Infertility, Weight Gain & Acne | Weekly Vlog 15


  1. lisha jayne

    lisha jayneHace 29 días

    We have been trying for 3 years and just recently made decision to stop due to emotional rollercoaster and my age (35) coupled with AMH level being less than 1 😑 Hope you have better luck xox

  2. 山田太郎

    山田太郎Hace un mes

    I just want you to be happy and healthy :(

  3. Simone Schultz

    Simone SchultzHace un mes

    I notice you can take the girl out of Canada but you can’t take the Canadian out of the girl 😊

  4. Simone Schultz

    Simone SchultzHace un mes

    May I suggest you try Accupuncture? I had my first baby at age 39 and it helped a great deal for me to achieve a full term pregnancy.

  5. Teresa

    TeresaHace un mes

    I heard from my teacher about this slim, athletic lady that kept trying to get pregnant but couldn't. Her doctor told her to stop exercising. The woman did as she was told, gained some weight, and finally got pregnant. Your body may need a little bit of fat in order to become pregnant and be able to carry a baby.

  6. mariannes youtube

    mariannes youtubeHace un mes

    Ily, Taylor❤

  7. Kerosene Skies

    Kerosene SkiesHace un mes

    We do have those spoons in Canada! They're called duck spoons and you get them with ramen and other soups in Chinese, Japanese, etc restaurants!

  8. Lis Ambrose

    Lis AmbroseHace un mes

    Hey! I watched your collab video with Safyia and this was the next one which started to play. I can relate to the whole weight gain/acne/reproductive challenged/feeling like a failure - I have endometriosis and it's always a balancing act with my hormones. You're not a failure at all. I'm sending you hugs and keeping everything crossed that you fall pregnant x P.S didn't realise you're Canadian until you said "ey"

  9. Ellie Metaxe

    Ellie MetaxeHace un mes

    Sounds like pcos...

  10. Letty Lu

    Letty LuHace un mes

    I also want to learn k pop dance !!! I am so afraid to have infertility problems :( I had breast cancer so ... scary !! Be strong anyway with today medicine is almost assured you can get your baby ^^

  11. Claudia Trammell

    Claudia TrammellHace un mes

    I got pregnant easily, my sister took months longer. As long as dr says you ok then relax and it will happen when it’s right

  12. Lexi Frazeur

    Lexi FrazeurHace un mes

    I wish you so much luck and positive energy towards your journey to pregnancy. I’m sure it’s frustrating but it will happen and I can’t wait to see your journey through it. Also, loved how much you showed Rosie in this vid. She’s always the star of the show hahha 💕

  13. shooglechic

    shooglechicHace un mes

    Joyce, her existence...Seriously, thank you Joyce's mom for giving life to her. I love this friendship so much between T and J.

  14. Annalisa Kite

    Annalisa KiteHace un mes

    You still look gorgeous! Just focus on eating healthy and regularly, getting enough sleep and fresh air, decreasing stress, gentle regular exercise and some sunlight. Go hang out with kids and babies. Sometimes being around them sorts out hormones.

  15. Sheri

    SheriHace un mes

    You are not a failure! Infertility is a hard battle. I lived it for five years. Try to take care of yourself and try to ignore anyone who makes you feel badly about your body. Best of luck to you.

  16. Florentina Rosalyn

    Florentina RosalynHace un mes

    It took me 4 months to get pregnant. Definitely understand how you feel when you say you feel like a failure. I thought I wasn't able to have kids and that's one of my dreams is to be a mom. I'm sorry people are pointing things out to make you feel bad and shitty. You look amazing though! I hope everything turns out the way you want it to 🖤

  17. Nelly Jica

    Nelly JicaHace un mes

    best thing ever is rosie’s dialogue.

  18. Megan Michelle Hinzman

    Megan Michelle HinzmanHace un mes

    Try letting him ya know inside of you when you are ovulating. MAKE SURE your ovulating. First time we tried when i was ovulating i got pregnant.

  19. Megan Michelle Hinzman

    Megan Michelle HinzmanHace un mes

    Its not healthy to eat really fast actually youll get an upset tummy lol

  20. gabriela mejia

    gabriela mejiaHace 2 meses

    IF someone has gained weight believe me they've noticed NO ONE needs to point it out.

  21. Gina Price

    Gina PriceHace 2 meses

    Rosie got me crying with laughter 😂 them subtitles 👌👌👌

  22. Tempest Godwin

    Tempest GodwinHace 2 meses

    "Body hair is normal." Yes! Thank you!

  23. Joy Branch-Londesborough

    Joy Branch-LondesboroughHace 2 meses

    I find you beautifully honest, earnest as a women with important loving desires

  24. James Franko

    James FrankoHace 2 meses

    small asian house small asian dick. Lovin it!!

  25. SRR Founder1

    SRR Founder1Hace 2 meses

    I haven't been on ESreporter for six months, and you don't look heavier to me, not one bit... CONGRATS ON 1M SUBS! ~Mikio 💚

  26. Bruce Zhou

    Bruce ZhouHace 2 meses

    You need to chant Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva in order to gain a child

  27. Kjersti

    KjerstiHace 2 meses

    Laughed out loud of the narrating from Rosie😂😂 «no appreciation »

  28. Heidi Guo

    Heidi GuoHace 2 meses

    youre absolutely strong as you are, STRONG ENOUGH TO CARRY A BABY NOW!!!

  29. Jem

    JemHace 2 meses

    I hope girls that you learn that when you have anorexia and stop eating and I throwing up your food you don’t get periods and when you do start getting a period you can’t get pregnant as easily and your body doesn’t develop

  30. Kelvin Ho

    Kelvin HoHace 2 meses

    Taylor, it took my wife and I almost 9 years to have a child. Don't get yourself down.

  31. Michelle Tran

    Michelle TranHace 2 meses

    Haha! My "tough" little Momo (little Maltese) is hearing Rosie & thinks she ALSO needs to be the "big bodyguard" as well. Lmao! They are priceless lol

  32. Purple Sparkle Felicity

    Purple Sparkle FelicityHace 2 meses

    I love you. So much. A I realize things Are tough. I also see you have a million people who love you.. like me. If you want to chat. Dm me. I came to freely love you. Hugs from my team to yours. Hi guys 👋😀

  33. Christina Knudson

    Christina KnudsonHace 2 meses

    Body hair is normal❤️ I’m also going through infertility issues. It’s so physically and emotionally tough and easy to feel like a failure. Stay strong and vocal! 💕You give others a voice!

  34. Kimkim Kim

    Kimkim KimHace 3 meses

    Wait i thought she’s vegan?

  35. Emily

    EmilyHace 3 meses

    I definitely relate to the pregnancg thing. I've been told I need to gain almost 30 more lbs becaue of how thin i am also have a rare connective tissue disorder and have been told that until i gain the weight and other stuff that I'm infertile, it's hard enough for me to gain 5lbs and keep it on i don't know how I'm ever going to gain close to 30. Its heart breaking to think that but then again maybe it's just the universe telling me im nkt ready.

  36. True2Live

    True2LiveHace 3 meses

    I’m 5’8 and like...140 lbs and perfectly fit! If you’re not low on the BMI scale you should be just fine weight husband and I have been trying for a baby for 2 years now, and that’s not even that long compared to others I’ve heard about. BE PATIENT! Don’t rush into parenthood, because when it happens, your life will never be the same. If God wants you guys to have your own biological kids, he’ll make it happen.

  37. CutestHeidi

    CutestHeidiHace 3 meses

    Took me 5 years to get pregnant. I went gluten free, gained weight, made sure to not stress (hard to do!) and then it happened. Wishing you much luck!

  38. 맥스

    맥스Hace 3 meses

    I hope i'm infertile. I'm never having my own children because i don't need to. I'm adopting from east asia & africa. I'm feeding and loving the kids that nobody else wants because everyone else cares more about spreading their genes than spreading their love.

  39. o k

    o kHace 3 meses

    You look better compared to past tbh

  40. Aisu Melef

    Aisu MelefHace 3 meses

    Sounds like a lot of stress and pressure. I took time to take care of myself to lose weight without any exercise. A functional doctor can give a holistic approach to your health concerns. Doctors in Canada see me for less than 15 minutes.

  41. Bianca Aletti

    Bianca AlettiHace 3 meses

    I love joyce you two have so much energy when you're together lmao

  42. anna garner

    anna garnerHace 3 meses

    I had most odd against me for having a baby, underactive thyroid, a history of pcos, so no i was like lets just see if it happens. If it doesn't we have my three son's from my hubby, (we have full custody) guess what i didn't have, stress! Zero stress i got pregnant from the first try! Now i have the most gorgeous baby!

  43. Aisha

    AishaHace 3 meses

    Girl you look gorgeous. Relax. Have fun. Enjoy life. Don’t let someone’s negativity ruin your positive energy. Your content is AMAZING! A baby will come in time. :)

  44. Michele Lee

    Michele LeeHace 3 meses

    4:03 and 4:12. elbow san’s fingers perform an ‘I can’t wait to taste’ dance, lol...and omg, the conversation with Rosie🥰, I die. She’s sooo incredibly cute!!

  45. AngrySingingPepe 1995

    AngrySingingPepe 1995Hace 3 meses

    Hey luv try the German Tea . And maybe go on a vacation . Relaxation really helps to get the hoohaa and all that go into the right direction. Some Europeans swear on "Seleen" but idk look into it . Wish u a lot of luck 🔮

  46. Joelle Madonaldo

    Joelle MadonaldoHace 3 meses

    Hey Taylor!! I just wanted to let you know that you seem like such a cool person, and I'll be praying for all the stuff you talked about in the video. Also - I think you might be vegan, but I've been reading that animal fat is actually super super important and that indigenous groups have longed used to increase the chance of pregnancy because of all the nutrients it has. I was reading some research done by Dr. Weston Price - if you have the time, I would really recommend it!!! 😊❤

  47. Luciiebelle

    LuciiebelleHace 3 meses

    OMG Rosie at the beginning that was hilarious 😂 her little Chat had me dying!!

  48. rueben wilson

    rueben wilsonHace 3 meses

    You need JESUS.

  49. Ruby Lace

    Ruby LaceHace 3 meses

    You're still so tiny! But I gain weight the same places as you. The only thing I can recommend is less sugar and carbs as its the only thing that helped me. You still look cute and healthy

  50. Wendy fior

    Wendy fiorHace 3 meses

    Can we just appreciate how real Taylor is especially about her waxing. She is so awesome

  51. kathleen marie

    kathleen marieHace 3 meses

    You’re fabulous.

  52. Cathie Braun

    Cathie BraunHace 3 meses

    Taylor you look wonderful!! You are so tiny . You are getting older, not old!!! Your face will fill out. That makes you beautiful. There are so many treatments for pregnancy now. I would not worry.

  53. gemma cross

    gemma crossHace 3 meses

    She eats the diet of a person who’s trying to loose weight.. fish and rice isn’t going to give you the energy and fat you need

  54. gemma cross

    gemma crossHace 3 meses

    And then she does a massive calorie burning work out 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  55. Dipen Psychee

    Dipen PsycheeHace 3 meses

    ur getting sensitive about gaining weight and getting acne, i wonder how hard will it be for you to handle postpartum body

  56. av ke

    av keHace 3 meses

    You are stunning. And it's so worth it. Could you maybe do a partial vlog on how children are taught to use chopsticks? Also how the transition from English to Chinese ownership impacted Hong Kong? I know in depth stuff :)

  57. Morgan Marie

    Morgan MarieHace 3 meses

    I take a medication called metformin because my hormones are also all out of wack. It's improved my acne greatly while I'm on it since it can be used to balance out hormones! I'm not sure how that would work if you're trying to get pregnant, but it might be an option to consider?

  58. Jenny Truong

    Jenny TruongHace 3 meses

    Hi Taylor, I'm currently pregnant and find these stories on Podcast very assuring and they talk about many topics, including fertility, IVF, menstrual cycles, and issues women have with conceiving. Check it out! I also wanted to thank you for sharing about your ovarian cyst experience as I had found out I had one too around the same time - but shortly after fell pregnant so it was healed by the fetus! How amazing is that!

  59. B

    BHace 4 meses

    I need to know what lip colors you wear 😍

  60. Nemo Curson

    Nemo CursonHace 4 meses

    My dog was looking around and barking back at big scary rosie!! Shes must be hella scary! 😂❤

  61. Kris B

    Kris BHace 4 meses

    I'm like maybe 2 yrs older than you and I just have to say not getting pregnant instantly doesn't make you a failure. I'm 32 and just had a hysterectomy because I cant have children with my back issues I could have been paralyzed just from carrying the baby inside of me , I think people put too much pressure on women to have babies and to look perfect all the time it will happen when it is right for you enjoy your husband and enjoy trying, too many women make it a job to become prego when really you should be relaxed and having fun. Also idk if this posted to the right video because I have like 12 of your videos on my que and I'm watching on my tv