not only more expensive, but they are also insufficient alone. Like, a VERY good, big DD driver that's pristine and polished - can truly rival some 3-BA Bellsing setups. In other words, a 200-300$ DD IEM vs a 40$ IEM. But beyond that - DD requires a hybrid approach, because unless you are a desperado like QKZ - stacking DD doesn't do shit. Dynamic drivers reproduce bass, struggle with lower mids and require work to reproduce treble. Across the board. So that's where hybrid design comes in - armature technically doesn't have as "fat" bass(but once you hear a natural armature bass, you can't go back), but they do have better performance in mids and highs. This is why most hybrids stack a DD base with BA "treble polishers". Preferably - not only treble, but also mid-polishers, but the cost of BA drivers increases, the double treble drivers are the cheapest, while the mid ones are more rare and expensive and a large armature bass driver is a rarity only seen in pure armature setups. 3. TWS headphones do not require cables, but they require a charging cable that has to work "as intended", they require a BT chip that has to work "as intended"(because crappy BT connection isn't exactly a selling point nowadays). They require a battery that also doesn't "die" and that can feed the headphone for an extended period. All of that requires much more quality control than just "modify the drivers, attach cable, check if it works, pass". And all of it requires power. This is why most TWS headphones stick to one driver, two max. This 3-driver hybrid by KZ is already shell-sized, as in - the same as their other over-ear designs, and while it's not as big as AS16\large models, it still poses fitting risk. This is why most TWS manufacturers drop sound quality and make their shit as accessible as possible. Apple goes an extra mile ahead by even removing the "danger" of different earbuds. Sheep buy what they are offered, so if they are offered a cold plastic in their ears - what choice do they have? The less - the better. Less problems for Apple. I personally detest even silicone earbuds, they just don't work for me, neither comfort nor sound quality wise. And I have "once" tried plastic in my ears. Never again. It's foam or nothing. So the first and most important advantage of ANY TWS IEM other than AirPods - is that they CAN be outfitted with memory-foam. And no amount of "10$" dirt-cheap accessories of AirPods will match that.

  46. Kamen Kunchev

    Kamen KunchevHace 13 días

    Pretty sure it's the BT version and capability that's the real improvement and not the new Apple chip but nevermind...

  47. Yufei

    YufeiHace 14 días

    Stop calling my HomePod at 6:00 lol

  48. Dylan Hartley

    Dylan HartleyHace 14 días

    You can get rubber ear tips for the AirPods that help w/ fit and seal

  49. jordy van de ven

    jordy van de venHace 14 días

    Is there anything Linus Tech Tips is positive about? I love the airpods

  50. Ash the Snowman

    Ash the SnowmanHace 15 días

    I'm legit not lying when I say this, I was thinking of buying a server from pebblehost.

  51. Jason Langevin

    Jason LangevinHace 17 días

    Yes they are Linus and there are the best at it. So shut the f up

  52. Toxic OP4

    Toxic OP4Hace 18 días

    Apple wasn't the first true wireless

  53. Pablo Viera

    Pablo VieraHace 18 días


  54. Richie Gomez

    Richie GomezHace 18 días

    Apple is dead

  55. EPMD_

    EPMD_Hace 19 días

    My biggest problem with these is that they still suffer interference at many city intersections. Really frustrating.

  56. Christopher Mitchell

    Christopher MitchellHace 19 días

    Sounds like Apple as usual.

  57. Aidan Pedersen

    Aidan PedersenHace 19 días

    AirPods are not even close to apples most expensive product

  58. Joey Ortiz

    Joey OrtizHace 19 días

    Crapple sucks!! 🤣😆😁🤣😆🤪

  59. Fraser Hay

    Fraser HayHace 21 un día

    I won’t get them cause I read something that air pods give you brain tumours

  60. 8bit Flea

    8bit FleaHace 21 un día

    Funny enough, as much as I'm not an apple fan the airpods are the only headphones that fit my ears, all others fall out.

  61. Zoë MacGregor

    Zoë MacGregorHace 21 un día

    apple still sucks

  62. ThexWITCHxMaster

    ThexWITCHxMasterHace 22 días

    Well they work great for me and I have something called a high end job... so I actually have afford a couple of sets... like I got 3 sets, if I lose one guess what I still have two sets left 🤑...

  63. The French Bald Eagle

    The French Bald EagleHace 22 días

    Yo, shut up nobody gives a shit. And please never use that emoji ever again

  64. Pryzim1

    Pryzim1Hace 22 días

    Only thing special about Apple is the price.

  65. Russell Al mamun

    Russell Al mamunHace 22 días

    Your title picture looks like someone just fucked your ass.

  66. iamthesolitude _

    iamthesolitude _Hace 22 días

    Apple users are still going to be dumb enough to buy them lol

  67. Lorenzo Giancristofaro

    Lorenzo GiancristofaroHace 22 días

    If you have an iPhone they are a no brainer, they are basically magic and depending on your preference might be the best you can buy. But they are a bad choice if you have any other phone. I don't like rubber tips earbuds because they isolate nose too much (dangerous when walking around with them) and they are much less comfortable to wear over long periods. Moreover TWE don't have great sound to begin with so rubber tips for "better bass" does not really matter. You don't buy these tiny ass earbuds for sound quality anyway

  68. turblown

    turblownHace 22 días

    6:02 "hey Siri , order me some William Painter Sunglasses 🕶️..."

  69. TSM Hfsfj And others

    TSM Hfsfj And othersHace 23 días

    Could you make a video on dream gears GRX 70 headset

  70. Robert Lawrence

    Robert LawrenceHace 24 días

    Airpods are crappy ugly poor performing overpriced trash

  71. kokot sity

    kokot sityHace 24 días


  72. Filldi

    FilldiHace 24 días

    Wtf only 5h battery, what is this 1995 ??


    RAAAYOSHace 23 días

    who listen more than that???'....

  74. Hyman Hollywell

    Hyman HollywellHace 25 días

    Super! Happy I came across your channel.

  75. WarriorCatsSquirrelFlight

    WarriorCatsSquirrelFlightHace 25 días

    Nah, I don't think Apple tries. I mean, a $999 phone stand?!

  76. WarriorCatsSquirrelFlight

    WarriorCatsSquirrelFlightHace 24 días

    @Caleb Teague Ah i thought i didn't get it right.

  77. Caleb Teague

    Caleb TeagueHace 24 días

    Mmmmm it's a computer stand

  78. Skeleton Games

    Skeleton GamesHace 25 días

    I’m listening to this video with my galaxy buds... now this is epic

  79. one in a zillion

    one in a zillionHace 25 días

    Didn't you hear? Apple's flexible ear-tips are out and they're dirt cheap too! only $999


    RAAAYOSHace 23 días

    hahaha you are so funny... take a like

  81. cyber tron

    cyber tronHace 26 días

    reilly.... just leave

  82. Karol Stopinski

    Karol StopinskiHace 26 días

    I prefer my Beats X with my android phone. At least one less thing in the pocket. And with a shirt they can be hidden under the collar.

  83. Zyzzus Christ

    Zyzzus ChristHace 26 días

    riley is a funny fucker

  84. ashesfrombones

    ashesfrombonesHace 26 días

    Actually, wearing AirPods makes you look like a gay man wearing earrings


    RAAAYOSHace 23 días

    ok... c.ya

  86. Sage Bias

    Sage BiasHace 26 días

    Downvoted for clickbait.

  87. Brett Rigby

    Brett RigbyHace 26 días

    hey siri works on the orginal airpods btw

  88. Pramuditya Ad1T

    Pramuditya Ad1THace 26 días

    well it seem apple didnt even try

  89. Lorenzo Giancristofaro

    Lorenzo GiancristofaroHace 22 días

    @Pramuditya Ad1T It's not ur fault, linus is biased against apple and bashing on them gives him views.

  90. Pramuditya Ad1T

    Pramuditya Ad1THace 22 días

    @Lorenzo Giancristofaro well thought I didn't even notice my bad

  91. Lorenzo Giancristofaro

    Lorenzo GiancristofaroHace 22 días

    they made everything better/faster: longer battery life, better chip, faster pairing, Siri linked to the airpods mic, wireless charging.

  92. Brett Rigby

    Brett RigbyHace 26 días

    i wish linus was my little bro :(

  93. James Roggy

    James RoggyHace 26 días

    Apple sucks..Thats all i have to say. skip.

  94. Daffa Effendy

    Daffa EffendyHace 26 días

    I'll just stick with my Sony WH1000XM3 thank you so much

  95. Hokou X

    Hokou XHace 24 días

    stick with your shitty call quality, im bot saying that airpods are any good just that the call quality sucks, overall its nice You sould have waited to the sony whxm4 maybe they will support bt 5.0 and maybe with 5.0 you can use the equalizer with aptx intead of only sbc. Compared to the bose one this sony call quality is shit just stating facts, just calls.

  96. Fun_vids

    Fun_vidsHace 26 días


  97. flame bros gaming

    flame bros gamingHace 26 días

    Samsung Galaxy buds are by far better than airpods

  98. SoR_Tutorials

    SoR_TutorialsHace 26 días

    Just a question. Memory foam wrapped earbuds/AirPods. It will fit to shape and be more comfortable for the user. Is there a real reason this isn’t being done? It seems like it would create a good seal and make it easier for long term use. Just an idea.

  99. nomnomcheerios

    nomnomcheeriosHace 26 días

    That would require them to spend money and sacrifice their A E S T H E T I C, so they won't do it

  100. thevoiceofcake

    thevoiceofcakeHace 26 días

    I actually bought the air pods because they don’t have the rubber tips. I can wear them and still hear what’s going on around me. Also I must be lucky cause I cannot get them to fall out with any sort of reasonable movement.

  101. 6massa6cre6

    6massa6cre6Hace 26 días

    I guess I'm one of those few weirdos that cannot wear in ear earbuds. So I often have to get apple like headphones (or classic fit as they are called). However I cannot seem to find any better quality than the air pods which I refuse to buy for obvious reasons. Halp.

  102. Vincent Russell

    Vincent RussellHace 26 días

    I honestly don’t like the squishy ones and the apple ones fit perfectly