Idina Menzel, AURORA - Into the Unknown (Live from the 92nd Academy Awards)


  1. みなと

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    I very love ❤️ Gam 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

  3. 쿠루 kuru

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    저기에 박혜나님은 왜 없을까 ㅜㅜㅜ

  4. Ronan Hansel

    Ronan HanselHace un día

    Such goddesses

  5. James Reynolds

    James ReynoldsHace un día

    When they all sing together tho

  6. Jessica Sandoval

    Jessica SandovalHace un día

    Fue tan hermoso este momento

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  8. Felicia the Lewis and Wilbur fan girl 2007

    Felicia the Lewis and Wilbur fan girl 2007Hace un día

    Wow that was so beautiful!! 😀😀😭😭😭

  9. Paulo Henrique Cardoso da Silva

    Paulo Henrique Cardoso da SilvaHace un día

    Brazil ?????

  10. Sharmi amy

    Sharmi amyHace un día

    Hardest song and Idina Menzel nailed it.🏔️🌨️❄️☃️

  11. dr sharda Singh

    dr sharda SinghHace un día

    Comparatively, Show yourself would have been much better. Including the northwind song, Evan Rachel Wood and even Aurora.

  12. linitahy and cukisheen

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    Omg Carmen Sarahi cantaste hermoso 😍 2:17

  13. 구구팔십일

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  14. Sarah Force

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    Man, this would have been so wonderful if they had let AURORA sing the entire thing. Her voice is the one that matches most closely with what Elsa should really sound like- singing and speaking. I'm surprised Disney actually used someone of her talent in one of their main movie themes, but it could have been so much better if she'd been the one singing all of it instead of just the "wind" in the background

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  17. Karen Rocío Gutiérrez Diestra

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    Even when there were some details that weren't perfect. This performance was beautiful!



    MMM yo quería escuchar un poquito más a Carmen

  19. Thisis Fakee

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    She was to early

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  21. Lighting Powerfull

    Lighting PowerfullHace un día

    What are all lenguages of songs? I understand only 4

  22. Patrick Lima

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    Idina wasn't a total mess like when she sang Let It Go on this very stage.

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  24. Alessandro Ângelo

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    Her last high note was so perfect

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  27. シʏᴜᴋᴋɪ

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    Im lowkey gay for aurora 💀

  28. quyen hoang

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    This is better than the official mv (music video) just saying?

  29. Daria Owczarek

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    Team Poland❤️ and Team Kasia Łaska❤️ świetne wykonanie wszystkich dziewczyn🔥

  30. Shawna Weekley

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  31. yaliso gioouy

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    Where is Serbian Elsa????

  32. wendy ortega

    wendy ortegaHace un día

    Anyone have video quality issues?

  33. yaliso gioouy

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    Por qué gritan tanto? GISELA ESPECTACULAR!!!

  34. Kelly Martinez

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    B E A U T I F U L

  35. It's Me Mikylla

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    2:16 Idina said this girl copied her in the chorus 😂😂😂 how cute of Idina 💞💞💞💞

  36. Guitar Ninja Cat

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    I cried when the harmonies started. Beautiful performance

  37. Explorer V

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    That was so incredibly impressive and I know I can’t even come close to reaching that level but has the key been lowered down for this performance (even though it’s still impressively high)

  38. andrea solanyi ocampo garay

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    Carmen voz verdadera de elsa español la verdadera voz es ella 🥰😘🐾💖💞

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  40. Ellen Lima

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    Why not portuguese?

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  42. Queen Figueroa

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    Like por Carmen que canto a mucha honra por nuestro país 🇲🇽 💓🙌🏻

  43. ah shit here we go again

    ah shit here we go againHace un día

    gisela canto hermoso como siempre pero sinceramente me hubiese gustado que lo haga carmen:( pero todo hermoso ajfkakd

  44. K B

    K BHace un día

    When she sang “oooooohhhhhhhooohhhhh”, I felt that.

  45. Holly Ingham

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    idina is amazing

  46. Gabrail Kavkazov

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    Выступила на Оскаре... Спела 2 слова... М-да...

  47. Jorge M

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    Por qué gritan tanto? GISELA ESPECTACULAR!!!

  48. love youtubee

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    Where is Serbian Elsa????

  49. Llaa Lama

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    That was amazing!

  50. Taíssa Nobre

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    2:22 who's that?

  51. Rita Moinhos

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    Where is Portugal......

  52. Susan Xiong

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    The other girl speak like Spanish and she looks like Elsa

  53. Benzlogo Channel

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    love thailand

  54. Marilyn Acuña

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    Yo amo tu voz Aurora Carmin

  55. Anaïs C

    Anaïs CHace un día

    Et la france ...? :'(

  56. Victoria Hunter

    Victoria HunterHace un día

    Kinda disappointed there was not a French singer too

  57. Victoria Hunter

    Victoria HunterHace un día

    Kinda disappointed there was not a French singer too

  58. Marilyn Acuña

    Marilyn AcuñaHace un día

    I'love you voice Aurora carmin

  59. Valérie Birukova

    Valérie BirukovaHace un día

    can we just talk about how horrible this song sounds in this tonality

  60. Mario Montes

    Mario MontesHace un día

    Tod@s diciendo que lo mejor de la presentación es la tal Aurora y su parte es la que mas me desespera de la canción :/

  61. Modesta Juarez Montiel

    Modesta Juarez MontielHace un día

    Tienes toda la razón prefiero morirme que volver a escucharla yo prefiero a Carmen sarahi

  62. Mercan Becerikli

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    Türk var mı? 😂😂

  63. Ágata Alves

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    Trazer o Brasil ninguém que né ,-,