I Became A Father At 16. I Was So Naive!




    Thank you for listening to this story. By the way, did you notice that this Teddy bear appeared several times? Can you count how many? Write the answer in the comments

  2. Monica Martinez

    Monica MartinezHace 3 días

    5! I looked back and counted

  3. Ivan Calmo

    Ivan CalmoHace 6 días


  4. Tonia Huntley

    Tonia HuntleyHace 15 días

    This a mess Jason evil Jason evil

  5. Isaac Penaldoza

    Isaac PenaldozaHace un mes


  6. Wizzy will

    Wizzy willHace un mes

    Xtrate X I’m not even 10 and I’m a uncle!

  7. stargirl 11

    stargirl 11Hace 6 horas


  8. Sunar Fah

    Sunar FahHace 6 horas


  9. Anna Gipperich

    Anna GipperichHace 7 horas


  10. Angel Ojumobi

    Angel OjumobiHace 11 horas

    it 2 times

  11. Leander Coetzee

    Leander CoetzeeHace 13 horas

    Someone was pregnant 🤰 at14

  12. Amos Van t Hof

    Amos Van t HofHace 14 horas

    I do love 🐣🐤🐥🐔🐓🐧🦆🦅🐦🕊️🦃 but did jou cal Mike a p cok

  13. Majesty Dani

    Majesty DaniHace 21 un hora

    He's such a simp 😂😂

  14. Mohammed Shami

    Mohammed ShamiHace 22 horas

    The teddy bear came 5 time or 4

  15. Pother Shathi

    Pother ShathiHace 22 horas

    What a brave boy and a lover!! And off course a great father!!

  16. SAMANTHA Michelle Umanzor Campos

    SAMANTHA Michelle Umanzor CamposHace un día

    There are 3 time teddy bears

  17. Jessica Byard

    Jessica ByardHace un día

    Why didn’t they go in with het

  18. SpecialXperienZ

    SpecialXperienZHace un día

    She doesn't deserve you.

  19. Gaberiel Williams

    Gaberiel WilliamsHace un día


  20. Devran Kuru

    Devran KuruHace un día


  21. Sandy Seonduru

    Sandy SeonduruHace un día


  22. Black Bruce Wayne

    Black Bruce WayneHace un día

    you sure it isn't mike's kid?

  23. Mini Caliber

    Mini CaliberHace 2 días

    His shirt look like the colors of the Earth

  24. Jasmine Fisher

    Jasmine FisherHace 2 días

    My name is jasmine

  25. Angelina Rivera

    Angelina RiveraHace 2 días


  26. Bekuska

    BekuskaHace 2 días

    Freaking Mike from drama class 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Johann Santos

    Johann SantosHace 3 días

    3 bears

  28. Masterkiller fern

    Masterkiller fernHace 3 días

    It was 5 times the bear showed up

  29. Jonathan Gairing

    Jonathan GairingHace 3 días

    Yeah, I know it seems like a good thing and it is...but I have seen so many girls get pregnant by the "bad boys" and freak out when dumped then trap some nice guy that can provide. Good on him but I'm sorry I have watch this Happen over and over and chances are he will work his ass off and she will cheat on him in the future.

  30. Ashton diaz

    Ashton diazHace 3 días

    Who knew that there was for teddy bears

  31. s2k Co 3964

    s2k Co 3964Hace 3 días

    So is the baby a girl or boy

  32. Przemyslaw Wisz

    Przemyslaw WiszHace 3 días

    Hej I'm a girl😡😡😡😡😡😡

  33. Johan Alvarez

    Johan AlvarezHace 3 días


  34. Remutar 69

    Remutar 69Hace 3 días

    Has anyone else noticed that baby's look a lot like aliens?

  35. Puppyville Parradise

    Puppyville ParradiseHace 4 días

    I hope the baby lives a long and healthy life

  36. XxsmileygaigexX 32

    XxsmileygaigexX 32Hace 4 días

    "Deception disgrace"

  37. Sidney Ray

    Sidney RayHace 4 días

    The teddy bear was found 4 times

  38. Toys surprises World

    Toys surprises WorldHace 4 días

    You did a good job at painting the animals.

  39. DieMoran2223 :/

    DieMoran2223 :/Hace 4 días

    Why does people dislike videos like this? The people who make them are just trying to entertain you and tell you about their lives,and there’s nothing wrong with that

  40. Znurbo Z

    Znurbo ZHace 4 días

    5 times

  41. Darius Brimley

    Darius BrimleyHace 4 días

    Four teddy bears

  42. 스테파니 Stephanie 조셉

    스테파니 Stephanie 조셉Hace 4 días

    *LOL* it doesn't help that the baby looks _exactly_ like Mike! Dirty blonde hair and blue eyes Mike: 5:51 Baby boy: 8:03

  43. NINJA BOY506

    NINJA BOY506Hace 4 días

    20 years later: I figured out my dad isn’t my real dad

  44. Ian Momanyi

    Ian MomanyiHace 4 días

    No no no.

  45. Anna Maritseva

    Anna MaritsevaHace 4 días

    3 times