Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson


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    I'm so proud of this video and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for letting me make stuff like this and for supporting our channel. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know. -Shane & Andrew

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    Thanks ;)

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    I'm the last comment! ily Shane!

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    I am soooo proud of you

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    Lol last comment

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    Lol last reply

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    This is kind of scary Loki

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    I was just heading to the comments and saw that Shane’s comment on this video has ZERO dislikes which is the best!

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    Who is here from rewind?

  10. Emily A

    Emily AHace 5 horas

    Imagine 3 grown men walking into chuck e cheeses with a camera and no kid. It would be really suspicious.

  11. Giraffe King

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    Milos forehead was huge

  12. Natalie Pereida

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    Hey Shane are you going to make a conspiracy about the Olive Garden please do I love you thanks

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    I am from serbia

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    I swear i cant watch this because it makes me scared like if u can relate

  16. Jon Considine

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    HEY SHANE was wondering if you could do a juice world conspiracy theory. I dont know much bout it but maybe rappers in general. Mac miller, michael jackson, tupac, whomever. But Juice's death sparked interest in him still being alive and really would love to hear the next conspiracy theories. love the content, have a blessed day

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    okay but i’m confused did this series end or something???????

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    Awww it was so nice to see you meet your friend

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    This whole story about brittany is so messed up and my heart feels for her so much but it felt kinda weird that her real life powerfull story was just shoved in between a chuckycheese conspiracy and pranking people with voice AI video. I kinda feel like her story deserved a video of its own? Idk maybe I'm not getting the bigger picture or I missed something but the whole time I was watching it felt wrong to have her story in such a lighthearted video?

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    I miss these you never see them o this Chanel Any more

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    Gabbi Montoya-Vasquez IKR?

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    one time I went to chuck e cheese as a kid and had a bad encounter with a mr. munch ticket counting machine. I got close to four hundred thousand tickets collected over seven birthday parties and multiple of my friend's parties, and my cousins' parties- and to save space in my pocket, I folded them up accordion-style, in stacks just big enough to fit through the mouth of the machine easily. it counted each stack as one ticket, and I ended up with about thirty-eight credits. seven years of saving, and what did I get? a pair of plastic vampire teeth that tasted how vix vapo rub smells.

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    For some reason when shane showed us milos's face I was like "yesssssss Queeeeeeeeen"🤣😂

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    i have been waching ur chanell for a while now like almost 3 years you make me feel better about myself beacause i struggle with being over waight and trying on clothes sucks too ur just like a best friend that is way older than me and that i never met ps i,m 12

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    i,m also thinking about starting you tube but i don,t know how too it would be realy nice for u too try a day in new zealand we don,t have manny good places our best atratons are the best to see we are a small contry but we are a good one ps u should oppen up a p,o box tell the gang i said hiiii

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    Make a conspiracy theory on juice WRLD!!!

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    I’ve watched this video wayyyy to many times

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    What of they are bad at cutting pizza😂😂

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    Shane!!! Oh my god if you haven’t seen The Confession Killer on Netflix yet, GO WATCH IT! I am SHOOK! I want to hear your opinion on this!!!!

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    LOL THE END shane rLLY didnt care

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    Who is here in December because theirs nothing good on ESreporter

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    My dude Milo's will get HIV

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    Even if it is recycled I’m still eating because I mean, It’s pizza

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    Oh My God This is pure gold💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 I love this, I love Shane’s videos, they just...make...sense. You know?

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    How is he not in jail? He needs to be in jail. The woman that is now married to him is in so much danger right now, she doesn’t deserve this. No one does. Also I don’t think you should have unblurred his face at the end. He doesn’t deserve that type of publicity.

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    I rewatched this video this month just for the ending because it’s that good. The story is so wholesome and amazing and spreads a lot of awareness.

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    The child was unfortunately a way to get a visa and that's why the mother was obsessed with the child, He would have become the reason for them to all stay in the country. They never needed Brittany, just Rex. That's what I believe.

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    Shane looks like Dagur from dragons: race to the edge

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    48:57 Deutschebank=Germanbank.

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    Juice wrld just died 😭

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    Should do more documentaries and investigative journalism. These are some of the best videos to come out in the past year or two

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    Shane Dawson The only person I know of to make the fact that his video is sponsored sound creepy

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    Could just be a joke 😂😂😂😂

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    Shane my boyfriend and i have watched your videos for years. We love all your videos. Recently we have discussed a new conspiracy theory that would be amazing for your channel. I know you don't do the conspiracy videos much anymore. But we love you so much and thought we would give it a shot! If were lucky and you read this and are interested please email me @

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    December 2019 watching Shane because he’s the best

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