Harry Styles - Adore You (Official Video)


  1. Nugi Nugens

    Nugi NugensHace 15 horas

    Spoko muza, niezły bass i super głos

  2. Luan Pinheiro

    Luan PinheiroHace 15 horas

  3. Cringy Asian Kids

    Cringy Asian KidsHace 15 horas

    When harry takes shrooms

  4. Gustavo Cândido

    Gustavo CândidoHace 15 horas

    where is the full video?

  5. Sabincka M

    Sabincka MHace 16 horas

    It sounds funny but I was very moved to this video 😢

  6. Ruma Dasgupta

    Ruma DasguptaHace 16 horas

    His attitude, his voice always touches the core of my heart . May ur all songs hit Harry Styles. #Directioner forever💓💓

  7. Mery 1D

    Mery 1DHace 17 horas

    Sono l'unica persona italiana??

  8. Vasu S

    Vasu SHace 17 horas

    Nudity: 0% Bad Words: 0% Love: 100% Fish: 200% Harry's Fish: 1000%😉

  9. NeverSyah

    NeverSyahHace 17 horas

    Heeey IM still Directioners Till End

  10. Lindi Penrod

    Lindi PenrodHace 17 horas

    No one: Harry Styles: has fish fetish

  11. Duncan Reid

    Duncan ReidHace 17 horas

    Me and my girlfriend can't stop playing this song!

  12. simon game rhedey

    simon game rhedeyHace 17 horas

    My fav song

  13. Cherryvguk

    CherryvgukHace 17 horas

    okay I didn't expect this video to make me cry

  14. Harriet Harold

    Harriet HaroldHace 18 horas

    I 💟 H...

  15. Karolina 145

    Karolina 145Hace 18 horas

    That’s perfect! 😍

  16. xkinga xx

    xkinga xxHace 19 horas


  17. stphnie mchelle

    stphnie mchelleHace 19 horas

    I am so OBSESSED with HIM💔

  18. Hahah Ajwjjwjwwj

    Hahah AjwjjwjwwjHace 19 horas

    Türk eksik bende gelem kdmxdmx

  19. Cheska Cheng

    Cheska ChengHace 19 horas

    those 2k ppl that unliked this will get killed by me

  20. Cheska Cheng

    Cheska ChengHace 19 horas

    literally no one: absolutely effing no one: the loml Harry Styles: *has a taco for his growing fish*

  21. caitlyn who r u

    caitlyn who r uHace 19 horas

    Why are they only releasing this now lmao

  22. Nickyloveslove ENTERTAINMENT

    Nickyloveslove ENTERTAINMENTHace 19 horas

    Dang, I wished he was singing this to me~

  23. Anavaya Revata Kusnadi

    Anavaya Revata KusnadiHace 19 horas

    Sad for me

  24. DarkMatter .Dilemma

    DarkMatter .DilemmaHace 19 horas


  25. Nithin Xavier

    Nithin XavierHace 20 horas

    മലയാളീസ് ഇബട കോമൺ

  26. princess may -

    princess may -Hace 20 horas

    y’all don’t get the message

  27. Fritzie Mae Millana Agor

    Fritzie Mae Millana AgorHace 21 un hora


  28. Estif Tesfaye

    Estif TesfayeHace 21 un hora

    After watching this I'm like i won't eat no fish from now on

  29. MiTmite9

    MiTmite9Hace 21 un hora

    So. No-one's going to mention what havoc was wreaked on the local marine ecosystem when this gargantuan, freakishly fast-growing and fish-eating fish was set loose on the rest of the fish population?

  30. Payton Brooke

    Payton BrookeHace 21 un hora

    If you dislike this video I will personally FIGHT YOU

  31. Niqui H

    Niqui HHace 17 horas

    Lets go

  32. nicholashlua hluafanfan

    nicholashlua hluafanfanHace 21 un hora

    Sound good🌵🌵

  33. Chandrasen Singh

    Chandrasen SinghHace 22 horas

    Wow this song

  34. Shaila israt

    Shaila isratHace 22 horas

    I can't even count on my finger how many times I hear this song everyday

  35. Leming Yt

    Leming YtHace 22 horas

    You still remember 1D(one direction)

  36. Ashlee Turner

    Ashlee TurnerHace 23 horas

    I’m so proud of you Harry❤️

  37. Tista

    TistaHace 23 horas

    harry adores mr.bean in this video....doesn't he ? :):)

  38. Christina Renn

    Christina RennHace 23 horas

    So digging this song 💗

  39. Bridgette Bruce

    Bridgette BruceHace 23 horas

    Does this man not age?!😂💞

  40. Niqui H

    Niqui HHace 17 horas

    Yes. He looks 40

  41. Wina Adelia

    Wina AdeliaHace 23 horas

    Wish i could be that fish.

  42. potato mija

    potato mijaHace un día

    this is masterpiece

  43. TyPrzy

    TyPrzyHace un día

    Okay someone please tell me why I started crying? Should i see someone?

  44. Fourth Dela Paz

    Fourth Dela PazHace un día

    I just found this wtf this is beautiful

  45. uculdotcom

    uculdotcomHace un día

    wait this is not the same video as the one uploaded before right??

  46. ashikin m

    ashikin mHace un día


  47. Paweenuch Thiangsuntia

    Paweenuch ThiangsuntiaHace un día

    I feel depressing after watching this.

  48. Autumn Skyba

    Autumn SkybaHace un día

    I mean to be honest I thought this song would be about a person not a fish 🐟 😂

  49. WWRobots fernando

    WWRobots fernandoHace un día


  50. Luis Fernando

    Luis FernandoHace un día

    so... In 1:28 he looks like Joey from friends

  51. sweetpinkdee

    sweetpinkdeeHace un día

    I’ve been obsessed with this song for the past couple days and i was so excited to see the music video, and i finally did and it let me down 😕

  52. Ciara Nuu

    Ciara NuuHace un día

    Lovee uuuuuu

  53. Juana Encalada

    Juana EncaladaHace un día

    Can you would go with your friends and sing in one direction at least one time

  54. Raihaanah Osman

    Raihaanah OsmanHace un día

    Why did I cry? 😢😢😢💔

  55. iziztenziaz iziztenziaz iziztenziaz

    iziztenziaz iziztenziaz iziztenziazHace un día

    Que te piko el hoyo ke te piko el hoyo 😁😁😁😁 que te piko el hoyo u sis jajjjjjjajaja

  56. Charlotte's Life

    Charlotte's LifeHace un día

    I miss Larry sylinson

  57. Rafael Netto

    Rafael NettoHace un día

    esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-CQL6gYZyrvA.html gente... Da uma olhada nesse COVER BRASILEIRO do Harry Styles... O Mlk manda muito.

  58. Kylie Goodman

    Kylie GoodmanHace un día

    I love this music video sooooo much

  59. Marwa Benabdallah

    Marwa BenabdallahHace un día


  60. Randi james

    Randi jamesHace un día

    Shape of water (2017)

  61. Julie Swanson

    Julie SwansonHace un día

    I’m a big fan

  62. Jessica Laffin

    Jessica LaffinHace un día

    Harry Styles is my philosophy.