Harry Styles - Lights Up (Official Video)


  1. Melanie Crevier

    Melanie CrevierHace 4 horas

    Could be so cool if BTS Jimin and RM and other people have the right to be themselves! In the Korean pop culture system, the pressure and control on their artists are so bad and 😞. “You can’t stop me loving myself “ ???

  2. Den Fajar

    Den FajarHace 4 horas

    Akhirnya maskuu

  3. Mel Campbell

    Mel CampbellHace 5 horas

    1d wasn't really my jam, but I really enjoy harry and nialls solo work! Really digging this

  4. Buhle Hlatshwayo

    Buhle HlatshwayoHace 6 horas

    This video was captured pretty well

  5. Sioldina Leao

    Sioldina LeaoHace 6 horas


  6. sopraltenass13

    sopraltenass13Hace 7 horas

    Wait. That one is Harry Styles?

  7. Unloved Gacha

    Unloved GachaHace 7 horas

    *Bisexual Anthem* 🏳️‍🌈

  8. Carolina Zelaya

    Carolina ZelayaHace 7 horas


  9. Edward McGrath

    Edward McGrathHace 7 horas

    Harry again won the *people's choice award* over 10 women stars. Proud of ya man.

  10. Mari Valencia

    Mari ValenciaHace 7 horas

    "It's a family show"

  11. Marina Žiaranová

    Marina ŽiaranováHace 5 horas

    or is it???

  12. McBeards パ生ー

    McBeards パ生ーHace 7 horas

    This is pure sextasy

  13. Paty Flores López

    Paty Flores LópezHace 9 horas

    Im just imagening the performance and in just too excited, can't wait for the tour

  14. mary perry

    mary perryHace 9 horas

    or are you?? !

  15. Serginho 77

    Serginho 77Hace 10 horas

    Joalin 🇫🇮😍🇧🇷

  16. Sergio Barreiros

    Sergio BarreirosHace 10 horas

    a própria perfeição ✨✨✨

  17. Trinity Williams

    Trinity WilliamsHace 11 horas


  18. Shaquan Cooper

    Shaquan CooperHace 11 horas

    this song sounds like something Freddie mercury/ Queen would compose and i absolutely love it.

  19. Melanie Crevier

    Melanie CrevierHace 11 horas

    He’s in peace with his bisexuality! Beautiful video!

  20. Liv Klxh

    Liv KlxhHace 11 horas

    Holy fuck that's some good shit

  21. L Garod

    L GarodHace 12 horas

    How rude of the boxes to cover up his face at the end

  22. depression is the worst love

    depression is the worst loveHace 12 horas


  23. louisaury lee

    louisaury leeHace 13 horas


  24. Sandra Marcelino

    Sandra MarcelinoHace 13 horas


  25. Isabel Sardinas

    Isabel SardinasHace 13 horas

    is it just me or does harry have the best dressing styles EVER!!!!

  26. Ca Zi

    Ca ZiHace 8 horas

    He just ein Style Icon on the PCAs. As he should.

  27. Ludmila Beorlegui Levy

    Ludmila Beorlegui LevyHace 14 horas

    Amooooooooooooooo ooo

  28. Kassidy Fisher

    Kassidy FisherHace 14 horas

    Why did this turn me on?😂

  29. Ca Zi

    Ca ZiHace 8 horas

    The question is rather: how could this not turn you on??? 😉

  30. lance nevado

    lance nevadoHace 14 horas

    i love you beh

  31. Fol Dudeney

    Fol DudeneyHace 15 horas


  32. gás hélio

    gás hélioHace 15 horas

    é o tipo de música pra ouvir de madrugada brisando pra k7 no carro

  33. Angeles ramirez

    Angeles ramirezHace 15 horas


  34. Mana Moshiri MUA

    Mana Moshiri MUAHace 16 horas

    This is so hot

  35. Carolina Rodríguez

    Carolina RodríguezHace 16 horas


  36. Bradley Marshall

    Bradley MarshallHace 16 horas

    He Reminds me of David Bowie

  37. Aliyah Whitelaw

    Aliyah WhitelawHace 16 horas

    Love this so much🥺 just posted a cover if anyone wants to check it out!!

  38. Colegialas Latinas VIP

    Colegialas Latinas VIPHace 16 horas


  39. Jefiney Dutches

    Jefiney DutchesHace 16 horas

    a Bisexual King. Wbk

  40. Tyreese Gordon

    Tyreese GordonHace 17 horas

    He’s defo on mdma thats what this song makes me wanna do

  41. Chittaphon Prrjam

    Chittaphon PrrjamHace 17 horas

    Do you know who you are?

  42. Eat noodles 21

    Eat noodles 21Hace 17 horas

    one direction fans???

  43. vy pham

    vy phamHace 17 horas

    hi harry

  44. patrycja :3

    patrycja :3Hace 18 horas

    He's so fucking hot

  45. Irwin Mcnair

    Irwin McnairHace 18 horas

    very hot and sexy video , l love the song H. and you too

  46. Hming Sangi

    Hming SangiHace 18 horas

    It gives me chill vibe 😌

  47. zenixlo

    zenixloHace 19 horas

    "never going back now" -harry styles Yes you definitely showed us that

  48. Theopoula Awad

    Theopoula AwadHace 19 horas

    He won style star of the year!!!! ✨

  49. cance7984

    cance7984Hace 9 horas

    +Theopoula Awad Yep, and rightly so. Harry is on his way.

  50. yasmin

    yasminHace 19 horas


  51. Namrata Singh

    Namrata SinghHace 19 horas


  52. maya peretz

    maya peretzHace 20 horas

    The silence after the song ends is so loud.

  53. im rupunzel

    im rupunzelHace 20 horas

    Haz 😍 you don't know you beautiful 💗💙💟💘💕💞❤❤💞💕

  54. Hailey Hoffmann

    Hailey HoffmannHace 20 horas

    i am so proud❤️

  55. Julia Badin

    Julia BadinHace 20 horas

    putaria conceitual

  56. Shirin Renee

    Shirin ReneeHace 20 horas

    I like the part between 0:00 and 2:55

  57. Galane

    GalaneHace 21 un hora

    this is beautiful

  58. FlCommandos _YT

    FlCommandos _YTHace 21 un hora

    wtf man he’s having s*x OMG hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  59. Lexi 04

    Lexi 04Hace 21 un hora

    Its crazy how often I watched this video.😂TPWK

  60. mehak khakra

    mehak khakraHace 22 horas

    I'm so glad 1D split...each one of them are doing so good..and making such amazing unique music especially harry, Zayn , and nial ...their choice in music is so unconventional and artistic💝

  61. aurelayeee14

    aurelayeee14Hace 22 horas

    today is 1 month since lights up is realised and this song is still my favorite drug

  62. Perla Granados

    Perla GranadosHace 22 horas

    Obsssseeesssssss with this song

  63. Mayumi Morizono

    Mayumi MorizonoHace 23 horas

    I’m I wanna be in this music video for real, like wanna be in this...I envy those who are in it, love Harry and his talent, Harry songs loving lalalalalaaaa lovely, all the light can light up the dark lalalalalalaaaaa la

  64. japun preet

    japun preetHace 23 horas

    whoever disliked this video,ihy

  65. Anna Blume

    Anna BlumeHace 19 horas

    but they give me even more Motivation to stream the song as much as I can. :-)