1. Norma Rodriguez

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    Congratulations xxxooooooxxxxx yes love every single color and the meaning behind them all 🙏 good luck

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    God I’m chocked up over you talking about your mom.

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    13:33 lip swatches starts thank me later

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    Congratulations 🎉🍾Jaclyn from the very first video to now, so much growth!

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    Could you do lip swatches

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    i dont know her, she is so exited, I support

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    Is this water? Oh it’s a cocktail. Same thing 😭

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    A huge supporter of yours. I have commented on your videos and instagram many a times, but never got a reply. I'm so so happy for your brand and these lipsticks seem to be perfect. Unfortunately I can't buy them because first I cant afford them and second these are not available in my country. I would love to get a PR box from you. I hope you see my comment. Love you so much. your genuine supporter. Love from Pakistan

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    Ok but where can I get that pillow

  10. My Private Account

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    Go to 10:12 to start seeing the lipsticks. 13:30 swatches ~Tammy

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    Only makes a video when she has something to sell :/

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    Copying KYLIE, could have chosen a different name. 🙄

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    congrats! so happy for you and I wish you and your company nothing but success! 👏🏽😍

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    Why are you guys sending hate? Don’t comment on the video. Don’t watch the video. GO AWAY

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    Congratulations 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

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    I am rewatching this to experience your excitement all over again

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    I’m soooo excited!!! ❤️😍

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    Congratulations. You've goten this far. You keep going girl

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    Wow beautiful

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    🎉🎉🎉🎉 i'm happy for you really

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    After watching the full video.....👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 thank you for some range! I’m so ready to do a video on these colors and see how they work with my skin tone! I’m so excited for you! Congrats again!❤️

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    Congratulations!!!! You deserve this so happy for you !

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    Take a shot every she says pinky , my favorite , and undertone and youd half alcohol poisoning before mid video. This whole video is so cringy

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    Yassss bitch, yassss!

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    I want them ALL!!!!! 😩❤️❤️❤️

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    Thank you for launching on payday!!! Yasssssas sis!

  27. wHaT tHe fRiCk MoM?

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    *Aren’t you a bit too late Jaclyn?* 🤔

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    Congrats Jaclyn !! Iove you so much 🥰😭.. would be freaking amazing to be on your pr now that would be a fucking dream come true 😍😩

  29. dakota davis

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    I appreciate her variation of nudes because most brands forget the idea that not all shades share the same lip color, and for her to have every nude for every shade is beautiful.

  30. Msp Gaming With Sam

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    I dotn know u but im proud of u😊

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    It’s bee 84 years! 👵🏻

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    so so so happy for u congrats omg!!! i CANNOT wait to try every single one❤️❤️

  34. Khirstyn Colbert

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    I'm so happy for you Jaclyn and so excited to try these! Definitely going to get the nude mood set! Speaking of fragrance, I know you know what it's like to have intense anxiety. One of the things that helps me beyond belief is lavender. Maybe one day I hope to see you come out with a lavender infused product! Whether that be lipstick or primer or something! I don't know if you'll ever see this comment but I wanted to say it anyway. Love you!

  35. Bree DeFoor

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    i’m so happy for you jaclyn!!! i’ve been watching your videos since i was 18 and you’ve always been a light in a dark place for me. i remember meeting you and jackie and your mom and sister at the wynn when i worked there and just being so emotional because you’ve always been someone I go to (on youtube) when things are hard. watching this video feels like a close friend finally achieved their goal i’m sO HAPPY FOR YOU. so glad I could watch you on this journey for the last 5 years 💕

  36. Ardra Harris

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    YES YES!!

  37. Rachel Maloney

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    love how honest and real you always are! I can't wait to find my perfect nude lippie!!!!! :)

  38. Chantal van der Walt

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    A huge and well deserved congratulations! You have such a good heart and it shines through.. even in your brand.. the love.. the passion.. Its undeniable. And I think my mom must be your mom's twin, because I dont know what I would do without her. She is my life! I wish everyone could have what we have (mother/daughter bond). Anyway, you have me in tears now.. I wish you TONS of success not only for this launch but for the rest to come! Love you tons! xx

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    I'm just waiting for a highlighter to drop 💖💖

  40. The Side Project

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  41. The Side Project

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    💜Q💙U💚E💛E🧡N❤️ 💖J💗A💓C💟L💌Y💝N

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    #2 on trending street

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    this was so inspirational I love this video. you can tell that this is more of a dream rather than trying to get money and clout. the energy, and love shown to your products makes me want to buy them so much more, love this

  44. Grecia Tellez

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    This makes me soooo happy! I don’t know you personally but I am soooo happy for you.

  45. amanda deguair

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    CONGRATS!!!!! SOOOO happy for you. I'm 48 and still can't find the perfect nude, and I've tried them all. Great to see you included all skin tones and can't wait to see what else is coming..


    KITT FOXXEHace un hora

    Fuck you

  47. Jess A

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    Jaclyn, do you have a spray tan right now? I’m wondering if obsessed will be too dark for me and if i should just get amazeballs

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    Omg I'm in LOVE 😍 these colors are amazing!!!! Huge congrats to you girl this is so exciting:)

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    Congrats Jaclyn I can’t wait to try these!!!

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    Oh wow, those look amazing. UK shipping? Xxxx

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    Your makeup line is going to flop like your career.

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    Creative name lol

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    I want the whole collection. Just WOWWWW

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    Congrats Jaclyn!!! This is amazing and I can't wait to see you prosper in your business! 😻

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    This is so amazing gives me so much hope for my future ✨ I started bawling when you were talking about your mom because I have a strained relationship with mine so excited for the launch and to see what comes next!

  56. Luna Vanegas

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    You're one of the biggest inspirations in mu life, can't explain how happy it makes me to see you achieve your dreams!!

  57. Morgan Ann

    Morgan AnnHace un hora

    Genuine question Jaclyn, can we get a box and return sticker for when the product is empty? One of my biggest hesitations with ( over ) buying product is that it's not a green way to live ♻️ not sure how others feel but if the applicator was clean and the product is new I would totally use and buy be proud to tell people that your brand recycles!

  58. Chrystal Neice

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    I want every single color!!!!!

  59. Danielle Shroyer

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    😭😭 literally cried an embarrassing amount of times watching this. CONGRATULATIONS, you deserve this more than anyone!!! Love love love you!! 💗💗 can’t wait to rock some nudes 💄💋💋💋

  60. Robin Atkinson

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    This is revolutionary! I love you Jaclyn! 💗


    XXMR BADXXHace un hora

    Is it me or does she look like Adrienne Baillon from The Real😜

  62. NaturallyNikki

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    God I’m so proud of you I’m at work and I could cry. I want to start my own hair brand and watching this shows me anything is possible through hard work and dedication. No matter where you come from. Thank you for continuing to be you. You may not ever see this message, but I am cheering you on from little ole Camden New Jersey. I can’t thank you enough. (Would die for a PR box 😭)

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    Congrats 👏🎉

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    Can’t even see the swatches properly, waited 5 yrs for these blurry swatches?? No thank you

  65. SUGA is mine bitches

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    Is this another joke? 😂

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    This video is so aesthetically pleasing

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    Congrats girl!!! You’ve accomplished so much in your journey and you truly are my inspiration! I pray I can get a giveaway box and show my little world your beautiful products! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOURSELF AND YOUR BRAND!!!! Xoxo love you boss lady!

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    Congratulations Jaclyn😭💕 you deserve the best and nothing but the best and I’m soo proud of you

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    I almost want all of them 🌹🌹

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    Sooo excited!!!!😍 Yes closer swatches with names please before the release! That way we can already know what shade to get

  71. Sam M

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    I am very happy for you. I’m so happy that you have found happiness out of all the bullshit that’s been happening with everyone else. I know there’s a lot of backlash going on about your products which is very negative and of course they’re going to pick you apart I am sorry that that’s going happening. It sucks that you waited so long and only came out with lipsticks but I don’t know your financial situation and neither does anybody else so they need to back off. None of us know how much it cost to develop this sort of thing as well as promote it so everyone just needs to shut the fuck up. I don’t know the process, But I know from trying to start a ESreporter channel it does cost a lot of money to want to make things perfect by Cameron to buy lighting to buy this to buy that so for you to come out with a whole make up line that’s got to be outrageously expensive. So I hope that you have a huge success with this Jaclyn. I think it’s so sad that everyone’s going to target you because of the shade colors. If it were me and I was launching something honestly I would go with darker shades first so you get it out of the way you make them priority because throughout history live always made lighter skin color A priority in life in general and it’s almost like when are black people going to be thought of first and I’m still waiting for a make up artist to specifically target darker skin people. I think that the next line of products that you make you should definitely start with a dark line first. This will help you as well as set an example for others because no matter what shade color is the first thing that they’re going to cut throat you on. That’s just my advice I know nothing about make up and I’m nothing about launching make up and the chemistry behind it but as a fan and a make up lover and I have naturally tan skin I definitely go to the store looking for darker stuff and I have a lot of black friends and it’s very difficult for them to find makeup colors that work for them. I love you Jaclyn. I’m very happy for you and I fully support you!

  72. EJ Garcia

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    How freaking exciting!!!!!!

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    Cool video but the intro though😂

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    Your AMAZEBALLS ❤️ love you Jaclyn

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    I LOVE that you're incorporating micro influencers! My sister and I have been watching you for years, she introduced me to your channel way back when you were first coming up, you inspired her to start her journey as an influencer! She is at MBM Academy and has your Morphe palette and brushes in her makeup kit, along with her personal palette. I play with makeup on the side on my own lol but I CRIED when I recieved my Champagne Pop Palette in the mail, I still use Champagne and Prosecco pop DAILY 💗💗💗 I am so SO SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!

  76. barbiana masacr

    barbiana masacrHace un hora

    i thought this would be just a random ehhhh collection... but honey NO! you put so much work and love into this, i'm actually surprised. it looks AMAZING💋

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    Love you girl congrats

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    Ohhhh how I WisH I was an Influencer :-)) CONGRATULATIONS!!

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    Congratulations!! So exciting!! I remember years ago watching one of your videos where you were raving about the NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake, so I ran out and bought it and LOVED it. Which one of your nudes would you say is closest in shade to Angel Food Cake?

  82. savage chick

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    Go girl you did it love the way you designed the box omg with the diamonds lose that is da bomb lord i want the pr ........

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    Im in love and I can't even buy it yet lol I want decaf and ambition

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    Kylie Jenner who?

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    Congratulations! I love that shirt!!!!!😍

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    Ohoohhh take my money Wait i don't use makeup and shit Water and soap is great

  89. Daesha White

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    I've been waiting my whole life for this line!!! I can never find my shade of nude. I am so happy to try these!!!

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    Ur the best ❤️❤️❤️ u go gurllll❤️❤️❤️ so proud of u ❤️❤️❤️

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    looks like i’ll be spending $295

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    You looked so beautiful, congratulations.

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    I appreciate seeing someone so proud of themselves, and accomplishing something they want. Really great that you're giving people an opportunity to get your PR kit, that would be so cool. ⭐️✨

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    I love As if and Nude af!! So excited for you Jaclyn!!!☺️🙌🏻🎉 You put me in a better mood just watching this! Your energy is contagious! Keep spreading it! Love you bitttttccccchhhh!!!!😊💖💖💖💖

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    I wish I still liked you because I would buy these. But I can’t support you anymore.

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    but they ain’t vegan

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    Jaclyn hill failing for 36mins straight

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