INSIDIOUS Trilogy Explained (Chapters 1-3)


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    GD SalvadorHace 7 horas

    This is the best explained video I’ve ever seen

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    God, these movies suck.

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    this movie is a whole maze

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    I think the reason the video has so many views is cause the insidious trilogy is so infamous and that thumbnail tho.... Smexy.

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    So she isn’t dead?

  6. Lemmon Pitch

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    Me: Still got scared like hell even tho I've watched these movies atleast thrice already. *Need cure* so I watched My Little Pony. Took me half a season, but I'm fine now. 😂😂😂

  7. Harry

    HarryHace 4 días

    I made the mistake of going to see Insidious 3 midnight release, I hate horror movies but can’t seem to stop watching these videos.

  8. Braden Welch

    Braden WelchHace 4 días

    When I was a little kid to me the first movie monster looked like a wierd Darth mall 😂

  9. Varangian Tactical

    Varangian TacticalHace 4 días

    The last key was the worst one. Absolute crap fest.

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    maya trHace 6 días

    please do 1408

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    Since when is Darth maul a horror icon.

  12. AIDS

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    The second film got me trippin with the further time travel shit

  13. Robin Jankovic

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    21:58 its elise and her stand! *[LIPSTICK DEMON]*

  14. Cedrix the Cactus

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    is it just me of is the red demon darth maul

  15. Elliot Lytle

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    nothing about the ending of Chapter 2 with ghost Elise going "Oh my god"?

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    Darth maul is lipstick demon and darth maul while no one was watching darth maul ordered lots of lipstick because he was secretly a beauty guru

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    And the final of the chapter 2,wtf was that

  18. Pytz Arregaçado

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    And who is that idiot demon that were in the baby's room

  19. Tathagata Guha

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    But... Remember In The Post Credit Scene After Chapter 2 When Specs And Tucker Went To Work On A New Case... But With Them Was Ellis (She Was Helping Them Even After Her Death) Saw Something And She Got Scared By Looking At The Client... That Part Was Never Addressed After That Scene... That Was A Cliffhanger...

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    2034 anyone NIGERUNDAYOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ed needs to do an excorcist, lorraine is a grandma

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    It’s really lipstick demon

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    I will eat a snot for 10$

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    i used to always dream to astral project now i dont

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    Shit movies Not scary

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    When I was so young I saw my body and the room where I was sleeping there is no furniture except the bed and I saw the guy staring at my body I felt his sadness and his suffering from depression I really wanted to go back there but my astral projection is just an accident

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    I remember watching 1 and 2 and I don’t even know if I watch the last key I only remember the 1 and 2 😂😂😂

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    Chris DolmethHace 14 días

    Wow, I knew the first one was trash the second I saw the red face demon and the further. So glad I didn't waste my time watching the second one, that one sounded even more retarded. The third one looked equally stupid as the second one. How in the fuck did anybody give this shit the green light to be made into a movie? Ridiculous.

  29. Chris Dolmeth

    Chris DolmethHace 14 días

    That red demon thing ruined the movie for me. I knew the second I saw it, it was stupid and I lost interest.

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    Wait, why did the entities in the thumbnail look like Maul, Sidious and Vader?

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    Josh Lefelhocz omg that’s true. Scary star wars

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    Red devil: *Has a black and red body* Me: Darth Maul?

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    Yo so drugs are magic man they can give you powers like ASTRAL PROJECTIONS

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    Omg am freaked out now

  35. William Dinkel

    William DinkelHace 17 días

    Both insideous and the conjurring break their own rule. They make it clear that demonic entities were never human and have always lived as spirits. And then it turns out that they were human. Bullshit rule

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    I as a kid thought lipstick face looked like Darth maul from Star wars the phantom menace

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    U guys think they should make a movie about lipstick face🎥🤔

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    Honestly how many times do these mediums/psyches forget that when their alive they are more powerful than the dead? Excluding demons

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    Omgggg this is so confusinggg! I feel like My head is gonna explode now

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    Me: OOH THE LIPSTICK FACE DEMON LOOKS LIKE DARTH MAUL Scrolls to the comments seeing if no one had done it Sees 100 comments about it *cries*

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    RAID Redd but still makes a comment about it Cause you know Likes

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    Had an out of body experience called an orgazim

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    So darth maul , Darth Sidious and Darth Vader ? Lol

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    Please God grant me the ability of astroprojection

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    My name is dalton

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    THose movies arent the most original ones but they seem to be well thought out and the characters seem to be realistic.

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    Lasagna mama

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    Yes Baby


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    C a R o L

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    Tbh insidious is a good movie series just for the simple fact you got humans fighting demons fist to fist lmao

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    all the films where a bag of shit

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    Oversidious Undersidious Outsidious Insidious

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    Red devil look like darth maul no cap

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    Hello! I’m wondering, can you make a explained on the movie: Escape room (2017) I can’t find any video about it and I really wanna know what happened! Thank you!

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    We're still missing insidious 5. If there will be a 5th one it should be based on after the events of insidious 2. Case closed

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    You gotta pay the troll toll to get into that boy soul, you gotta pay the troll toll to get in.

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    i....have never....had a headache soooo powerful in my life.

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    why pay to watch a movie when i can just go on youtube and watch a video that explains it which is enough for me ◙☺☺§◙♂oWg•••

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    Wouldn’t it have it been interesting if the man who can’t breathe was Elise’s husband?

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    The further? More like the franken-further with these weenie-ass movies

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    Wait so the man who breathes doesn't have an origin?

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    Lmao how to the producers do the cgi so scary lol

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    Well, I'll be awake all night.

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    Damn darth maul didn’t do so well after Star Wars...

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    *DONT YOU DARE* 💥👋

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    I just realized where is the last key¿ WHERE IS IT¿

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    Boi where is Lorraine Warren beis she could had killed all this beiches

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    Maul, vader and Palpatine

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    its weird for me becuae my name is also Dalton

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    just shoot the kid that don't solve it nothing will

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    The red devil kinda looks like the red guy from star wars lol

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    But this version is scary

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    Yea I thought the same

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    What about the ending of insidious chapter 2 with that allyson girl

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    Energy can never be destroyed, only transferred :)

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    the red devil is the ghost of darth maul (along time ago in a blah blah blah) so that s why hes so powerful also scene its been so long he was able to slowly go over here

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    +Theory IX watch star wars the phantom menace

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    Could you explain who darth maul is please ?

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    I think they just went overboard with the sequels, i liked the first even tho there were too many gay jumpscares and only 2 scenes were actually scary to me, the sequels just open up plotholes and make it just kind of unnecessary to even exist imo didnt watch those but from ur summary they just become needlessly complex and paradox.

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    The Red Devil is Darth Maul from Star Wars 😂


    ROBLOX TVHace un mes

    Why is the Red Devil using the Darth Maul costume in Insidious 1? I mean ya all know that Darth Maul thing and his face is red and black so the red devil be like Darth maul trying to be scary to ya all!

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    Why does Josh look like Chris Pratt

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    Thanks 😘

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    I thought these films were just powerless scary stuff but it actually seems pretty badass+scary considering they have powers and shit

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    Red devil = Darth Maul

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    Fam what kind of mum makes their child dress as a girl

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    No, it’s not the red devil, it’s darth mauls emo teen version

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    Gosh there was a song in these movies that made me fear the entire series. Creeped me tffff out. Its the song : Tiptoe through the tulips. or something like that. Eeriest song ever to me. I got chills when it played in the movie.

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    When he said how the kid can do astral projection and go away from his body that reminded of doctor strange

  96. reeseslightning11

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    I think the biggest twist of this entire trilogy is that Patrick Wilson's real talent lies in the horror genre.

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    I find number 3 boring tbh

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    I dead ass cried through the whole movie bc my sister scared me oof but it was a good movie lmao

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    That mama dont play

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    Insidious was the very first horror movie I ever saw, in the very first time that the demon appears my friend brings over and goes hey look it’s Darth Maul. After that I could no longer see that email every time I install the demon I just saw Darth Maul and I couldn’t help but laugh for the rest the movie🤣

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    The Red-Faced Demon is just as his name reads, a demon. Demons are not human and humans can never become demons, they are totally different entities. THEO 101

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    You're not my dad, I can be whatever I want

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    a dead man dying noice

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    How can a spirit in the further die? Spirits are not supposed to die.

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    Insidious was the first movie to really scare me in a long time! Love this series...

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    Fuck the third one was so disappointing. The original two felt so well thought out and well-directed, then James Wan left the directing helm and greedy movie companies being greedy movie companies screwed everything up.

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    So if the mother of the old guy wasn't a feminazi who wanted her son to be a daughter nothing would have happened?

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    Every time the movies does these time dialation events that tied up to each others’ moments, I love it so much. Idk it just gives me the satisfaction of some sort.