How to Aerial Silk Dance


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    Am I the only one who just noticed that Mark has unusually short legs for the proportions of his upper body?

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    This is the video I got my beautiful profile pic from

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    Oh he was talking about Ethan. He'll be okay.

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    I wanna do this but there's no studios in my area

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    22:50 Thank me later 25:10 You can owe me

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    mark is thicc

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    She's soooo nice !

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    I've watched Mark play video games for years. Never expected this.

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    This video is just a compilation of mark making dad noises and having multiple existential crisis 😂

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    I would actually die because 1.I'm out of shape 2.I have asthma 3. I don't like leaving the comfort of my home (Edit) yeah I would die

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    If you walk on your toes and need phisical therapy and cant stretch worth crap Plz like

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    Mark is finally taller than somebody 😀

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    Mark what happened to your flexibility.

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    I am thoroughly impressed by how much Mark can stretch

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    8:21 I laughed way harder than I should of 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    markiplier ass cam

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    Mark: *moaning in pain* Taylor: YAAAAAAAYY

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    *Amy wants to know your location*

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    Every time he comes out of a position he starts wheezing and then Taylor's like "that was beautiful" and I'm like "what!? he's dying on the inside!"

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    Marks finally taller than somebody lol

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    When are we getting part 2??

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    9:40 anyone else hear mark’s bones fucking shattering here 32:50 *wheeze*


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    Taylor: Beautiful pose Mark:😫😫😫


    YOLO MASTERHace 2 días

    When I was young we were poor and didn’t have bones

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    Markiplier tries: Getting Hypnotized

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    I want to do this simply so I can get in and then *never* leave

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    So beautiful it brings a tear to my eye 13:35

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    6:22 damn that booty .. booty booty booty booty everywhere



    He was answering Google's questions

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    T205 thats a good work out

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    *Mark dying* Her: YAY!

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    6:23 tHiCkY nIcKy

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    Mark would not be good in balley *dies of laughter*

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    The hair is at *M A X I M U M* *F L O O F A G E*

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    *WHAT??* *-- JonTron*

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    going to my first aerial yoga class tomorrow. I feel fully prepared.

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    The socks

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    Is anyone else like just staring at Marks beautiful buns like omg 😂

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    35 minutes of Mark getting tortured. He will definitely be sore the next day.

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    Almost 35 minutes but great content!

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    you have difrent sock's ;D

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    That majestic booty at 6:22 tho.

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    HAHAHAHAHAH I loved this video

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    2:26 *Mark just saw what he was about to do...*

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    *Markiplier Tries Aerial Silks*

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    Mark looked like he was dying half the time XD

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    Bring jack!!!

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    Why is there no safety mat???????? My instructor would kick my butt if I tried to get on without putting a mat down.

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    Mark is So majestic

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    6:26 Damn dat aSS Also I love that lady!

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    u should see if u could get jack to come down and hang out and learn aerial

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    aerial siks is legit my favoutite sport but it is so exypensive to get lessons where I live so I haven't done it in years :(

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    3:40 transported me to a dark place of being lost in the time vortex of the sims 3 and honestly:;:;: i wasnt prepared

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    Omg pleeeaaase do another video of this with Ethan!

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    As a child we couldn't afford bones

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    8:19 best face

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    OMG THAT LAIDE IS ELASTIC!!!!!! I know a girl at my club who is like that!

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    I want a serries of mark just doing arial silks till he masters it

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    She looks like Bhad Babie if she was a respectable person

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    I really wanna know how sore Mark was the day after this...

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    I love this video please do this with Ethan

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    😂 just.. 😂

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    Damn Mark be dummy thicc

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    I had the opportunity to try aerial silks in a high school dance class and ohmygosh was it intense. I love going upside and playing on the silks bit the technicalities of the silks are so intricate!

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    Aerial silks is so fun!

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    22:15 *flashbacks of all the fanfics* mark why-

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    Help me my friend looked over my shoulder asking if I was watching porn- ;-; I’m so scared-

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    Taylor: your not in pain Marks Mind: yea i am i cant do this Mark: nope im good. Im doing this

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    *Mark being a parrot for 34 minutes*

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    Taylor: "Ta-da~!" Mark: "Ta-da..." **scared** Mark looks like my fingers when I attempt to do the cats cradle

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    Next time go with Ethan. He may be able to help you more since he has some experience and knows you better

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    mark:"i swear i used to be in better shape" taylor"laughs" mark"laughs while also whining"

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    The image of Mark slowly spinning in mid-air while groaning in obvious pain is so funny to me I have no idea why. Taylor is so sweet and such a great trainer

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    intro mark "MYY BAAĻLSSS

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    6:23 Markipoo's THICK...... Buttocks

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    Where's the next silks video with Ethan, Mark?

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    6:23 mark has ASS?!?!?!?

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    It sometimes looks like he pinches his junk and AAAAA rip (probably just his pants but still)

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    It's quite magnificence 😂😂

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    mark is THICC

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    6:28 nice ass mark🤟🏻👌

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    The level of safety in this video is mildly worrying.

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    Mark's awesome, it's always weird trying new things...

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    Instructor:Your not in pain. Mark:Ugggghhhh!

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    *uses silks as green screen LMAO*

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    i love mark miming taylor during the examples

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    Mark Finally Learned What Being A Girl Is Like

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    hey mark i'm professional

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    Yet another dirty dancing video done by Mark, without Ethan or Tyler. Someone body get the ice bucket ready

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    He needs to work on his (front forward) splits

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    tell me the thing inside the desk doesnt look like a body, its the wooden desk with a metal top, between the black rolled up cable and the vertical metal pole

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    Instructor: Okay so now I'm going to have yo- Mark: *SUFFERS*

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    Briing the GRUMPS

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    I’m signing up for silks Friday I’ll never be as good as mark



    ESreporter happened to mark

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    iiiiiiiiii did NOT know about that twitch thing Thank you mark, now I know I won't get twitch banned! 😭😭😭