I Forgot (Official Movie Trailer) - Merrell Twins


  1. SungHoon Hong

    SungHoon HongHace 5 horas

    Wut day is it? *i forgot ._.*

  2. Chrissie Laoumtzis

    Chrissie LaoumtzisHace 17 horas

    I always cant remember stuff

  3. Adilene Mendez

    Adilene MendezHace un día

    Watch this turn in to a real movie

  4. Naadirah Parrish

    Naadirah ParrishHace 3 días

    Comment down below who's you favorite twin ESreporterr!!! ⬇️

  5. Naadirah Parrish

    Naadirah ParrishHace 3 días

    Brooklyn & Bailey


    BTS IS LIFEHace 4 días

    Starbucks. that's what Vanessa's order to sydney💗


    BTS IS LIFEHace 4 días

    Omg! Their dad(Paul) has the same birthday as Sugaaaa💕💜😍🔰😍💗😍💞😍💞😍😘😘🔰🔰🔰

  8. - ashlee gacha's -

    - ashlee gacha's -Hace 4 días

    What a very long trailer 😆

  9. saba_ mimi

    saba_ mimiHace 4 días

    thats the circle of my life

  10. Eddie Armstrongii

    Eddie ArmstrongiiHace 5 días

    my daughter is really forgetful ;like for example sometimes she forgets if she was talking or not or what we were talking about

  11. Sophia Nguyen

    Sophia NguyenHace 5 días

    Hey same thing but not really that often but if this is a trailer then why is it so long?

  12. Tamana Babakhani

    Tamana BabakhaniHace 5 días

    Im REALLLLLLLLYYYY forgetfull

  13. Hilla Salah

    Hilla SalahHace 5 días

    These r the kind of trailers I want to see..not like.... BACK IN THE DAY...,,, WE NEVER HAD IPHONES OR DID WE...................... BLAH BLAH NEVER IN CINAMES NEAR U

  14. KawaiiGirl

    KawaiiGirlHace 6 días

    Love you guys so much 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁✌🏻😍😍😍😍😍

  15. Iqra Razak

    Iqra RazakHace 6 días

    I can’t be the only one who thought this was an actual movie before I watched it😂smhhh

  16. Erin Cawthon

    Erin CawthonHace 6 días

    This is my life!! 😂😂😂 I don’t even remember how old I am!!! 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  17. Mikayla Lopez

    Mikayla LopezHace 7 días

    i am verey forgetfull

  18. Nikki pahwa

    Nikki pahwaHace 8 días

    Has anyone still haven't forgotten about this movie?

  19. Belle Ng

    Belle NgHace 8 días

    I wish this was a true movie in the cinemas or on Netflix

  20. Ron Markus

    Ron MarkusHace 9 días

    Most relatable thing ever!

  21. Sydney Reyes

    Sydney ReyesHace 10 días

    I love you so so much

  22. Silvia Morais

    Silvia MoraisHace 11 días

    I’m that type of person

  23. Kalya Elizabeth

    Kalya ElizabethHace 11 días

    i am

  24. Yara Tarek

    Yara TarekHace 11 días

    Me : oh that's a nice video i wanna watch it Me : *clicks* *on* *video* Me : wait .....what video did i click on .....?

  25. Abigail Pearce

    Abigail PearceHace 11 días

    Wait they never did this film 😂


    TANVI KUSUMBAHace 11 días

    my birthday is march 9!!

  27. HeyIts TrinHeart

    HeyIts TrinHeartHace 12 días

    i wish this was an actual movie

  28. Ocean Sky

    Ocean SkyHace 12 días


  29. Mïdighţ Kün

    Mïdighţ KünHace 12 días


  30. Mystic Pony Gacha

    Mystic Pony GachaHace 12 días

    When will u publish the movie!

  31. Simar Kaur

    Simar KaurHace 13 días


  32. Blue Panda

    Blue PandaHace 13 días

    Nessa Naps with makeup on ?? Oh well

  33. Izzy BB

    Izzy BBHace 15 días

    I know the movie but not the movie name : >

  34. Izzy BB

    Izzy BBHace 15 días

    This is my mind when I am trying to answer a math question

  35. r harris

    r harrisHace 16 días

    My dad b day is on the ninth too

  36. Meriam Abueva

    Meriam AbuevaHace 17 días

    I really wish that this is a movie if this is a movie it would be cool

  37. Marcus Saffold

    Marcus SaffoldHace 18 días

    Six minute trailer

  38. Ambrose Family

    Ambrose FamilyHace 18 días

    Leave a like if tiger is cute

  39. Ambrose Family

    Ambrose FamilyHace 18 días

    Omg I love you guys your vids are all some and I hit the bell and subscribe

  40. Vanessa Grindstaff

    Vanessa GrindstaffHace 19 días

    3:35 I don’t think anyone can remember any of that 😂🤣

  41. Sophie Anderson

    Sophie AndersonHace 19 días

    this was posted on my birthday

  42. Yoongles

    YoonglesHace 20 días

    Wait, I forgot what I came here to do

  43. sadie gaspar

    sadie gasparHace 21 un día

    Why is you guys are so dramatic

  44. Abigail Tinjamnem Haokip

    Abigail Tinjamnem HaokipHace 22 días

    Is it based on a true story?? Or is it just in the story

  45. { vïbın dollïe }

    { vïbın dollïe }Hace 22 días

    I'm still waiting for this movie to come out XD

  46. xXsim. owoXx

    xXsim. owoXxHace 23 días

    *I forgot what i forgot*

  47. Julie Brown

    Julie BrownHace 23 días

    Poor nessa

  48. Zainab Yasir

    Zainab YasirHace 23 días

    jungkook= i remember movie but i dont remember movie name 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. laisa afzal

    laisa afzalHace 23 días

    i feel lost when i watch this video , but its a nice one!

  50. Hello I’m a weirdo

    Hello I’m a weirdoHace 23 días

    Seriously!? No ones talking about how this represents the struggles of Dory!!?🐠

  51. Confident tuber cortes kids

    Confident tuber cortes kidsHace 24 días

    You twins are really talented.And creative!

  52. cruising through life

    cruising through lifeHace 24 días

    "I know her face, but i dont know her name" "i know movie but i dont know movie name" -junkook

  53. Itsfunneh Fanforever

    Itsfunneh FanforeverHace 24 días

    Me: oh yeah I wanna watch the new Aladdin! The next day... Me: uhm what was I wanting to watch

  54. Scarlett_xox Hiya_xo_xo_Hiya

    Scarlett_xox Hiya_xo_xo_HiyaHace 24 días

    Venessa or Veronica Venessa =like Veronica =Reply Choose which twin you like the best

  55. Javin

    JavinHace 25 días

    Lmao the Halloween decoration

  56. KVK Universe

    KVK UniverseHace 25 días

    The Merrell Twins trying to make fake trailers like Ryan Higa. 😂 Not bad but another collab with him would be cool.

  57. Ali Anders

    Ali AndersHace 26 días

    Same has me when I watch TV when camercals I forgot

  58. Sandeep Saini

    Sandeep SainiHace 26 días


  59. Syazar Panda Channel Syakirah &Amzar

    Syazar Panda Channel Syakirah &AmzarHace 26 días

    Based on true story!!!!

  60. Denis Nancy

    Denis NancyHace 27 días

    Is this this movie trailer scary? I would love it even tho it’s not still would love it

  61. Lps girl X Roblox

    Lps girl X RobloxHace 28 días

    I’m like vennesa i forget everything so fast

  62. Bhavana Babu

    Bhavana BabuHace 29 días

    0:54 Jungkook: i know face but i donno name Same nessa , same

  63. Amina Unicorn Uk

    Amina Unicorn UkHace un mes

    When I have a bad memory I think about it 1 sec later forgets it

  64. Emilia Fisher

    Emilia FisherHace un mes

    Your dads birthday is the same as mine🤭

  65. aida arellano

    aida arellanoHace un mes

    I forget things

  66. Archana Herbert

    Archana HerbertHace un mes

    Is this true

  67. Mel Jane

    Mel JaneHace un mes

    This is so Nessa xD

  68. Mariah Cyprian

    Mariah CyprianHace un mes

    I'm a very forgetful person. Sometimes when I go to the fridge, I don't remember what I was looking for for a second, then it comes back to me. I get my forgetfulness from my mom.

  69. its ira

    its iraHace un mes

    Veryyyy relatee

  70. JERM

    JERMHace un mes

    Can you make this a actual movie

  71. Amy Tomer

    Amy TomerHace un mes

    Interview lady: hello. Your name? Me:.....I forgot Interview lady: how can you forget your name? Me: I- I forgot Interview lady: then your fired! Wait you don’t..work here...GET OUT Me:why? Interview lady: I...I forgot

  72. L u c y

    L u c yHace un mes

    Who else relates to this on a disappointing level? I know I do 😅

  73. Adam Moore

    Adam MooreHace un mes


  74. Zulfkar Mogol

    Zulfkar MogolHace un mes

    I'm sooooooooooo forgetful

  75. Luchian Opperman

    Luchian OppermanHace un mes

    I Always forget What i need🤪



    I tooth it was trueth😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  77. The Robloxian Tiger

    The Robloxian TigerHace un mes

    Who thought this was actually a movie? 👉✋️

  78. Melevesi Fifita

    Melevesi FifitaHace un mes

    love you

  79. Alieu Sheriff

    Alieu SheriffHace un mes

    I low key have done most of theses Like if you have too!😊☺️

  80. Annabellle Teagan

    Annabellle TeaganHace un mes

    This sounds like me I FORGOT I FORGOT um i forgot.......

  81. Deepkiran Kaur

    Deepkiran KaurHace un mes

    Is it weird that I want them to make a actual movie about these the trailers are soo interesting like I would definitely watch the movies 😂😂😶