INSIDIOUS Trilogy Explained (Chapters 1-3)


  1. God is my fortress VerHalen

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    This is all sick.. None of its a game people..

  2. Unboxing&Review

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    This shit is more creepy than the conjuring and any other horror 😱😂👀

  3. Dragoon GT

    Dragoon GTHace un día

    “The man who can’t breathe” Seems legit

  4. Rohan More

    Rohan MoreHace un día

    It is after this that Dalton meets Tony Stark, mentioning how Josh left them after winning a lottery

  5. Zutto Aragi

    Zutto AragiHace un día

    This is such a cool set up for this world/universe. Too bad it's attached to a horror movie series, meaning I'll never watch it because I'm squeamish. But the Red Devil, Black Bride, and the Further are some cool Dr. Strange stuff.

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    I remember watching this series! Fuck! Insidious was the best!

  8. EXC Ricky

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    And mom of the year award goes tooooo

  9. BlueAriel

    BlueArielHace 2 días

    Dang that devil looks like me in the morning

  10. MaZ MacGyver

    MaZ MacGyverHace 2 días

    I haven’t watched the whole video I have just looked at the thumbnail and what I gather from that is that Darth maul is angry at some old woman who is slightly displeased with Darth Vader’s bare face

  11. Just Browsing

    Just BrowsingHace 2 días

    What? So when I am dreaming ... flying about? Where do I go? And why does this happen?

  12. ayyVern J

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    The mannequin part scared me when I watched the movie so did the red demon 🤓

  13. Galaxy gamer

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    No body: Not a single soul: Me: he looks like Darth maul!!!

  14. TARDIS Whovian

    TARDIS WhovianHace 2 días

    I don’t know if it’s because the first one was scarier or if it’s because I was younger during that one but that one had me freaked out and prevented sleep for a couple of nights.

  15. Brightside44

    Brightside44Hace 2 días

    I wish the studio would have left the Bride in Black alone, she would have been far scarier without the backstory. In horror movies the number one rule is: What you DON'T KNOW amd what you CAN'T SEE is the most TERRIFYING OF ALL

  16. guilible worm123

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    black witch bitch vs darth maul vs old man bane vs weird key man

  17. Stephen Campbell

    Stephen CampbellHace 3 días

    All thanks to the first one, I had to buy a new laptop....I remember I was watching it late and night and everyone was sleeping, so I had on ma room was dark, so I didn’t see my that my sister came in the room asking me something....she was standing for quite a while, and literally right after one of the jump scares of the movie, she got tired of waiting on me to reply, so she walked right at me and nudged me.....I sprang up so fast and my laptop fell out of my lap....the screen broke badly....thank God I didnt have any midnight snacks cuz I’m pretty sure I’d have shat my pants lmao

  18. Isaiah Thaggard

    Isaiah ThaggardHace 3 días

    The fact this series is so confusing I don’t get why they couldn’t just put them in order ☠️

  19. God of the Dead

    God of the DeadHace 3 días

    I remember watching the first insidious movie when the red devil showed up I thought he was Darth maul

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    Toony LinkHace 3 días

    I remember during superstorm sandy my parents sent me and my brother to a friends house because our house is is a trailer and their house was a brick and mortar home. They were much older than me (I was 9) and they decided it would be fun to watch insidious 1. The worst part was when the old woman blows out the candle and the tile appears at the end of the movie the block went into a blackout. That scared me shitless is all I have from that experience.

  22. Captain Charles

    Captain CharlesHace 4 días

    Obviously just dont try to contact the devil... This dipshit is real people..

  23. E. Martinez

    E. MartinezHace 4 días

    Honestly when I saw the first movie, it scarred me. But I remember the first thing looking like Darth Maul on crack. Idk what the second looks like, but the third looks like Darth Malgus.

  24. Keyshawn Young

    Keyshawn YoungHace 4 días

    Me hiding in the comments

  25. Skelee Bones

    Skelee BonesHace 4 días

    I don’t like the Insidious movies. But they are funny in a way to me so that helps it. But there are some good jumpscares

  26. Justin Hotomani

    Justin HotomaniHace 5 días

    Wait. Wait, wait, wait, waiiiiiit. Did he say that John delivered a mighty 'punch'! At 5:15 It looks to me like he pushed! Unless I heard that wrong I think he said punch

  27. Wierdmanok

    WierdmanokHace 5 días

    “Tip toe through the window witha me e e e”

  28. HoneySulphur

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    Parker Crane is an extreme case of r/RaisedByNarcissists

  29. Bird Of Prey

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    *Red Devil? That ain't no Red Devil that's Darth Maul.*

  30. Arroy Arroy

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    The first film scared the living bajezzuz out of me! 😩😩😩 If it wasn’t for the occasional humor added in, I couldn’t of made it lol

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    this channel is how i watch most horror movies ngl. yes i know, i'm a pussy

  32. MKing 10

    MKing 10Hace 6 días

    Are there like. Shops in "the further" because where are they getting all this make up, powder, bad decor, and furniture?

  33. Neil Bodenheimer

    Neil BodenheimerHace 6 días

    Ok, can movies please be numbered correctly. Really pissing me off. 3 is 1. 1 is 2 2 is a combination of 3 and 1. 4 is 3. I mean shit just make a story that actually persists in an order.

  34. rowan banker

    rowan bankerHace 7 días

    this still doesn’t explain the ending of chapter 2- which makes absolutely no sense, and leaves a big cliffhanger

  35. xXCocoaXx xXCacaoXx

    xXCocoaXx xXCacaoXxHace 7 días

    “A mighty punch!” You mean an awkward shove?

  36. Laney Loo

    Laney LooHace 7 días

    FLASH WARNING!!!! 3:34

  37. Nice Meme

    Nice MemeHace 7 días

    Maul, Palpatine and Vader after Disney bought Star Wars

  38. vrm

    vrmHace 7 días

    Imagine being possesed by darth maul

  39. Dec. gyrrl

    Dec. gyrrlHace 8 días

    I'm exhausted 😫

  40. Sans

    SansHace 8 días

    I’m not gonna act tough and say that I didn’t shit my pants throughout the entire trilogy (not the last key so much)

  41. Kevon Casey

    Kevon CaseyHace 8 días

    She flips flapping him

  42. Ed Snowden

    Ed SnowdenHace 8 días

    So basically Josh is possessed for 3 decades, before Insidious 1 took place....It made me confuse when Josh went back to their older house and set the alarm on after knocking the door...???

  43. Roddas

    RoddasHace 8 días

    Mighty punch = push

  44. Boost Lawds

    Boost LawdsHace 8 días

    Yo I wanna go in the further and be a daemon, I dont wanna work anymore...

  45. saja j

    saja jHace 8 días

    Iam confused 1. When she was helping daltoon Why didn't she just travel to the further instead of josh As we know. She can visit that world and she was strong? 2. And why dalton needed months to be possessed but whwn josh traveled for like minutes the bride in black possessed him? 3.and how did the black bride can posses josh while he was stronger and can fight back in the further?

  46. Paul Carpenter

    Paul CarpenterHace 9 días

    They need to make a black bride movie

  47. Fire Birdo

    Fire BirdoHace 9 días

    Renee and josh were doing the best job in this movie but so was Elise

  48. Taylor Davison

    Taylor DavisonHace 9 días

    There was one time that a movie theatre showed insidious instead of inside out

  49. Alexandria KING

    Alexandria KINGHace 9 días

    I had a crush on Specs when I first watched the 1st movie, not gonna lie.

  50. INSIDIOUS Official

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    You can find all the best scenes from Insidious movies in my channel)

  51. Ronald Volz

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    Elise the real Homie

  52. Rolland Hill

    Rolland HillHace 10 días

    lipstick demon (DARTH MAUL) Black Bride ( DARTH SIDIOUS ) Breathing Man (DARTH MALGUS SWTOR ) why all star wars villians

  53. Amber Rees

    Amber ReesHace 10 días

    I hope I'm not the only one who thought of "HIM" from Powerpuff Girls when you said "Lipstick Face Demon"

  54. Angela

    AngelaHace 10 días

    Krampus has found a new job bois

  55. Javier Zamora

    Javier ZamoraHace 10 días

    Wait wait what?

  56. 南雲Haruya

    南雲HaruyaHace 10 días

    The Last Key and the Man Who Can't Breathe were meh, but served as a way to flesh out Elise's backstory and The Further. They weren't bad at all, but the red faced demon will forever be the best antagonist, can't wait for his return.

  57. Christopher Foreman

    Christopher ForemanHace 10 días

    Insidious is terrible

  58. Leo Nunez

    Leo NunezHace 10 días

    the ending of the third one was insinuating to the first and second movie. it’s not a cliffhanger duh

  59. NightRider 110900

    NightRider 110900Hace 11 días

    5:11 “John?” you mean “Josh?”

  60. Rebhi Zaidan

    Rebhi ZaidanHace 11 días

    The dad is in the first movie is ed warren before he went into the conjuring universe but after the first two movies he left the mom and met Lorraine warren and they got together and started to stop demon together so think of it like a backstory for Ed

  61. Kieran M

    Kieran MHace 11 días

    Those ‘time travel’ sort of scenes in the further in the 2nd film are brilliant, how it all linked together

  62. Alec Dorman

    Alec DormanHace 11 días

    That's a nice BDSM dungeon he's got there. Must have a star wars fetish as well

  63. Fiercely Humble

    Fiercely HumbleHace 12 días

    I've never seen these movies but that old lady is badass... Fighting demons without a speck of fear in her face... Imma watch the movies just because of her!

  64. Gerson Ponce

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    Fiercely Humble she’s fearless indeed

  65. tila vega

    tila vegaHace 12 días

    Tiny Tim playing during the red devil scene was terrifying

  66. Local Engineer LE

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    Darth Maul has a new job now.

  67. John Reeves

    John ReevesHace 13 días

    Red demon wasn’t never human. It has hooves for feet and a tail. It’s by far a demon. Never was it human. And it’s tongue is serpent like.

  68. BoxesAreGreat

    BoxesAreGreatHace 13 días

    Bride in Black Strength=4 Smarts=10+ Speed=10+ Power=7 Possessiveness=10+ Overall stats= 2nd strongest Demon. Red Face Strength=7 Smarts=8+ Speed=10+ Power=10+ Possessiveness=10+ Overall stats= Strongest demon. Man that can’t breathe Strength=8 Smarts=3 Speed=4 Power=10+ Possessiveness=10+ Overall stats=3rd Strongest Demon Key Face Strength=10+ Smarts=10+ Speed=3 Power= -1 Possessiveness=2 Overall Stats= Tied with Man who can’t breathe The Lady In Lipstick Strength=10+ Smarts=10+ Speed=10+ Power=10+ Possessiveness=6 Overall Summary of Her=Not used much,so It isn’t 1st. Special! Special! Special! Elise’s Dad Strength=7 Smarts= -9 Speed=5 Power= -10 Possessiveness= Not Able to be calculated Overall Summary= Eh He is weak in all the needed stuff so sucks.

  69. Chainsawed Meat

    Chainsawed MeatHace 13 días

    So basically this is how the franchise would go Insidious 4: The last key Insidious: Chapter 3 insidious Insidious: Chapter 2

  70. ファイサルFaisal

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    I say I’m not going to watch horror videos, but here I am.

  71. kung Few

    kung FewHace 13 días

    Insidious was the scariest and most original horror movie I had seen in years.

  72. Sticher

    SticherHace 15 días

    This is actually really good. Cleared some stuff up. I just rem watching Insidious 1 by myself, in the dark and I ended up fast forwarding through the scary part, no lie.

  73. Kenny

    KennyHace 15 días

    My life is so pointless that I can’t even get a demon to possess me. I literally played the Ouiji board by myself and not one ghost wanted to play with me.... NOT EVEN MY GRANDMA!!

  74. demon king

    demon kingHace 7 días

    You do know that most of the time it is a demon talking to you

  75. Gabrielle Braswell

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    Ouch 🤐

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    Darth Maul,Darth Sidious,Female Darth Vader :D

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    is 'the further' the same as 'the upside down' ?

  78. Tropical Babe

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    I thought these trilogy was part of conjuring universe.

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    This movie is really good but this channel ruins it forever find a better job than ruining movies for people dumb hoe!!

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    they did it like the cube franchise. 3 1 2 just saying

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    Why can’t I stop watching this video?

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    im now realized that stranger things just casually borrowed the further

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    It’s Freddy Krueger! 1:15 oh wait, that’s darth maul

  84. Maria Esteves

    Maria EstevesHace 18 días

    so no one is gonna explain the ending of insidious 2? ): when elise sees something behind that girl with that new family

  85. ファイサルFaisal

    ファイサルFaisalHace 13 días

    Maria Esteves apparently no

  86. Anthony Hicks

    Anthony HicksHace 19 días

    Tbh I've always been scared about the black bride because I've seen something similar irl sense I was 6 and it stopped when I was 13

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    smart mouth....drown.. .I solve by flood. tawla

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    demoll. alla

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    devoll. alla

  92. Raia Bowman

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    Satoll. Alla


    NATE HIGGERSHace 19 días

    Moral of the story dont visit old people in the hospital

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    Moi j aime les films de frisson

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    when you came here because of the demon who looks like darth maul in star wars...

  96. Icelynn :0

    Icelynn :0Hace 20 días

    Back when the first one came out I think I was like 10 and the demon scared me so much my dad had to cut the movie off so we could watch it the next night and it still scares me like it did back then :)

  97. Steelmage99

    Steelmage99Hace 20 días

    1.30 Apparently astral projection involves changing one's socks.......

  98. pustulio81

    pustulio81Hace 20 días

    I dunno about all that "out of body experience" stuff. I've talked to people who claim they can do that, at will, while in a relaxed state and their descriptions of what it's like never really match up. One said they can project from one location to another instantly, another said they are still bound by the same rules that apply to a physical body, so, if they want to go somewhere they have to walk. The weirdest one I've talked to said it isn't safe to remain out of your body for more than a couple minutes because someone, or something, will try to take it. He said he's had to fight for his body on several occasions because lost spirits took it out of their desperation to experience life again lol

  99. m. pen

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    Bro stop yelling my godd. You have a fucking mic for a reason.

  100. Kauionalani Josephkalua

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    to be honest i dont get the end how the old lady would take a picture of the dad and then see the black bride!! TF

  101. eat your beans

    eat your beansHace 22 días

    The photos were basically a main feature of the black bride. Like the theatrical mask the Lipstick face demon had.

  102. Olivia Stephens

    Olivia StephensHace 22 días

    On the top left shelf... Is that Black Widow holding Caps shield?

  103. Esha Babbieee

    Esha BabbieeeHace 22 días

    Alise would still be alive right now if them ghost ain’t gas er up !

  104. Uganda Sans

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    13:42 Young Josh no's da wae

  105. Stephon Valentino

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    Now I gotta watch all the movies over to catch all of these little hints .

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    Please do the Possesion of Michael king

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    lol no it’s “man with the fire on his face”