Home Alone literally makes no sense...


  1. Dom Sansotta

    Dom SansottaHace 2 horas

    If I was Kevin’s dad I would put uncle Frank through a wall for calling Kevin a little jerk . Buzz ate his pizza . Jeff called him a disease . Kevin’s family is more dysfunctional then he is and they hated him because he was too real

  2. kazzlee1125

    kazzlee1125Hace 15 horas

    Do home alone 3!!!!!!!!!

  3. WumpyDumpy

    WumpyDumpyHace 16 horas

    Im his lookalike only im at the moment 11 but 5 years ago people told me wow did you play in homealone or your dad did you look so much like him and im like dude where not even related or live in the same country but i get why you think im the same person

  4. Alan M Jolly

    Alan M JollyHace 23 horas

    We all know the theory Kevin grew up to be jigsaw

  5. Katie Smithsonian

    Katie SmithsonianHace un día

    When the uncle called him a little jerk I was 😱 speechless

  6. Jenna F

    Jenna FHace un día

    Holy shit that’s the same mom from schitts creek

  7. Gnar NarNar

    Gnar NarNarHace un día

    I just got the best ad: "They forget about a little something" Ad: "We as parents can always experience miracles" *happy baby laugh*

  8. Max

    MaxHace un día

    Stop dissing my favorite Christmas movie

  9. Reagan Phelps

    Reagan PhelpsHace un día

    I've watched this and I love it (Im a kid)

  10. Alsarah François

    Alsarah FrançoisHace un día

    Will forever love this movie

  11. Purple Dolphin Studios

    Purple Dolphin StudiosHace un día

    "Batman Returns" Best Christmas movie 'Nuff said

  12. Keyma B

    Keyma BHace 2 días

    Omg I remember the tootsie pop thing. N

  13. EasyWays Status

    EasyWays StatusHace 2 días

    I think I'm buzz in my family 💔😭.

  14. Joanna B

    Joanna BHace 2 días

    It is a tradition that in Poland we watch Kevin alone 1 or 2 or both one day after another lol. They play this in our TV every year xD

  15. Wildcake -art

    Wildcake -artHace 2 días

    Nooo but I love home alone T~T

  16. Death Breath

    Death BreathHace 2 días

    Dude I'm 11 I love this movie

  17. iza- cat

    iza- catHace 2 días

    When your watching this home alone.. I'M IN A MOVIE!!!

  18. Man uel

    Man uelHace 2 días

    Americans be like 8:20

  19. Leanett Xyz

    Leanett XyzHace 3 días

    “Home Alone” in TV and you know that Christmas are coming, literally every year in Poland.

  20. frickuency

    frickuencyHace 3 días

    All the thumbnails be like: wut...

  21. Cartier xzッ

    Cartier xzッHace 3 días

    *Any show or movie exist* Alex: this show makes no sense

  22. TeamKia

    TeamKiaHace 3 días

    1:05 I died laughing here

  23. Cnai Zech

    Cnai ZechHace 3 días


  24. Susu Sketches

    Susu SketchesHace 4 días

    It is garbage. I always hated when they showed it every christmas as kid but now I dont care anymore

  25. Cookie !

    Cookie !Hace 4 días

    I still love that movie :3

  26. amvpro6

    amvpro6Hace 4 días

    Ps4 + rage = fortnite

  27. Sr pants

    Sr pantsHace 4 días

    I love "Hoe Malone"

  28. Gachasprinkles _YT

    Gachasprinkles _YTHace 4 días

    How do I know because she told me it was 100% true

  29. Gachasprinkles _YT

    Gachasprinkles _YTHace 4 días

    My mom got a free tootsie pop

  30. SSilverV V

    SSilverV VHace 5 días

    you got Heathers as well

  31. WaffleAuflauf

    WaffleAuflaufHace 5 días

    My most vivid memory while watching a Home Alone movie (it was Home Alone 2) was losing 2 teeth at once And it was epic

  32. Pyrrpurra Meowlinae

    Pyrrpurra MeowlinaeHace 5 días

    How did he call the cops when the phone lines-

  33. Dom Sansotta

    Dom SansottaHace 5 días

    90’s kids defeniteley had attitude . I remember seeing them get all mad just because you looked at them the wrong way 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Talia Potato

    Talia PotatoHace 5 días

    *You know what rlly doesn't make sense that I've ALWAYS wanted to say !?!?!?!* In Home alone Kevin is 8 and in Home alone 2 based almost the around the exact time 1 year later he is *10* not to menu on the didn't learn there lesson from the 1st time and was all "WeLl I HoPe U gEt Ur WiSh ThIs YeAr"

  35. Christiana Soto

    Christiana SotoHace 5 días

    i honestly feel bad for Kevin

  36. Sara Johnson

    Sara JohnsonHace 6 días

    Hey. I was one of those kids who got a free Tootsie Pop. It was part of the church gift shop.

  37. Marija Rakonjac

    Marija RakonjacHace 6 días

    You cant ruin how much I love this movie. I love it soo much

  38. Ananya Sam

    Ananya SamHace 6 días


  39. Annemarie Hill

    Annemarie HillHace 6 días

    Kevin, I am going to feed you to my tarantula

  40. The_Editss X

    The_Editss XHace 6 días

    I have an Indian tootsie pop..

  41. Flowerchilduffangirl my tik tok My tik tok acc

    Flowerchilduffangirl my tik tok My tik tok accHace 6 días

    I don't remember his name, but the one burgler with that little afro, looks a bit like Bob ross. Or like someone trying to dress up like Bob ross.

  42. Dom Sansotta

    Dom SansottaHace 6 días

    How is it that Kevin was hated so much in the beginning but towards the end he’s treated like a saint ? I would question that if I were him . I already hate people as it is

  43. Trip Case

    Trip CaseHace 7 días

    They left Kevin home alone like twice. How has Kevin not been taken away by the CPS?

  44. Dom Sansotta

    Dom SansottaHace 7 días

    Hmmmmmm valid points here bro

  45. Charlie C

    Charlie CHace 7 días

    This movie makes no sense {\ /} { ● -● / > ♥

  46. Allyson RR

    Allyson RRHace 8 días

    Those are some freaking bad parents😂😂

  47. Zahra Singh

    Zahra SinghHace 8 días

    Boooo home alone is amazing!! Good video tho

  48. Mer Williamson

    Mer WilliamsonHace 8 días

    There's like a dozen of theses now...

  49. Christy L. Riley

    Christy L. RileyHace 8 días

    How is Kevin not in jail? Because he uses these death traps on burglars...makes no sense. Has to be Christmas magic.

  50. Christy L. Riley

    Christy L. RileyHace 8 días

    I always thought this movie was obsurb.

  51. 5cloudwalker

    5cloudwalkerHace 8 días

    Great graphics but I really think this movie stands up and it does makes sense

  52. Dom Sansotta

    Dom SansottaHace 8 días

    Hmmmmmmm this Makes you think . Kevin was such a smart kid

  53. Shio Mio

    Shio MioHace 8 días

    If I had the whole house to myself when I was a kid, I would just watch TV and eat. ;-; I'd probably cry a little too.

  54. Lincoln/ Mom Wood

    Lincoln/ Mom WoodHace 9 días

    Do Home Alone 2

  55. Stevie Fischetti

    Stevie FischettiHace 9 días

    Ok, dungeons are downstairs not upstairs! Hahaha!

  56. Genevieve Ballatt

    Genevieve BallattHace 9 días

    That is very true I don’t have naslga for it so I think it’s tradh

  57. pokemon lexi

    pokemon lexiHace 9 días

    Die Hard is the best xmas movie

  58. Paige in a notebook

    Paige in a notebookHace 9 días

    I am from the early 2000’s and I remember this movie so much bro 😂

  59. Tyrone Staples

    Tyrone StaplesHace 9 días

    I luv home alone🏠 Edit: I edited this to be cool

  60. Blake Williams

    Blake WilliamsHace 9 días

    If another compliment reaches you then congrats I think your editing works well to make your reviews interesting. I’d be pleased to see your channel feature more movies considered classic like this with your production values.