i’ve never seen tydus cry before..


  1. Angel Rosas

    Angel RosasHace un hora

    Wow workers just let him ride and i was crying suscribe to tydus

  2. Lucas Dominguez

    Lucas DominguezHace 2 horas

    And this is why you never EVER to the big boys ride but little goys ride ok

  3. Ryan Terbrock

    Ryan TerbrockHace 4 horas

    Mini jake pale is so cute 😝🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  4. Ryan Terbrock

    Ryan TerbrockHace 4 horas

    U are my hero bro I love ur vids

  5. Angel Gallegos

    Angel GallegosHace 5 horas

    You should make a new it’s everyday bro

  6. Wiggle Man

    Wiggle ManHace 6 horas

    Like for tydus to ride

  7. Derek Holmes

    Derek HolmesHace 6 horas

    When tydus cried I cried to SO SAD 😞

  8. Jeffmoney6 Gaming

    Jeffmoney6 GamingHace 6 horas

    Tydus has been on a roller coaster in Disney land

  9. Jeffmoney6 Gaming

    Jeffmoney6 GamingHace 6 horas

    Jojo is so cringey

  10. Lindsey Gilbert

    Lindsey GilbertHace 7 horas

    Im 28 with a mother of 8 my kids introduced me to youtube just last week i only ever watch youtube because of them 2 beautiful kids tydus and ryry.... and jake ur obviously awesome too love everything use do for eachother feel the love .....

  11. Paul Hartmann

    Paul HartmannHace 9 horas

    I am won of your favorite perso

  12. Mario and freddy and sonic Island

    Mario and freddy and sonic IslandHace 10 horas

    Where’s Anthony?

  13. Ganesh Nikam

    Ganesh NikamHace 13 horas

    Those roller coster people ARE f:%÷ken MEAN

  14. Haleema Atta

    Haleema AttaHace 13 horas

    Hey Jake are u so active that every morning u will record this won is the most awkward won 😅

  15. Pink Banana

    Pink BananaHace 14 horas

    Most fun ESreporter channel

  16. Alison Fraser

    Alison FraserHace 18 horas

    *jake* YOLO *me* you have friends and I don’t

  17. Erick Langarica

    Erick LangaricaHace 18 horas

    People Crying

  18. hope budd

    hope buddHace 19 horas

    Poor tydus i was crying for tydus please let him ride it 😓

  19. Andres Quezada

    Andres QuezadaHace 19 horas

    You stupid

  20. Galaxy Duke

    Galaxy DukeHace 21 un hora

    I have to admit... I couldn’t ride a roller coaster cause I was too small and I was crying too.

  21. Ayden Herr

    Ayden HerrHace 22 horas

    12:42 for v.i.p only

  22. Ayden Herr

    Ayden HerrHace 22 horas

    The jojo impression killed me

  23. preston farias

    preston fariasHace 23 horas

    1 like equals tides happy 😃

  24. Tanya Lovett

    Tanya LovettHace 23 horas

    Yeah I love staring into his mouth

  25. Hailey Vazquez

    Hailey VazquezHace un día

    I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

  26. Naheem Noorzay

    Naheem NoorzayHace un día

    what did you do jake paul

  27. Alex Rotaru

    Alex RotaruHace un día

    1 like equals 10 helps for thuds when he cried

  28. Bentley Minott

    Bentley MinottHace un día

    He’s so cute!!

  29. H’s World

    H’s WorldHace un día

    Why did they blame it on jake

  30. josef adrian baldos

    josef adrian baldosHace un día

    Bro make a war with that gun

  31. Maizey O’keefe

    Maizey O’keefeHace un día

    Who was the Bitch in the back

  32. Ngunza Par

    Ngunza ParHace un día

    This is just rude.

  33. Donna Kearns

    Donna KearnsHace un día

    jo jo sewa is shit of a youtuber

  34. Baby Boys

    Baby BoysHace un día

    Dober brother said that they were the most lit channel

  35. Shemeka Hiller

    Shemeka HillerHace un día

    I feel so bad but I never seen him cry before maybe just let him go to anthoer ride That will be good

  36. Jessica Marroquin

    Jessica MarroquinHace un día

    I like your vids I subscribe and click the bell and my name is Sarah💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  37. Sarah Weiskerger

    Sarah WeiskergerHace un día

    what about Erica

  38. Dokotolo Bi Ngoma

    Dokotolo Bi NgomaHace un día

    I like JoJo she's the best I can't stop watching her

  39. unxknownl0ve

    unxknownl0veHace un día

    Pauler Jakes*

  40. Canyel Johnson

    Canyel JohnsonHace un día

    And Don't Make him Cry 😭

  41. Canyel Johnson

    Canyel JohnsonHace un día

    How Old Is Jojo

  42. SpongeBob SquarePants

    SpongeBob SquarePantsHace un día

    I dead ass cried when tydus cried 😭

  43. Stephanie Dominguez

    Stephanie DominguezHace 2 días


  44. Eddie Foster

    Eddie FosterHace 2 días

    Poor tydus

  45. Gacha Unicorn

    Gacha UnicornHace 2 días

    My heart broke when he cried :(💜💙💚 like ik how he felt its just so sad (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

  46. Jason Dowdall

    Jason DowdallHace 2 días

    I've watched when I just said a bad word and you're saying bad words so I don't think I should watch him Jake Paul😐😐😐😐😐🤨😐😐😐😐

  47. Lily Ormiston

    Lily OrmistonHace 2 días


  48. Lily Ormiston

    Lily OrmistonHace 2 días

    What’s on Jakes hand

  49. How_To_ Draw

    How_To_ DrawHace 2 días

    I feel kinda bad for the lady who said he couldn’t ride. That must have been embarrassing for her. Love you Tydus

  50. PuppyKingdom videos George is my real name

    PuppyKingdom videos George is my real nameHace 2 días

    Poor tydus

  51. PuppyKingdom videos George is my real name

    PuppyKingdom videos George is my real nameHace 2 días

    Stupid worker she should get fired

  52. tondalia howell

    tondalia howellHace 2 días

    I was cried to

  53. XxTrAsHTryhardXx ee

    XxTrAsHTryhardXx eeHace 2 días

    This kid is annoying

  54. T. gaming

    T. gamingHace 2 días

    It’s so emotional

  55. T. gaming

    T. gamingHace 2 días

    For me when someone cry’s I will also cry a little bit

  56. T. gaming

    T. gamingHace 2 días

    If I was jake I would cry a little bit

  57. T. gaming

    T. gamingHace 2 días

    I was crying a little bit when tydus cried

  58. Tony Rabago

    Tony RabagoHace 2 días

    Oh no I feel so bad for tydus when I was his age they won't let me drive go cart some of these days you will buddy love you so much you're such a brave little boy you know that have fun

  59. Liz

    LizHace 2 días


  60. Armand De Ocampo

    Armand De OcampoHace 2 días

    Haha ugly tydus cry

  61. Brooke Brandon

    Brooke BrandonHace 2 días

    Who’s kids are those?


    VICENTE GARCIAHace 2 días

    Play fortnight

  63. Madison Guerra

    Madison GuerraHace 2 días

    I love you and jo jo

  64. Codgamer72 Rosas

    Codgamer72 RosasHace 2 días

    tydus noo 1 like for tydus

  65. Jonathan Henriquez

    Jonathan HenriquezHace 2 días


  66. Bella Moon

    Bella MoonHace 2 días

    Jake:he's definitely tall enough Girl:I'm so sorry Tydus:*cries Girl:oh sh*t

  67. Bella Moon

    Bella MoonHace 2 días

    JAKE: the girl that goes. Shavdsbbehehdhdhhshdjsjsj

  68. Winky Time MJ

    Winky Time MJHace 2 días

    I feel so bad for tydus

  69. Basket ball And more

    Basket ball And moreHace 2 días

    Is he gay?

  70. derek aldrich

    derek aldrichHace 2 días

    Let him ride it

  71. Shelby Stacey

    Shelby StaceyHace 2 días

    I take back what I said about JoJo Siwa she’s actually kind of cool 😍😍

  72. Zari Lollis

    Zari LollisHace 2 días

    So so sad

  73. Dana Almazrouei

    Dana AlmazroueiHace 3 días

    Are you guys still will be weard

  74. La boni

    La boniHace 3 días

    I was crying too 😭

  75. •Alex•

    •Alex•Hace 3 días

    He just wanted to ride with jake

  76. Kimberly Aldridge

    Kimberly AldridgeHace 3 días

    i feel bad.

  77. btm beastmode

    btm beastmodeHace 3 días

    This is how many people care👇

  78. DEVi BISHA

    DEVi BISHAHace 3 días

    1 like- Tydus to feel more better.👇

  79. judyreis79

    judyreis79Hace 3 días


  80. Herrera Alexia Herrera

    Herrera Alexia HerreraHace 3 días


  81. Megan Piper

    Megan PiperHace 3 días

    Omg i feel bad his crying is so cute though and jake you know what he loves you so much as a great friend :D

  82. Abood Alhisa

    Abood AlhisaHace 3 días


  83. Arild Hovden

    Arild HovdenHace 3 días

    :( Tydus dont cry i feel soo bad for him

  84. Shawn Loving

    Shawn LovingHace 3 días

    Jake I’m going to get a Lamborghini

  85. Daniela Iquitan

    Daniela IquitanHace 3 días

    Jojo siwa and jake paul r look a like 🤔 in my opinion

  86. PaNiC KnIfA

    PaNiC KnIfAHace 3 días

    Hope Rufus doesn’t grow up to be as big a dickhead as you

  87. Regina Lewis

    Regina LewisHace 3 días

    Are you a girl ha ha laugh laugh laugh I say I'm only seven years old my mama told me godo you want me to turn on the news girl marry you

  88. Regina Lewis

    Regina LewisHace 3 días

    Go to Shula's Kauai cute direction

  89. Regina Lewis

    Regina LewisHace 3 días

    His name is John Cena Yep it

  90. Regina Lewis

    Regina LewisHace 3 días

    Is that your son because he has a couple guns like you do

  91. Regina Lewis

    Regina LewisHace 3 días

    Why did you switch your crush is like you have to go home yet but you will get yo yo yo

  92. Alki Coco

    Alki CocoHace 3 días

    Sry but that is Loki funny 😂 I'm a monster plz dislike

  93. Jaír Garcia

    Jaír GarciaHace 3 días

    Rufus is a bottttt

  94. Little Wilson

    Little WilsonHace 3 días

    I fill bad for you tydus

  95. Natashia Bright

    Natashia BrightHace 3 días

    JoJo and Jake Paul are the best ESreporterrs

  96. Angelise Taylor

    Angelise TaylorHace 3 días

    Jake would make such an amazing dad

  97. Kristi Gray

    Kristi GrayHace 3 días

    Jojo is the best I have a poster of her and 2 of her dolls and I LOVE SIXFLAGS Btw your the best 2

  98. Andrew Williams

    Andrew WilliamsHace 3 días

    I feel so bad

  99. Addison’z Craftz

    Addison’z CraftzHace 3 días

    Jo Jo’s Birthday is May 19

  100. Sanaz Barwari

    Sanaz BarwariHace 3 días

    oh tydus...☹️