*INTENSE* BACK CRACKING *Y-Strap* Chiropractic Adjustment


  1. Shamsheer Khatun

    Shamsheer KhatunHace 9 horas

    Lol 9:10 I thought she died

  2. Mathilda Flower

    Mathilda FlowerHace un día

    Can you imagine how dominant this guy is

  3. UpperCrustthe3rd

    UpperCrustthe3rdHace un día

    Nice butt

  4. Jay

    JayHace 2 días

    I had this done and now my wife is a widow

  5. Wolfy Dragon

    Wolfy DragonHace 2 días

    9:03 my jaw drooped to the earth's outer core

  6. PermsWorm

    PermsWormHace 3 días


  7. I started a joke !!!!!

    I started a joke !!!!!Hace 5 días

    Does the girl know your using her cleavage for click bait you perv?are you proud of what you do to get views?lol....

  8. Dark Lat

    Dark LatHace 5 días

    Did this man just snap her neck

  9. happy vibes

    happy vibesHace 6 días

    i live near there im in gilbert sc

  10. Waldow Man

    Waldow ManHace 8 días

    why did 9:03 scare me i thought she died she got scared too

  11. Jayden Blower

    Jayden BlowerHace 8 días

    This would feel sooo nice

  12. WackOtis

    WackOtisHace 9 días

    My back hurt so bad bruh

  13. nihility00

    nihility00Hace 9 días

    So crunchy that Nestle wants the recipe

  14. Harshad Patel

    Harshad PatelHace 9 días

    Wow no wonder why this video hot more than 3 million views

  15. xx_ amy_xx

    xx_ amy_xxHace 9 días

    do you think chiropractor are good at hugs? just a genuine question


    BIG DADDYHace 9 días

    Haha this was uploaded on my adopted moms bday

  17. Shuvo Roy

    Shuvo RoyHace 11 días

    5 :45 the man looked into the women's butt

  18. stevey626

    stevey626Hace 11 días

    Damn she fine as hell

  19. Melantrophy TV

    Melantrophy TVHace 12 días

    How to be you doc. Lol

  20. * ItsDullu

    * ItsDulluHace 12 días

    9:03 I thought she died

  21. KA RA

    KA RAHace 12 días

    combine this with kung fu and you through! Lol imagine someone getting you in a lock and they just popping stuff out of place every time like a mixed martial artists. At the end of the fight you cripple. lmao

  22. Mohamed Abdi

    Mohamed AbdiHace 13 días

    I need some cracking

  23. SSA Street

    SSA StreetHace 13 días

    Anyone here from leon lush

  24. Hans Aguas

    Hans AguasHace 14 días

    i clicked this because i thought it was a casting couch

  25. Ethan james

    Ethan jamesHace 14 días

    ceo of mmhmm

  26. sprinkle nuts

    sprinkle nutsHace 15 días

    Ok but whos here cuz of leon lush

  27. Twentyonepilotsfanboy3849 Channel

    Twentyonepilotsfanboy3849 ChannelHace 15 días

    What’s the point

  28. Bj Majors

    Bj MajorsHace 16 días

    😍She fine🔥🔥🔥

  29. Dylan Beauregard

    Dylan BeauregardHace 16 días

    Why does this remind me of back room casting couch? 🤣

  30. maja haogak

    maja haogakHace 17 días

    Her face tells it all man. No need to sell it to me lol I’m convinced!

  31. andy

    andyHace 17 días

    she crunchy

  32. Zoro Azoro

    Zoro AzoroHace 19 días

    anybody know who's her name? She is so beauty and booty

  33. Zoro Azoro

    Zoro AzoroHace 17 días

    @Obama Mama sorry i am millenial

  34. Obama Mama

    Obama MamaHace 17 días

    Ok boomer

  35. Yugant Aanand

    Yugant AanandHace 20 días

    Great job.

  36. B4and0n_ Bean

    B4and0n_ BeanHace 21 un día

    dude got the full cake

  37. L. J P

    L. J PHace 22 días

    My close friend Accident and emergency room doctor says he gets several patients post chiropractor therapy rushed having suffered a stroke. Stretching sorts me out not yanking my neck thanks. My grandparents got to 96 and 95 no faddy diets, no issues, and no madness gym lifting or chiropractors etc Fit and well. Lucky I guess

  38. April Meddz

    April MeddzHace 23 días

    Where is this guy from...? Can somebody please tell me where to find this dude...

  39. Abaigael J

    Abaigael JHace 23 días

    Why did I love that akward chuckle after the Y strap 😂😂😂

  40. Mehmet İnci

    Mehmet İnciHace 24 días

    9:03 wtf was that.

  41. Rabiya Khan

    Rabiya KhanHace 25 días

    6*48 mall hai

  42. micayla

    micaylaHace 28 días

    Wo!! Was that her neck? 9:05

  43. Kevin Comaingking

    Kevin ComaingkingHace 28 días

    A familiar scene hmmm

  44. Pablo Escobar

    Pablo EscobarHace 28 días

    Roses are red Voilets are blue Here for thumbnail And so are you

  45. Lee Reynolds

    Lee ReynoldsHace 29 días

    Disney called. They want the actress from Moana back.

  46. evildannylfc

    evildannylfcHace 29 días

    I feel like anybody could be a chiropractor. No matter what the people say is the problem, he literally just does the exact same routine every time. Absolutely zero variation lol. I've watched 4 videos now and I'm already saying what hes gonna do next before he does it.......

  47. padistedor

    padistedorHace un mes

    I never seen so many adjustments in one session. I need to see this doctor.


    AGIMJONESHace un mes

    Great cracks

  49. Arnab Sharma

    Arnab SharmaHace un mes

    is it just me that watching spines crack and necks break is visually and audibly so relaxing and soothing??

  50. The White Wolf

    The White WolfHace un mes

    Now I am scared to go

  51. James O'Neill

    James O'NeillHace un mes

    I need one

  52. Julissa Jackson

    Julissa JacksonHace un mes

    No lie why is his hands bigger then her body🤨🧐🤔

  53. Hezzi Ninety-Five

    Hezzi Ninety-FiveHace un mes

    This needs to be a meme

  54. Panglima Putih

    Panglima PutihHace un mes

    Why not her just naked. She dress like a naked. So just naked la !


    MOHIT DAHERIYAHace un mes

    I am a simple man, I saw the thumbnail and clicked for the video even though I have zero interest in cracking.

  56. Yung Leaves

    Yung LeavesHace un mes

    How do these guys not get boners 💀

  57. Gemma Scott

    Gemma ScottHace un mes

    I get seriously asmr from this

  58. Luanzinho

    LuanzinhoHace un mes

    She’s sexy as f tho


    VRSUS XZANHace un mes

    Roses are red , Violets are blue, I came for the click bait So did you.

  60. Jayden Wee

    Jayden WeeHace un mes

    When I did it to my sister she didint get up for the next position after I told her to.she must be so relaxed

  61. Rally Zamora

    Rally ZamoraHace un mes

    That traction though

  62. Changazz

    ChangazzHace un mes

    You reckon he just walked in, looked at her and goes "that's a million views"