1. Vincent van Dijk

    Vincent van DijkHace 3 días

    LMAO! Having you put Will Smith on your second channel. You may not have booty or boobs but you sure have balls my love!

  2. Mimi TS

    Mimi TSHace 3 días

    He is so cute

  3. Carla Latina

    Carla LatinaHace 5 días

    2:48 oooooo he snapped he be looking good 😂

  4. Meaghan Heck

    Meaghan HeckHace 6 días

    I'm laughing so hard I'm in tears when Liza pretends to be on motorcycle 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂the ending of this video is cracking me up

  5. Naomi Cymone

    Naomi CymoneHace 8 días


  6. samantha_aesthetics

    samantha_aestheticsHace 9 días

    1:17 I died when she said I am an Aries woman 😂😂😂

  7. Anna

    AnnaHace 9 días

    This is like my worlds colliding. Who knew that the fresh prince would be selling merch on ESreporter in 2020. 😂

  8. Daiana Latorre

    Daiana LatorreHace 11 días


  9. Gregory Woody

    Gregory WoodyHace 11 días

    Liza you hilarious

  10. Alexander kazt

    Alexander kaztHace 13 días

    Will and Liza look cute together ❤❤

  11. Jadyn Lozada

    Jadyn LozadaHace 13 días

    I died with her sound effects at the end 😂

  12. RosalieGacha Life

    RosalieGacha LifeHace 13 días

    The ending is everything

  13. Nikola Top

    Nikola TopHace 15 días

    is his merch literally just the blazer from fresh prince? 😂

  14. Sara Passinhas

    Sara PassinhasHace 16 días

    Omg! That's Portugal!!!!!

  15. Kylie Sims

    Kylie SimsHace 19 días

    Will still looks fine as hell♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ DAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNNNNN

  16. Emily Mannion

    Emily MannionHace 20 días

    Now this is a story all ‘bout how my life turned upside down *with Liza koshy*

  17. [Jade The Slytherin]

    [Jade The Slytherin]Hace 20 días

    Will: “I’m genimi man” Liza: “I’m Aries woman” Me: “IM A VIRGO”

  18. Quzzii

    QuzziiHace 19 días

    I'm a virgo too :)

  19. BRATTT_

    BRATTT_Hace 21 un día

    Aries gang

  20. Ash Wish

    Ash WishHace 21 un día

    Hes so tall. She is trying so herd to impress him XD

  21. Mee Too

    Mee TooHace 25 días

    I would pay money to see a parody of Gemini man with Liza doing all the sound effects like the outro

  22. Amy McMurtrie

    Amy McMurtrieHace 26 días

    Bad boys came out on my bday ahaha


    ERROR ATLASTHace 26 días

    wait i actually got a ad at the Will smith ad

  24. La Toya Lewis

    La Toya LewisHace 26 días

    That reversible jacket is a nod to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air fans ❤️

  25. iModel Barbie

    iModel BarbieHace 27 días

    She Sounds Like Kyla Pratt A Little

  26. Uni Plays

    Uni PlaysHace un mes

    I just watch bad boys I was laughing when the body drop on the wife’s car😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Zoe Hernandez

    Zoe HernandezHace un mes

    I’m an Aries too

  28. Spoonymeerkat27 McKenna

    Spoonymeerkat27 McKennaHace un mes

    Is will smith ur brother

  29. Sonicreations!

    Sonicreations!Hace un mes

    " oh thats hot"

  30. Elijah Scala

    Elijah ScalaHace un mes

    They would be a wonderful couple

  31. Xavier Robertson

    Xavier RobertsonHace un mes

    Came out today

  32. Sammyシ

    SammyシHace un mes

    *im like, so sad I can’t watch “bad boys for life” ;c*

  33. Farah Ahmedy

    Farah AhmedyHace un mes

    How did you eat him in your vid. Congrats your very successful

  34. Kiki wazzz hea!!!

    Kiki wazzz hea!!!Hace un mes

    *me expecting her to be like "coming at toooooo"* *me notice she in doing a vid with a big time celebrity* *me realizing she herself is now a big time celebrity* *me realizing she aint little brown girl no more, she is 23 year old brown girl* *me noticing she is turning 24 dis year* *me realizing....im realizing a whole bunch of stuff* *me realizing, she doesn't get kicked out of stores anymore* Liza Koshy 2020

  35. Hotel Hideaway Queen

    Hotel Hideaway QueenHace un mes

    Does anyone that will smiths merch is actually like his school uniform in Fresh Prince that he reversed at school

  36. sunayana sri

    sunayana sriHace un mes

    That jacket reminds me of fresh prince of Bel Air!!

  37. Leo Parker

    Leo ParkerHace un mes

    People not noticing that will made his jacket like his blazer in fresh prince of belair

  38. Leo Parker

    Leo ParkerHace un mes

    @Hotel Hideaway Queen what's your name on hotel hideaway

  39. Leo Parker

    Leo ParkerHace un mes

    @Hotel Hideaway Queen omg I have hotel hideaway too and finally someone gets it

  40. Hotel Hideaway Queen

    Hotel Hideaway QueenHace un mes

    Leo Parker thank you so much

  41. Yeetus The Feetus

    Yeetus The FeetusHace un mes

    i love your movie with you in it, spies in disgui- oh wait this isnt will smiths channel. Sorry about that.

  42. Marta Pereira

    Marta PereiraHace un mes


  43. Kevin Mathew Puthuparambil

    Kevin Mathew PuthuparambilHace un mes


  44. Ayla Radoncic

    Ayla RadoncicHace un mes

    will may be gemini man and liza may be aries woman but i’m leo girl

  45. Leo Parker

    Leo ParkerHace un mes

    22nd August

  46. Leo Parker

    Leo ParkerHace un mes


  47. schuane souza

    schuane souzaHace un mes

    Tbh kinda miss the old Liza who posted quality content and not just ad promos :/

  48. Tegan

    TeganHace un mes

    How the hail, are you talking to will smith

  49. Yara Ouda

    Yara OudaHace un mes

    I’d died to meat Will Smith

  50. Sherly Margaretha

    Sherly MargarethaHace un mes

    No one is talking about how incidentlly David hangout with his son "Jaden" and Liza hangout with his dad

  51. wolfy pixle

    wolfy pixleHace un mes

    I am a really big fan of WILL SMITH!!! How are you in contact with WILL SMITH ??????

  52. Anna McRae

    Anna McRaeHace un mes

    Is will Smith lizas dad!😐!😐! 😐! 😐 ! 😐!

  53. Readjusts Crown

    Readjusts CrownHace un mes

    Liza failing is so sad 😂😂🚼🚼

  54. DeMarra Terrell

    DeMarra TerrellHace un mes

    will looks like liza's dad that misses out on old trends

  55. diaryofseresha

    diaryofsereshaHace un mes

    That beauty fliter though made me laugh soooo hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂



    They both good that good energy that make you feel good.

  57. Lacey Smith

    Lacey SmithHace 2 meses

    One of will's people tried to 'catfish' me on Facebook once... I mean, I knew it wasn't will.. because why the fuck would he be talking to me? But, it was the closest I came to talking to him... Sooo.... Super jelly of Liza.

  58. Kayla Jolivett

    Kayla JolivettHace 2 meses

    Ahhhh “that’s hot that’s not” did he do that in perpose

  59. Romy –

    Romy –Hace 2 meses

    Oh, blooper: when she's ascending to space she suddenly has her T-shirt the right way.

  60. FshBowl

    FshBowlHace 2 meses

    Will Smith wasn't actually there, it was a edited.

  61. Kathy1234 Gomez

    Kathy1234 GomezHace 2 meses


  62. Billie Armstrong

    Billie ArmstrongHace 2 meses

    I’m actually Gemini 2

  63. Allitastic

    AllitasticHace 2 meses

    Can u imagine them acting without the effects and the edits

  64. Gluumyyy HeEhEe

    Gluumyyy HeEhEeHace 2 meses

    0:31 Remember that one episode in Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Will reversed the jacket of his school uniform? Only me? Ok...

  65. Seren SJ

    Seren SJHace 2 meses

    comin at too where....

  66. Julliet Ronald

    Julliet RonaldHace 2 meses

    When your the only on in the class that laughs at the stupid joke the teacher said: 1:20