Indian Breads (feat. Floyd Cardoz) | Basics with Babish


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with BabishHace un mes

    I finally found a man with a voice more soothing than mine.

  2. Vasant Arul

    Vasant ArulHace 5 días

    I feel like my posture just became 10x better

  3. Joshua Thompson

    Joshua ThompsonHace 11 días

    Clearly you guys should collab on a second season of Bedtime

  4. M

    MHace 11 días

    Not audible in mobile phone.

  5. Pastel Dreams

    Pastel DreamsHace 19 días

    He spoke so softly I had trouble understanding what he was saying!

  6. xarcaz

    xarcazHace 22 días

    Get a damn lid for your bowl. Fuck single use plastics.

  7. Purva P

    Purva PHace un día

    India is a food heaven, especially for vegetarians!

  8. Daniel

    DanielHace 2 días

    wait so which part of the video was the naan cooked at?

  9. William Lockhart Nelson

    William Lockhart NelsonHace 2 días

    When I was an under grad there was this amazing indian place next door that made a sweet Roti that was to die for. I am planning on making some next time I have guests over.

  10. Chat2090

    Chat2090Hace 2 días

    I love you floyd

  11. zyxwvutsrqponmlkh

    zyxwvutsrqponmlkhHace 3 días

    No yogurt? This is not naan.

  12. Whos Lord

    Whos LordHace 3 días

    i can feel how breathy this conversation is in the beginning through my computer screen

  13. arslan ahmed

    arslan ahmedHace 3 días

    U can eat any of the roti with any dish or salan actually

  14. Ben Starzec

    Ben StarzecHace 3 días

    where is the sauces one?

  15. alflurin

    alflurinHace 3 días

    Very interesting! And using your hands to mix and knead bread is therapeutical for me. Don't be afraid... but do wash your hands beforehand! :)

  16. Siddharth Bose

    Siddharth BoseHace 4 días

    This isn’t an indian naan :(

  17. The Sapphire Courier

    The Sapphire CourierHace 5 días

    Floyd looks like an Indian Sean Astin

  18. Rj Peterson

    Rj PetersonHace 6 días

    I frisbee'd some flatbread at a coworker once. Told him I was just practicing naan violence.

  19. Himanshu Jain

    Himanshu JainHace 6 días

    how can you eat Naan/roti without curry...ugh disgusting.

  20. Ramonna Bishundeo

    Ramonna BishundeoHace 6 días

    My roti comes oval is that marriage material or not

  21. G-Unit1111

    G-Unit1111Hace 6 días

    I thought it was only real naan if it was baked in a Tandoori-certified oven, otherwise it was called something else. Am I wrong about that?

  22. Syed Musa Raza

    Syed Musa RazaHace 6 días

    I love eating Roghni Naan with some Seekh kebabs and/or Tikkas. It tastes so good. Paratha tastes good with a lot of foods, but I personally like it with fried eggs and with Chicken tikkas. I personally hate Roti. It's been 8 years since I started eating it, and recently, I've hated it so much. It's dry and got everywhere in my braces. That's my personal opinion, I know a lot of people who like it (Like everyone in my family, besides me)

  23. kartikeya krishna

    kartikeya krishnaHace 6 días

    We just grow curry and pick naan who has time to cook

  24. Harsh Gharlute

    Harsh GharluteHace 7 días

    Roti is basically a whole wheat tortilla. ~Random Indian

  25. Rajeswari Ghosh

    Rajeswari GhoshHace 2 días

    They taste kinda different tho. They have a bit of sourness to them.

  26. Aiden Lee

    Aiden LeeHace 7 días

    Indian curry basics video?

  27. shadow ninja

    shadow ninjaHace 7 días

    Ohhh so great now this video make me hungrey kek! The good crunchy taste and especially smell of fresh bread is just the best makes me feel alive. Only deltaparoel music can do the same to me. Sometime I combine the both of them, make me feel alive!

  28. Mary Hinton

    Mary HintonHace 7 días

    "Because it looks cool or because it does something?" 😂

  29. prokiller grape

    prokiller grapeHace 7 días

    Cool cool cool

  30. Mehtap Fat

    Mehtap FatHace 8 días

    Damn two holy men with voice richer than bill gates

  31. Debo Datta

    Debo DattaHace 8 días

    *Northern Indian breads

  32. Vaishnavi Ramesh

    Vaishnavi RameshHace 9 días

    Sigh, 1:20 is me explaining the nuances in Indian cuisine to my American friends :D

  33. SANG

    SANGHace 10 días

    Please do more videos about Indian food. I fucking love that shit

  34. kuroninjaofshadows

    kuroninjaofshadowsHace 10 días

    Honestly, couldn't get through the video. He's not giving measurements on how much yeast from what I heard, isn't going through the recipe in a discernible way. He gets asked questions in the first part of the video and sort of just answers a question that wasn't asked. Idk, just me. 4:33 in, I'm out.

  35. Tej Tandon

    Tej TandonHace 10 días

    @binging with babish. The Bombay Canteen is an amazing restaurant, you have to try it if you ever get to Bombay

  36. Cloud

    CloudHace 10 días

    Is it just me or that Floyd sound like a UK native.

  37. Shellnanigans

    ShellnanigansHace 11 días

    shouldnt you take your jewelry off while cooking?

  38. Skand Sharma

    Skand SharmaHace 11 días

    That's not at all what a Naan looks like when you eat in here in India!! Naan is made in a Tandoor. It has charred edges and it is really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!!

  39. m0 tZz

    m0 tZzHace 12 días

    Indian panini

  40. Catrina

    CatrinaHace 12 días

    Is it possible to use gluten free substitutes to make these?

  41. Dragonwarlord ❶

    Dragonwarlord ❶Hace 12 días

    Indians are Bitches

  42. mitoboss

    mitobossHace 13 días

    Okay there’s no fucking way that was one cup of water for the naan bread

  43. Zenoch _

    Zenoch _Hace 13 días

    Everyone else: Basics with Babish: Indian Breads Me: *Basics Indian with Babish Breads*

  44. Jay Nicker

    Jay NickerHace 14 días

    Im indian and with that comes an Indian Grandmother (Ba), and holy shit idk how she does this all this in like 10 mins and its amazing

  45. clacicle

    clacicleHace 14 días

    I was in Kolkata not too long ago and found a street food stand selling tandoor roti ( which I guess is just a variation of the two) with vegetable curry and paneer. It was delicious!

  46. wannabe coder&trader

    wannabe coder&traderHace 14 días

    We have the same breads in Turkey as well. My mom makes them on the Sundays and it is very tasty :)) But she does the 13:18 the one in the middle with tahini(or tahina) and I love it and my mom :)

  47. CWKLG

    CWKLGHace 15 días

    I made the naan from this video but it didn't blow up like it did in the video here. Does anyone have an idea why that might be the case?

  48. Lyndsey Babcock

    Lyndsey BabcockHace 15 días


  49. Mo n

    Mo nHace 15 días

    Watching babish clap roti😆😆😆🤗🤗🤗

  50. FutureEngineer

    FutureEngineerHace 15 días

    With the Roti, another way to cook it is using a hot flat pan and cooking it both sides and then applying it to the hot fire directly for a few seconds till it puffs up.

  51. dipyaman chakrabarti

    dipyaman chakrabartiHace 15 días

    who salts rotis?

  52. Adelle Findlay

    Adelle FindlayHace 15 días

    My Guyanese heart is happy

  53. DCcomicsNew52

    DCcomicsNew52Hace 16 días

    Thank you for posting this. I've been wanting to learn how to make naan for a while now to go with the other Indian recipes my family and I make (for the record we are not Indian and like to experiment in the kitchen). Now we do not have to go search for it and instead can make it at home!

  54. Will Janke

    Will JankeHace 16 días

    Indian cooking varies greatly from north to south, east to west. For instance, far southern Indian/ Sri Lankan cuisine is actually more closely related to Thai and Malaysian food than it is to north Indian cuisine.

  55. Will Janke

    Will JankeHace 16 días

    This isn't even scratching the surface of the huge variety of Indian flatbreads. For instance, even just parathas can mean vastly different things from one region to another, not to mention all the other types as well.

  56. Will Janke

    Will JankeHace 16 días

    there are phulkas, luchus, kulchas, poori, bhakri, chapti, batoori, and dosi, just to name a few. Also, roti just means 'flatbread', and can be used to describe all the above types.

  57. Talented Tuna

    Talented TunaHace 17 días

    i love you for the music you chosen(no homo)

  58. Johnny

    JohnnyHace 18 días

    Ah yes! My favourite rapper, feat

  59. zarabunny

    zarabunnyHace 18 días

    it peeves me so much that they didn't take off their watches before making this

  60. Witch Sorrowful

    Witch SorrowfulHace 19 días

    Title of this episode needs to add ASMR

  61. AStarkIsBorn

    AStarkIsBornHace 19 días

    The only issue here is that I wish he used the Indian flours we actually use in Indian households. None of us use American whole wheat flour for our rotis

  62. Vanessa Crooks

    Vanessa CrooksHace 19 días

    I had been going crazy trying to figure out which was the bread that my friend bought in nyc! and when I saw this and saw Lachha paratha I nearly screamed with joy!! of course my friend used store-bought, and I can't find it in Panama, but now I can make it myself!!!

  63. Aria Delmar

    Aria DelmarHace 19 días

    I loved the bit at the end when they were just talking about the different ways they'd want to eat them. I love seeing food passion

  64. MiKKi

    MiKKiHace 19 días

    Cool vid, but the roti in Trinidad and Tobago tastes miles better I assure you! 🇹🇹

  65. Nyhilo

    NyhiloHace 19 días

    finally Roti getting some love

  66. Kedward Pratts

    Kedward PrattsHace 19 días

    Great video

  67. Alyfe Poison Bunny Shadow

    Alyfe Poison Bunny ShadowHace 19 días

    Roti is awesome.