How Humans Broke the Game


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    Oh btw did y'all know I'm on twitter too? Follow me:

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    Humans are not the only animals to sweat so loosing hair was a bug. Horses, all primates, and a few others can sweat.

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    When the alien class is unlocked I really hope they get to watch these tutorials on currents builds within the game. I think it would give them all the context required to successfully play the game on this global server.

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    your videos are awesome, nice point of view to explain all xD

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    TierZoo can you make an Amazon tier list due to the crazy amount of high tiers

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    invasive species would be a cool video. You could talk about them as bugs being introduced that are super op and have no balance patch. They hop servers and then destroy everything

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    Homo sapiens had a higher intelligence stat than Neanderthals, the bigger brains were for using their higher strength stat

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    I cant belive we were nerfed...

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    Someone needs to make actual game with this

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    Have you heard of March mammal madness? Would be interested in seeing a video on it.

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    You should do one about gods.

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    Neanderthal: Dont worry humans are not real they cant hurt you Humans:

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    So is the dev God?

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    Americans are a downgrade, cursed with the ‘Miron Debuff’ which lowers their intelligent significantly. They also suffer the ‘stunted’ debuff which makes them shorter and have smaller penis. Americans third debuff is also their strengh the ‘Lack of Ethical Integrity’ debuff, which allows them to go around killing innocent people and stealing resources. Nobody likes americans.

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    And then the devs made membership 11$

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    When ur a gamer but study history

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    I wish school was this interesting, would have all A's if they taught like this lol

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    This was freaking awesome, loved the dark souls references.

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    Show me top 5 ways to Nerf humans

  21. my penis is miniscule, but

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    So there's a perk called "Alabama" that's allows immediate faction member breeding that has +10 strength but -20 intelligence and has the disabled debuff. Should I use my exp on that?

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    you forgot the racism status effect

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    6:49 One would think... but on the bright side, war often pushes technology to new lengths that benefits everyone (The first metal boats were made in the american civil war. The first radar system was used by the British in WW2 on their ships, leading to GPS. The first computer was also made in WW2 by the British to help crack the German code. Planes, although not created with war in mind, were used, tested, and later upgraded through war. Due to war, it allowed USA to escape its great depression. Due to both WW1 and WW2, women rights and anti-segregation movements also skyrocketed showing that everyone can do the same as a white man (A very strange concept back in the day). The atomic bombs, although a terrible weapon, also opened the doors to nuclear power plants, a very effective power source that (In my opinion) should become the primary source of power, either that or (Again, my opinion) cover large stretches of land that are currently not being used in renewable energy systems such as solar.) So... you can't deny the benefits of in fighting.

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    Whoever created that opening cartoon must have thought early humans were idiots.

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    OMG bare ape OP!


    C-MONSTERHace 6 días

    How we got from a level 1 thug to a level 99 boss?

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    1:11 That hobbit lol

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    Damnn and to think just because we reached like level 77, we started slaving all the black avatars to look cool

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    Best channel ever

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    How do you end the game?

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    Humans: I have an army Neantherdals: We have a Hulk Humans: Okay, we'll let him starve

  33. Nip Dip

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    40000 years later Humans: we have a hulk Neanderthals: Really? Humans: not really we needed a green thanos

  34. Kardinaalilintu

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    Tbh. the pretty much god tier OP of humans is slowly turning against itself; everyone wants to play a humanclass and thus the class is so freaking large that it's effectively suffocating all other playable classes out of the game. It wouldn't be such a problem if humanclass wasn't build to rely alot to the other classes, directly or indirectly. I mean, we'd still get exp. from internal PvP but other resources might start being less available.

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    Sanic: you humans can't catch me boi Human main: hold my beer

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    Does anyone remember the Atomic Bomb regional event? It only happened twice but that was when humans truly broke the game. Many players in the Island of Japan region got an instant game over from that

  37. Espin

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    OwlLegend well I’m aware it’s happened more than twice, there’s been over 1000. Though the two regional cataclysms were meant to destroy the cities, and everything around it, alive or not.

  38. OwlLegend

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    Espin Jeez, stupid human mains like you who think it only happened twice. They happen all the time but it really only effects aquatic builds.

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    East Asian Meta = high iq esketit

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    This is why I switched after the ice age patch.

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    how do i spec all my extra S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points? or is it a G.U.R.P.S. system?

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    Yeah, human mains are OP. They can’t stick to one or two servers either so I had a main penguins for awhile, but then a bunch of eskimos came and ran out of food, and of course, resorted to greifing penguin mains. Christ.

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    This video makes me wanna try to build a time machine and live with the old sapiens

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    4:15 Excellent comparison xD

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    you make the best videos

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    You are wrong, many mammals can sweat and all primates can, even with hair.

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    citations needed

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    Was that Neanderthal Crip-walking in that cave?!! Didn't know they got down like that way back when...

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    I'd like to play this game

  50. De Fuck

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    Bigger brains does not equeal better but it is number of Neurons and synapses that does. For exampel whale brains are bigger but have way less synapses

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    How about the zoo tier list, a tier list of animals that live in the confines of an establishment which maintains a collection of wild animals

  52. Erin Heck

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    The interstellar path will be interesting seeing humans will adapt to the new servers like Mars within a few generations to the point of becoming unable to return to the earth server. Maybe then all the evolution deniers will finally understand we aren't special and begin putting away their imaginary friends. If the imaginary friends debuff is removed from the game, we'll see an increase in player co-OP instead of rampant pvp

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    Humans are way too OP, I'm going to play on a private server and play vanilla

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    This is what happens when humans get too many rare candy's

  55. Johann Inferus

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    I feel there is something missing, the recent evidence of a unnoticed strategy of some human players of mixing their gene pool with other human variants builds during their servers migration, including neanderthals and sapiens hybrids. What is not totally know is if that strategy was the responsible for the lack of other human builds in the current version, or if the devs simply took them out during different patchs.

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    4:46 "so why is that the Neanderthal got banned?" Oh well, have you heard of Sam O'Nella's theory of the Sexy Neanderthal?

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    Is this a game

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    6:31 - Really? here too? I guess it can't be helped with donor footage, but they really lay it on pretty thick, eh? The messaging is insidious. I'm sure it will be fine though, and nothing bad at all will happen... 🙄

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    Humans didn’t originate in africa

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    1:36 das halo reach

  61. GeneratedKid500

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    Hi I’d like to report a game breaking bug about the human class that’s severely limiting how we can play

  62. StormSkeggi

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    You're reading the wrong patch notes dude. Those are from an alternative server called *"Wakanda"* that's spammed on the original server's game-chat by gold-sellers and their bots. No way the *"Sapiens" from Africa (??), of all regions* (hello mana D deficiency?), could have successfully grief'd the *Neantherpals*. The one who did it was a hardcore faction-guild from the eastern European steppe - your followers might recognize the player *"Cro-Magnon*".* Dude's adaptation was so tight that his +30kSunCyclesOld build is practically copy-pasted in Europe to this day (except for 4% Neanderthal stats, mostly for cosmetics). Also, There's various data-mining indicating that *the Humans may not have been implemented from Africa altogether.* Here's one: Thing is, this *legendary Cart-riding Ship-sailing Expansion-Warring Cro-Magnomerthal of a faction* dominated the meta so hard that they grew tired and, because most currently active players are either feeling pity or put off by the other factions' item-begging and hate-spamming, they're mass-quitting the game. Most don't even defend their territories anymore and the economy is already rekt by the gold-sellers I talked about. Some say the decay was schemed. Why did they let it happen? Many agree the guild-leaders were prevented from making new characters and a lot of the faction today is just *newbie casuals* who joined the easy-button winning side. They don't care about how much work was put into it so they ignore (or throw) the factions meta and only grind solo for cash items. Then *act surprised when they're ganked around the map.* The rest of the loyal members are trying to rally the newcomers and hoping that the former players weren't really banned but actually employed by the Devs themselves.

  63. carson simpson

    carson simpsonHace 16 días

    Just a note, Neanderthals did have slightly bigger brains, but their brains were more motor skills than ours, so technically, we had the "bigger brains." Thanks!

  64. Wuncler Laufenbum Cornelius Ulysses Albrecht LVX

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    "Infighting is their biggest weakness right now" Shit made me laugh and hit me hard just the same.

  65. puhfrugherter

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    I sometimes regret speccing into human because we're kind of boring in terms of biology, but we can do some of the most meta shit, like making and playing games inside of the game lol.

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    i singed up to threw your code but i didn't get the free month

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    The assains creed:orign game play looking good.

  68. BloodBrigade

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    What allowed Humans to unlock their most OP skills was the Cooking skill. Cooked food gives a significant XP boost, and all that extra XP enabled Humans to assign more Evolution Points to Intelligence.

  69. Veecy

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    This was amazing, and then the Hoenn gym leader theme came in, and it was beyond words.

  70. megalodon gamer

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    The more intelligence you have then there's more of a chance of corruption which is the reason why humans always fight each other.

  71. RubyKing132

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    Humans are #1 according to humans Ask Humans? Humans North Koreans? North Koreans Hotel? Trivago

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  73. Vroni Fangirl

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    That last comment over Human PvP and other players not being a challenge makes me want to see a video about the Emu war. When the Australian faction fought birds- and lost

  74. Xerdar36

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    Wait you mean my whole life I was playing the game.... where are the GMs...

  75. fishinabathtub Alfonzo

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    You have to wonder how the genetic engineering skill will shape the meta.

  76. Indra Therion

    Indra TherionHace 17 días

    Something you missed about the superiority of the Neanderthal build and their competition, is mentioning the first true anatomically modern human in Europe, known loosely as "Cromagnons" (Early European modern humans.) One thing about the "larger" brain of the Neanderthal, is that technically speaking, certain parts of their brain were smaller than modern humans, mainly the parietal and frontal lobes. Cromagnon man actually had a larger brain than Neanderthal, and was also physically powerful and robust compared to contemporary humans. This is the 'human type' that the Neanderthals could not compete with. A combination of super-intelligence and super strength, which are traits that modern-day humans have mostly lost over the last 30,000 years or so. It had little to do with homo-sapien types who stayed in Africa, as the Neanderthal species was of course largely in Europe.

  77. Tomás Ricchetti

    Tomás RicchettiHace 17 días

    How big was a Neanderthal compared to an ancient human? I suppose modern day humans are probably much bigger, stronger and faster due to most human ancestors having fed themselves until full multiple times a day throughout at least 2500 years but im not 100% sure

  78. ccdsah

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    yeah, humans love PvP :D

  79. Mohamed Ahmed

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    4:31 childish gambino cosmetic

  80. Knights of the Nine

    Knights of the NineHace 17 días

    A lot of Sapians raped the Neanderthal women.

  81. Ayesha Malik

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    I almost missed the ‘Mozambique here’ 😂

  82. Möbius 1

    Möbius 1Hace 18 días

    What about the technology dlc?

  83. Jacob hu

    Jacob huHace 18 días

    Oh yeah there’s this emulator called Ancestors the humankind odyssey, probably playing on human main Nostalgia.


    NACHO NATIONHace 18 días

    Lv 999 man with AR

  85. frozenwintershitty Amoba

    frozenwintershitty AmobaHace 19 días

    africa server is only for skilled players, a lot of the cheat codes from Europe server don't work here

  86. Budget Coin Hunter

    Budget Coin HunterHace 17 días

    Africa server is toxic AF anyway, and its playerbase just grinds the low EXP in starter zones. Some may play around with the Society ability, but never actually understand it. Players from the Europe server even transferred over to show just how broken the Society buffs make your other abilities, but once they transferred back, the server went right back to treating popping Society as a misclick.

  87. sol porter

    sol porterHace 19 días

    Mosquitoes are still viable in certain areas of the humans spawn

  88. Nicolas Labra

    Nicolas LabraHace 19 días

    yeah sure humans are op, but my current human main is still stuck on finding a "job" anyone got any tips ?? nuanced gameplay my ass, should`ve chosen an orca main bfs

  89. Jebu911

    Jebu911Hace 19 días

    Its the communication skill tree that makes humans the best. You can team up on other animals and also taunt other humans by telling them you mated with their older female build to start a pvp for additional xp.

  90. Felmar Aquinojr

    Felmar AquinojrHace 20 días

    I heard they have cheat codes that can crash the game known as "player.releasenukes"

  91. Leonard Pirate

    Leonard PirateHace 9 días

    Nukes aren't a cheat code.

  92. sagi 2019

    sagi 2019Hace 17 días

    Unfortunately, the Devs removed it because it was too game-breaking.

  93. colenol MD sues

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    bruh these nakeds taking all my shit

  94. Tucker Galindo

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    Nice halo reference

  95. Chris Beswick

    Chris BeswickHace 20 días

    They just buffed intelligence and attack and then took over all servers after the end of the ice age

  96. appsolute zero

    appsolute zeroHace 21 un día

    All these people saying PVP is such a big weakness. Until the unlocking of gunpowder tech PVP was incredibly fun. Some of us spent our whole lives learning it & in the England faction, practicing with a bow was mandatory. The main deficit was the game - overs & losing territory to other factions. The PVP route also offset the lack of intellect boosting items like books by providing an accessable & popular play style.

  97. NSA Surveillance Subject #13628712

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    ok so basically... im monky

  98. Miguel Angel Rangel

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    And what about the domestication of dogs?

  99. Trashmann Von Trash

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    I heard that a whole guild got deleted because of a gigantic squid

  100. DnD Dude

    DnD DudeHace 22 días

    This is why the Wizard/Sorcerer Class is the best

  101. Leonard Pirate

    Leonard PirateHace 9 días

    Those are not real available classes yet. HAPPY WAITING!

  102. Anatol

    AnatolHace 22 días

    1:44 That Mozambique here! So great xD

  103. Eusocial Insects International

    Eusocial Insects InternationalHace 23 días

    Bigger brains doesn’t mean higher intelligence. If that was the case, blue whales would be ruling the earth

  104. Jebu911

    Jebu911Hace 19 días

    Best brain-to-body mass ratio did make ants into commies tho.

  105. alex lo

    alex loHace 23 días

    need a nerf dude. I LIKE BEING DIFFRENT

  106. makai no kaio

    makai no kaioHace 23 días

    6:30 Good ol days...

  107. Aqib Ali

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    I forgot about u then after a year or so I got u in mah recommendation yasss

  108. ShadowLucario7

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    What about the new build that the humans are making with their crafting ability? The AI build seems like it might be too OP upon release.

  109. Gilly Puente

    Gilly PuenteHace 24 días

    This video game talk is gay as fuck. Just give us the straight information. Seriously.

  110. עידו דקל

    עידו דקלHace 25 días

    plus sapiens have unlocked the speaking ability and thus were able to better communicate in combat against the neanderthals who because of their inf3rior lacking communication were not able to fight in groups as large as the sapiens

  111. paco ramon

    paco ramonHace 25 días

    Is like the elite barbarians, they were so bad that the devs buff them to the point of becoming OP.

  112. Angus Anderson

    Angus AndersonHace 26 días

    Please can you do a part 2- expanding from where you left off- ie friendly fire, go into more detail on the lunar and mars expansion packs, self destruction bugs etc

  113. Yoga Wardina

    Yoga WardinaHace 26 días

    1:46 Mozambique here

  114. MI6

    MI6Hace 26 días

    I think the other builds need to git gud and stop complaining to the devs all the time

  115. KYXER

    KYXERHace 26 días

    It's so freaking hard getting enough XP to respawn as a human. This is my first time playing as a human and let me tell you, it's so easy and fun I don't ever want to die. Good thing we have long lifespans.

  116. scabbarae

    scabbaraeHace 26 días

    There are a lot of human mains, especially in the Deep South US maps, who refuse to believe the human build wasn't spontaneously inserted just a few patches ago, despite the entire update history being readily available to players.