I Built An At-Home Spa From Amazon Products


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya NygaardHace 10 días

    HELLO FRIENDS! happy saturday! yes, i bought a large amount of amazon products and this is what happened... which product was your favorite? would you use any of these? xoxo, saf!

  2. Thomas Curran

    Thomas CurranHace 18 horas

    Membership I don't think so. I'll just watch your videos for free. Thanks

  3. Gymnastics Music

    Gymnastics MusicHace un día


  4. carcar Thomas

    carcar ThomasHace un día

    I wonder if you put the steamer in the sauna if it would feel like a real sauna

  5. Imagine Why Don’t We

    Imagine Why Don’t WeHace un día

    jk i love you your hilarious

  6. Imagine Why Don’t We

    Imagine Why Don’t WeHace un día

    Safiya Nygaard lol hi bitcg

  7. B & K

    B & KHace 25 minutos

    Hahahaha my sister has the amazon choices face steamer

  8. opɹᴉǝʍoʞɐǝɹℲ umopapisdn

    opɹᴉǝʍoʞɐǝɹℲ umopapisdnHace 25 minutos

    Hey, fancy trash can is me!!

  9. lisandraanne

    lisandraanneHace 56 minutos

    Saf, I feel like you did an amazing job of coming up with a way to write off that jacuzzi as a business expense! Any ideas for how I might as a school teacher do the same? Help!!!

  10. Elinor O'Brien

    Elinor O'BrienHace un hora

    Where's her ring???

  11. Kim Huy

    Kim HuyHace 2 horas

    My mom actually has the one person sauna 🥵

  12. * R

    * RHace 4 horas

    And at the very end “pay $1.99 for exclusive 🤑content!” 😴🙄🙄🖕

  13. Madi Schatz

    Madi SchatzHace 4 horas

    Your tank top is 10/10

  14. Hamchan 777

    Hamchan 777Hace 5 horas

    Am I the only one who was staring at Safiya's finger? Your ring is just so pretty =3

  15. the huntress

    the huntressHace 5 horas

    that moment when you recognize instrumental music

  16. Charlotte Gaskey

    Charlotte GaskeyHace 5 horas

    she spent $779

  17. Dsloth 579

    Dsloth 579Hace 6 horas

    My hamster’s 🐹 name is bubbles

  18. Keavin 123

    Keavin 123Hace 6 horas

    Fancy trash can is the most expensive

  19. Avril Redding

    Avril ReddingHace 7 horas

    I "wish" she posted more often

  20. lamasaremylife 123456

    lamasaremylife 123456Hace 7 horas

    My birthday is March 6th

  21. Lindsay Collins

    Lindsay CollinsHace 7 horas

    The way she talks and her voice makes me laugh

  22. lizbetx

    lizbetxHace 7 horas

    1:28 i love that movie !

  23. Daryl Sommers

    Daryl SommersHace 8 horas

    can you try and review the bubble tent? www.ebay.com/i/263501697778?chn=ps

  24. big oof

    big oofHace 8 horas

    New challenge try not to sound rasict while saying her last name

  25. almightybeanchild

    almightybeanchildHace un hora

    big oof nigh -guard. Not that hard

  26. Spice

    SpiceHace 8 horas

    This channel is like the interesting buzzfeed stuff without constantly raving on about feminism and breasts!

  27. SunniDae

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  28. Cheyenne Ritchey

    Cheyenne RitcheyHace 8 horas

    “Frankenstein’s vagina”, “we didn’t need to orally blow it up”, “it’s firm”...hopefully monetized lmaoooo

  29. Rain Jack

    Rain JackHace 9 horas

    If it’s two degrees per hour 24 hours is not enough to heat it to 100 degrees it would take 50 hours so more than two days I’m confused

  30. Tiny the Talented Squid

    Tiny the Talented SquidHace 9 horas

    Besides possible death and destruction the facial steamer seems pretty simple OMG 😂

  31. Alex Bright

    Alex BrightHace 9 horas

    Follow me on ESreporter and I’ll follow you back esreporter.com/block-UCR4dEtZqNvyVzuQ_FLoaakA

  32. Thais Schwartz

    Thais SchwartzHace 9 horas

    I keep hearing Safiya saying "sonar" instead of "sauna". I am bamboozled :V

  33. mrTabascohot

    mrTabascohotHace 9 horas

    Her stool is small. I have a big stool about everyday.

  34. allyson kondorosi

    allyson kondorosiHace 10 horas

    1 foot 2 foot red foot blue foot

  35. Victoria Osinski

    Victoria OsinskiHace 10 horas

    “Fun kids tv is hosting a giveaway “

  36. Dom Shaheen

    Dom ShaheenHace 10 horas

    I will forevermore now call steam “dense and abundant warm mist”.

  37. bitch

    bitchHace 10 horas

    tf was the thing at 16:42

  38. charlotte noelle

    charlotte noelleHace 10 horas

    *next video* I try not to spend more than $50 for a video

  39. Bella Kerley

    Bella KerleyHace 11 horas

    I have the beauty nymph face steamer and it produces enough steam

  40. Donovan Vachon

    Donovan VachonHace 11 horas

    I have a massager like that and it is great

  41. Shannan845

    Shannan845Hace 11 horas

    Oh hello bubbles. 😎

  42. gold girl Nicole

    gold girl NicoleHace 11 horas

    Kids watch your videos to

  43. Hessed3712

    Hessed3712Hace 11 horas

    I have watched this like 7 times.

  44. Sloth Girl

    Sloth GirlHace 12 horas

    I saw princess diaries in the vid...

  45. Sloth Girl

    Sloth GirlHace 12 horas


  46. Charlize Kriedemann

    Charlize KriedemannHace 12 horas

    I have the massager in the beginning of the vid! Lol

  47. WolfiePlays227 OwO

    WolfiePlays227 OwOHace 12 horas

    The First Thing I Thought Of When Seeing The Thumbnail- *Mr.Aizawa* (I Mean SwitchnIt To A Sleeping Bag And Put On A Scarf And There Ya Go *If You Dunno What I Mean, Search Mr.Aizawa From Boku No Hero Academia*

  48. Soph Xx

    Soph XxHace 12 horas

    Saf looks so disappointed at 22:58 😭😭

  49. BlazingSerenade

    BlazingSerenadeHace 13 horas

    these types of saunas are often used by fighters for recovery and weight cutting

  50. Fnaf Undertaker

    Fnaf UndertakerHace 13 horas

    * Shows video of Shane in a trash can * Me: SHANE!!!!!!

  51. AlwaysUnwanted

    AlwaysUnwantedHace 13 horas

    Id just go downstairs, put meh sauna on, wait like 30 mins and then go to the sauna =w=

  52. ilovlamp

    ilovlampHace 13 horas

    And like all your videos all this crap will end up in the landfill a few days later. Stop promoting this rubbish. Have you heard of global warming?

  53. Tracey Whitney

    Tracey WhitneyHace 13 horas

    Ask Krustys Vet ,I think you can use the steamer for his Feline herpes congestion. My cat has the same illness. We use steam therapy

  54. Scientific Pandicorn

    Scientific PandicornHace 14 horas

    I have the massage thingy and it's cool after a long day ^^

  55. ꧁Laffi_Taffi꧂

    ꧁Laffi_Taffi꧂Hace 14 horas

    HA HAHAHAHHA you still use that intro

  56. White Horse games

    White Horse gamesHace 14 horas

    My mum has the same hot tub

  57. Layla Ung

    Layla UngHace 15 horas

    8:24 March 6 is the day after my birthday

  58. KrAbBy PaTtY sEcReT f0rMuLa

    KrAbBy PaTtY sEcReT f0rMuLaHace 15 horas

    An introverts code: "why go to the spa, when u can order things on Amazon"

  59. Seal Lover

    Seal LoverHace 16 horas

    “Fancy trashcan” I’m dead😂

  60. Ravenclaw4life

    Ravenclaw4lifeHace 16 horas

    19:28 made my day.

  61. Emma Scardina

    Emma ScardinaHace 17 horas

    E Y E B R O W S much

  62. Jimins Wife

    Jimins WifeHace 17 horas


  63. Abigail O'Branovich

    Abigail O'BranovichHace 17 horas

    who elso read the title as I bought at-home spa products from Amazon

  64. Dominic Tripp Year 7

    Dominic Tripp Year 7Hace 17 horas

    did you find spa products anywhere other than Amazon?

  65. im a ba d bi tc h yo u ca nt ki llm e

    im a ba d bi tc h yo u ca nt ki llm eHace 18 horas

    “Do not put facial steamer near anything flammable” *puts facial steamer 2 feet away from a candle*

  66. Callie Wibben

    Callie WibbenHace 18 horas

    You should spend 24 hours in the chair

  67. Gacha avi

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  68. Alexandra Arkhipenko

    Alexandra ArkhipenkoHace 19 horas

    Oxygen gas wave. I am crying.

  69. lisa vandam

    lisa vandamHace 20 horas

    going to the spa is cheaper but this is waaay more fun to do

  70. Juanita Paz

    Juanita PazHace 20 horas

    THE NORTH REMEMBERS shirt is everything! I missed you on ESreporter lol.

  71. Kimberly Price

    Kimberly PriceHace 20 horas

    I would love to know how many of these products you are still using? How often do you use the hot tub? I want one so bad!!!

  72. Ivy Polttila

    Ivy PolttilaHace 21 un hora

    I have the fancy trash can one ahhhhhh

  73. Ace Studios

    Ace StudiosHace 21 un hora

    I recommend Colman if you go camping there brand in really good quality

  74. Tiny_ Niix

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  75. Zaynah Hector

    Zaynah HectorHace 22 horas

    Her voice is so annoying I stopped after 5 mins. like if you did

  76. melo flori

    melo floriHace 22 horas

    You are so funny!!! lol

  77. c h

    c hHace 23 horas

    Something about YOU relaxing is so relaxing to watch, like when you when to the Japanese spa, that might have been my favorite video.

  78. Ugne Guoda

    Ugne GuodaHace un día

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  79. Yvette Branch

    Yvette BranchHace un día

    Whoever did that math is off by about a day and a half. I'm no mathematician but 104 degrees maximum/ 2 degrees every hour is =54 hours total. Which is 2 days and 6 hours.

  80. Aight Den

    Aight DenHace un día

    I will gladly take that jacuzzi off your hands if it’s too loud :)

  81. Maggie B.

    Maggie B.Hace un día

    "I cant say no to... shaft"

  82. immarley

    immarleyHace un día

    sEXy SnoW SluT

  83. Jean-Paul van Oijen

    Jean-Paul van OijenHace un día

    Saf you should do a part 2! ''I Built An At-Home Spa From Wish Products''

  84. renae olson

    renae olsonHace un día

    i died every time she would randomly float in the jacuzzi lmfao

  85. # gachaplayz

    # gachaplayzHace un día

    Did anyone else see the engagement ring? Cause I did!

  86. Trinity_Gaming_And_Stuff Warrick

    Trinity_Gaming_And_Stuff WarrickHace un día

    I bet the people who were sending these products to you thought that you are very stressed.. r u ok?

  87. Kelsey S

    Kelsey SHace un día

    Why would anyone dislike this video ???

  88. Galaxy Girl

    Galaxy GirlHace un día

    SAF! Eve is a facial steamer 😮

  89. DisjointedImages

    DisjointedImagesHace un día

    I think the sauna foot heater should have gone under the pad. Most of those style heaters say to have some kind of protective layer in between (towel etc). That foot bath though was some misleading bs! I also have no where to put a jacuzzi but dang that looked like a pretty decent value.

  90. Claire Cgdashl

    Claire CgdashlHace un día

    U are making a big deal over nothing

  91. Holly Krist

    Holly KristHace un día

    Maybe I will try some spa products

  92. Can I get 10,000 subs Without a vid

    Can I get 10,000 subs Without a vidHace un día

    Dope video

  93. Cecilia Argenti

    Cecilia ArgentiHace un día

    I have that hot tub But not from amazon ................😂❤️😂❤️😂😂

  94. Schlangenliebhaber Für Immer

    Schlangenliebhaber Für ImmerHace un día

    Safiya is so cute 😂😂

  95. Felicia Taylor

    Felicia TaylorHace un día

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  96. G and A Sisters

    G and A SistersHace un día

    Now that I think about it, poor Safiya’s computer. SHE HAS SO MANY TABS OPEN XD

  97. AbsolutelyBlooming

    AbsolutelyBloomingHace un día

    I love that Saf uses her spa bath and body candles for the jacuzzi :D

  98. XxMilkyWayXx

    XxMilkyWayXxHace un día

    “This robe is for spa day only,” I died 🤣 13:20

  99. Anime Freak

    Anime FreakHace un día

    I pressed on this video because the picture looked like she was like a... present!

  100. Maggie Muz

    Maggie MuzHace un día

    **this is safya’s new intro song** Hello friends and welcome to another video

  101. Jojos creations

    Jojos creationsHace un día

    Lol, I have the tan self massager

  102. Addyson Hall

    Addyson HallHace un día

    The best choices there self 😂it is on the picture😂 I’m dying 😂😂😆😆😆😆😆

  103. Molly Perkins

    Molly PerkinsHace un día

    shane is wierd and the best gay person

  104. Miss A Blue Topaz

    Miss A Blue TopazHace un día

    The jacuzzi looks amazing the sauna does too! Looks so warm and awesome especially when it’s freezing here in the Midwest brrr 🥶 I think it’s worth the hassle and at a great price without spending thousands for a legit jacuzzi and sauna!

  105. Alyssa Stella

    Alyssa StellaHace un día

    When you don’t read the instructions

  106. Blackkat

    BlackkatHace un día

    Try using essential oils in the sauna!