How To Make the Perfect Burger


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    Americans alone consume approximately 500 billion burgers a year. Wow! Think that's a lot? Buy a shirt - All shirts purchased come with a FREE egg plushie!

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    HowToBasic you are a weird guy

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    I know where to get the perfect Burger. Step 1 go to McDonald's

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    I forgot it was how to basic😑

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    You could actually follow the recipe ,except for the end of course

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    Did anybody notice the beginning where he didn't go crazy and he actually and he actually told us how to cook a perfect hamburger until the pickles came

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    How many pickles do ya want? How to basic: *YES*

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    2:34 You gotta admit it. This is how our dads eat everything

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    I was scared at the first 2 mins and was asking myself "what the f*** happened to HTB"

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    0:06 What is the font?

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    Bro when it got to the pickle part you had me dying

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    P I C K L E

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    When you want to make burger and you buy all the things in the video But when you realise.. he do it you: FUUUUUUUUUUUKAAKKAKAKAKAKA

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    awesome video now can you teach us how to make macaroni and cheese

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    Shout out to the shiba inu at 2:25

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    Why pickle? U love egg

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    My mum would kick my ass for using that many dishes.

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    Hey i love pickles

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    Anime girls be like 2:36

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    oh man the burger was going so well lmao

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    Wtf When the gangbang was legal on youtube?

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    Whyyyy? I didn't see this was HowToBasic...Omg...

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    I think you forgot the pickles

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    Imagine somebody wanting to learn how to make a burger and found this and gave up

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    2:11 Nice! Pickles! 2:13 Okay a little bit much but no such thing as too many pickles! 2:16 Okay, getting a little bit too tedious with thi- 2:24 *what is happening* 2:52 *WHAT THE FU-*

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    Howtobasic in 2011: Picking up an umbrella Howtobasic in 2019: Man shoving microphone in another man's face, eyes, and mouth as he eats pickles See the difference?

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    _Wtf did i just watched_

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    Your Shiba is cute

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    2:30 he sure does love pickles

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    2:25 i see a shiba

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    He looks delicous

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    I showed my mom this and she was like : 😣

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    Im the only one who will try this recipe😈

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    When cannibals find meat 2:35

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    2:12 it was at this MOMENT we all knew!!🙃

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    What was that! Oh my gush! I was watching with a serious mood to make a perfect burger, but then found out you were just...! -_-

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    Can you give me song name?

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    2:24 that dog

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    Everything was going well until 2:12 came