1. Fireman08080

    Fireman08080Hace 17 horas

    Yo Cortney is just a better looking captain marvel like a captain marvel but with an ass *if you know what I'm talking about then you know what I'm talking about*

  2. Parker Brown

    Parker BrownHace 23 horas

    Captain marvel sure likes blasting that straight white dude huh?

  3. Parker Brown

    Parker BrownHace 23 horas

    Ok thanos was awesome.

  4. Waqaas Ahmed

    Waqaas AhmedHace un día


  5. Lelo Floflo 2

    Lelo Floflo 2Hace un día

    1:35 Lol the Spiderman costume is so cool

  6. Alexis Vera

    Alexis VeraHace un día

    Where is boxman 💔

  7. Alexis Vera

    Alexis VeraHace un día

    Who remembers old smosh when it was only Anthony and Ian 😪😢

  8. I enjoy memes. :/

    I enjoy memes. :/Hace un día

    I have the same infinity gauntlet

  9. Edwin Martinez

    Edwin MartinezHace un día

    Iron man dies and captain America broke he’s sheild

  10. William's Adventures

    William's AdventuresHace un día

    GG ant man

  11. Luz Lemus

    Luz LemusHace un día




    Ant man: I'MMA GO IN THANOS' BUTT!

  13. Mr Wolfz

    Mr WolfzHace un día

    Omg the Spider-Man part lol

  14. Mnxe

    MnxeHace un día

    Good choice in using Shayne as Captain America. 😂

  15. seagull

    seagullHace 2 días

    K I'm gonna say it, this wasnt funny

  16. Sacha Irvine

    Sacha IrvineHace 2 días

    As he snapped the video buffered

  17. Sacha Irvine

    Sacha IrvineHace 2 días

    As he snapped the video buffered

  18. TheSnoopy Dog

    TheSnoopy DogHace 2 días

    Ian talking about captain marr-vel not captain marvel

  19. sweaty tryhard

    sweaty tryhardHace 2 días

    1:22 and some zans

  20. Magma Brayden

    Magma BraydenHace 2 días

    Thanos can kill her it’s what he thinks he does when he snaps

  21. Grace Hong

    Grace HongHace 3 días

    no offense but tom holland rocked the suit better...

  22. Dragon Clutch

    Dragon ClutchHace 3 días

    Yeah I Guess Marvel Heroes Would Be Zeroes If They We’re Realistic

  23. batface 101

    batface 101Hace 3 días

    I'm HR. Who are you gonna report me to

  24. Jawol Lani

    Jawol LaniHace 3 días


  25. Theo K.

    Theo K.Hace 3 días

    Courtney should have been cpt marvel in the mcu


    ZE_DA_ ENDERMANHace 3 días

    Why those Thanos sound like Vision

  27. Jeremie Mazerolle

    Jeremie MazerolleHace 3 días


  28. Kauffee

    KauffeeHace 3 días

    so um shayne topp is chris evans

  29. Greg David L

    Greg David LHace 4 días

    Remember when Smosh was funny? Anthony remembers.

  30. Liroy Yagami

    Liroy YagamiHace 4 días

    Ya lo espero en español

  31. YLP Your Local Plasterer

    YLP Your Local PlastererHace 4 días


  32. ColinOrJames

    ColinOrJamesHace 5 días

    Ian as Wolverine haha!

  33. Harvey Malthouse

    Harvey MalthouseHace 5 días

    It’s funny how Thor actually gets his hammer back 🔨 and he got his long hair back

  34. fancy YT

    fancy YTHace 5 días

    Like for smosh and smosh LA

  35. ODS DrMex

    ODS DrMexHace 5 días


  36. Konrad Nitz

    Konrad NitzHace 5 días

    2:10 I don’t wanna that guy, but stormbreaker was Beta Ray Bills weapon, not Thor’s, so if you cou- *captain marvel shoots me*

  37. Sashank Kumar

    Sashank KumarHace 11 horas

    Yeah it was beta ray bill's weapon

  38. PowerCap

    PowerCapHace 6 días

    Courtney makes the best Captain Marvel 💙

  39. Greg Greg

    Greg GregHace 6 días

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Nerd:BUT THEY ARE REAL

  40. Erika Sun

    Erika SunHace 7 días

    1:59 song?

  41. LunaPogi

    LunaPogiHace 7 días

    0:27 Mrs. Kree. I don't feel so good.

  42. kent tan

    kent tanHace 7 días

    Anthony is in the battle royal by mister beast with jaiden and james

  43. Where's the wifi

    Where's the wifiHace 8 días

    I thought thanos was a grape but he looks like a unemployed phsicic

  44. ram bukenya

    ram bukenyaHace 8 días

    Doctor Strange his beard is really big

  45. Rosie Random

    Rosie RandomHace 8 días

    Lol I said in their music vid to thank the viewers that Shane looked like Steve Rodgers and he’s playing Steve Rodgers in this!?!😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌

  46. Zeerak Khan

    Zeerak KhanHace 8 días

    Nice chin Damian

  47. NightNLU

    NightNLUHace 8 días

    Thanos sound more like bane

  48. Monkei

    MonkeiHace 8 días

    2:08 Captain America: *Hold my beer* 2:10 *Fat* Thor: *Hold my beer, NOOB MASTER*

  49. Nathanael Dourng

    Nathanael DourngHace 9 días

    She actually looks like Captain Marvel!


    MIKEY VEEHace 9 días

    If they used ct.marvels man version people would literally confuse him with the Shazam movie and its best to try to be at least a little different from DC

  51. Crazybananah

    CrazybananahHace 9 días


  52. Austin Champion

    Austin ChampionHace 9 días

    Whoever designed Thanos needs erase

  53. CoolBeanz23

    CoolBeanz23Hace 10 días

    I was expecting Ian to come on when Thanos was on and say that he had the infinity stones in the wrong slots haha. Srsly tho some1 pls fix it

  54. Vincent Handy

    Vincent HandyHace 10 días

    *Reality is often disappointing*

  55. nhanrey09

    nhanrey09Hace 10 días


  56. a random persone

    a random personeHace 10 días

    Lol I’m ded!!!

  57. Azzie M

    Azzie MHace 10 días

    Shayne as Steve is great lmao

  58. Sarpy

    SarpyHace 11 días

    1:34 Is The Best One

  59. Gavin Sherry

    Gavin SherryHace 11 días

    😂Lol lLol

  60. Akshat Kiran

    Akshat KiranHace 11 días

    Joke: Why does thanos have a team? Because he is giant grape

  61. la vita è bella

    la vita è bellaHace 11 días

    *Shayne as Captain America* Hot damn.

  62. TOM HODGES64

    TOM HODGES64Hace 11 días

    Dad these avengers are GRUNKY. THEN DON'T WATCH THEM SON

  63. Da Boom

    Da BoomHace 11 días

    Throw in some oxys! I’d be real cool lolz

  64. Ana Mesina

    Ana MesinaHace 12 días

    Wow Ian is Stanley now

  65. TheOneEyed Gio

    TheOneEyed GioHace 12 días

    Courtney would actually have been good as captain marvel

  66. Teddy Tea

    Teddy TeaHace 12 días

    At first, Shayne looked EXACTLY like Captain America!!

  67. Thanoid uwu

    Thanoid uwuHace 12 días

    Why does Courtney look like captain marvel

  68. Violet Violentine

    Violet ViolentineHace 12 días

    Captain Marvel is the best because she’s a freaking tank

  69. Regin Henriksen

    Regin HenriksenHace 12 días

    Thor has always been Thor odinson

  70. Regin Henriksen

    Regin HenriksenHace 12 días

    Captain Marvel was a man in the DCU not the MCU, she's a girl in the MCU, man in DCU

  71. Regin Henriksen

    Regin HenriksenHace 12 días

    I can tell u guys are fake marvel fans

  72. madsss

    madsssHace 12 días

    its scary how alike shayne and chris evans look

  73. JScafidi616

    JScafidi616Hace 13 días

    Miss when Smosh was actually funny...

  74. Mister Turk Turkle

    Mister Turk TurkleHace 13 días

    Whats this what if bs? Hawkeye is real and his name is lars andersen

  75. Naief Alromi

    Naief AlromiHace 13 días

    0:49 Shazam the movie is a thing tho

  76. Nova Winchester

    Nova WinchesterHace 13 días

    damien's tendancy to say 'what's up?' managed to sneak it's way into this video and I love it

  77. Nexus Networks

    Nexus NetworksHace 14 días

    That’s the point of the movies.

  78. Windy Hicks

    Windy HicksHace 14 días

    Thank you you've officially help me to leave ESreporter for good

  79. umar faroq

    umar faroqHace 14 días

    Do spiderman far from home with same actor who was spiderman in this video

  80. The Foxy Fan123

    The Foxy Fan123Hace 14 días

    Smosh please bring the bloopers and behind the scene back

  81. Antonio Martins

    Antonio MartinsHace 15 días


  82. Assassinoid

    AssassinoidHace 3 días

    haha, classic

  83. FlyCraft

    FlyCraftHace 15 días


  84. jose fuentes

    jose fuentesHace 15 días

    What happened to Anthony

  85. Tony Stark

    Tony StarkHace 15 días

    Ian is perfect for Ant-Man! Change my Mind 😂

  86. XMAN522

    XMAN522Hace 3 días

    Tony Stark honestly he’s dead accurate

  87. Elitwan

    ElitwanHace 15 días

    Captain Marvel was a man in DC comics, not in Marvel. Know the difference, dude.

  88. Elitwan

    ElitwanHace 12 días

    Oh, well. I didnt know that.

  89. Nicolas G

    Nicolas GHace 12 días

    Elitwan Except the original Marvel Comics Captain Marvel was also a man. Carol was Ms. Marvel and became Captain Marvel after he died.

  90. Matheus Castello

    Matheus CastelloHace 15 días

    wait i thought captain marvel was a woman in the comics too, im confused

  91. Meshary Aljassim

    Meshary AljassimHace 15 días

    Comment dc like marvel

  92. Jesse Ybarra

    Jesse YbarraHace 15 días

    Captain America doesn't need anything to relieve soreness, he never gets sore. The serum was designed to constantly heal itself and him so he never gets sore or exhausted

  93. Coby Babbitt

    Coby BabbittHace 16 días

    Smosh isn't funny anymore.

  94. Ditlev Is

    Ditlev IsHace 16 días

    why do u use so many... bad words?

  95. bloxy Francisco

    bloxy FranciscoHace 16 días

    When captain marvel showed up the guy that said captain marvel is a man in comics he might be thingking of shazam because hes name was captain marvel and changed it to shazam

  96. bloxy Francisco

    bloxy FranciscoHace 12 días

    Oh ok

  97. Nicolas G

    Nicolas GHace 12 días

    bloxy Francisco Except Marvel’s Captain Marvel was originally a man too, and Carol was Ms. Marvel. Then later she became Captain Marvel after the original died.

  98. Mr. Penguin

    Mr. PenguinHace 16 días

    I’ve always imagined Courtney as the girl marvel camptain I thought she was the real one lol and I still thinks she is.

  99. MasterOfPie

    MasterOfPieHace 16 días

    i died tot he interaction between dr strange and captain america cause thats a good one

  100. The Griffindor Queen

    The Griffindor QueenHace 16 días

    The male captain Marvel was actually captain Marval

  101. Starbuck32123

    Starbuck32123Hace 16 días

    I want anthony back now that smosh is independent!

  102. JoseLgamer XD

    JoseLgamer XDHace 16 días

    Hagan mas en español

  103. Fadi Talya

    Fadi TalyaHace 16 días

    poor keth

  104. Alec Kramer

    Alec KramerHace 16 días

    I haven't seen a Smosh video in a minute, when did they get rid of the intro

  105. vageoff

    vageoffHace 17 días

    Captain marevel on thumbnail is bad ass

  106. Tito Elmer

    Tito ElmerHace 17 días

    Is that the real Spidey

  107. Glock75 - Roblox

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