HACKER CAPTURES DANIEL! PZ9 Takes Lie Detector Test Challenge To Learn if Memory is Playing Tricks


  1. Exposing Project Zorgo

    Exposing Project ZorgoHace un mes

    Hi SPY NINJAS! We need to get PZ9's memory back so he remembers he doesn't like Project Zorgo!

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    I did

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    I agree!

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    Show her the vid!

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    Exposing Project Zorgo I love you

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    @Roseline Emiantor yrtgjshth

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    NO 😱🦖

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    Yes 😃

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    Vy Qwaint Daniel Regina & Chad Wild Clay are cool

  12. Jocelyn Holguin-Lopez

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  13. Project X

    Project XHace 2 días

    You guys Actually Make Great Friends UwU

  14. Eftim Mladenov

    Eftim MladenovHace 2 días

    Yes he hates progekt zorgo

  15. Tonito Gutierrez

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  16. • T h e • O r i g i n a l • N o o b •

    • T h e • O r i g i n a l • N o o b •Hace 2 días

    Don't say "Melvin" now because it's erasing PZ9's mind

  17. Fatima Madiar

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  18. Lucy G

    Lucy GHace 3 días

    A 📽 will help

  19. chau tran

    chau tranHace 3 días

    The code of the safe is 2019

  20. Eithan Ellis

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    I love you 😀

  21. Aysha Salem

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    MIA EUGENIOHace 3 días

    Just joking


    MIA EUGENIOHace 3 días

    No dont

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    If you are a real spy ninja like and dont for get to see my chanal bye 👇🏻

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    i have woke up and still in a dream

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    Your young OK huge

  28. Waseh Asad

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    2019 is the code

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  32. Ida Taylor

    Ida TaylorHace 4 días

    B235 gas

  33. Nisha Khadka

    Nisha KhadkaHace 4 días

    S Vine India please E9 name is Melvin no APZ 9th PZ9 name is Melvin

  34. Nisha Khadka

    Nisha KhadkaHace 4 días

    Hey spite India a girl name ragina gonna join your slide in your group I for that cause I want your other videos

  35. KidCaR Reviews

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    all of you guys are hot

  36. jasyaaz_ 89

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    Daniel is swag

  37. jasyaaz_ 89

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    Pz9 is a buffoon who else loves the spy ninjas

  38. Kaine Page

    Kaine PageHace 5 días

    Which country are you in spy ninja’s I want to meet you

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    Vy qwaint is responsible .

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    That is justin

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    I’m cringing at Daniels face on the thumbnail

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  48. Eliza Towler

    Eliza TowlerHace 6 días

    me too

  49. Angyaman@yahoo.com Rhythm

    Angyaman@yahoo.com RhythmHace 6 días

    Don’t tust Pz 9

  50. David Marks

    David MarksHace 6 días

    Of course PZ9 is careless . He has no heart

  51. Bronx nation

    Bronx nationHace 6 días

    omg we love u

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  53. Luis Resendes

    Luis ResendesHace 6 días

    PZ1 Stop listening to the spy ninja’s and quit they are evil project Zargo is goodThis is how many people who love project Zora. And. PZ9

  54. Luis Resendes

    Luis ResendesHace 6 días

    Spy ninja is I don’t like the spy ninja. Only a little I like more. PZ9

  55. Luis Resendes

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    PZ9 I can be your girlfriend

  56. Luis Resendes

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    Pz9I. Like. PZ9

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    1120 try the code

  58. Jaziel Rosas

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    Hi im mackenzie 🤗

  60. Annie and Lillie Vlogs

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    Let Daniel go PZ9 or shall I say Melvin

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  62. Rodolfo Torres

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    You guys i know pz9 face it is the police guy

  63. Pz66

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    What’s your phone number you can talk name I think no how are you

  64. Frinky Style Lex

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    PZ9 2019

  65. john has been some Car haddad

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    Pz 9 2019