I Forgot (Official Movie Trailer) - Merrell Twins


  1. Cheyenne Delgado

    Cheyenne DelgadoHace 4 horas

    Me: *walks into room* Also me: what am i gonna do again? *closes door walks downstairs remembers what to do and walk upstairs again* WORST THING EVER like if it happens to you too

  2. Mishael Rheuane

    Mishael RheuaneHace 6 horas

    Bruh I love this😂😂😂

  3. Crystal Girls 2

    Crystal Girls 2Hace 6 horas

    Hi nessa im just like you I forgot things

  4. Random Gurl

    Random GurlHace 8 horas

    Is this real? When is this coming out?

  5. Khailyla Magna

    Khailyla MagnaHace 9 horas

    Wheres the movie??

  6. Watermelon Luver

    Watermelon LuverHace 9 horas

    I think that we're... *RelATeD*

  7. Nishat Fatema

    Nishat FatemaHace un día

    This was so funny XD That is literally me whenever my parents ask me to do chores X3

  8. Jinimol Prasanth

    Jinimol PrasanthHace un día


  9. Sarah ZHelper

    Sarah ZHelperHace un día

    Nessa, I believe the word you were looking for was "circumstance."

  10. sofia Polydorou

    sofia PolydorouHace 2 días

    Their dad's birthday is on the 9th of march? Mine is on the 8th woooooowwww

  11. Khushi Mehta

    Khushi MehtaHace 2 días

    Love ur vids

  12. pack fan 1234

    pack fan 1234Hace 2 días

    I am very forgetful too! You guys really need to make a movie with this. I got soooooooo hooked in the trailer

  13. Fofoletsplay 15

    Fofoletsplay 15Hace 3 días

    This is totally me lol 😂

  14. Roy Sailo

    Roy SailoHace 3 días

    these two incredibly amazing beautiful lovelies who never fail to always brighten up my day! soo much love from the Philippines! 💛

  15. Roy Sailo

    Roy SailoHace 3 días

    when she said “i forgot the word, it’s on the tip of my tongue” I FELT THAT!!! ughh seriously? lol

  16. Roy Sailo

    Roy SailoHace 3 días

    why do i feel like this is legit my life story? lol

  17. Roy Sailo

    Roy SailoHace 3 días

    it really is a serious thing yet no one really takes it seriously. . . wait i forgot i was about to do my homework and laundry today, didn’t noticed i’ve been stucked here in ESreporter all day long hahahuhu nvm

  18. NoZrA 3

    NoZrA 3Hace 3 días

    6 minute trailer.. maybe the whole movie is like 10 minutes long

  19. Maxine Maria Isidore Anderson

    Maxine Maria Isidore AndersonHace 3 días


  20. Lance Capunitan

    Lance CapunitanHace 3 días

    Why is this ridiculously so good and amazing? Lol 😂😂😅

  21. Destiny Martinez

    Destiny MartinezHace 3 días


  22. vi rose

    vi roseHace 4 días

    Nessa: I know movie, but I don't know movie name. Jungkook: :/ am I a joke to you? army in this house ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. Lara Ferrence

    Lara FerrenceHace 4 días

    U guys are hilarious!

  24. StaciQueen

    StaciQueenHace 4 días

    The description of my whole life in 6 minutes

  25. Nathan Maki

    Nathan MakiHace 5 días


  26. Winter_ Playz

    Winter_ PlayzHace 5 días

    I don’t get it

  27. Winter_ Playz

    Winter_ PlayzHace 5 días

    I don’t get it

  28. unicorn magic

    unicorn magicHace 5 días

    Nessa: I can't remember!!!!!😭😭😭 Roni: ok.....☺️

  29. Bushra Albastaki

    Bushra AlbastakiHace 6 días

    I am forgetful

  30. Tetchie Esclito

    Tetchie EsclitoHace 6 días

    I akinator Vanessa Merrell. And Akinator get it right! I think I know Merrell twins a lot

  31. Something Different

    Something DifferentHace 6 días

    Lol This Is Kind Of Sad But Funny At The Same Time 😂

  32. CA 2026Pangelinan

    CA 2026PangelinanHace 6 días

    You know what Veronica should’ve asked Vanessa? ... What’s. My. Name.

  33. dgtronic

    dgtronicHace 7 días

    I can relate lol Sometimes I forget even words lol

  34. amira uwu

    amira uwuHace 7 días

    i actually wanna watch this movie

  35. Bharathi Asrani

    Bharathi AsraniHace 7 días

    March 9th is my birthday

  36. Kysoo Chanyu

    Kysoo ChanyuHace 7 días

    Cause it's NEVER coming to a theatre near you, that's why there is a trailer...? 아왜?為什麼?

  37. Axil Games

    Axil GamesHace 7 días

    I had a vibe of an adult movie xD

  38. ItssLxly

    ItssLxlyHace 8 días

    Friend: *Is talking to me* Me: *Has clever joke idea* I HAVE AN IDE- Friend: LET ME TALK Me: Okay.. Friend: *Finishes talking*Okay what were you gonna say? Me: uHHHHH..... I can't remember

  39. therese may de la victoria

    therese may de la victoriaHace 8 días

    I forget everything

  40. denmarrx

    denmarrxHace 8 días

    Dory is quaking

  41. galaxy gamerN27

    galaxy gamerN27Hace 8 días

    can i get a shout out please 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 im only 9 years old

  42. Isabel Rain

    Isabel RainHace 9 días

    March 9 is also my dad birthday

  43. Clien Bella

    Clien BellaHace 9 días

    this is funny!

  44. Anish Rai

    Anish RaiHace 10 días

    me to i cant remabar

  45. Khatera Jamshidi

    Khatera JamshidiHace 11 días

    I love your guy’s videos I had a dream meeting you guys I wish that dream can come true

  46. Minji Park

    Minji ParkHace 11 días

    I have a bad memory too so... I can relate

  47. Minji Park

    Minji ParkHace 11 días

    Roni: where were u on march 9th 2019 Me: celebrating yoongi's bday

  48. sarrah kothari

    sarrah kothariHace 11 días

    Is this actually a movie or just a video

  49. Anamta Rehan - Bristol Road MS (1147)

    Anamta Rehan - Bristol Road MS (1147)Hace 12 días

    5:41 sUbScRiBe😂

  50. Madeline Tartaglia

    Madeline TartagliaHace 12 días

    Nessa in this video is like me everyday of my life 😂

  51. angeline mancao

    angeline mancaoHace 12 días

    my happy pill😍

  52. Adria Deview

    Adria DeviewHace 12 días

    This looks scary as heck

  53. Amulya Sanghani

    Amulya SanghaniHace 12 días

    who do you like more? like= Vanessa Comment= Veronica

  54. Preslee Campbell

    Preslee CampbellHace 13 días

    I would love to see this Movie 😃🍿

  55. It’s Angie

    It’s AngieHace 13 días

    Is this gonna be a movie or was this just a video

  56. Karina Vasileva

    Karina VasilevaHace 13 días


  57. Thileepa Jegan

    Thileepa JeganHace 13 días

    I love this trailer

  58. Thileepa Jegan

    Thileepa JeganHace 13 días


  59. Einah Condestable

    Einah CondestableHace 13 días

    Hi ate nessa and ate roni would you like to eat jollibee and can you two rate it 1-10?

  60. Simon Sellen

    Simon SellenHace 13 días


  61. Riddhi Ippalavalasa

    Riddhi IppalavalasaHace 13 días

    Haha, I love this original content

  62. Dancing Warrior

    Dancing WarriorHace 13 días

    This actully looks amazing!

  63. PrincessMillie プリンセスミリエ

    PrincessMillie プリンセスミリエHace 13 días

    March 9 2019 My birthday😂😂

  64. BrittanyNicole S

    BrittanyNicole SHace 13 días


  65. Zehra Nur

    Zehra NurHace 14 días

    4:23 what do you mean nothing? 2:51 *explain this then.*


    VALLIDEVI RAMESHHace 14 días

    I clearly knew that nessa is forgetting more from the 'who knows our dad best challenge'..😂😊

  67. Rochelle Velez

    Rochelle VelezHace 14 días

    It's kind a funny.haah I love it ..hahaha

  68. JaiEm_ XD

    JaiEm_ XDHace 14 días


  69. JaiEm_ XD

    JaiEm_ XDHace 14 días


  70. Denise Astilla

    Denise AstillaHace 14 días

    0:46 I remember movie But I don't know movie name -Junggguk

  71. JocelynDa 1

    JocelynDa 1Hace 14 días

    This is more like a relatable video😂😂

  72. Haley Galapati

    Haley GalapatiHace 14 días

    They seem like Disney actors XD in a good way.

  73. Juan Tafoya

    Juan TafoyaHace 14 días

    I forgot to remember what I was gonna comment?!

  74. Alyssa Ponce

    Alyssa PonceHace 14 días

    I love it everytime you upload bew videos and stuffs... But can you guys make a legit short film because you guys are awesome... Please???

  75. Your Worst 13uddy

    Your Worst 13uddyHace 14 días

    I wish this was real it looks really good

  76. SkyePlayer Bristow Cabrera

    SkyePlayer Bristow CabreraHace 14 días


  77. sup ya habibti

    sup ya habibtiHace 14 días

    U guys cant act 4 shiititttt

  78. sup ya habibti

    sup ya habibtiHace 14 días

    But we all know there wont be an ACTUAL movie

  79. Its me ALIYAH

    Its me ALIYAHHace 14 días

    Me lol

  80. Emily Au

    Emily AuHace 14 días

    Don't worry, you're not the only one. This happens to me all the time. To the point where I have to retrack my conversations with my friend to remember what we said or what I wanted to say minutes ago. But at the same time I'm good at memorizing things, maybe because it was intentional.

  81. John Tremblay

    John TremblayHace 14 días

    how do you distinguish the two of them.

  82. MemesBO

    MemesBOHace 14 días

    I’m HER I CANT REMEMBER why I clicked on this video.

  83. Susan Portillo

    Susan PortilloHace 14 días

    Honestly the moment I wake up, I can't remember my dream.

  84. Cosmic Fluffle

    Cosmic FluffleHace 15 días

    What is this video again?


    UNICORN J OFFICIALHace 15 días


  86. Abigail Nowak

    Abigail NowakHace 15 días

    Literally me

  87. Owen Clemons

    Owen ClemonsHace 15 días

    5:01 is the best part

  88. Owen Clemons

    Owen ClemonsHace 15 días


  89. Tahir Javed

    Tahir JavedHace 15 días

    I feel sad for Vanessa

  90. Joaquina Velasquez

    Joaquina VelasquezHace 15 días

    Is this true?

  91. aloha liyahh_

    aloha liyahh_Hace 15 días

    I love it !

  92. Huda Abdulhadi

    Huda AbdulhadiHace 15 días

    Hi I am very HAPPYYYYYYYYYYY it's ramadannn

  93. - LAZY -

    - LAZY -Hace 15 días

    Pls make this a real movie it’s so good I’m honest

  94. Shalaka Choche

    Shalaka ChocheHace 15 días

    new thumbnail?

  95. Alexia silva

    Alexia silvaHace 15 días

    My mom: who's this? Me: uhm yeah... My mom: so who? Me: I DONT REMEMBER Mom: Alexia r u okay?

  96. min yoongles

    min yoonglesHace 15 días

    Have you ever forgotten.... that one actor in that one movie? yes! i know his face but i don’t know his name?? 🤔 i bet they were thinking of that.

  97. Vinuli Goonasekera

    Vinuli GoonasekeraHace 15 días


  98. Priya Rai

    Priya RaiHace 15 días

    You guys should do a trust fall fall into two different pools filled witb different itens like orbeez, water, sand, water balloons etc.

  99. New Equestrian

    New EquestrianHace 15 días

    Bad acting 101

  100. Raju Bhandari

    Raju BhandariHace 15 días

    My phone is lost... I want it... Really what if someone stole it...