Here’s Why Big Hit Entertainment Does NOT Have Female Trainees Anymore- KPOP NEWS


  1. BTS Army Jenni

    BTS Army JenniHace 20 horas

    I know a bighit girl group and BTS will have scandals but what about the “boy” scandals? I heard that Mochi and one of our goofballs had a scandal I think so I don’t remember correctly, but it said Mochi and one of our goofballs had a scandal, so it’s not girl scandals only but also “boy” scandals.

  2. BTS Army Jenni

    BTS Army JenniHace 20 horas

    I like BTS but I won’t audition just to get close to them I mean if I have to work there i will treat them like a big brother nothing sexual I wanna be a kpop star I love their songs and their a big inspiration for a lot of us but sadly not many fangirls are like that..

  3. Chunky Kitty

    Chunky KittyHace 2 días

    That pic of the girls in black there's a vid of them dancing in the room where BTS train 😂

  4. Anuska Patel

    Anuska PatelHace 3 días

    Please try to understand bang pd all girls aren't same you have to give a chance

  5. Иiken Aииafi

    Иiken AииafiHace 4 días

    But, if I have a chance, I want to bcme their trainee.. Maybe their actors too:| I wish that could happen-• Amen..😣🙏😅

  6. Who Gacha

    Who GachaHace 4 días


  7. Alolipa Uli

    Alolipa UliHace 4 días

    This video was long

  8. amelia almutarreb

    amelia almutarrebHace 4 días

    just cause of one girl group wasnt a success doesnt mean the other will be

  9. amelia almutarreb

    amelia almutarrebHace 4 días

    have you heard their music it is so good they couldve become huge

  10. lol Rinny

    lol RinnyHace 4 días

    I feel like BTS is going to last longer than TXT tbh... Sorry for saying that and TXT didn't even debut yet... I think TXT will last for a long time, but I still feel that BTS will last longer 0_0. Bighit should debut another girl group, maybe even a solo girl. I want to audition ti see if they would even bother letting me be a trainee or even just be there. BigHit is not in the top three companies and it isn't a very small company so it matches what company I would want to go to, but I can't... Bighit style is very good (m/v outfits and dance)

  11. Park G young

    Park G youngHace 5 días

    I feel bad for the girls who had to train for along time to debut and then stupid scandals started appearing. Fun big hit

  12. x_Autumn_Leaves_x

    x_Autumn_Leaves_xHace 6 días

    While I am a girl myself, and before finding out that Bighit only accepted girls(and also before I was ARMY lol) my friend encouraged me to try to audition with her, but after doing some research I realised that Bighit did not accept females. I was pretty bummed out after the fact that they were hosting auditions a few streets down from where I live, but I do respect his decision. He almost lost everything from the Glam scandal, and creating a girl group could cause a lot of dating rumours and scandals. Not to mention how many sasaengs or fans auditioning for the sole purpose of wanting to meet their biases. It'd be better to leave it the way it is, maybe one day in the future Bighit will debut girl groups again.

  13. Shrek

    ShrekHace 6 días

    Of the made a female group I think it would be "Girls Hit"

  14. Kate Garsha

    Kate GarshaHace 6 días

    I wonder where they are now

  15. ღRαʂρႦҽɾɾყ Tαɾƚღ

    ღRαʂρႦҽɾɾყ TαɾƚღHace 6 días

    Can someone explain the 'Glam incident' i know bits of it but i just wanna know the whole thing

  16. Jungkooks Tata

    Jungkooks TataHace 6 días

    I thought it was just bc some might fans would actually have no interest in being in a group and they just want to get closer to BTS

  17. _vminkookie_

    _vminkookie_Hace 7 días

    Why cut off mid sentence? It makes it harder to read 'cause your constantly having to stop mid way sentence. Other then that glam would have been good (ig) but it never happend.

  18. Bts4Life

    Bts4LifeHace 7 días

    It’s kinda sexist cause not many girls are like this. But they were due to 1-2 members so I’m sure he felt we were all this way and was too scared to risk another group feeling it may come out the same. It’s not their fault but it’s kinda sad aswell that they won’t let in another girl group and because the group disbanded because of one member being a moron. But it still hasn’t been confirmed by bighit this isn’t the reason but it’s quit clear now

  19. Lan!

    Lan!Hace 7 días

    aww crap

  20. Old Mails

    Old MailsHace 7 días

    Please help guys need you votes.

  21. Izzyzle

    IzzyzleHace 7 días

    so there was just something wrong with glam members

  22. Jungkook Jeon

    Jungkook JeonHace 8 días

    Damn I really did like one of the member and that was zinni I’ve seen her in all kpop entertainment and she’s been my favorite ever since

  23. bts rocks

    bts rocksHace 11 días

    Idk that bighit had another group too and their is one coincidence too glam disbanded at that time when bts got their first daesang like pd nim got happiness and sorrow at the same time but i am happy that now everything is alright and bts are so successful and pd nim had done a great job by finding these 7 angels for us thank you so much pd nim

  24. SeReNdIpItY

    SeReNdIpItYHace 11 días

    Ahhhhhh so that explains the playlist of GLAM I saw on ibighit haha

  25. sugar_sweet_ suga

    sugar_sweet_ sugaHace 13 días

    But i want to be their trainer

  26. Little Nerdy Asian Girl

    Little Nerdy Asian GirlHace 13 días

    Dang so while BTS was performing comebacks and releasing albums, this whole scandal was still being dealt with

  27. Nii-chan love

    Nii-chan loveHace 15 días

    Ok just gonna say this now no matter I still love GLAM

  28. Hwang Eunbi

    Hwang EunbiHace 16 días

    I think if GLAM does'nt issue SINB AND EUNHA(gfriend) I think they Debute Under bighit entertainment....

  29. AnakNgHunHan 07

    AnakNgHunHan 07Hace 12 días

    They would've debut under BigHit if GLAM's issue didn't come out.

  30. Alexis_lxl_ 123

    Alexis_lxl_ 123Hace 16 días

    Girl group: we need individual rooms for each member Bang pd:WHAT!!??*looks at bts* Bts: all 7 share a room Bang pd:*looks at bank account* Hmmmm Girl group:we need stuff for our mv Bang pd:WHAT!?!? Bts:asking producers to use there cars for mv *humble kings* Bang pd:*checks Wallet* hmmm

  31. Josie Vang

    Josie VangHace 16 días

    It’s crazy how we lost our girl group😭 it would be amazing if they would change their minds in the future

  32. top 10 comedy scenes

    top 10 comedy scenesHace 17 días

    No one love famel😒singers Just male singers👎


    KOOKIE WITH SUGA& JUNG-FOOD -᷅_-᷄Hace 17 días

    Man I wish I were a guy

  34. tamanna islam

    tamanna islamHace 18 días

    It was a real escape from that girl group.... bighit made their best decision to not debut any girl group or else they couldn't have focused on BTS...each one person of bighit & members of bts are so hardworking that they have create a history in k-pop....😍

  35. Lost in Alola

    Lost in AlolaHace 19 días

    Oh boo fucking who. A girl likes a guy big deal. I bet if a guy did that to a girl they wouldn't stop producing male groups.

  36. Bangtan Bullet

    Bangtan BulletHace 19 días

    If bighit will ever think of debuting a gg, then dating rumors will spread but I think if the girls will be 2004 liner or younger ,than the army's will not be affected, cause some obsessed army's will think that those girls are too young for their "oppas", hence that gg may become as successful as BTS

  37. moonstruck_myg

    moonstruck_mygHace 20 días

    talk about trauma. poor bighit

  38. Sniff that Suga

    Sniff that SugaHace 22 días

    Ik bighit is super open to all different kinds of people, I’m sure if they opened auditions to females as well a good amount of foreigners would audition

  39. Samilol170 Love kpop

    Samilol170 Love kpopHace 26 días

    It’s all because of that ONE SINGEL MEMBER the others didn’t get a chance

  40. LAK-3's Golden Maknae

    LAK-3's Golden MaknaeHace 26 días

    Anyone know BigHits Email? Imma ask about a new gig and giving girls another chance. Not all girls are saesongs. My and my friends just want to be a real Kpop idol group, not to harass BTS. 1 person ruins it all. I'mma ask Bang Si Hyuk to give girls.another chance if anyone know BigHits Email

  41. Roses and moonlight

    Roses and moonlightHace 26 días

    Can someone explain it to me? I watched the video but I didn't understand anything.

  42. Jeon Jihoon

    Jeon JihoonHace 27 días

    i am sorry if i make people mad with my word

  43. Jeon Jihoon

    Jeon JihoonHace 27 días

    i think this is the best idea to bighit not make a girl group anymore....The group names Glam make many problem until bighit had many problem to success....So glad that BTS become a famous group in the world and I hope a new boy group name 6Aces will be a famous group and be a new generation after BTS

  44. Jeon Jihoon

    Jeon JihoonHace 27 días

    i hope people dont mad with my word....That only my opinion

  45. Jeon Jihoon

    Jeon JihoonHace 27 días

    i think this is the best idea to bighit not make a girl group anymore....The group names Glam make many problem until bighit had many problem to success....So glad that BTS become a famous group in the world and I hope a new boy group name 6Aces will be a famous group and be a new generation after BTS

  46. Miyawaki Chaeyeon

    Miyawaki ChaeyeonHace 29 días

    if bighit still create girl groups, i guess eunha and sinb might debut under bighit but nah its okay im glad too they both debut in gfriend

  47. Kim Seokjin

    Kim SeokjinHace 29 días

    I was planning on becoming a trainee on bighit then I saw this, so sad

  48. Frost Blade

    Frost BladeHace un mes

    New group 2019

  49. Angelina Tan

    Angelina TanHace un mes

    Bighit here doesn’t want drama and in the West, we literally make drama about every single little thing celebrities do.

  50. Lisa Manzano

    Lisa ManzanoHace un mes

    I understand what bang pd's situation but 1 girl is not equal to million girls😊. They should give a chance to women😁💜

  51. Jocelynn Ramirez

    Jocelynn RamirezHace un mes

    I feel like bighit should at least (in the future) debut a new girl group and give them a chance later ..

  52. Bernadette

    BernadetteHace un mes

    If they were active along with BTS. No doubt BigHit would turn the Big 3 into the Big 4. Not only this, if they debut another successful girl group with GLAM and the new boyband in 2019. No doubt they’d be with the big leagues and one of the well respected companies that actually treat their idols ok.

  53. Young Seoul

    Young SeoulHace un mes

    I respect bighit so warning I think it was The glam members fault (the glam scandal ones) is not only put a bad rep on all the other members but puta bad rep on Bighit and ruined it for all the girls whom want to audition for bighit But it was so long ago Big hit needs to try something new Because I think after 6 Aces comes out they should let girls audition Because after a while people are going to get bored of all boys company because it’s just going to be the same thing over and over agian And I think with the recent Bts success they should try agian I liked glams music I wish they never did those things But trial and error makes The world turn In the end we are all human and we make mistakes But sometimes you have to try agian Yours truly ~ Kendall

  54. Young Seoul

    Young SeoulHace un mes

    And tho I say long time ago it took like 5 years for this to end I thinks it’s fair big hit starts agian

  55. Adrijana Panic

    Adrijana PanicHace un mes

    They do have trainees. They train them but give them to other argencies

  56. Adrijana Panic

    Adrijana PanicHace un mes

    and they ut hem on shows like produce 101

  57. Evan Lamoureaux

    Evan LamoureauxHace un mes

    Just because one girl messed up, she ruined the chances for every other girl who wanted to work for bighit

  58. Fye Ruze

    Fye RuzeHace un mes

    Just because currently they only accept male trainees doesn't mean they are going to stay that way forever. Big Hit was almost a no name company back then and one of their artists got involved in one of the nation's biggest scandals of the year. Currently they are using BTS' success to build their reputation back up and don't wanna risk another scandal, especially as stupid as dating rumors, which will be inevitable no matter how big or small it is with the shippers running rampant and haters watching their every move, their hands are already full with Antis insisting BTS' clothes must be offensive for World War 2 victims etc.

  59. Rouaida Roro

    Rouaida RoroHace un mes

    A bad doing of a member concluded to the destruction of otheres' futures and disbanding

  60. Seoyeon Kim

    Seoyeon KimHace un mes

    Just cause of that girl , I couldn’t realize my dream to do an audition with BigHit

  61. Cindy Meilani

    Cindy MeilaniHace un mes

    My God.. I just remember that GLAM was under the same company with Bangtan. I used to love them since their first time debut. Especially Zinni. She can do Bboying. I am sad that there was much complicated drama behind. Seriously, they would become a succesful idol maybe like Black Pink if they could stand believe, commit, and focus. We are already know that Big Hit has such an excellent-experienced choreoghraper, and music composer. Sorry sometimes i talk too much when I am sad haha

  62. BTS Productions

    BTS ProductionsHace un mes

    What about boys? THEY CAN BE SAESANGS TOO YA KNOW!!

  63. kiatweng sim

    kiatweng simHace un mes

    That's sad

  64. Sarkkulim Sunshine

    Sarkkulim SunshineHace un mes

    Well we have Yoonji 😂

  65. Teresa Bristy Gomez

    Teresa Bristy GomezHace un mes

    Others have also girls group and they are running pretty well. Big hit was just hit by luck. Boys are their lucky charm. Girls group or Boys group doesn't matter it matters only character.

  66. Sugas Tractor

    Sugas TractorHace un mes


  67. Venicia Vaz

    Venicia VazHace un mes

    Didn't u have more pictures?

  68. Andrea Jose

    Andrea JoseHace un mes

    The group girl group glam has five members but the new boy kpop group that’s going to debut 2019 from big hit Entertainment has 5 members too😱

  69. it's Mikachannel!

    it's Mikachannel!Hace un mes


  70. Egg Yoke

    Egg YokeHace un mes

    Don't ruin other people's chances because of an incident that happened five years ago.



    Tbh if Bighit actually made a girl group I'd drag my cousins's ass all the way to Korea so we can audition😂😂😂😂😂

  72. Gucci Smile

    Gucci SmileHace un mes


  73. Mika Qupcake

    Mika QupcakeHace un mes

    idk what are the reasons, this is a bit sexist

  74. Chimmy Ella

    Chimmy EllaHace un mes


  75. gumdrops ;;

    gumdrops ;;Hace un mes

    that was a wild fucking ride omg it turned from not getting many views and a member leaving to one getting fucking arrested for attempted threat and sentenced to a whole ass year in prison can we get an F in the chat for BigHit

  76. * uwu *

    * uwu *Hace un mes

    Why are there no mixed groups in k pop?? Don’t you think it would be cool to have a group with both make and female?? The dynamics would be cool to play with

  77. Author Nim

    Author NimHace un mes

    Thanks Dahee, now us females can’t audition..

  78. Shirley Smith

    Shirley SmithHace un mes

    I think Bighit should reconsider they are more seasoned now and more experienced in what they need to look for. Girl groups are becoming a big thing for young girls they see them a role models. I do hope Bighit reconsiders their decision and there are girls out there who really do want to sing and make it big.

  79. Unknown Army

    Unknown ArmyHace un mes

    Sad me!!

  80. DJ Minnie

    DJ MinnieHace un mes

    Like the old saying goes: " It takes that one person to mess it up for everybody." Glam could have been the big sister senior group for BTS but I guess things happen for a reason. To be honest with you I think they could have kicked that one girl out but she made the whole company look bad so...They had to do, what they had to do. It's very unfair that the rest of the members had to suffer and very unfortunate on what happen...Smh

  81. Hilary Tanguma

    Hilary TangumaHace un mes

    Thanks to GLAM girl groups won't be able to be in Bighit, and because of one everyone gets it (+-+)

  82. Khushleen Kaur

    Khushleen KaurHace un mes

    Well past is the past and with out glam leaving there wouldn’t be bts

  83. Smol TaeKookie

    Smol TaeKookieHace un mes

    I thought the reason was going to be because fans of BTS were auditioning and trying to get closer to the boys.Oh well.We still have that new boy group coming up!TBH,I think it's better (don't hate) since that way BTS will be protected from any "scandals".

  84. Krizzia Mae Gugulan

    Krizzia Mae GugulanHace un mes

    Can anyone explain me clearly what happened i don't understand the vid.Pls.Appreciate and respond quickly thanks

  85. Farina Siddiqui

    Farina SiddiquiHace un mes

    Oh i didn't know that there was an other group before bts.... Shocked...😮

  86. 황후 Brooke Droste BangTwice Ship

    황후 Brooke Droste BangTwice ShipHace un mes

    Hopefully one day he will allow it

  87. Sadaf Karimi

    Sadaf KarimiHace un mes

    I really want to audition to make my dream come true in a company. But no I don’t get support from my parents and tell me to focus school but guess what I don’t listen hehehehe

  88. 다 란오

    다 란오Hace un mes

    Can someone explain? I cant understand english to much

  89. Jiminie- pabo

    Jiminie- paboHace un mes

    I loved GLAM because of their talent and their own style. ots sad to know that one of the members ruined their group😢 :(

  90. Kim Namjoon

    Kim NamjoonHace un mes

    I always had a feeling that big hit would have had a girl group before because if they didn't the no girl group rule wouldn't have exist

  91. poni poni

    poni poniHace un mes

    I am girl ..but that's a smart idea

  92. saranghaeyo BTS

    saranghaeyo BTSHace un mes

    ohhhh........ I'm, speechless?


    BTS IS LIFEHace un mes

    I want only BTS to BIGHIT

  94. Lizzie Hearts

    Lizzie HeartsHace un mes

    I know people are upset that bighit won't accept female trainees but it makes sense. RIght now, name me 5 really successful kpop girl groups this year. Easy, BP, Twice, RV, G-idle(new but currently really popular), even Momoland (although they're receiving bad attention, they're still popular) and a lot of other smaller ones are still popular like izone, loona, etc. Now name me 5 boy groups that were popular THIS YEAR. Easy right? BTS, Wanna one, ikon, and NCT. Seventeen is popular but there didn't get much attention after 2017. Same goes for EXO as they were quiet for most the year until Tempo came out a couple of weeks ago. What I'm trying to say is, more girl groups have been successful recently then boy groups with the exception of a few. So, in a business mindset, it would be much smarter for bighit to invest and manage a boygroup rather than a girl group since there will be less competition. Also, bighit might not be good at managing girl groups. So why bother making a girl group if they feel they won't be able to manage it properly.

  95. Astrid Jasso

    Astrid JassoHace un mes

    It sucks Zinni was honestly really talented and would have probably would have done really well.

  96. Sakuya Kiku

    Sakuya KikuHace un mes

    People are talking about lost chances and stuff while I’m here being like, “SeeU was voiced by herrrrrrrrrr?!?!???” When you’re an otaku and a k pop fan😅

  97. Raja Hassan

    Raja HassanHace un mes

    @Love Topic what's the song called

  98. Kpop Fan

    Kpop FanHace un mes

    I’m sad to hear these there will be no bighit girl group ( for the time being ) but at lest I hope they debut a new boy group at lest bts are not going to be around forever

  99. Ms. Don't Give A Fuck

    Ms. Don't Give A FuckHace un mes

    I came here to laugh and i go ooh... and ahh....because i didn't know those were Bighit girls eventhough i have heard about the story already.

  100. BLiNK Jennie

    BLiNK JennieHace un mes

    Because Male artist make more MoNey than female artist except for BLACKPINK😂~~ Blackpink is better

  101. Lalisa Manoban

    Lalisa ManobanHace un mes

    Because the CEO only likes young boys

  102. Harish Patel

    Harish PatelHace 2 meses

    i respect big hit decision after such a big controversy no one will take risk but i wish big hit allow female trainees also because bts are very successful and popular and fans had been expecting a girl group who is also amazing as bts but because of this incidence big hit lost a chance to produce a great girl group but in kpop there are many faithful and talented female artists are there who are very far from such disgusting stuff so big hit can do a new beginning with a group bts are already won everyone heart but it could be more good if we will get a girl group also who are great as bts i know it will be difficult to forget that incidence but big hit should forget everything whatever happened in past and should produce a new girl group after one two years it will be a great benefit for the company because the most popopular boy group and girl group will be from big hit.

  103. Abg Cute

    Abg CuteHace 2 meses

    He must learn from JYP

  104. JULIE YU

    JULIE YUHace 2 meses


  105. J Kim

    J KimHace 2 meses

    That’s Kpop for u one person fucks up a lil everyone’s lost and bitch bai.Thats actually just life in general

  106. Ayano Aishi 143

    Ayano Aishi 143Hace 2 meses

    Actually I'm a glam fan when BTS is still not born that's why I'm a 5yrs and counting A. R. M. Y