1. Nicole

    NicoleHace un hora

    Damn I hope Will paid you that $50K cuz that was shameless promotion :/

  2. oceangirl 11

    oceangirl 11Hace 4 horas

    Liza, you should do a remaking the most popular vin vid! Love you girl ❤

  3. Banana Cat

    Banana CatHace 4 horas

    When’s the next video? It seems all the “newer” ones are not the same Liza I know...it’s like you don’t have enough time for us....

  4. taquion force

    taquion forceHace 8 horas

    You can explain me this? Liza Koshy Too compartió "$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway, See Link In Comment " contigo photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP-iN5QxoQ8fZGas6kdvHvQETkMeyBQhGsFXDHqX0xVXx5owtEa6IA9ersMjGxTZw?key=YmhUNWZKNW54NjhDWDZKcGJRMDVGMG9ockNTd29n Why you send me this?

  5. Dubb 120

    Dubb 120Hace 12 horas

    Liza+Simmi= Lilly

  6. Abdullah Hassan

    Abdullah HassanHace 23 horas


  7. mrtiff

    mrtiffHace un día

    She's still so funny I love her

  8. Honey Twins adventures

    Honey Twins adventuresHace un día

    I wanted the will smith merch but it’s £95 😭😭😭😭

  9. jagmag FIT

    jagmag FITHace un día

    This mantra is very powerful and natural , every morning 7: 00 am will seen this mantra esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-Np28O3Y_P2o.html



    Great chemistry between them.

  11. Hey Im Glue

    Hey Im GlueHace 2 días

    How are your turtles taco And michelle doing

  12. Cristina Rodriguez

    Cristina RodriguezHace 3 días

    Lmaoo her sound effects really do match the end

  13. Crackhead Kourtney

    Crackhead KourtneyHace 3 días

    You will is my fav actor and Liza be my fav youtuber. PERFECT COLLAB!

  14. gachabri Alessandra

    gachabri AlessandraHace 3 días

    I just saw an add with liza on it

  15. gachabri Alessandra

    gachabri AlessandraHace 3 días

    Same and she needs to make more vids

  16. Arjuna Delhy

    Arjuna DelhyHace 4 días

    Will Smith becomes a classics in life....I glad i saw him again after Isaac Asimov I Robot...Maybe Liza contagounes after him not really died after Will...Men in black is a corner stone or Gemini Man becomes a bestseller movie?God bless Afro Americana...Actors or not all look artist of shows...

  17. E why

    E whyHace 4 días

    Check out road trip

  18. Ballet Dancer

    Ballet DancerHace 4 días

    Haha i enjoyed this video👍🤣

  19. starpoint55 two

    starpoint55 twoHace 4 días

    Liza you should be on the masked singer season 3 Like so she can see this you dont have to

  20. Itz Gacha Dragon

    Itz Gacha DragonHace 5 días

    *liza* you know I’m an Aries woman hah * chuckles* Others* .......... heh..... Me: LAUGHING HISTERICAL*

  21. Emily Penrose

    Emily PenroseHace 5 días

    Did you really work with Georgia Productions?

  22. Nicholas Saquic

    Nicholas SaquicHace 5 días

    Make another knock off silent library

  23. Jacky josè

    Jacky josèHace 6 días

    People,the reason why Liza isn't posting because she's working on "liza on demand" season 2

  24. Shalee Byrne

    Shalee ByrneHace 6 días

    She's hilarious. 😂

  25. Alesha Nelson

    Alesha NelsonHace 7 días

    Why does this have so little views

  26. schmashbox

    schmashboxHace 7 días

    I live for these banters.

  27. Nicole Robinson

    Nicole RobinsonHace 8 días

    Will probably got the best editor on You Tube. The editing is what made watch most of his videos. Great job young man.

  28. FatherOf Dogs

    FatherOf DogsHace 8 días

    literally its fuck whoever the person is who introduced her to acting bcus she doesnt love us no more...ima die over this istg :(

  29. ZAM 4Life

    ZAM 4LifeHace 9 días

    Reversible like when we was in prince of bel air WHO REMEMBERS HIM wearing his blazer inside out

  30. sarah may

    sarah mayHace 10 días

    Actually, Coming a twoooo because it's my second channel

  31. kid lyric

    kid lyricHace 10 días

    Who’s watching in 2042😂

  32. SavageKev

    SavageKevHace 10 días

    Bad boys for life Omg I just seee

  33. Shalina Langel

    Shalina LangelHace 11 días


  34. Ayna Paisley

    Ayna PaisleyHace 11 días

    Aw look at you being all friends with Will Smith! I'm super happy for you Liza - you deserve it 🌷

  35. Joshua Mae Agullana

    Joshua Mae AgullanaHace 11 días


  36. TwentyOne paws

    TwentyOne pawsHace 12 días

    I wish Liza still posted videos of Jet😭

  37. Ender watcher Girl

    Ender watcher GirlHace 12 días

    Please Liza make longer video’s I love you

  38. Lauren keating

    Lauren keatingHace 12 días

    even though this is a bit different and i do miss the older stuff, i still love everything you do Liza and just like anyone she will grow as a youtuber and a persin and change and we are all supporting and love you no matter what videos you make

  39. Aykrai

    AykraiHace 12 días

    they look related

  40. Elexa Allen

    Elexa AllenHace 13 días

    Her:coming at you Me:🥺t..tw....two✌️

  41. Adam Mendel

    Adam MendelHace 13 días

    Liza u gave me laughter in my high school I thank u so much for every

  42. Idk Bro

    Idk BroHace 13 días

    Okay but WHO PROMOTED WHO?

  43. David Ruiz

    David RuizHace 14 días

    I really love your videos Liza ♡.... I would like to meet you one day

  44. rayann marcano

    rayann marcanoHace 14 días

    I love liza so much she is the best

  45. Delila Indashou

    Delila IndashouHace 14 días

    🤣🤣nice baby 👍

  46. Emily Schmitz

    Emily SchmitzHace 15 días

    Okay but i need that whole movie with Liza making every sound effect

  47. XxLilac SkiesXX

    XxLilac SkiesXXHace 15 días

    LIZA JOIN DA #treeteam !

  48. Sabrina Rodriguez

    Sabrina RodriguezHace 15 días

    😂😂 I love this

  49. Snl23

    Snl23Hace 15 días

    Her head looks so big in the video still 😂😂

  50. Tumaini Makanda

    Tumaini MakandaHace 16 días

    yoooh you should post more 😭

  51. Olaf The Dog

    Olaf The DogHace 16 días

    There’s freaking WILL SMITH and it’s one of the videos with the less views

  52. Shrimpy Shrimp

    Shrimpy ShrimpHace 17 días

    When are you going to date David

  53. RosaBella Twins

    RosaBella TwinsHace 17 días

    I watch you on Duble dear

  54. Potato Studioz

    Potato StudiozHace 18 días

    I’ve been watching g fresh prince on Netflix all day

  55. Strange Things

    Strange ThingsHace 18 días

    You already do you tv thing on you other channel so pleas stop you making me sad since you broke up with David dobrick

  56. Alyssa Patten

    Alyssa PattenHace 18 días

    Trick or Treating with Liza?? Like so she can see it please!!!

  57. Eva Bradley

    Eva BradleyHace 18 días

    "oh you have budget for that? Yea-eah The most humble yeah

  58. LoungeGaming 20

    LoungeGaming 20Hace 19 días

    Theories Jethro Jackie km piano utero gipp

  59. BrownGurlsRead

    BrownGurlsReadHace 19 días

    When they tossed her merch at her🤣🤣🤣

  60. Shotta  Dinero

    Shotta DineroHace 19 días