1. Ninja Gaming

    Ninja GamingHace 21 un hora

    Hahahahahah look turn on the subtitle in 1:59 EAT ME! 😂😂

  2. Banana Sauce

    Banana SauceHace 2 días

    If u use English captions they say “eat me” when Noah screams “Aunt May”

  3. Colorful Artist

    Colorful ArtistHace 3 días

    There was a pull-ups commercial before this lol

  4. Joasha ateo-an

    Joasha ateo-anHace 3 días

    capten marvel is origanal is shazam

  5. Jelena Mihajlovic

    Jelena MihajlovicHace 3 días

    What music did you use for thanos

  6. octoberboiy

    octoberboiyHace 4 días

    They should’ve made Keith T’Challa lol

  7. Hillary Loves Kpop

    Hillary Loves KpopHace 5 días

    So if Marvel characters are real then this is how they would be

  8. Bazzer Bazzington

    Bazzer BazzingtonHace 5 días

    Kia parked her KIA in Thanos’s spot

  9. fanstyfoxxx gachagang

    fanstyfoxxx gachagangHace 6 días

    I wish marvel could be real I wish I was spider girl

  10. Harry Potter

    Harry PotterHace 6 días

    As Captain Marvel as A Boy That's From DC The Boy Is Shazam Nickname And Thor He's Fat He Uses The Hammer Nad Stormbreaker and Doctor Strange Can Just Heal captain And Professor X he Can't Read Mind's he Can Control Them And Thanos He Can kill Kia With The power Stone's And Peter Parker he Can't Umm.. You know Wat he can Only Sense Puberty .

  11. That Random Guy

    That Random GuyHace 7 días

    When you realise kia is not her real name as thanos said he calls her by her car

  12. Xd please

    Xd pleaseHace 7 días

    My name is Odin!!!!!

  13. Kayla Snethun

    Kayla SnethunHace 9 días

    0:40 not to be that guy but captain marvel is a girl and mar-vel is a guy

  14. The Pringles guy

    The Pringles guyHace 10 días

    Someone make Thanos and kia a show

  15. Jacob Rengen

    Jacob RengenHace 10 días

    I don’t wanna be that guy but Professor Xavier also has telekinetic powers along with being a telepath so technically he could walk if you wanted to go there yeah

  16. Jacob Rengen

    Jacob RengenHace 6 días

    Elias Wewel It was in the comic series Avengers Vs X-Men

  17. Elias Wewel

    Elias WewelHace 6 días

    @Jacob Rengen Okay, can you please tell me what comic you have read that he has telekinetic powers, not only telepathic, because i've read dussins of X-men comics, and never seen him having those powers

  18. Jacob Rengen

    Jacob RengenHace 6 días

    Elias Wewel yes I do

  19. Elias Wewel

    Elias WewelHace 6 días

    Do you even comics bro?

  20. Justin Brinson vlogs, And some other stuff

    Justin Brinson vlogs, And some other stuffHace 11 días

    1:01 looks exactly like Chris Evans

  21. Spazzmat Studios

    Spazzmat StudiosHace 13 días

    1:59 the subtitles make it SO SUS

  22. The annoying Human

    The annoying HumanHace 14 días

    We would have probably died

  23. The Bro Show Podcast

    The Bro Show PodcastHace 17 días

    Why did they make captain marvel a girl why not just use mrs. Marvel

  24. GameKnighty Boi

    GameKnighty BoiHace 18 días

    Noah as spider-man, Courtney as captain marvel, and Shayne as captain America. They are perfect for those roles

  25. Mr. Bag

    Mr. BagHace 18 días

    No no no u got spiderman and doctor strange wrong Spiderman= 💨 Doctor strange= 💨 💨 =dust Idk if someone said this and if they did im sorry

  26. Amandip singh Pannu

    Amandip singh PannuHace 20 días

    Damien looks like Bucky when he was an soldier when he helped cap

  27. Wild Gamer

    Wild GamerHace 20 días

    I hope Shane actually becomes the new cap when black one retires.


    Ronan THE SUPER GINGERHace 20 días

    Ian first of all his original name was captain mar-vel and he died of cancer. And not to mention Thor has his hammer back in the comics so boom comic nerd is here to stay keeping my virginity on lockdown

  29. Ahadur Rahman Alif

    Ahadur Rahman AlifHace 20 días

    Great. Now do DC.

  30. LanceGustGaming

    LanceGustGamingHace 20 días

    Turn on captions at 2:00 It says *Eat* *me* Lol

  31. Apollo Gaming

    Apollo GamingHace 21 un día

    Get ur facts right 0:52

  32. Dragon of the Kings

    Dragon of the KingsHace 22 días

    Thanos cussing on the first one was the best lol

  33. Wouter Moerman

    Wouter MoermanHace 22 días

    1:13 that's what she said

  34. Trevor L.

    Trevor L.Hace 23 días

    Ian: Thor doesn’t have long hair or use his hammer anymore. Marvel: Reality is often disappointing.

  35. Daniel Slink

    Daniel SlinkHace 23 días

    Man when do I missed those what if (blank) were real.

  36. Slade Wilson

    Slade WilsonHace 24 días

    DC > marvel

  37. Joey Thibeault

    Joey ThibeaultHace 24 días

    "But can you imagine how stupid it would be if Marvel characters were actually realistic?" God, let me dream, okay?

  38. Neel

    NeelHace 24 días

    Courtney as Captain Marvel is the hottest thing I’ve seen

  39. Hailey Ahmed

    Hailey AhmedHace 25 días

    I don’t know but I use to laugh really hard at every one of his videos. Perhaps I got too old now

  40. Zack Gee

    Zack GeeHace 25 días

    Bravo on the Thanos at the end Mr.Haas had me cracking up so much.

  41. Tucker fox Marell

    Tucker fox MarellHace 27 días

    Captain America taking drugs

  42. Abigail Moll STUDENT

    Abigail Moll STUDENTHace 24 días

    Should have been steriods. Missed oppurtunity

  43. Callum Cassee

    Callum CasseeHace 28 días

    I guess they don't know that Captain Marvel is a shit character

  44. h e l l o t h e r e.

    h e l l o t h e r e.Hace 28 días

    Why did Marvel have to make Thor a girl now..? It's dumb.. And why are they calling her a "him" And saying "He needs a queen" ??

  45. hyper capsule

    hyper capsuleHace 28 días

    Your chin looks like a ball sack im dying

  46. Joshuafin The Channel

    Joshuafin The ChannelHace 28 días

    When grape from surgery survived THANOS IS HERE

  47. Emma Lemon

    Emma LemonHace un mes

    I really think shayne could be captain america and Damien can be bucky

  48. Wolf Planet

    Wolf PlanetHace un mes

    Xd 4:24

  49. StOp MoTiOn HD

    StOp MoTiOn HDHace un mes

    3:20 olivia pit the pen in her nose 🤣😂🤣😂

  50. Cory xKenshinfan

    Cory xKenshinfanHace un mes

    no one: literally no one: Ian as Thanos: I'lL dO iT i SwEaR i'Ll dO iT lol

  51. the beasty beast food

    the beasty beast foodHace un mes


  52. Duder Junior

    Duder JuniorHace un mes

    project zorgo is watching

  53. Alex Gamerk

    Alex GamerkHace un mes

    Captain Marvel is being too evil

  54. Madelyn Dove Russell

    Madelyn Dove RussellHace un mes

    Professor x and wolverine is xmen universe

  55. UnknownTerrarian 9480

    UnknownTerrarian 9480Hace un mes


  56. Emilio Fajardo

    Emilio FajardoHace un mes

    Damn I didn’t know Courtney was a clown

  57. Dino lambo123

    Dino lambo123Hace un mes

    Ian was right about captain marvel

  58. 26 Savage

    26 SavageHace un mes


  59. Pyro Head

    Pyro HeadHace un mes

    3:34 That is a good question.... who do you report HR to...?

  60. Hex-a-Tex _

    Hex-a-Tex _Hace 28 días

    the union

  61. Lil Shenron

    Lil ShenronHace un mes

    I feel like Courtney is a perfect Captain Marvel

  62. Yaaasss STARBUCKS

    Yaaasss STARBUCKSHace un mes

    Thanos reminds me of freeman 😂

  63. Existential Mama

    Existential MamaHace un mes

    Captain marvel was a woman in the comics

  64. Ajax

    AjaxHace un mes

    Why when I turn on captions and Spiderman/Noah it says "Eat me!" Please why, it's Aunt May.

  65. Abigail Moll STUDENT

    Abigail Moll STUDENTHace 24 días

    still works tho ;p

  66. Gatcha Life Diamond

    Gatcha Life DiamondHace un mes

    Please make Courtney captain Marvel

  67. Konner Fraser

    Konner FraserHace un mes

    Doctor Strange was a surgeon

  68. Xxice Henny

    Xxice HennyHace un mes

    Wolverines is in xmen

  69. Teejhay Funakoshi

    Teejhay FunakoshiHace un mes

    0:01 is the song from WWE 2K19.

  70. Kaspar Lesk

    Kaspar LeskHace un mes

    But who actually liked captain marvel (not me)

  71. Really Cactus

    Really CactusHace un mes

    Mmmmm.... Damit keia

  72. YoungForest jay idk content

    YoungForest jay idk contentHace un mes

    I know you like horse pron LOL

  73. yikes !

    yikes !Hace un mes


  74. C Gillis

    C GillisHace un mes

    You win this time... Kia...

  75. Mason Prior

    Mason PriorHace un mes

    And originally captain marvel was from dc not marvel and Shazam was captain marvel

  76. Zequinx

    ZequinxHace un mes

    Lemme just say that captain marvel was always a girl he's talking about the DC captain marvel who was renamed to shazam because marvel had the rights to the name

  77. Himalton Games

    Himalton GamesHace un mes

    I’m surprised captain marvel actually showed up

  78. Abigail Moll STUDENT

    Abigail Moll STUDENTHace 24 días

    thought she was to busy getting a haircut

  79. Mary Alnmir

    Mary AlnmirHace un mes

    Iron man???????????

  80. Dyandra Clevia

    Dyandra CleviaHace un mes

    instead of saying "Aunt May!" THE SUBTITLES READ "Eat Me!"

  81. Knewub TV

    Knewub TVHace un mes

    Did anybody else see Shane run there the pipes

  82. R U !3 Y

    R U !3 YHace un mes

    Shayne and Courtney actually look like them :O AND THE WAY CAP/SHAYNE RAN AWAY AFTER HE GOT A PRESCRIPTION😭😂 just like in the movies😂👌

  83. underscore

    underscoreHace un mes

    thanos x kia a better love story than twilight

  84. alex el narval

    alex el narvalHace un mes

    Do another one but of DC Please

  85. Liam da Lemon!

    Liam da Lemon!Hace un mes

    thanos and captin marvel are little pricks who slaughter anyone who disagrees with them

  86. Ali Rabeea

    Ali RabeeaHace un mes

    Professer X is not marvel

  87. Michael Keehan

    Michael KeehanHace un mes

    *4 Marvel Nerds are in a bar* Marvel Nerd 1: Who should be the villain in Captain Marvel 2? Marvel Nerd 2: Maybe Genis-Vell as Mar-Vell's son? Marvel Nerd 3: Maybe Rogue. It can set-up the X-Men. Marvel Nerd 4: You uncultered swines. The obvious choice is her true rival. The correcting nerd.

  88. Jona Jona

    Jona JonaHace un mes

    Next do if my dad came home