HACKERS TRAP ME in MAZE! Spending 24 Hours in Worlds Largest Bounce House vs Hide and Seek Challenge


  1. Exposing Project Zorgo

    Exposing Project ZorgoHace un mes

    Hi SPY NINJAS! If you see any clues or can help us in the Maze, leave a comment below!

  2. Fitzania

    FitzaniaHace 18 días

    Daniel check out a channel called Daniel it has you playing the guitar

  3. Leng Kim

    Leng KimHace un mes

    Your brother is YUJSTER

  4. Rosanna Alvarez

    Rosanna AlvarezHace un mes


  5. Siobhan Hansen

    Siobhan HansenHace un mes

    in the blue section where regina was chasing a hacker i saw in big green letters something ur space like if you saw that to

  6. Connie Wang

    Connie WangHace un mes

    The code is 2019

  7. arlind pajaziti

    arlind pajazitiHace 2 horas


  8. 63steff

    63steffHace 8 horas

    Nein mins no


    SLIMEFUNANDGAMING 123Hace 15 horas

    Kick him

  10. CarrianneTupu

    CarrianneTupuHace 19 horas

    It. was. funny. when. Daniel. twitched. his. nose in. the. maze

  11. Yo!

    Yo!Hace un día


  12. Yo!

    Yo!Hace un día

    Regina middle has enveloped

  13. Rene Gazo

    Rene GazoHace un día

    is not real pz9

  14. MrEdisonacosta

    MrEdisonacostaHace 2 días


  15. Kiji Fitzpatrick

    Kiji FitzpatrickHace 2 días

    Look behind you pz9 is there

  16. Mackenzie Keller

    Mackenzie KellerHace 3 días

    the motel hacker has the evlop

  17. Mackenzie Keller

    Mackenzie KellerHace 3 días

    lasagnyah means go left ok👌🏽

  18. sachi virginiza

    sachi virginizaHace 3 días

    That was weird when the hacker fell😂

  19. Quoc Tran

    Quoc TranHace 3 días

    All of the envelopes is pz1 secret and find a hacker who have a envelope if the hacker don’t have a envelope then stay away from and of course get a manilla envelope so we know who is Daniel really is and Daniel parents also and all of his history

  20. Phoenix Snow

    Phoenix SnowHace 3 días

    The middle one

  21. Ling Ling To

    Ling Ling ToHace 3 días


  22. Ariana Derguti

    Ariana DergutiHace 4 días

    Gyugfgh did I say I had a dream about me last week in the morning I got to go to London I love eer I am v and I am working with the team rerrr I am working to give the girls a team to the end team and I will make the same trip with my friends 👬 next Friday to a new

  23. Budy Boyz

    Budy BoyzHace 5 días

    Did someone saw Regina have a iPhone 11 like this if you see it

  24. Shantelle Ferranti

    Shantelle FerrantiHace 5 días

    I’m to my house with the Imagina and be

  25. kirstjb

    kirstjbHace 5 días

    Itgggvgbbbhbbgnbnfbsggsg PZ2 that is me

  26. Jordano Naaldijk

    Jordano NaaldijkHace 5 días


  27. chinna durai

    chinna duraiHace 5 días

    I like the spy ninja

  28. Vicky Earambu

    Vicky EarambuHace 5 días

    A chad wild clay you are the best spynigna.from ABINESH

  29. lchung501

    lchung501Hace 5 días

    Key is s that s the doomsday date

  30. Elaine Materne

    Elaine MaterneHace 5 días

    The guy who has the evlop is the guy who has blue gloves

  31. CarrianneTupu

    CarrianneTupuHace 5 días

    The. middle. one😘😘😘💘

  32. Dayna Rhodus

    Dayna RhodusHace 6 días

    Pz yellow has the paper.🥞🥞🥞

  33. Aiden Mifsud

    Aiden MifsudHace 6 días

    Danielle failed 3r. Greyd

  34. Usher Shani

    Usher ShaniHace 6 días

    The new update has been crashing a little bit and it won’t even load any more then I will try to find out how much it will get this game

  35. Peta Duda

    Peta DudaHace 6 días

    why you didnt hug the pz fool vy qwaint

  36. Nayef Berri

    Nayef BerriHace 6 días


  37. BestR 1

    BestR 1Hace 6 días

    7:20 vy said I'm going to collect the fingerprints but their using gloves. 🤣🤣😂😂

  38. Jeremy Cushey

    Jeremy CusheyHace 7 días


  39. skyler fish

    skyler fishHace 7 días

    I think the code is 1266

  40. Clarissa Zamora

    Clarissa ZamoraHace 7 días

    The middle one has the envelope

  41. Daisymay Coombs

    Daisymay CoombsHace 7 días

    Chad 3d bace base ball in the hieschol jUST GO THEAR

  42. Kuldip Rai

    Kuldip RaiHace 7 días

    Regina the middle one has it

  43. Emma Renwick

    Emma RenwickHace 7 días

    Pz48 is Jamie .

  44. Matthew Berg

    Matthew BergHace 7 días


  45. Matthew Berg

    Matthew BergHace 7 días


  46. Luz Bungcayao

    Luz BungcayaoHace 7 días

    Go chad project number

  47. Kay And lay

    Kay And layHace 7 días

    I like pz fon

  48. Famata Korhone

    Famata KorhoneHace 8 días

    Is yellow

  49. Justin Hernandez Mendez

    Justin Hernandez MendezHace 8 días

    Justin subscribe to the update on the below Saturday morning at the latest so I don't know if you can make it Friday Saturday and Sunday off this morning and I are are we can go from there to do it and then we can go to a different video tomorrow okay for me to Just to the game and 100000

  50. Jennifer Childers

    Jennifer ChildersHace 8 días

    The hackers took Daniels camera camera

  51. Brooklynn Robertson

    Brooklynn RobertsonHace 8 días

    Yellow card

  52. Roy O'Rourke

    Roy O'RourkeHace 8 días


  53. Roy O'Rourke

    Roy O'RourkeHace 8 días

    ve is pz700

  54. michelle scott

    michelle scottHace 8 días

    That means left

  55. Taisha Perez

    Taisha PerezHace 8 días



    LOVE GACHA LIFE CalHace 8 días

    Guys check out Daniels channel

  57. Mohammed Elmalik

    Mohammed ElmalikHace 8 días

    Middle one

  58. Ernes Zornic

    Ernes ZornicHace 8 días

    Yi,hjo,in, in nljn j

  59. Marlena Jude

    Marlena JudeHace 8 días

    Ddddddsssddsfsdsghhgghgggggffsdffdsfsdjb"..."Ytjdgj udrtkkjhbbbhgxy.......cktcfgjytfjthfhdtyducyrdtrdtdrtudgufdtdddgfdtfdrdrtudtrdtjdrjdrttjdrrj t Utrecht ss d dr ststsssjtjtsrr Ti RDFRP kdrsejtsdddjtrjdtrjdtrjdt rdtdjtjxdfdjtfjtdcfgcfgjjgjfgcfgjcdtykdt.wrjtfyfttfdrjtddtrdrhtddhdhrsserhzzzzrgsrgszrszzzseSEseSeEAEwgrgdfdgfhdgfdhgddddthrddhtrsrhfyhj,mmjbkuvyvkyuggguygygjgkjhvjvyvykjykjvgkuygggjlygkgjggyjgiygguyllgulyfulyfulfyfluffuyuyfyluguylfuguynhhhgghhhhhhgjhhgukgulyhhhjjkkjjhhhhhjjjkkkllllkjgiluhilugiygigiygugiygigyuyugyguygullyglulfuyffyvvgbbbylbbylbbbbbylbbbj,hggtttf,him,Hbnh,ham,hbjlhhhhhhghgjhhhhl

  60. Meenu chhabra

    Meenu chhabraHace 8 días

    the code is 2706

  61. Anndy Levy

    Anndy LevyHace 8 días

    The one on y your left

  62. selamawit samuel

    selamawit samuelHace 9 días

    i want to go to the maze

  63. zaimil hakim

    zaimil hakimHace 9 días

    Chad nais bette royel

  64. zaimil hakim

    zaimil hakimHace 9 días

    Vi gerap red pen vi you got de note

  65. zaimil hakim

    zaimil hakimHace 9 días

    Chad is heker bihain you dud