I WAS DEFEATED BY PROJECT ZORGO HACKER in Real Life Ninja Battle Royale | Vy Qwaint


  1. Vy Qwaint

    Vy QwaintHace 7 meses

    Hi Spy Ninjas! We need you to play the OPERATION X game here spyninja.page.link/vyyoutube

  2. Jane Geftlick

    Jane GeftlickHace 2 meses

    I Love vy👑🐶🐕🐩🐼🐨🐤🐧🐇🐢🐞🐛🌷🎖🎁

  3. harold jackson

    harold jacksonHace 2 meses

    V do you wanna be my friend

  4. Xoxoriri

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  5. Lucille Torrez

    Lucille TorrezHace 4 meses

    Vy Qwaint love Hela here

  6. Eli Schultz

    Eli SchultzHace 4 meses

    Vy Qwaint hi my name is Eli

  7. Laura Mc Guigan

    Laura Mc GuiganHace 16 horas

    I know cwctop

  8. Happy Face

    Happy FaceHace un día

    VE and Chad hi I just got your guises new app I’m going to play it now by the way you guys are my favorite ESreporter

  9. Kylee Studebaker

    Kylee StudebakerHace un día


  10. Randy Gillespie

    Randy GillespieHace 2 días

    Not trying to be mean or anything but I think you should now called Daniel Daniel Tiger

  11. ashlee ismael

    ashlee ismaelHace 2 días

    pz we hacking your channel

  12. andrea powers

    andrea powersHace 3 días


  13. Michelle King

    Michelle KingHace 3 días

    That little pupper scared me so much

  14. George Blas

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  15. The sisters Ma

    The sisters MaHace 4 días

    I JUST SAW A HACKER!!!!!!!!

  16. Mayelyn Mendoza

    Mayelyn MendozaHace 4 días

    I got the Spy ninja game

  17. theguywholovesfirealarms

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  18. ahikabo ajha

    ahikabo ajhaHace 5 días

    Btw pz4 name is Regina

  19. Luc Schreppers

    Luc SchreppersHace 5 días

    Ay. Think its draco

  20. Sam Carpenter

    Sam CarpenterHace 5 días

    70071541 because that’s what you always on the cover as

  21. camelia popescu

    camelia popescuHace 6 días

    73 stepss north and 46 east

  22. Pavana B m

    Pavana B mHace 6 días

    Regina is the name of pz4

  23. Bailey Indodc

    Bailey IndodcHace 6 días

    Vy i saw that pz48 loves you and said you should leve chad

  24. Karen Scofield

    Karen ScofieldHace 7 días

    Vy pz1 cool 😎❤️ you love

  25. Natasha Milias

    Natasha MiliasHace 7 días

    Vy qwaint pz4 8 is in love with you go check out the videos the love song

  26. Rawan Abuaita

    Rawan AbuaitaHace 8 días

    If you’re watching on December 1 like

  27. Amie Canlas

    Amie CanlasHace 9 días

    I want vy to be bald please

  28. Justyna Juszczyk

    Justyna JuszczykHace 9 días

    Like it you are a true spy ninja and if you have spy ninja network

  29. Cali Funny

    Cali FunnyHace 9 días

    Pz4 known as Regina

  30. Abdul Rouf

    Abdul RoufHace 10 días


  31. Abdul Rouf

    Abdul RoufHace 10 días


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  33. Josh Cooper

    Josh CooperHace 11 días

    I love you so much and I’m your biggest fan

  34. Tatum’s monkey world Shelton

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  35. Moana Movie

    Moana MovieHace 11 días

    I wish pz9 will take his mask

  36. alfonso Gomez

    alfonso GomezHace 12 días

    Hi soy Ninjas y bffgyfvtdthdtj

  37. Roblox Kingdom

    Roblox KingdomHace 12 días

    If u got deafeated how did u post the video

  38. Mohammad Lama

    Mohammad LamaHace 12 días

    I have a Spy Ninja Net work

  39. Christopher Wilmot

    Christopher WilmotHace 12 días

    I know pz4s name It's Ragina

  40. Christopher Wilmot

    Christopher WilmotHace 12 días

    I downloded the spy niga network who else did

  41. Princess Fluffycakes

    Princess FluffycakesHace 12 días

    Irilie lov ja

  42. Clair Bigelow

    Clair BigelowHace 13 días

    I found another video about Daniels past

  43. Jilan Shumul

    Jilan ShumulHace 13 días

    the cod is 2019 because pz9 sayed that I love u vy

  44. Emily Adams

    Emily AdamsHace 13 días

    I love you

  45. Jt Taylor

    Jt TaylorHace 13 días

    Tell Regina that I said and vy that they are my favorite spy Ninja

  46. Alfi alfi

    Alfi alfiHace 13 días

    Pz4 is Regina