[HOT] teach choreography ,언더 나인틴 20190105


  1. Mae anne Park

    Mae anne ParkHace un hora

    I would have done the same thing😄 he's like an Army how cute😂

  2. pau_tae bts

    pau_tae btsHace 7 horas

    Si jhope va a esa academia... Yo me inscribo!!! 😂😂

  3. Chimchim My Koala

    Chimchim My KoalaHace 11 horas

    100 times. Ahh watching this every single time makes me fall in love with J-dope.

  4. Catherine Ado

    Catherine AdoHace 11 horas

    oh damn they called him sunbae T.T

  5. Cindy Belinda Feng

    Cindy Belinda FengHace 12 horas

    Me imagina el orgasmo que le dio al vato cuando j-hope le toco la mano :^)

  6. Мира Адамгулова

    Мира АдамгуловаHace 19 horas


  7. 綺 綺

    綺 綺Hace 23 horas



    MRS. JUNGSHooKHace un día

    The nun is shaking

  9. Maria Oh

    Maria OhHace un día

    J HOPE 사랑해 💖💗💓❤️💕💜💝💞

  10. J Ci

    J CiHace un día

    *i feel so proud of Hobi when they say "J-Hope Sunbaenim"*

  11. La esperanza del esperanzo

    La esperanza del esperanzoHace un día

    Awww so cute😍😊

  12. Com Tell

    Com TellHace un día

    0:29 так усердно вытерал, потом вообще мыть не будет ~❤

  13. Blossom Jones

    Blossom JonesHace un día

    I love you Jhope!!

  14. Golden Boy

    Golden BoyHace un día

    He was like did a god just touched my hand

  15. Kim Loan Thạch

    Kim Loan ThạchHace un día

    Co phai anh khong J Hope

  16. Kim Loan Thạch

    Kim Loan ThạchHace un día

    Mấy ngừơi la ai sao may nguoi danh a.r.m.y cua BTS ha

  17. Damsel Jar

    Damsel JarHace un día

    Hobi is also shy. 😆😍💜 He's cute. The interaction between with these trainees is cuter. 😆

  18. anonymous me

    anonymous meHace 2 días

    JHOOOOPPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!. My Hobi looks so cool here 💜💜💜💜💜

  19. Angel0sGarg0yle

    Angel0sGarg0yleHace 2 días

    This is so cute oh my g o s h

  20. Arum PU

    Arum PUHace 2 días

    Mas Hobi, mai sunshine 😣

  21. Morabella 2310

    Morabella 2310Hace 2 días


  22. Morabella 2310

    Morabella 2310Hace 2 días

    A❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ar❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Arm❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Army❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ forever

  23. Jungkook's Underwear With Holes

    Jungkook's Underwear With HolesHace 2 días

    *something in your eyes,Tell me who I am...Something in my heart* Hobi is so sweet!

  24. andy pandy

    andy pandyHace 2 días

    [People probably wont read this] What if in the future bts will own a building to teach new kpop groups and each member will teach a specific thing. Rapmon: writing lyrics Yoongi: rap J hope: choreography Jungkook: reaching high and low notes Jin and tae: harmonizing their voices with other members 💜💜💜

  25. Ailin Kook

    Ailin KookHace 2 días

    0:28 Su Mano Fue Bendecida Por El Santo J-Esperanzo De Corea Del Sur (?? Ya No Se Lo Que Escribo x'D.. Osea Si J-Hobi Me Toca La Mano Me Desmayo :''v & Jamás Me Lavaría De Nuevo Mi Mano :'''v

  26. Vitória Arielle

    Vitória ArielleHace 2 días

    0.34 alguém sabe que música é essa? Does anyone knows what music is this?

  27. HyunA and E'DAWN are made for each other

    HyunA and E'DAWN are made for each otherHace 2 días

    The way his face lit up was amazing and showed how much he respected him

  28. JimChim

    JimChimHace 2 días

    0:25 He's so cute ♥ ~

  29. jungkook love

    jungkook loveHace 2 días


  30. vidhi porte

    vidhi porteHace 2 días

    He looks too cute while teaching 😂😍

  31. parkjimin 95

    parkjimin 95Hace 3 días

    precious jhope 😍

  32. yoonmin _

    yoonmin _Hace 3 días

    A gangnam beauty ost : Song name

  33. pros gamer5067

    pros gamer5067Hace 3 días

    TxT Amazing...

  34. *Yo Burgerking Im da rap king*

    *Yo Burgerking Im da rap king*Hace 3 días

    hes might never wash his hands ohmalord

  35. Jeon sara 01

    Jeon sara 01Hace 3 días

    J-hooooooooooooope My euphoria,,,,

  36. xkenzie •

    xkenzie •Hace 3 días


  37. nasi rah

    nasi rahHace 3 días


  38. Cande Lu

    Cande LuHace 3 días


  39. Катя Katya

    Катя KatyaHace 3 días

    Ахазахаза оруу

  40. T1TA S.S

    T1TA S.SHace 3 días

    El profeso J-Hope es realmente un buen maestro .....

  41. Chh_tty _

    Chh_tty _Hace 3 días

    His bam bam bams😝

  42. Luana Ferreira

    Luana FerreiraHace 3 días

    O Lee Sangmin tão fofinho pra aperta a mão do jhope. 😍😍😍

  43. Jisoo Kim

    Jisoo KimHace 3 días

    i love jhope this my favorite menbers of bts💗😉

  44. Say Cadavis

    Say CadavisHace 3 días

    Im starting to fell in love with Lee Sangmin! 😭

  45. carla isabel gomez zelada

    carla isabel gomez zeladaHace 3 días

    es tan hermosooooooooo

  46. Ana Cristina Balbin

    Ana Cristina BalbinHace 3 días

    laugh 's jhope is addictive

  47. Ana Cristina Balbin

    Ana Cristina BalbinHace 3 días

    jjjjj hopppp eee

  48. Zainy Z

    Zainy ZHace 3 días

    Seongmin was all the way like why you gave me jhopes part but in the end he was the one to handshake with hobi!!! Hard time pays off!!

  49. El Amor De Tu Vida 7u7

    El Amor De Tu Vida 7u7Hace 3 días

    Na mamessssss ¡J-hope es perfecto! 💖

  50. Анна Авакин

    Анна АвакинHace 3 días

    О боже как этот мило

  51. Army qualquer MIN STER

    Army qualquer MIN STERHace 3 días

    Hô eles são mutos lindosss😚

  52. Sea Sea

    Sea SeaHace 3 días

    He's different. How he can be kind like that? 💜

  53. Диляра Бекмухамбетова

    Диляра БекмухамбетоваHace 3 días

    Я тоже хочу что бы Хосок хоть разок научил меня танцевать

  54. Ana kook

    Ana kookHace 3 días

    Que fofinho!! J hope deixou ele timido♥

  55. B fox

    B foxHace 3 días

    Boi IS lucky af when he hand shake with hobi 😍

  56. Soka & Simo Official channel

    Soka & Simo Official channelHace 3 días


  57. chim esia

    chim esiaHace 3 días


  58. Maria Fernanda Pereira Ribeiro

    Maria Fernanda Pereira RibeiroHace 3 días


  59. Maria Fernanda Pereira Ribeiro

    Maria Fernanda Pereira RibeiroHace 3 días

    +Ana kook ahhh vlw Ñ sabia

  60. Ana kook

    Ana kookHace 3 días

    tem tradução em portugues

  61. Gnoeccsi

    GnoeccsiHace 3 días

    The second he came into the room he gives off such a warm and approachable aura but at the same time you can’t help it but to admire from afar with so much respect and authority. Hobi is everything

  62. Pavithra Thapa

    Pavithra ThapaHace 3 días

    jhope is so handsome 😍

  63. mighty bunny kookie

    mighty bunny kookieHace 3 días


  64. Kookies And Tae

    Kookies And TaeHace 3 días

    dude teach me too pls and once i see him ill probs never blink anymore xD

  65. March

    MarchHace 4 días

    hi vice hehe jk

  66. Isha Pawar

    Isha PawarHace 4 días

    Our sunshine making everyone in the room gay

  67. Shirley Valderrama

    Shirley ValderramaHace 4 días

    Sang min se ha robado mi corazon policiaaa

  68. Алена Соловьева

    Алена СоловьеваHace 4 días

    my sunshine 😍😍😍😍

  69. sweet world :3

    sweet world :3Hace 4 días

    They look so cute ; u ;

  70. min w

    min wHace 4 días

    it's so cute they are even mimicking hobi's 'bamm bamm'

  71. Isabella Chan

    Isabella ChanHace 4 días


  72. Han Jinus

    Han JinusHace 4 días

    ¡Gracias por traducirlo al español!❤

  73. @toonilover102

    @toonilover102Hace 4 días

    0:46 me when my friends try to touch me after touching a member

  74. Revina Rahmad

    Revina RahmadHace 4 días

    Hoseok is so humble

  75. It’s Timachii

    It’s TimachiiHace 4 días

    Jung Hoseok x Lee Sang Min is real(?

  76. Kunieda Thea Wood

    Kunieda Thea WoodHace 4 días

    I like them so much 😘

  77. Marisol Portillo

    Marisol PortilloHace 4 días

    Son todos lindos

  78. BTS's Jimintu Rai

    BTS's Jimintu RaiHace 4 días

    J-Hope 💚 They won 👏👏👏👏

  79. Jung Park Min

    Jung Park MinHace 4 días

    SangMin represents ARMY.

  80. BTS Update

    BTS UpdateHace 4 días

    I love themmmmmmmm waaaaahhh

  81. Bangtan BTS••••

    Bangtan BTS••••Hace 4 días


  82. Hye mi Park

    Hye mi ParkHace 4 días

    que lindo mi jhope

  83. Sychosis

    SychosisHace 4 días

    Do you think that maybe one member from TXT that we don’t know about is there?

  84. Scarleth Johanson

    Scarleth JohansonHace 4 días

    Quienes son los chicos? De dónde salieron? Osea aparte de hobi quienes son los otros xd

  85. akari army

    akari armyHace 4 días

    Si j hope me agarra la mano yo me limpio con jaboncito bien limpiecito antes de que lo hiciera

  86. 숭Jiminie- ah

    숭Jiminie- ahHace 4 días

    Aegyo :3

  87. Pink Panda

    Pink PandaHace 4 días

    They should do a girl version of under nineteen

  88. Daisi P

    Daisi PHace 4 días

    I really wanna meet BTS even one of the members like they did

  89. Evelin Roman garcia

    Evelin Roman garciaHace 4 días

    i couldn't learn anything of dance if J-hope teach me... because i would can't help to see his face like a stupid

  90. Norh Al

    Norh AlHace 4 días


  91. Norh Al

    Norh AlHace 4 días


  92. Lipiati Change

    Lipiati ChangeHace 4 días

    0:50 he’s ready to give it all up for hobi

  93. Kim Moni

    Kim MoniHace 4 días

    Idk why i loughed so hard, is that OK? 😭😂💜

  94. Camila Evelyn Teixeira dos Santos

    Camila Evelyn Teixeira dos SantosHace 4 días

    J Hope como te amo cara!!!!

  95. Shadowcat107

    Shadowcat107Hace 4 días

    they were surprised and they didn’t know they’re gonna get some help from J Hope. 💗😆💜

  96. Wendy Darling

    Wendy DarlingHace 4 días

    I cannot take this anymore, he's so humble and precious TOT Despite of everything he (they) still keep his feet touch on the ground. You deserve all the love hobiiii

  97. Veronica Lukban

    Veronica LukbanHace 4 días

    Hobiiii 😍

  98. Ysr xJK

    Ysr xJKHace 4 días


  99. Hngg Taeran 3012

    Hngg Taeran 3012Hace 4 días

    0:28 anh này làm màu dễ sợ 😆😆

  100. nahir alvarez

    nahir alvarezHace 4 días

    1:38 "marioneta" = teorias

  101. VIDA H

    VIDA HHace 4 días

    Marionette is actually a style of Dance [which is Fake love Base Dancing style this time] .. actually it lil is related to storyline too !OO [ps] Uhh.. He is the King of any style ~~

  102. lajana shakya

    lajana shakyaHace 4 días

    Jhope's looking very good😊😊

  103. NanmeeAung Thailand

    NanmeeAung ThailandHace 4 días