I spent a day with PAPARAZZI (Celebrity Secrets Exposed)


  1. AnthonyPadilla

    AnthonyPadillaHace 5 meses

    thank you so much for supporting me and this series :) come back next week for I spent a day with STRIPPERS (18+) luv, anthony padildo PS: BIG ANIME MAID CAFE UPDATE COMING THIS WEEK pps: shoutout to the ~padingdongs~ who turned on notifications 🔔.

  2. DCShakiller

    DCShakillerHace un día

    6:06 100k likes you know what to do

  3. Tater

    TaterHace 15 días

    AnthonyPadilla How about a day with non binary peeps, they need more representation.

  4. Luiz Gauziski

    Luiz GauziskiHace 15 días

    6:04 do it

  5. NoraQ8

    NoraQ8Hace 22 días

    I await the paparazzi experience video, we made the likes! Thanks Anthony for good content

  6. Nøva_ Gaming

    Nøva_ GamingHace 23 días

    100K LIKES already now take a ride witht that dude

  7. Generic Biohazard - T.S.F

    Generic Biohazard - T.S.FHace 10 horas

    Every video I see his hair just gets bigger

  8. SpaceTesticle

    SpaceTesticleHace 14 horas

    Eat your cereal

  9. Elian Di Ciancia

    Elian Di CianciaHace 18 horas

    Man, the world is changing and everything you said it WILL be agaisnt you.

  10. Ömer Faruk

    Ömer FarukHace 20 horas

    6:04 Do it!

  11. Matthew Cooper

    Matthew CooperHace 21 un hora

    So much for the 100k likes thing

  12. DCShakiller

    DCShakillerHace un día

    6:06 100k likes you know what to do

  13. Jonny Childs

    Jonny ChildsHace un día

    Hey Anthony, on the flip side of that, spend a day with Celebrity Bodyguards to find out their side of the story on what dealing with Paparazzi is like; I think you would find it interesting

  14. Maya

    MayaHace un día

    video's over 100k smh

  15. CarrowMind

    CarrowMindHace un día

    That guy with the red hat is exactly what I pictured a Paparazzi to look like. Overweight and greasy.

  16. Bear Larsen

    Bear LarsenHace 2 días

    Still waiting on that paparazzi ride 😂

  17. Karen Eastman

    Karen EastmanHace 2 días

    RIP,Michael Clarke Duncan.:-(:-( Now it is at 122,000 likes.Taking pics of people at Funerals is scummy.Did he go on a Paparazzi as a Ride Along yet??

  18. Blaise Winterhalter

    Blaise WinterhalterHace 2 días

    Here's the thing about Paparazzi, they are not evil people. When a celebrity becomes famous they have millions of dollars and millions of people who adore them. A celebrity can have literally anything they want at any time but the one thing they don't get is privacy. Paparazzi have to earn their dollar to, they spend their lives tracking down celebrities for a pay check. Before someone becomes famous they have to realize once they make it to fame their private life is gone.

  19. Patricia Mulina

    Patricia MulinaHace 3 días

    Ummm, did Anthony ever do a ride along video?!?????🤔🧐🙄 The vids got over 100k likes!!!!!

  20. Sincerely Majestik

    Sincerely MajestikHace 4 días

    Keith seems like such a nice guy, hat guy seems annoying & toxic.

  21. Doris Charming

    Doris CharmingHace 4 días

    tbh if britney spears ran over my foot i would say thank you

  22. Ally Wilson

    Ally WilsonHace 4 días

    Where's the ride along

  23. Alyssa Hunter

    Alyssa HunterHace 4 días

    Ride along! woot woot!

  24. Jazzy Jazz

    Jazzy JazzHace 5 días

    Where’s the ride along?

  25. Lloyd Wright

    Lloyd WrightHace 5 días

    I wouldn't give you fake idiots 5 cents,,,

  26. Erin Dunlevy

    Erin DunlevyHace 5 días

    The reputation of these guys is well deserved. Get a freekin' real job. But then, being a celebrity is paid pretty well, maybe they need to get a real job.

  27. A J

    A JHace 5 días


  28. Milky Owl

    Milky OwlHace 6 días

    I feel like the paparazzi is a part of the gimmick I apologize but, honestly having a job that's basically invading people's privacy sorry but, the job is still being rightfully hated 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  29. Luke_is_I

    Luke_is_IHace 6 días

    Who else noticed that Rick is from a jubilee video

  30. Blue Collar Men Productions

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsHace 6 días

    Rick it’s your own fault for being that close.

  31. Blue Collar Men Productions

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsHace 6 días

    You altered pop culture that’s amazing I didn’t know....

  32. Nemo Sundry

    Nemo SundryHace 6 días

    I’m reminiscing about that fake “Beiber eating a burrito weird” photo made by ESreporterrs 🤣

  33. Annastacia C.

    Annastacia C.Hace 6 días

    Its all about the... HYPE

  34. Anni Mö

    Anni MöHace 7 días

    at least they are honest about being shitty people who ignore their moral compass

  35. Tyler Horiuchi

    Tyler HoriuchiHace 7 días

    This series is so fucking great

  36. Gen

    GenHace 7 días

    you should "spend a day with ex-DisneyLand employees"

  37. 0Flow0

    0Flow0Hace 7 días

    America is weird.

  38. Nasexsav Kifs

    Nasexsav KifsHace 8 días

    Usually this series teaches me to be more compassionate towards marginalised groups of people who are often harassed and discriminated against and whatnot. But this only makes me despise paparazzi even more.

  39. oogabooga

    oogaboogaHace 8 días

    where’s that ride along, anthony?


    FUCKING KILL MEHace 8 días

    Fucking creepy af

  41. Tavis Ferguson

    Tavis FergusonHace 8 días

    Did Anthony ever do the ride along? Inquiring minds want to know 😂

  42. Bubblegum Teal

    Bubblegum TealHace 8 días

    Rick saying that everyone is a celebrity was something I needed to hear today 👉

  43. Kali D

    Kali DHace 9 días

    These men are sociopaths

  44. Milky O's

    Milky O'sHace 9 días


  45. Laurenlittl3

    Laurenlittl3Hace 9 días

    i want the ride along to happen anthony

  46. KAT

    KATHace 10 días

    Anthony could play a young Steve Jobs

  47. Cassie Vaughan

    Cassie VaughanHace 10 días

    I hate these types of people so much.

  48. Nicky Chasse

    Nicky ChasseHace 10 días

    121k likes lol

  49. Luun

    LuunHace 10 días

    i have 0 respect for these people, the fact that they actually think its something to be proud of disgusts and horrifies me. They litterally go over corpses to get that coin, i hope they all get their feet crushed.

  50. Crazy Conn

    Crazy ConnHace 11 días

    you should spend a day with people that have robed banks

  51. Estrella B.

    Estrella B.Hace 11 días

    I love how I know the red hat dude, infamous

  52. Glimmer

    GlimmerHace 11 días

    This Honestly made me dislike Paparazzi even more.

  53. momene khorrami

    momene khorramiHace 11 días

    100k likes and now i want to see the video of you spending a night with him

  54. CommanderTurtle

    CommanderTurtleHace 12 días

    My favorite motivational comment is "If Brittany got through 2007, you can do anything" (btw the year she shaved her head to pass a hair follicle drug test lmfao

  55. Noah Vartanian

    Noah VartanianHace 12 días

    We want paparazzi ride along!!! Like goal has been reached

  56. Sphinx Face

    Sphinx FaceHace 13 días

    Where is the ride along?

  57. Alyssa Mojica

    Alyssa MojicaHace 13 días

    The rick guy looks like a fatter shorter somehow slimier version of Kid Rock

  58. Rafay Khan

    Rafay KhanHace 13 días

    You got 100,000 likes

  59. Ali Kagebein

    Ali KagebeinHace 13 días

    where the ride-along video

  60. Diego Meyer

    Diego MeyerHace 13 días

    Shut up!

  61. Madeline May

    Madeline MayHace 13 días

    Did he end up joining Keith for the ride along experience ?

  62. Kelly Strickland

    Kelly StricklandHace 13 días

    All of these guys give me insane creep vibes

  63. Emily Barry

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  64. Kae saysstfu

    Kae saysstfuHace 13 días

    When are you going on the ride with the paparazzi???

  65. VickyV

    VickyVHace 14 días

    Imagine being this much of a sleazeball