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Hozier - Movement


  1. ArcAngel

    ArcAngelHace 4 horas

    I like Hozier but this is just awful! Where’s the beat? Where’s the energy? Usually an artist will lead with a strong first release from a new album so I can only assume that the rest of the album is worse than this. Turd sandwich, no mayo

  2. Dorine Mokha DANSE

    Dorine Mokha DANSEHace 10 horas

    Im a big fan and Young choreographer from DR Congo in Africa, i created yesterday a choregraphy for this amazing song, Please click this link to Watch and supportídeo-QUA1nyqOnnY.html&fbclid=IwAR3XAV5wrBOuUozZ0s4yhjTXGZW_G2oFi2wmr6KfPyw_15Ds5Leoi_2C0Fs

  3. torianna r

    torianna rHace 15 horas

    I love watching Sergei dance

  4. Prince White

    Prince WhiteHace 18 horas

    So what he gay.. his music awesome

  5. Nina Nona

    Nina NonaHace 18 horas

    Love this song

  6. Nathalie Werthmüller

    Nathalie WerthmüllerHace 21 un hora

    This Video needs a "Repeat forever" Button

  7. Reyna Arawan

    Reyna ArawanHace un día

    That's cool that they got that Russian ballerina for an official music video.

  8. Footprints For Two Travel

    Footprints For Two TravelHace un día

    I love Hozier's voice in this song, but can we just take a moment to praise the dancing in this video! It is crazy good!

  9. Sloddervozzz

    SloddervozzzHace un día

    When a song makes you feel so many things it actually hurts...

  10. Rohit Singh

    Rohit SinghHace un día

    who else is jealous of his hair (apart from his voice ofc)?


    VOIDBITEHace 2 días

    This new claridryl commercial is fuckin fire

  12. LisaRogersMusic

    LisaRogersMusicHace 2 días


  13. Anna Mendelev

    Anna MendelevHace 2 días

    The most magnificent male voice Ive heard in a long time

  14. Laima Mockus Córdoba

    Laima Mockus CórdobaHace 2 días

    He says sequins, or sequence? The song was premiered the day we saw him here in Paris. What a doubly epic day.

  15. mArz TiON

    mArz TiONHace 2 días


  16. Nichole Nickson

    Nichole NicksonHace 3 días

    This guy's voice is just so damn sexy

  17. Kaye Musume

    Kaye MusumeHace 3 días

    I love how he uses real drums.

  18. Killzbeatz UZ

    Killzbeatz UZHace 4 días


  19. Bobby Russo

    Bobby RussoHace 4 días

    The untenable ecology of the mysterious blasphemy under the brightest undying stars of lovers before the quest of unquenchable thirst hunger dominoes omnivores becomes undoubtedly unimaginable. Wow. How thoughtfully composed of lyrically tangible sweetness and spiciness. Uncredited incredible.

  20. ThatGirl

    ThatGirlHace 4 días

    NORFOLK Va. March 14. yasssss

  21. Tyrese Davis

    Tyrese DavisHace 4 días

    Try lister to dotan waver it my suprise u

  22. Jenny Pedersen

    Jenny PedersenHace 4 días

    X main

  23. nova. neurotic

    nova. neuroticHace 4 días

    I’ve listened to this a million times on SoundCloud lol

  24. Queen Rait

    Queen RaitHace 4 días

    Hozier: what’s better than 1 Sergei? 4 Sergeis! I wholeheartedly agree. :))

  25. Gergana Georgieva

    Gergana GeorgievaHace 4 días

    Hmm the video reminds me of "Primer" for some reason. Absolutely love it

  26. Rean Reid

    Rean ReidHace 5 días

    This is so beautiful. To look at and to listen too 😍👏👏

  27. Ninja Chicken

    Ninja ChickenHace 6 días

    How can someone be so perfect

  28. mike hinton

    mike hintonHace 7 días

    What blows my mind is that Hozier is only 28 years old that's wild he sounds like a 40 year old man that's lived 2 lifetimes hahah

  29. rex.

    rex.Hace 7 días

    hey we can make a religion out of this!

  30. Halima Khan

    Halima KhanHace 7 días

    They should've got him to sing a James bond track

  31. Mr marcus

    Mr marcusHace 7 días

    It's marketing... biggest sales are by tween/age girls, and most would rather listen to the cute boy in class/down the street, then a dude that sounds like their dad, or the assistant principal.

  32. Mr marcus

    Mr marcusHace 7 días

    Not a huge fan of his music, but it's nice to hear a man, that sounds like a man, and doesn't sing in that high voice, that most male singers tend to sing in.

  33. Nik Novakovic

    Nik NovakovicHace 7 días

    Sounds like James Blake to me

  34. Anait Mamunc

    Anait MamuncHace 7 días

    I do not argue that he is a great dancer, but as a person he's just a piece of shit

  35. Cleber Luna

    Cleber LunaHace 8 días

    Can't believe Hozier invented perfection.

  36. Azariah Micha

    Azariah MichaHace 8 días

    Hozier is the most underrated singer, unique voice and meaningful songs

  37. Waseem Kanjo

    Waseem KanjoHace 8 días

    I think that Every one have these four personalities inside, no matter if you are aware or not aware of it.... great song and great creative work.. 😍

  38. Ebenezer Nongkynrih

    Ebenezer NongkynrihHace 9 días

    Is that a Kalimba i hear?

  39. Abdo ahmed

    Abdo ahmedHace 9 días

    Listen On soundcloud now

  40. The White Tiger of Arcade Games

    The White Tiger of Arcade GamesHace 9 días

    Amazing as always


    PAIKEA CHANELLHace 9 días

    Can't get enough of this 💙 you're truly a gift from god

  42. S F

    S FHace 9 días

    God, I love Hozier but I dislike Polunin so much

  43. Nephilim

    NephilimHace 10 días

    Oh... gosh... * eargasms *

  44. Felicia Dew

    Felicia DewHace 10 días


  45. Willem van Vliet

    Willem van VlietHace 10 días

    Wonderful Hozier. The mix with Sergei Polunin dance is perfect. Very very amazing beautiful.

  46. dancing blu

    dancing bluHace 10 días


  47. Gregory Wonderlike

    Gregory WonderlikeHace 10 días

    This song sounds a lot like James Blake's retrograde. ;)

  48. Maria Maria

    Maria MariaHace 10 días

    Sergei Polunin is the best dancer ever❤️

  49. Khaled Taliani

    Khaled TalianiHace 11 días

    All the feelings

  50. Lil Cool

    Lil CoolHace 11 días

    Too bad sergei's a shit person

  51. V K

    V KHace 11 días


  52. Jen Wombat Excelsior

    Jen Wombat ExcelsiorHace 12 días

    Just too bad the ballet dancer is a total jerk.

  53. Nova T Caio

    Nova T CaioHace 12 días

    I just realized he is the same guy from Take me to Church Ballet. I love this ten times more.

  54. Lixi i

    Lixi iHace 12 días

    I’ve was never mesmerized by men’s ballet until this video. What a combo !

  55. Ella Gambrill

    Ella GambrillHace 13 días

    Massive Sirius Black vibes 🖤

  56. Transgender Rights Wario

    Transgender Rights WarioHace 13 días

    This song is amazing! And oMG IS THAT SERGEI POLUNIN AHH

  57. Kpt'n Pied'biche

    Kpt'n Pied'bicheHace 13 días

    écoutée sur radionova .. écoutez cette radio, musiques variée

  58. I dab every morning when I wake up

    I dab every morning when I wake upHace 13 días

    Is you Jesus

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  60. Mr. Dark

    Mr. DarkHace 13 días

    I’m trying to understand this video, is it different versions of him learning to dance over time? I’m just not sure

  61. Mary Washington

    Mary WashingtonHace 14 días

    Plm?d[.g anxznhkkoAm Nnbsofoomgsmxyksm

  62. rolling stone

    rolling stoneHace 14 días

    Hozier probably has one of if not the best voice of his generation

  63. KH

    KHHace 14 días

    aaaaaaaaaaaaa Sergeeeeei Polunin is dancing actuallly not just in the cover ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  64. 1Energine1

    1Energine1Hace 14 días

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  65. Aaron Fowley

    Aaron FowleyHace 15 días

    I love this. The interpretation is endless. I do recall he commented about how it is the struggle between masculinity and femininity. How to be ones truly creative undiluted self you must be willing to accept all aspects of oneself - even though in today's society that can still be challenging to accomplish without fear, judgement or hate. Love it ❤.

  66. Squidinsweaters

    SquidinsweatersHace 15 días

    Even his running is graceful and beautiful. I just look like Phoebe from FRIENDS when I run. 😭🤷🏼‍♀️

  67. Nicole ryan

    Nicole ryanHace 15 días

    His voice is like God

  68. Marinachica !

    Marinachica !Hace 15 días

    Freaking masterpiece

  69. Leslie LaGuardia

    Leslie LaGuardiaHace 16 días

    Im obsessed with these video...more hosier/pulonin, please.

  70. Chrizelda Bernil

    Chrizelda BernilHace 14 días

    Don't think that will happen anymore...

  71. Macky Leiva

    Macky LeivaHace 16 días

    GOD! This is so beautiful. Thanks for coming back, H! 💛

  72. Ty Pringle

    Ty PringleHace 17 días


  73. Kusal Gunasekera

    Kusal GunasekeraHace 17 días

    2:40 "Move like a nutsack"

  74. Yasmin Morkurt

    Yasmin MorkurtHace 9 días


  75. Christina Cullen

    Christina CullenHace 17 días

    I love this song and I'm Irish too so cool.

  76. สุธิดา นาดา

    สุธิดา นาดาHace 18 días

    4 Top people in the world 😊🤗😍☺

  77. Юлия Федорова

    Юлия ФедороваHace 18 días

    i can't stop listening to this song. it's everything i ever wanted in music and i'm so, so grateful that this exists

  78. Jandson Cardoso

    Jandson CardosoHace 18 días

    Quero ir no show desse homemmm maravilhoso.. Meu 2019 tá salvo !!

  79. Karina Ferreras

    Karina FerrerasHace 18 días

    Sergei is like the best dancer ever but... boi

  80. Sapphire F

    Sapphire FHace 18 días

    This is glorious, I'm so in love 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  81. Stories by Brittney

    Stories by BrittneyHace 18 días

    this gives me chills every time i watch it

  82. Brian Hogan

    Brian HoganHace 18 días

    What does the holes in his shirt mean?

  83. MrMarkus1996

    MrMarkus1996Hace 18 días

    Scooby got waves

  84. Michael Dornelas

    Michael DornelasHace 18 días


  85. Isabella Liberty

    Isabella LibertyHace 18 días

    How can this be something so transcendental in this world?

  86. XxSweetRainxX116

    XxSweetRainxX116Hace 19 días

    Dammit man I would buy tickets to his concert in a heartbeat if it wasn't so damn expensive 😣😭

  87. Doris Baron

    Doris BaronHace 19 días

    Sergei Polunin my favorite ballet dancer of our era , Wow ,,,, you just can’t deliver a bad one , as Sergei says “ KEEP DANCING “ (:)-X=X Merci Monsieur

  88. Lil&jazfam Xxx

    Lil&jazfam XxxHace 19 días

    This is beautiful contemporary art dance so much power this is pure this is beautiful this is everything

  89. mixed admonition

    mixed admonitionHace 19 días

    This GUY is steady dropping music that literally HITZ UR soul .forcing you to relish in IT. I took my wife to see him in Cleveland in 2015/2016 at Nautica pavillion. 100 percent PURITY

  90. Лазуритка

    ЛазуриткаHace 19 días

    I'm worry about Hozier... This video made me think about his thoughts. After the death of Chester Bennington, I began to look closely at all the details. Hozier, don't even think of leaving us!!! ;(

  91. Chrizelda Bernil

    Chrizelda BernilHace 14 días

    +Лазуритка It looks to me like the video is more about this particular dancer's conflict than Hozier's. I don't really want to talk about this dancer as he has recently revealed himself to be either mentally unstable or just plain homophobic.

  92. Лазуритка

    ЛазуриткаHace 14 días

    Chrizelda Bernil, I tried to notice more than possible, sorry...

  93. Лазуритка

    ЛазуриткаHace 14 días

    Chrizelda Bernil, I understand... But I'm really worry. Yes, there are no conflicts but I know that something wrong... Maybe it's isn't true.

  94. Chrizelda Bernil

    Chrizelda BernilHace 18 días

    If you listen closely to the music itself, it's actually one of Hozier's most positive songs. No conflict with the beloved, no conflict within himself, just pure appreciation of how the beloved moves.

  95. Chloé Lexia Worthington

    Chloé Lexia WorthingtonHace 19 días

    hope you like my cover :)ídeo-PoGsQ1-z2eM.html&index=10&list=PLgAmtBIke5tKTFAuWBJkskuAYFPrPStpo&t=0s

  96. Kiara Aaliyah

    Kiara AaliyahHace 19 días

    This is the same dancer who danced to take me to church

  97. Анжелика ч

    Анжелика чHace 19 días

    Просто великолепно

  98. Mario Lopez

    Mario LopezHace 20 días


  99. Andy Hare

    Andy HareHace 20 días

    Love. Love. Love. I'm so glad real musicians still exist.

  100. Shannon McIsaac

    Shannon McIsaacHace 20 días

    That's definitely @DallasGreen voice in the background #movement

  101. billiey giles

    billiey gilesHace 19 días

    Actually, he had no background singers when he recorded this. Every voice is Hozier's. Of course, he has background singers on tour because he can't sing all the parts live himself.

  102. Erika Miller

    Erika MillerHace 20 días

    2k don’t know how to move

  103. Julie Roberts

    Julie RobertsHace 20 días

    Gah this is song is all the feels! Great job Hozier! Luuuuvvv the video too! Amazing dancing!

  104. Marc. pc

    Marc. pcHace 20 días

    so good

  105. Laurent parsooramen

    Laurent parsooramenHace 20 días

    great of hozier (after take me to church of course).his voice is perfect

  106. махи махи

    махи махиHace 20 días


  107. Maria Mera

    Maria MeraHace 21 un día