iPhone XS Camera Test - 4K 60fps Cinematic Video


  1. Jonathan Morrison

    Jonathan MorrisonHace un año

    Wanted to showcase 4K 60fps on the iPhone XS! Who caught the unboxing video? esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-Zt5WvoW5Xp0.html

  2. Benjamin Sila M.

    Benjamin Sila M.Hace 9 meses

    I'm going to watch the unboxing now! I'm debating purchasing this iPhone XS this weekend for my ESreporter channel content creation (and of course, for personal use). I'm still using a stone age iPhone 6. How is the video quality thus far? And images?

  3. Patrick B

    Patrick BHace 11 meses

    '60fps cinematic video' is a contradiction, you'd need to shoot at 24fps with a 1/50 shutter for a cinematic look... regardless, the footage is very impressive for a phone!

  4. desertdispatch

    desertdispatchHace un año

    people I talk to that bought it love it

  5. Morning Star

    Morning StarHace un año

    compared to Iphone X camera how is it ?

  6. Rodrigo Aquino

    Rodrigo AquinoHace 15 días

    How do you export 4k 60 fps from iphone to ESreporter?

  7. Dre Murphy

    Dre MurphyHace 19 días

    Hey Jonathan, so I’m having a bit of trouble gauging if it’s worth it to upgrade to the 11 pro. I’ve watched a few cinematic videos from both the XS and 11 Pro, but it’s very hard to tell any difference (minus super wide angle). Could you make a video comparing both phones’ cinematic quality?

  8. AliTravels

    AliTravelsHace un mes

    Can someone check out my works and tell me how to improve, I want to reach to this point and further. Thanks

  9. WahidPlayz

    WahidPlayzHace un mes

    iPhone is the only great camera phone. I recommend it

  10. FaryalToys

    FaryalToysHace 3 meses

    did you use gimbal to shoot these footage? or is it the stabilization of iphone xs max?

  11. RainZ

    RainZHace 4 meses

    What are you using to stable the shakiness?

  12. Jose rico

    Jose ricoHace 5 meses

    Who had the xs and can’t see this video in 4K? Cause the highest for me is 1080p 60fps

  13. Hex Omega

    Hex OmegaHace un mes

    @Jose rico He answered your question dumbass. Use your brain

  14. Jose rico

    Jose ricoHace 5 meses

    Monete shut up and answer my question

  15. Raidzor

    RaidzorHace 5 meses

    Jose rico How can you expect to play 4K videos on a screen that is not 4k?

  16. erikj35

    erikj35Hace 6 meses

    FYI.. it's hard to hear what you're saying with the singing in the background. I had to go back a few times to catch what you were saying.

  17. Sinaka W

    Sinaka WHace 8 meses

    Fairly decent but so flawed at the same time. You're better off getting a DJI Osmo for more than half the price to get 2x better quality at 4K 60fps

  18. TaKuMii Ferraghini

    TaKuMii FerraghiniHace 8 meses

    Like a butter

  19. Ellie Elvira Berzina

    Ellie Elvira BerzinaHace 8 meses

    How did you get this video from your phone to ESreporter at such high quality? Is there a way I can upload it straight from my ax max

  20. 菠萝仔

    菠萝仔Hace 8 meses

    I use iPhone XS to shoot video and it doesn’t go like yours. I guess the video editing is extremely important

  21. Sebastian Körner

    Sebastian KörnerHace 9 meses

    That moment when you have to watch a video that's shot on iPhone on Google Chrome because Safari still doesn't support ESreporters 4K codec . Apple come on, it's 2019! Let us watch 4K ESreporter in Safari!

  22. Jishan Khan

    Jishan KhanHace 9 meses

    Very very nice video..

  23. Boxish

    BoxishHace 9 meses

    ESreporter on iphone can’t even show it

  24. Jakobi Lee

    Jakobi LeeHace 9 meses

    Why Is it still blurry when I upload to ESreporter

  25. Airborne Gamer

    Airborne GamerHace 9 meses

    Song and location? The actual location looks amazing btw!

  26. Rajina kp

    Rajina kpHace 9 meses

    Google will come and kill it

  27. YourTechGuy

    YourTechGuyHace 10 meses

    note 9 is better trust me

  28. HulkSmashUK

    HulkSmashUKHace 10 meses

    Is it really 4K though? I’ve got the Xs Max but I can’t view 4K content that I’ve got from my Xbox One X. Says it’s not supported or just won’t play it, anything lower resolution and it’s fine.

  29. Cheese Bros

    Cheese BrosHace 10 meses

    ESreporter for mobile only lets you choose video resolutions based on the screen in your phone.

  30. Asher Moss

    Asher MossHace 10 meses

    what Gimble did you use on this? Ty

  31. Matte Swe

    Matte SweHace 10 meses

    ps.....i LOOOve Google Vs Apple (ps..i should never even touch a AnDroid-driven gadget)....anyway....fantastic Image quality on that video. regards SWäden. (what many people seems NOT understand its about the Operative system....YES. (i dont freaking care if the body/hardware is a Pixel or a iPhone X...its iOS folks,

  32. JrVg7

    JrVg7Hace 10 meses

    I can’t even see it in 4K on my xs max lmao wtf

  33. De Sade and Lincoln

    De Sade and LincolnHace 10 meses

    Wow, I recently purchad an IPhone XS Max. this is my fist iphone!! i plan on vlogging with my phone so I wont have to carry my huge dslr around everywhere, lol.

  34. KingF -

    KingF -Hace 10 meses

    This camera is freakin’ awesome, and unfortunately is the reason why I’m still addicted to this phone despite I wanna goddamn buy a note 9 instead of Apple luxury shit, but the camera aspect, for me, must be the very first reason to choose a specific device (I’m a graphic, I need a good camera for job purposes). So Samsung, can you please provide your new phones with a good photo processing software?

  35. D Jereminov

    D JereminovHace 11 meses

    Well there is nothing cinematic in 60fps ;) Export it in 24 from 60fps original footage. Also using FimicPro and flat/log profile would be nice

  36. Airborne Gamer

    Airborne GamerHace 11 meses

    Amazing cameras on this this year's iPhones! Love the footage that came out! Also...Location? Song?

  37. Jay Dub

    Jay DubHace 11 meses

    Did you shoot any of the iPhone Xs video using a gimbal? If so was there any "jello" effect or stabilization problems like with the X?

  38. Bruno Kendrick

    Bruno KendrickHace 11 meses

    Dope. I have the Xs Max, smooth 4, led lighting, movo mic, filmic pro, LumaFusion the whole 9. I really want to get into music videos and cinematic videos using my setup. Im confident in shooting but the editing is where I get intimidated. Like cutting shots, b-roll locations, effects, what fps to use etc im lost so ill be stuck with some great footage but dont know how to place it lol.

  39. Pranita N

    Pranita NHace 11 meses

    It doesn't even look like it's shot on a phone! It looks like it's shot on a pro camera

  40. Maria del Carmen Reyes del Angel

    Maria del Carmen Reyes del AngelHace 11 meses

    Esto es lo unico que me gusta de la camara de los iPhone, colores reales y bien estabilizado 😎👍

  41. Lia B.

    Lia B.Hace 11 meses

    The camera's kickin' in... Nice video! Btw, I'm entering your XR giveaway and hopefully I can win it cause my 5 seriously need an upgrade TT

  42. Vo Le

    Vo LeHace 11 meses

    Pls same test for iPhone XR

  43. Tony Cai

    Tony CaiHace un año

    A protective case for iPhone XR, highly recommended! amzn.to/2PbDNxd amzn.to/2Rpi7PI

  44. Zoo Hair

    Zoo HairHace 11 meses


  45. Kru Dylan

    Kru DylanHace un año

    Awesome mate! I just made a video similar to yours :)

  46. Hamed Tam

    Hamed TamHace un año

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😎😎😎😎😎😮😮😮😮 just apple just iPhone 📱

  47. Applefanboy2012

    Applefanboy2012Hace un año

    Dude upload this as a solo video

  48. Keith Kekezwa

    Keith KekezwaHace un año

    Beautiful camerawork

  49. Akash Rathod

    Akash RathodHace un año

    Pls give me link of this song

  50. Zoo Hair

    Zoo HairHace 11 meses

    Just use Shazam app. Its scan the song and give you the name.

  51. Creative School

    Creative SchoolHace un año

    We want to see more that kind of cinematic videos of camera review

  52. Cdek Ibalio

    Cdek IbalioHace un año

    Hey bro who won this giveaway? Any announcement yet?

  53. Cdek Ibalio

    Cdek IbalioHace un año

    Hey bro who won this giveaway? Any announcement yet?

  54. CEHA

    CEHAHace un año

    Bist du nicht Menderez?

  55. Gifty Kargbo

    Gifty KargboHace un año

    How did you upload this? When I try to upload from my iPhone X’s, it won’t upload in 4K

  56. José Luis

    José LuisHace un año

    Mi Nokia tiene mejor cámara

  57. Andrew West

    Andrew WestHace un año

    Do you recommend shooting 60fps 4K with these photos? Or 24?

  58. Houssam 222

    Houssam 222Hace un año

    song or link pls ! i know its kilgore but cant find the same as this !

  59. Mac Guy3135

    Mac Guy3135Hace un año

    Looks exactly the same as last year.

  60. Yuckmout' From Down Under

    Yuckmout' From Down UnderHace un año

    Definitely not the same, regardless of what phone you use ESreporter compression will affect the quality of the video. You really have to see them side by side in person to appreciate the differences

  61. Martin Taylor

    Martin TaylorHace un año

    where are you California?

  62. Brijesh Grover

    Brijesh GroverHace un año

    X s max is so nicee

  63. Ken Campbell

    Ken CampbellHace un año

    I must be doing something wrong. My XS 4k 60FPS videos do not look nearly this good.

  64. Ron g

    Ron gHace un año

    who won?

  65. mariah outsold

    mariah outsoldHace un año

    k this video is great but there ain’t nobody filming dis kinda videos w an iPhone

  66. DLTIM

    DLTIMHace un año

    But my iPhone XsMax cannot watch 4k 60ftps on ESreporter 😅

  67. The Sad Traveler

    The Sad TravelerHace un año

    DAMN. Is that with the extended dynamic range on? This is honestly the quality I have been waiting smartphones to reach. I am planning to switch my work over to an iPhone XR for the portability, and it looks like that will be the right choice.

  68. Roel Aguilar

    Roel AguilarHace un año

    Was this color graded in any form???

  69. Gamerboi 18

    Gamerboi 18Hace un año

    If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that was a Red camera! Dang!! iPhone has got a STUNNING CAMERA!!!

  70. Logan Webb

    Logan WebbHace un año

    60 fps =/= cinematic

  71. Cdek Ibalio

    Cdek IbalioHace un año

    Hey let me win! Never tried iOS yet.