Her Golden Eyes 馃挍 | GachaLife Mini Movie | Original? | 15k Special! |


  1. nik0022A

    nik0022AHace 4 meses

    Warning: 1. DO NOT USE A LAZER TO DRY YOUR HAIR 2. Forks can hurt

  2. Rumini Mohd

    Rumini MohdHace un mes

    She tryna find something that looks like the stuff if dont have the stuff you need gurl

  3. nik0022A

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  4. nik0022A

    nik0022AHace un mes

    U know I see all ur posts right?

  5. Leia Bilanovic

    Leia BilanovicHace un mes

    Omg that was funny

  6. galaxy wolf

    galaxy wolfHace un mes

    @BlackLightAngel you right

  7. Carine Castro Monteiro

    Carine Castro MonteiroHace 2 d铆as

    Moar hahaha

  8. Season Sisters 銉

    Season Sisters 銉Hace 12 d铆as

    Gacha logic when Emily was doing her hair.

  9. Aeren Sandrel Perez

    Aeren Sandrel PerezHace 17 d铆as

    The story is so beautiful

  10. Allison Correa

    Allison CorreaHace 19 d铆as

    Bla bla bla they had kids after getting married and that's the end of this gacha minimovie

  11. Maria Macedo

    Maria MacedoHace 19 d铆as

    You copied someone elses video Her Golden eyes not cool you can get copyrighted...

  12. Laedo XD

    Laedo XDHace 26 d铆as

    Why are the male eyes the same eye

  13. cookies and milk

    cookies and milkHace 28 d铆as

    Why would you use eye contact for such boots full eyes

  14. oniya alam

    oniya alamHace 29 d铆as

    An. I. Ship. Them. God bless them

  15. oniya alam

    oniya alamHace 29 d铆as

    Ahhhhhhhh. What?

  16. oniya alam

    oniya alamHace 29 d铆as

    I love the videos I have gold my Eyes but the other ones to馃ぉ

  17. Unknown

    UnknownHace un mes

    鈥淓mily gets capture by gang鈥 鈥淒anny come flying out of know we鈥檙e鈥

  18. aman parmar

    aman parmarHace un mes

    Me at 12:44馃槀馃槀馃ぃ馃ぃ

  19. Rumini Mohd

    Rumini MohdHace un mes

    can i have da shout out plzzz plzzz

  20. abi dey

    abi deyHace un mes

    Wow i loved that:D

  21. Mikaela

    MikaelaHace un mes

    No I want more this is the best :c make more to continue this

  22. awsmegmr 222

    awsmegmr 222Hace un mes

    Nicholas: I dare you to kiss Emily Tablet: *freezes* Me: *WhY yOu RuIn MaH sHiP*

  23. Moon_Archery Miya

    Moon_Archery MiyaHace un mes

    Everyone got the same reason the water is cold 馃槕


    PERLA SALASHace un mes


  25. A Leo Gacha-Tuber

    A Leo Gacha-TuberHace un mes

    -Emily gets tied up- 鈥淗elp!!鈥 -le heroic music- -le superdanny flys over to them- *lolol*

  26. 鈥pastel wolf}鈥

    鈥pastel wolf}鈥Hace un mes

    Omg my friend irl is named saphira. Omgggg

  27. llamas arebest

    llamas arebestHace un mes

    Who was that girl at the end with emily's family??? (The one with purple/blonde hair and blue eyes)

  28. Yadira Cabrera

    Yadira CabreraHace un mes

    11:05 OML I thought he was gonna get mad and ditch her!!!!

  29. Mary or Zuri

    Mary or ZuriHace un mes

    Danny:i hope you did not see that i fall from heaven 馃槕 Emily:yeah yeah b*tch T^T

  30. Budo Masuta

    Budo MasutaHace un mes

    Not Original btw

  31. Alexella Squillante

    Alexella SquillanteHace un mes

    Was it a video or a movie

  32. Rozzy Trousdale

    Rozzy TrousdaleHace un mes

    How. Do. You. Record. Gachalife馃槄馃槄馃槄馃槄馃槄馃槄馃槄馃槄

  33. GamingMia&Dest _YT

    GamingMia&Dest _YTHace un mes

    Uhhhhhhhhh didn鈥檛 Danny and Emily just met ;-;

  34. Angelika Pearl

    Angelika PearlHace un mes

    1:03 Pretend Its Hair Brush...

  35. Angela Sings

    Angela SingsHace un mes

    Subbed I like how you make them wet after showering

  36. Deppressed Gacha

    Deppressed GachaHace un mes

    I love thiz

  37. charles marfo

    charles marfoHace un mes

    0:53-0:54 *kim p0sSiBLe* *w i t h d a g r a p p l i n g h o o k*

  38. Yaseer Alyassi

    Yaseer AlyassiHace un mes

    When I鈥檓 in the dark my eye glows gold and when I鈥檓 in the light it鈥檚 light brown

  39. Yaseer Alyassi

    Yaseer AlyassiHace un mes

    p o t a t o that鈥檚 cool to be honest a lot cooler then my ability

  40. potato gamez

    potato gamezHace un mes

    I have something that also happens to my eyes they change colour depending on the weather so they become green, blue, turquoise, and bluey grey

  41. Angela Sings

    Angela SingsHace un mes

    Yaseer Alyassi Cool!

  42. Alone

    AloneHace un mes

    Gacha logic If boy have purple/pink hair He is... Gay :D Little poem Roses are red Ketchuo is too I wanna nuggets Get out of my way :P Roses are red Violets are blue I got like Wait why it gray (鈥⑩库)( 鈺光柦鈺 )( 鈺光柦鈺 )( 鈺光柦鈺 )( 鈺光柦鈺 )( 鈺光柦鈺 )( 鈺光柦鈺 )(銌佅夈唩)(銌佅夈唩)(銌佅夈唩)(銌佅夈唩)(銌佅夈唩)(銌佅夈唩)(銌佅夈唩)(銌佅夈唩)醿(鈼曄夆棔醿)醿(鈼曄夆棔醿) I'm cute kitten :3

  43. Yuyin Almonte

    Yuyin AlmonteHace un mes

    Tell me this why r all Girls Have The same Skirts That's what I don't get -3-

  44. Lynette Mendoza

    Lynette MendozaHace un mes

    I hate Anna so much and idk why

  45. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy WolfHace un mes

    3:02 those things that weren't meant to be said in public lol

  46. olumide yusuff

    olumide yusuffHace un mes

    I think we all learned a lesson here. :3 ROSES ARE DED(because we needs save earth) SUNFLOWERS HAVE THE FLU(because the girl who has golden eyes Showed them who鈥檚 boss) Her golden eyes are perfect. And I think your鈥檚 are too :3 鈽猴笍 Have a good day! And here鈥檚 some *bleach* if you think this was pretty bad.

  47. Christina Okesson

    Christina OkessonHace 2 meses

    I know how you feel with screenshots 馃槗

  48. Annyssa Davis

    Annyssa DavisHace 2 meses

    Emily:hellllp *danny saves her* *emily watches Danny fight bad man* Me:wat the f* run and go to ur house

  49. ReivaX Cham

    ReivaX ChamHace 2 meses

    : 13:43 it was so embarrassing for Danny and Nicholas

  50. ReivaX Cham

    ReivaX ChamHace 2 meses

    I do screenshots and it is really tiering

  51. Jammy Dogger

    Jammy DoggerHace 2 meses

    How do u take screen shots any way??

  52. ~Saphira~

    ~Saphira~Hace 2 meses

    With lightshot

  53. Gacha pizza 666

    Gacha pizza 666Hace 2 meses

    oh my God I know it takes me like 10 minutes

  54. Ela Ela

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  55. Spill Tea

    Spill TeaHace 2 meses

    HSJDKSJjsjsjs use music in the background please

  56. -K盲w盲ii 脽e盲r- UwU

    -K盲w盲ii 脽e盲r- UwUHace 2 meses

    Guys, Don鈥檛 do this Emily:COLD COLD COLD *grabs laser gun* *warms self with a gun and blow dries hair* *hair is messy* *grabs fork* *stabs into hair and acts like Ariel* Kids, don鈥檛 try that

  57. Mr. Midnight

    Mr. MidnightHace 2 meses

    I spotted that Game of Thrones reference! 'Danny, do something!' XD

  58. Eline light fury

    Eline light furyHace 2 meses

    0:25 same my mom watch my vids.

  59. 鈥 Lem酶n Milk :3

    鈥 Lem酶n Milk :3Hace 2 meses

    Wtf how is Danny a pervert for saying her likes strong girls?

  60. Kiara&Kovu

    Kiara&KovuHace 2 meses

    Rachel: And the Dow was like, MWOOOOO! Me: mWooooo? That sounds like one sick cow. XD

  61. Kiara&Kovu

    Kiara&KovuHace 2 meses

    Omg...that was the best gatcha video I have ever SEEN! AND I'VE SEEN NEARLY ALL OF THEM! ( literally I have seen all but 34 of them)

  62. Yass Queen Hasst

    Yass Queen HasstHace 2 meses

    Yep, Same with me.. ITS CREEPY WHEN THEY WATCH YOU

  63. John Doe

    John DoeHace 2 meses

    I love your video it is soo cool Best editing

  64. Olivia Fox

    Olivia FoxHace 2 meses

    So cute

  65. Luna Moonshine 14

    Luna Moonshine 14Hace 2 meses

    At the end I said "Like her mom" right before danny said it XD

  66. Luna Moonshine 14

    Luna Moonshine 14Hace 2 meses

    Ummm THAT NO PART 2! AAAAAAA 馃槻馃槻馃槻馃槻馃槻

  67. Arlenia Pluma

    Arlenia PlumaHace 2 meses

    That's not a pervert. A pervert is when he/she touches one of the persons body part on purpose

  68. Jessica Martinez

    Jessica MartinezHace 2 meses

    I love this video very much 馃槏

  69. Thanuja Gunawardena

    Thanuja GunawardenaHace 2 meses

    Oh yeah, he just tried to kidnap me and he's in my school now. No big deal. We don't need to call the police or anything.