HALLOWEEN: Do, Don't, Please Don't ft. LoveLiveServe - Merrell Twins


  1. Liam Tilden

    Liam TildenHace un hora

    Your bad I’m only watching cuz Love live serve is in the video

  2. UnOfficial ParadoxPetrify

    UnOfficial ParadoxPetrifyHace 13 horas

    When it came to carving pumpkins, I thought the “Don’t” was the chainsaw but oki

  3. Tayli Morgan

    Tayli MorganHace un día

    These pairings are kinda everything

  4. hola It's. A button dude!

    hola It's. A button dude!Hace un día

    Mukbang with lls or just bang

  5. hola It's. A button dude!

    hola It's. A button dude!Hace un día

    Kinda good but u know and it feels like they’re forcing us to do those things like those are the things we have to do

  6. Julie Nicole

    Julie NicoleHace un día

    No one : Absolutely Nobody : Not even your dog: Nessa: *whacks pumpkin with a scoop*

  7. Julie Nicole

    Julie NicoleHace un día

    I love how Vanessa acts like a kid through this whole video. Love you guys so much!!!❤❤❤

  8. Julie Nicole

    Julie NicoleHace un día

    6:08-6:27 is so hilarious. I love Vennessa's face when she got the cat

  9. keji olatunji

    keji olatunjiHace un día


  10. Nour Alwahish

    Nour AlwahishHace un día

    28 sec -32sec we are twins (,nowa and rino),me,😶ummm... no no you are not I see you videos I know your lieing ...I see you 😶 😐😏😼

  11. Sarah Tomlinson

    Sarah TomlinsonHace un día

    I subbed to you roni and nessa

  12. Tasneem Monib

    Tasneem MonibHace un día

    Whoops I turned my house into a pumpkin once 😬

  13. A bag of drag

    A bag of dragHace un día

    6:06 Did you mean please do? 😂

  14. Jessica _Zhen

    Jessica _ZhenHace un día

    Who else thinks they would make a super cute couple

  15. Min Yoongi's Waifu

    Min Yoongi's WaifuHace 2 días

    THe size difference tho

  16. Lil Nasty

    Lil NastyHace 2 días


  17. Elise Malin

    Elise MalinHace 2 días


  18. Salience C.W.

    Salience C.W.Hace 2 días

    Lol there are so many memes in the comments

  19. Salience C.W.

    Salience C.W.Hace 2 días

    Omg who else saw the cat jump out of his hand right before the scene was cut?? Like if you saw it too It was at 6:27

  20. Fazeel Ali

    Fazeel AliHace 2 días

    10:53 😂😂😂😂 I’m p******

  21. Ilia Favors

    Ilia FavorsHace 2 días

    The last one that had please DONT was my fav

  22. wazzup

    wazzupHace 2 días

    I’m a baby And I’m a daddy And together...... We make Alabama _YEEHAAW_

  23. About CHARM

    About CHARMHace 3 días

    This is many white shirts got wasted ( it's okay if u don't like :) ) | | V

  24. Amanda Vang

    Amanda VangHace 3 días

    This is how much people get scared in a haunted house I I V

  25. Elizah Fun Adventures

    Elizah Fun AdventuresHace 3 días


  26. Jessica Benicia

    Jessica BeniciaHace 4 días

    Lol wen vennesa hits them

  27. Arid Leon

    Arid LeonHace 4 días


  28. Arid Leon

    Arid LeonHace 4 días


  29. Renee Hernandez

    Renee HernandezHace 4 días

    Her : let’s make the house a pumpkin me: o you do what you think girl yassss queen 👑 love you guys shout me out

  30. Bonnie Lindley

    Bonnie LindleyHace 5 días

    be safe ........ Takes candy frome strangers

  31. Judith Servin

    Judith ServinHace 6 días

    And Veronica

  32. Judith Servin

    Judith ServinHace 6 días

    I love Vanessa

  33. Rosie

    RosieHace 6 días

    6:14 Guys we got a cat 😂

  34. 3ŁŁÂ Â

    3ŁŁÂ ÂHace 6 días

    The scaring people please don’t had me dying laughing 😂😂😂😂

  35. Sean Wilson

    Sean WilsonHace 6 días

    i guess he just saw that episode of iCarly, huh? 5:32 (but he does realize that Spencer had a HUGE pumpkin, right? O_o)

  36. Sean Wilson

    Sean WilsonHace 6 días

    4:37 kinda fits the theme, i guess. cuz i *DON'T* get it. O_o haha....

  37. Sean Wilson

    Sean WilsonHace 6 días

    would the reverse have been creepier? 3:42 Vanessa playing the daddy i mean... O_o

  38. Sean Wilson

    Sean WilsonHace 6 días

    you sure that's not aluminum, bruv? 2:14

  39. Kimberly C

    Kimberly CHace 6 días

    Ngl i ship roni and rhino

  40. Genevieve Preston

    Genevieve PrestonHace 7 días

    (Right after hollowween)WELL EVERYONE PUT UP THE XMIS STUFF

  41. Hamilton Potter

    Hamilton PotterHace 7 días

    I will not rob a house on Halloween, I will do it November 1st

  42. JMC

    JMCHace 8 días

    6:03 would’ve asked “Are they Copic markers at least?”

  43. Only Orange

    Only OrangeHace 8 días

    The thumbnail reminded me of this picture: Old men’s shirt: “IF LOST RETURN TO JAN” Old lady’s t-shirt: “I AM JAN”

  44. Alltimegamer_21

    Alltimegamer_21Hace 8 días

    I have been waiting for this literally all my life

  45. Perfect Angel

    Perfect AngelHace 8 días

    Hmm a 5 year old is taller than adults? Hehe

  46. Dobrinka Georgieva

    Dobrinka GeorgievaHace 8 días

    " yeah, I'm a youtuber" - Rhino while carving pumpkins, 2019

  47. kumarst

    kumarstHace 8 días

    3:43 we're baby daddy😂

  48. KrypticJoe

    KrypticJoeHace 8 días

    We wanna twick or tweet

  49. Danielle Perez

    Danielle PerezHace 9 días

    i watched this video so many times... pls make more collabs with loveliveserve!!!

  50. Christie Tamayo

    Christie TamayoHace 9 días

    Can you do in CHRISTMAS nextime

  51. Bakura Ryou

    Bakura RyouHace 9 días

    They went from speaking for the jack-o-lanterns to cutting them up with a chain saw XD

  52. Runo Syrimis

    Runo SyrimisHace 9 días

    Dat height difference tho

  53. Saloua Cisneros

    Saloua CisnerosHace 9 días

    Lol the movie part is so weird and funny

  54. Jocelyn Mendoza

    Jocelyn MendozaHace 9 días

    I love you



    "I don't want to be first......wait I don't want to be last" GOT ME

  56. Karma Karim

    Karma KarimHace 10 días

    I dont understand

  57. Bedhead Killerclown

    Bedhead KillerclownHace 10 días

    I ship

  58. Monkey Lisa is MY bias

    Monkey Lisa is MY biasHace 10 días

    I remember in 2016 I went trick or treating with my friends and someone scared me when we rang the doorbell so we ran away Then there like want some candy the we ran back to get candy

  59. RaptorVenomRex9

    RaptorVenomRex9Hace 10 días

    Do do,don’t and please don’t for Christmas

  60. Keni F.

    Keni F.Hace 10 días

    Have you guys done reenacting baby pictures? Because of not you should

  61. Sabrina Weston

    Sabrina WestonHace 10 días

    Rhinos pumpkin lecture hit hard. 🥺😭