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  1. Всё о играх

    Всё о играхHace un día

    Can someone tell me how they copied the Hozier or the dancer so that they cross each other and with movement?? Or give me link to the tutorial on. Please

  2. River Animations

    River AnimationsHace un día

    Children are going to be conceived to this fucking song.

  3. giesta makarim

    giesta makarimHace un día

    mom : kids, the food is ready! me : 3:08

  4. Stretch

    StretchHace un día

    This is the somebody that you used to know oh of this decade

  5. Matt Doubt

    Matt DoubtHace 2 días

    This is a song that not only goes into the ear like IN THE SOUL ❤️

  6. iago07

    iago07Hace 2 días

    Me from 2:48 to the end: 😦

  7. B 3

    B 3Hace 2 días

    Play at x1.25. Makes the song way better

  8. Hakkers Holos

    Hakkers HolosHace 2 días

    ¿Soy el unico que escucha "Maluma Beibi"?

  9. RoSo

    RoSoHace 2 días

    Didn't love Church but seriously feeling this one.

  10. Inita Murniece

    Inita MurnieceHace 3 días


  11. Inita Murniece

    Inita MurnieceHace 3 días

    It gives vibrations in the universe when Polunin dances. Amazing how this song is inseparable from this genius dancer. Even the Take me to church composition... pleasure to watch.

  12. Mai Mohamed

    Mai MohamedHace 3 días

    This is ART.

  13. Helly Assayage

    Helly AssayageHace 3 días

    This song enters my soul...I think this singer is one of his kind...

  14. anirban bera

    anirban beraHace 3 días


  15. John B

    John BHace 3 días

    Sdrgei got a face tat!!

  16. Almu Casas

    Almu CasasHace 4 días

    3:13 i got chills, omg so beutiful

  17. Almu Casas

    Almu CasasHace 4 días

    So much art on a single video omg yes

  18. Shelly Lepresti

    Shelly LeprestiHace 4 días

    My God is this song sexy...and the!

  19. Daniel Kong

    Daniel KongHace 5 días

    Is this video about suicide?

  20. River Animations

    River AnimationsHace un día


  21. Pretty Caramel

    Pretty CaramelHace 6 días

    I see a emotional pain of some sort, perhaps suffering due to regret. His rationale mind is chasing him, attempting to stop him from getting to the top of that roof to end it. He has a moment of freedom where its just him dancing in the shot. His past comea back, reminding him of who he used to be, the bad he may've done. He runs. Up stairs, in white, is it an angel that awaits him, or the him he could become if he goes back down and faces his past, and lives to see another day? Not sure.

  22. Meghan Redd

    Meghan ReddHace 6 días

    I cannot wait to walk down the aisle to my fiancé to this beautiful song ❤️

  23. LA Ninebillion

    LA NinebillionHace 6 días

    Why doesn’t this video have close a billion views? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  24. Denice Carla Gordon

    Denice Carla GordonHace 7 días

    Lovely Song 🖤

  25. Denice Carla Gordon

    Denice Carla GordonHace 7 días

    Very sensual and so sexy Song, like me Wow! Hozier Understand perfectly my language and is because We both Water Zodiac signs and We both Musicians. I'm in love with "Hozier" Amazing music.🎙️🎸💘

  26. Swiftbreeze

    SwiftbreezeHace 7 días

    So when I first clicked on this video to watch it, my phone completely froze. Everything but the video and audio stopped. Never happened before.

  27. Bre Shaw

    Bre ShawHace 7 días

    I'd love to see them live. I hope they add contemporary dancers I their performances live. I cant hear a song of them without imagining a contemporary dance and the music videos validate it.

  28. Anna Sahakyan

    Anna SahakyanHace 8 días


  29. Натуся Ман

    Натуся МанHace 8 días

    Sergei Polunin! I love you!!!!😍😘😘😘💘🔥😍😍😍

  30. ana

    anaHace 9 días

    I read someone referring to hozier as a lesbian fairy and i think thata beautiful

  31. Iagoy

    IagoyHace 9 días

    BRASIL ?!

  32. daianasol

    daianasolHace 9 días


  33. Marika Bournes

    Marika BournesHace 10 días

    I love Hozier

  34. Роман Яруллин

    Роман ЯруллинHace 10 días

    Каждый раз муражки от этой песни

  35. Isabel Trinkle

    Isabel TrinkleHace 10 días

    when your doing your dance homework and are conflicted between dancing or writing down your logbook

  36. Lovely Flower

    Lovely FlowerHace 10 días

    Powerful., soothing

  37. Mary Knst

    Mary KnstHace 11 días

    male ballet dancing is very attractive

  38. Rebecca Gist

    Rebecca GistHace 11 días

    Love,Love,Love this.

  39. James Mac Pheators

    James Mac PheatorsHace 11 días

    I have no idea what was going on in this video story wise, but this was mesmerizing and awesome!

  40. Sunlight Fade

    Sunlight FadeHace 7 días

    I think he's being chased by his inner demons.

  41. Eleni Zgn

    Eleni ZgnHace 12 días

    May 2019???

  42. Madeline Wherry

    Madeline WherryHace 12 días

    sergei is back guys!!

  43. Ella Clarke

    Ella ClarkeHace 12 días

    Is that him dancing????

  44. Sunlight Fade

    Sunlight FadeHace 7 días

    No it's a dancer named Sergei.

  45. Sun Oracle

    Sun OracleHace 13 días

    Love him to death

  46. Jessica Barnes

    Jessica BarnesHace 13 días

    This song makes me so mad because I can't dance for shit but I still fucking love it

  47. Retarded N.

    Retarded N.Hace 13 días

    I just love how hozier always put “baby” on his song lyrics, like almost all of it.

  48. selam getu

    selam getuHace 13 días

    This choreography is STUNNING

  49. selam getu

    selam getuHace 12 días

    Update: I can’t believe I didn’t recognize Sergei Polunin! We’ve watched him in my dance classes, but not his more modern dances

  50. Vidushi Sharma

    Vidushi SharmaHace 14 días

    Why is this song so underrated?

  51. Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothy

    Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothyHace 15 días

    I can't understand a word he's saying

  52. Sunlight Fade

    Sunlight FadeHace 7 días

    Really? I find this one of the easiest ones to understand.

  53. Adrian Wilczyński

    Adrian WilczyńskiHace 15 días

    Can somebody explain me sentence of this video? What does mean that same person wearing white and red jeans?

  54. Sunlight Fade

    Sunlight FadeHace 7 días

    The man is being chased by his inner demons.

  55. susan p. faust

    susan p. faustHace 14 días

    +Adrian Wilczyński THERE are 4 characters/ the figure who ends up sitting near pillar is Sergei 2--his stronger self who is closer to life and wants to prevent him from taking his life--but he fails. the figure in red pants --sergei 3- is the devil and his own anger and pushessergei 1 to his death off the roof at the end. The devil wins.

  56. Adrian Wilczyński

    Adrian WilczyńskiHace 15 días

    If I guessing right that video shows us fight between main character with his thoughts.

  57. Adrian Wilczyński

    Adrian WilczyńskiHace 15 días

    +susan p. faust Okay than, that makes sense. But what do you think? Does that dressed charakter is dead body od himself? I guess that way, because at the beginning of the video he looks like fall from high height. And in the end of dance between protagonist with Angel and devil that character just sitting near pillar and waiting for something.

  58. susan p. faust

    susan p. faustHace 15 días

    sergei polunin plays four different characters- all different aspects of himself. A young man comes to an abandoned factory to fight his inner devils, and really to contemplate taking his own life. The figure in red pants is the Devil and his own inner anger that is destroying him. This is the most powerful figure, the figure with the most energy. The figure in white pants is the angel figure that tries to offer him peace and consolation but is rejected. At the end, the figure in red pants pushes him off the roof to his death - and the figure in white pants stands in the distance, unable to do anything but ready to welcome him on the other side.

  59. Susan Lange

    Susan LangeHace 15 días

    This song makes me bawl uncontrollably.

  60. Asmita Bhadra

    Asmita BhadraHace 15 días

    No one: Nobody: Not a single soul: Hozier: *mOooOOooo*

  61. giesta makarim

    giesta makarimHace un día

    +Peter Hunt HAHAHAHAA

  62. Peter Hunt

    Peter HuntHace 2 días

    🐄 mooooo?


    MEME REVIEWHace 7 días


  64. Tuomas Saarinen

    Tuomas SaarinenHace 9 días

    MOooOOooOOove me baAAby

  65. XtomatoX13

    XtomatoX13Hace 13 días

    Yes! Lol

  66. Sdv Sdv

    Sdv SdvHace 16 días

    Сергей, красавец как бог!!! Ну, просто образец искуства!!

  67. MeaRoyal

    MeaRoyalHace 16 días

    WOW. This song is amazing. Enlightened?

  68. MeaRoyal

    MeaRoyalHace 11 días

    Does anybody think, he looks very much like a character from the books or plays or good movies? I've never seen him acting nor have a clue, if he'd be interested in or is any good. Well... Honestly, I know nothing about him. Just first impression thoughts. His looks is like... Quite mysterious.

  69. Samantha A. Mendoza

    Samantha A. MendozaHace 16 días


  70. Lilah Helmer

    Lilah HelmerHace 16 días

    I did a duet to this with my be for a show

  71. Mega LunaLexi

    Mega LunaLexiHace 17 días

    the choreography in this takes my breath away

  72. Mega LunaLexi

    Mega LunaLexiHace 17 días

    the way the coat accentuates the movement

  73. Mega LunaLexi

    Mega LunaLexiHace 17 días

    the way dancing is almost treated like a defense/offense at the other ones

  74. Mega LunaLexi

    Mega LunaLexiHace 17 días

    1:04 when they aren't quite in sync, but they mirror each other

  75. Mega LunaLexi

    Mega LunaLexiHace 17 días

    0:56 when one moves and the other seems almost blown back by it

  76. Mega LunaLexi

    Mega LunaLexiHace 17 días

    the way they suddenly all move in sync at 3:12, right at the crescendo

  77. Ann Barker

    Ann BarkerHace 17 días

    Thank you for music that I can actually feel 😩

  78. Scarlet Rojano

    Scarlet RojanoHace 17 días

    I can be free even I'm in a jail!!! simple amazing. I ♡HOZIER

  79. victoria fotaki

    victoria fotakiHace 18 días

    His voice is just STUNNING!

  80. Marcin Kuleta

    Marcin KuletaHace 18 días

    Director: Us.

  81. KatrinValo398

    KatrinValo398Hace 18 días

    Addicted Song

  82. RetardRay

    RetardRayHace 18 días

    I noticed the title of this song in an Apple Watch ad, and so of course I had to come here to listen to it. Five minutes well-spent.

  83. Sunlight Fade

    Sunlight FadeHace 7 días

    Sad that's how you came to know he had a whole new album out though.

  84. Melonie Vaughn

    Melonie VaughnHace 18 días

    Bueatiful song bueatiful message , I’m moved🔥🔥#2019

  85. armystrong6920

    armystrong6920Hace 19 días

    He is definitely Jesus.

  86. Via creepy

    Via creepyHace 19 días

    This video is stunning

  87. Jonathan Hampton

    Jonathan HamptonHace 20 días

    This is like the counterpoint to Sia and her use of Maddie Ziegler.

  88. San Hernandez

    San HernandezHace 20 días

    I too would love to dance battle myself in an underground area then move to higher ground for actual warfare

  89. Fatima

    FatimaHace 20 días


  90. ryouko

    ryoukoHace 20 días

    gods, that was powerful! The dancing took my breath away!

  91. Kelsey Nichole Brooks

    Kelsey Nichole BrooksHace 21 un día

    OH HOZIER, every time I hear one of his songs I want to make love.

  92. Demetra Tasakou.

    Demetra Tasakou.Hace 22 días

    Socrates(the ancient philosopher of Athens)held very much Respect about Dance(think he was Right!).Just Imagine if Art were Politics....

  93. Izabella Arnold

    Izabella ArnoldHace 22 días

    Сергей, спасибо Вашим родителям, что Вы появились на этот Свет!!!Вы-космос,столько эмоций испытываешь,когда смотришь как Вы, проживаете жизнь в танце! !Дай Бог Вам сил и здоровья,кланяюсь низко Вашему таланту и человеческим качествам.

  94. ChoppStopp

    ChoppStoppHace 23 días

    Why do I feel like such a powerful person when this song plays, then it ends and realized I’m just a waste of oxygen.

  95. Justmyfavorites 1

    Justmyfavorites 1Hace 23 días

    Sergio...this is perfection.

  96. TheOvejj27

    TheOvejj27Hace 23 días

    Is it just me or sound similar like Cry me a River??

  97. Sunlight Fade

    Sunlight FadeHace 7 días

    Hell no

  98. XilefProductions

    XilefProductionsHace 24 días

    He was voice is like tip of the very depth of my soul...all the shit I push down and try to be cool about. His voice is the love I can’t express with words and the hurt that you didn’t care. I see why the devil was the angel of music when I hear Hozier. I’d follow this sound to hell.

  99. Janine Bender

    Janine BenderHace 24 días

    Resonant pitch perfect voice. Soulful lyric and current. Band and backings b. amazing! Saw him live in Melbourne last night - too good!

  100. Anna B

    Anna BHace 24 días

    Beautiful song, but... 2:41 sounds like "Move like a nutsack"

  101. Sunlight Fade

    Sunlight FadeHace 7 días

    It's "move like an odd sight come out at night"

  102. Annie Cimmorello

    Annie CimmorelloHace 24 días

    Love set us free!

  103. Ray Cullison

    Ray CullisonHace 24 días

    Good song.. ultra awkward video that didnt fit the song in my opinion

  104. Kayla Riddiford

    Kayla RiddifordHace 25 días


  105. Tomislav Lukinić

    Tomislav LukinićHace 25 días

    To quote Brad Pitt in World War Z: "Movimiendo es vida."

  106. Hala Hassan

    Hala HassanHace 25 días

    there is no words to discribe hozier , just the most beautiful and amazing person ever . LUV U

  107. Euge Lo Celso

    Euge Lo CelsoHace 25 días

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh so good

  108. Manuel Villarreal

    Manuel VillarrealHace 26 días


  109. Anđela Juškovic

    Anđela JuškovicHace 26 días

    Ear orgasam

  110. Jan Lončarić

    Jan LončarićHace 26 días

    hozier is so so underrated, i cant get over it....and hozier is not the only one

  111. megamind

    megamindHace 26 días

    its really hard to keep track of 4 hozier lookalikes when you have bad vision

  112. megamind

    megamindHace 6 días

    +Sunlight Fade personally i know that but my sight doesnt

  113. Sunlight Fade

    Sunlight FadeHace 7 días

    They're not meant to be Hozier, it's a professional dancer named Sergei.

  114. 0100hem

    0100hemHace 26 días

    try it with speed x1.25

  115. redtiger

    redtigerHace 27 días

    Sorry but this guy is just crap.

  116. Sunlight Fade

    Sunlight FadeHace 7 días

    fuck off

  117. Joelma Santos

    Joelma SantosHace 27 días

    Hozier, eu te amo

  118. selina moyana

    selina moyanaHace 27 días

    I feel a lot simultaneously

  119. Jennifer l. Abney

    Jennifer l. AbneyHace 27 días


  120. fit for life

    fit for lifeHace 27 días

    When you left home alone for the first time at 13

  121. Sphesihle Mavuso

    Sphesihle MavusoHace 28 días

    Hi there, sit back, relax and let Hozier hypnotize you.

  122. BabblingBrook

    BabblingBrookHace 28 días

    When you move i move

  123. Chynna Vindiola

    Chynna VindiolaHace 28 días

    I love the evil twin sexual gay vibe I'm getting

  124. Skyler Parsons

    Skyler ParsonsHace 28 días

    You guys listen to Hoziers song and tell me if at 2:40 it sounds like he says move like a nutsack. Idk why but that’s what I hear lol

  125. Sunlight Fade

    Sunlight FadeHace 7 días

    "Move like an odd sight come out at night"

  126. Klei Cramoisie

    Klei CramoisieHace 29 días

    Is it me or this song hauntingly matches Big God of Florence + The Machine? 😨

  127. Adam Mabusha

    Adam MabushaHace 29 días

    Its a film about freedom of self. He is differentiated from the four times he's danced there after hours. The first time he was angry, torn clothes and clearly feeling some type of way. He had no idea what was to come so he walks straight into the place and instantly begins to let go of his feelings through dance. The second time he goes to the factory he remembers the first time, and how good it felt to let go. The second him sees the first him because he can remember clearly every moment of dance when he let go, but the first him cannot see the second because he hasn't been there before. In the dance sequence its portrayed because the second one has to make space for the first while he also attempts to find a good place to dance. He runs to a secondary location where he can again be free and dance alone, alone from both the world and himself. The third him comes down to look and remember when he had only come there for his second time and how 'naive' he was. The second him looks into the distance, realizing how much space there really is in the factory and how free he truly can be.( The second cant see the third so looks past him to see the surface area of the floor behind him). The second then runs off to explore his new canvas, but the third one is enraged by this. He knows that once number 2 gets to the spot then he'll never be able to dance there again. Because each dance is executed once in the same place. 3 chases after 2 but it was already too late and two runs off again to explore. 2 finaly finds the Ballroom. the widests space in the whole factory. He unleashes his most free movements and expresses himself fully as he enjoys the ballroom floor. 4 awaits both of them, as 3 appears shortly after 2. 3 fights for space as he tries to again dance like he did before, but keeps getting pushed out of the space and frame by 2, who is living his best life. 3 is infuriated at the fact that his favourite spot is being used by 2, even though 2 is just a younger version of himself who cant even see him. 4 is delighted and content with his efforts, having enjoyed dancing on every factory floor and had his time to dance and express himself. He shares the Ballroom best as he can with 2, who had it all to himself that one time. Camera pans over and 1 is already tired from having gone into the building angry and in need of release, rather than having the time to properly free himself like 2. They all run to the roof where 2 is shown to be his best day of dancing in factory, 4 is happy with his experiences, 3 is still trying and 1 is too tired to run all the way.

  128. Maribel 13

    Maribel 13Hace 29 días

    i could listen this song for the rest of my life