Her Golden Eyes 💛 | GachaLife Mini Movie | Original? | 15k Special! |


  1. nik0022A

    nik0022AHace 29 días

    Warning: 1. DO NOT USE A LAZER TO DRY YOUR HAIR 2. Forks can hurt

  2. Fiona Chen

    Fiona ChenHace 5 horas

    Emily and Anna at 3:13 What the hell just happened?

  3. gatcha _winter2006

    gatcha _winter2006Hace 2 días

    Danny "like her mother" my dad's would of been thinking " oh hell nah hes dead"

  4. Cookie gurllove

    Cookie gurlloveHace 2 días

    me too but i don't have any video but i'm making if i was bored

  5. Diana iuliana Lupu

    Diana iuliana LupuHace 3 días


  6. Nimal Chakra

    Nimal ChakraHace 3 días

    Why did she have a ray gun from rick and Marty

  7. Ellen and me!!

    Ellen and me!!Hace 4 días

    Hey my name is lauren lol cool

  8. Xx Maria xX

    Xx Maria xXHace 4 días

    Omg your so funny LOL

  9. 花の花Gacha

    花の花GachaHace 4 días

    Damn must be awkward to have your mom watching u lol

  10. Elmoh Franciz Bautista

    Elmoh Franciz BautistaHace 6 días


  11. rose pender

    rose penderHace 7 días

    I wish I could give this vid. 10000 likes!!! I loved it!!!!

  12. Circus Psycho

    Circus PsychoHace 8 días

    Part 2

  13. æstheticiiangels

    æstheticiiangelsHace 9 días

    Wow! What app do you use for making videos :o



    I love Anna lol she’s so weird and funny 😆



    Lol Nice blow dryer and brush

  16. Phantom Thieves of hearts

    Phantom Thieves of heartsHace 9 días

    Giggity giggity

  17. The Teal Cat

    The Teal CatHace 9 días

    Pwease mwore....

  18. Stefanny's Life

    Stefanny's LifeHace 10 días

    Ariel be like:brushes hair with fork

  19. Clovermycat20 AJ

    Clovermycat20 AJHace 10 días

    # gatcha logic 0:46

  20. Reviax Cham

    Reviax ChamHace 10 días

    {My Version} Me:Hi girls😊😊😊😊 Delia:You look gay😳😳😳😳 Me:Are you kidding me Delia:If you say that again your more gay Me:😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶 Delia:What are you doing gay Me:I was born like this Delia:You were born gay😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Me:No Delia:Then who are you Me:I don't know Delia:I think you look way more gay Delia: I'm calling you gay Me:I'm a man don't call me gay Me:AnD wHo ArE YOU TALKING TO Delia:Ok then😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  21. Blueberry Sans

    Blueberry SansHace 11 días

    Did emily just dried her hair with a laser gun? And did she combed her hair with a fork? Huh neat

  22. TuraAndWalrusCoool XD

    TuraAndWalrusCoool XDHace 13 días

    Who else noticed that Anna said "oh my godness!" 5:49

  23. James Sijera

    James SijeraHace 13 días

    OMG I DIED! R.I.P alexa kate s. northwest 2010 - 2019 dies because of laugher

  24. Tsegereda Gebrtsadik

    Tsegereda GebrtsadikHace 14 días

    Can you make a vid that is golden eyes and hair? Tada~~~🤗

  25. ElementInfinity Wolf

    ElementInfinity WolfHace 15 días

    Emily is using the most advanced technology uses a fork to comb her hair \> 3 />

  26. Russ Ridgeway

    Russ RidgewayHace 15 días


  27. {Gacha Wolfie Kawaii}

    {Gacha Wolfie Kawaii}Hace 15 días

    Gacha logic: gets ready in seconds Real logic: gets dressed in HOURS!?!?!?!?!?! Gacha logic: walks from spaces to spaces Real logic: Keeps walking and bumps into wall Gacha logic: Have tons of drama Real life logic: #foreversingle 😂😂😂😂😂 I was bored sorry if this doesn't make sense

  28. LiamChu

    LiamChuHace 15 días

    saphira with what app u do on pc to edit?

  29. LiamChu

    LiamChuHace 15 días

    cuz im on pc too.

  30. I snached Your wig

    I snached Your wigHace 15 días

    omg sweet home Alabama she likes her uncle edit: she is dating her uncle

  31. IHasARareName Æged?

    IHasARareName Æged?Hace 13 días

    HOLY SHI--- (I didn't finish watching the mm)

  32. I snached Your wig

    I snached Your wigHace 15 días


  33. XxItzGamingKittehxX

    XxItzGamingKittehxXHace 16 días

    Alice: *brushes hair with fork successfully* me: *GaChA LoGiC*

  34. Rainbwoah ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ

    Rainbwoah ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔHace 17 días

    Help this gurl get to a million subscribers

  35. Qrimson Bloodlust

    Qrimson BloodlustHace 18 días

    Danny and Emily's eyes are black and yellow, and their kid's eyes are as well... So..... BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lel OwO UwU TwT

  36. Quieter Is a quiter

    Quieter Is a quiterHace 18 días


  37. Quieter Is a quiter

    Quieter Is a quiterHace 18 días

    ....my English name is Saphira....OMG WERE TWINS

  38. Ãñtí·Søçíãl·Køyã

    Ãñtí·Søçíãl·KøyãHace 19 días

    I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions but Anna kind sounded homophobic, she said boys can't sleep with boys... Boys and girls can sleep with whatever gender. Again sorry for jumping to conclusions.

  39. Sandra Ortiz

    Sandra OrtizHace 19 días

    My favorite part when he said just like her mom

  40. Hasanuddin Usman

    Hasanuddin UsmanHace 20 días

    What the heck is that a laser or a hairdryer fork a come

  41. cheetoz_puffs

    cheetoz_puffsHace 21 un día

    So much for Mike being gay....

  42. Tammy Bacon

    Tammy BaconHace 21 un día

    That need be a number 16

  43. Henrietta Mensah

    Henrietta MensahHace 21 un día

    Part 2

  44. France Aganon

    France AganonHace 21 un día

    Is that a com or a fork

  45. Assasin Games

    Assasin GamesHace 21 un día

    I want to end my self...

  46. Sharon Simmons

    Sharon SimmonsHace 22 días


  47. Ipla4p053m0n EVERY DAY

    Ipla4p053m0n EVERY DAYHace 22 días

    Lady, you can't even spell right. Even my cousin is better. You suck

  48. Ipla4p053m0n EVERY DAY

    Ipla4p053m0n EVERY DAYHace 22 días

    tahts tru

  49. Jacky

    JackyHace 22 días

    The end parts were not funny bc they were cringe but the movie was good

  50. Julie Anne

    Julie AnneHace 22 días

    If I trick you you have to pin me Read more

  51. Enchanted Steel

    Enchanted SteelHace 21 un día

    Julie Anne I was hoping for a riddle or something I was so mad that it took me four tries to realize

  52. The Gacha Life Channel

    The Gacha Life ChannelHace 22 días

    Haha was that space gun and fork supposed to be... A HAIRBRUSH?! 🤣

  53. gacha storm

    gacha stormHace 22 días

    it didnt either , im giving up

  54. gacha storm

    gacha stormHace 22 días

    ok , she didnt shoot herself but mabey se will kill herself whit foork , UwU