Halsey - Graveyard


  1. Sukrut Jadhav

    Sukrut JadhavHace 3 horas

    Anyone knows the name of the Model girl ?

  2. LifeOf Presshus

    LifeOf PresshusHace 4 horas

    🔥🔥🔥 😍


    FARIS RAHMANHace 6 horas

    so much Euphorian vibes....

  4. Rudi Warlorderz

    Rudi WarlorderzHace 6 horas

    bagus .

  5. divya shenoy

    divya shenoyHace 6 horas

    Her (halsey) hair looks like liza s hair

  6. cheyenne tyler

    cheyenne tylerHace 6 horas

    Why am i now realizing that's Cassie from euphoria 😂😂🤦‍♀️

  7. لارا الحسيني

    لارا الحسينيHace 6 horas

    BTS suga and halsey 💕💕

  8. Lulu

    LuluHace 7 horas

    I didn't like this song at first. Then I watched the music video. Now I like it

  9. Zayna Kabalan

    Zayna KabalanHace 8 horas

    leave a like to this song if ya like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hala Alhassan

    Hala AlhassanHace 9 horas

    Is that cassie?

  11. Stop Trying

    Stop TryingHace 10 horas

    Susan and Carol from friends! Omg halsey or the other girl might get pregnant!

  12. KD

    KDHace 10 horas

    2:47 Butter farts 😂

  13. Jizelle Jolie

    Jizelle JolieHace 11 horas

    does anybody else notice that Alanis Morissette poster by the little ferris wheel in her room. (sneaky)

  14. thefabulouscrystalbunny.mp3

    thefabulouscrystalbunny.mp3Hace 14 horas

    some hidden beats promo there i see

  15. Fer Leoz

    Fer LeozHace 17 horas


  16. Mill Eudic

    Mill EudicHace 17 horas

    You should all watch -> Phantom Thread

  17. neha kundu

    neha kunduHace 18 horas

    Mostbbn creative and deepest meaning video ive seen so far. She is killing it

  18. Polo Life

    Polo LifeHace 19 horas

    Ok.... I feel this..

  19. Rebecca Rozzell

    Rebecca RozzellHace 20 horas

    Halsey looks a bit like Alyssa Milano in this and I'm absolutely loving it😍😍😍

  20. Tammy Baldwin

    Tammy BaldwinHace 20 horas

    Ellie goulding

  21. Nolwazi Fairlady Nxumalo

    Nolwazi Fairlady NxumaloHace 20 horas

    She nailed this song and that other performance🙌🙌

  22. Michelle

    MichelleHace 21 un hora

    Are they basically being lesbian

  23. John W.

    John W.Hace 21 un hora

    Why does her mouth have seizures when she sings? Looks so dumb!

  24. Avocado 17

    Avocado 17Hace 23 horas

    That’s what Ariana meant by “god is a women”

  25. RylanC360gaming

    RylanC360gamingHace 23 horas

    All comments are all about some performance or euphoria? I miss out on everything.

  26. Marisol Dominguez

    Marisol DominguezHace un día

    Like me!!! me encanta y lo peor es que me describe.. Halsey siempre hace sus canciones en el momento indicado de my life

  27. Stephanie King

    Stephanie KingHace un día

    I love this song! ❤✨

  28. anéssa myers

    anéssa myersHace un día

    Anyone feel trapped in there moments because of this song?

  29. MostlyMegan18

    MostlyMegan18Hace un día

    my teacher is your cousin!! :)

  30. Connor Williamson

    Connor WilliamsonHace un día


  31. Barłóg Literacki

    Barłóg LiterackiHace un día


  32. ejb375

    ejb375Hace un día

    Best song so far by Halsey. Tied only with Without Me. I really had hoped that Halsey and Cassie would have made out.. oh well. We can dream cause it would be so beautiful to watch.

  33. Chenayi Nyathi

    Chenayi NyathiHace un día

    Is the blonde from everything sucks

  34. Chenayi Nyathi

    Chenayi NyathiHace un día

    Is the blonde from everything sucks

  35. Emmanuel Majak

    Emmanuel MajakHace un día

    The first line hits different if you have obsessed over someone in the past

  36. Natasha Green

    Natasha GreenHace un día

    Is that her real hair? It's pretty.

  37. boy with mf love

    boy with mf loveHace un día

    Eleven when she grows up at starcourt mall

  38. Ramon Herrera

    Ramon HerreraHace un día

    No me digan que se repitió los mismo tres veces en los comentarios de shawn mendes,sailor moon y hasley todos están en ingles😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 pero me gusta esta canción😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  39. Ş A İ Q

    Ş A İ QHace un día


  40. Алишер Одакбаев

    Алишер ОдакбаевHace un día

    I love you Halsey!!! I love your voice 👍👍👍🎶🔥💣👋🏻🇰🇿