H2O Just Add Water was the weirdest show...


  1. Crazy Girl_07

    Crazy Girl_07Hace 4 horas

    You should do a video on "Just Add Magic" It's not exactly about teen drama, I think. It's kinda like teen and kids show mixed together or sth. 😏 I just want to hear your opinion on it. Just for fun. I'm not criticising the show, per say. 😅

  2. Bob F

    Bob FHace 8 horas

    haha i didn’t realize how bad the acting was until now. i used to watch this show with my family all the time

  3. Emma Anderberg

    Emma AnderbergHace 12 horas

    I never wanted to be a mermaid.... I wanted to be a SUPERHERO! So all my friends would be mermaids in the pool and I would be Aqua Girl (female version of the lame Aqua Man from the animated Justice League show lol) I miss being a kid :(

  4. Welcome to the Internet

    Welcome to the InternetHace 15 horas

    one of the favs

  5. Art Llama

    Art LlamaHace 17 horas

    He’s totally me when watching any stupid kids show

  6. Catherine Hughes

    Catherine HughesHace 21 un hora

    I was waiting for this.....

  7. Gamer Bunny💜

    Gamer Bunny💜Hace 22 horas

    Lol I’m realizing how weird the show is i used to watch it all the time

  8. Roxanne Roxanne

    Roxanne RoxanneHace 22 horas

    Can you PLEASE do Robinhood Men in Tights?! PLEASSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  9. Niabi 92

    Niabi 92Hace 22 horas

    Alex are you living in 2020? hhh everytime you say ten years ago (about 2010) Thanksss , I love your channel , you comments makes me laughing crazily ... even when I'm really mad about something Love it ! keep it uo pleaaase 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  10. Prrryourmomma •

    Prrryourmomma •Hace un día


  11. Allyxample •

    Allyxample •Hace un día

    "this show was for teen girls" I literally remember sitting in my aunt's living room with my 2 cousins the day it came out and I was fucking 5 years old and I dont understand why I wasnt busy watching dora💀

  12. Bella Davis- Glencross

    Bella Davis- GlencrossHace un día


  13. xDRickiexD

    xDRickiexDHace un día

    I was the biggest fan of Rickie, look at my username from 2009...😂

  14. Lara Norowitsch

    Lara NorowitschHace un día

    I'm sorry but like the German version is much better... 😂

  15. Paula Fernandez

    Paula FernandezHace un día


  16. Whale

    WhaleHace un día

    This was the only thing my cousin talked about when we were both 9-10 years of age.

  17. Catie Nichole

    Catie NicholeHace un día

    You should watch Mako Mermaids, its so cringe worthy it hurts!!

  18. belle dayton

    belle daytonHace un día


  19. introvers o

    introvers oHace un día

    I thought I had super powers after watching this show, like I would legit move my hand trying to make it windy. My neighbor weirdly looked at me.

  20. Lea H

    Lea HHace un día

    HOW DARE U😠😠

  21. Curiously Skeptic

    Curiously SkepticHace 2 días

    So cool... 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  22. Dominik Kuharić

    Dominik KuharićHace 2 días

    *So Cool*

  23. Dominik Kuharić

    Dominik KuharićHace 2 días

    They got picked up by a water police. Great, at least it's not the air police. xd And yes h2o is amazing

  24. Phoebe the Unicorn

    Phoebe the UnicornHace 2 días

    How dare you h20 is amazing

  25. Ibrahim Tarawally

    Ibrahim TarawallyHace 2 días

    Aye y'all remember The elephant princess?

  26. AMara Wright

    AMara WrightHace 2 días

    welcome to what all aussies have to watch on tv because its the only decent shit on there

  27. Joshua Abadano

    Joshua AbadanoHace 2 días

    Never saw this show, but the quality straight up looks a lot like goosebumps. That's how bad the movie is!

  28. Priscilla Selina

    Priscilla SelinaHace 2 días

    You know emma = rebecca in the oroginals? And cleo apears to be hayley in the originals both 2 amazing womans.

  29. LifeTreks

    LifeTreksHace 2 días

    So cool!

  30. Akkia

    AkkiaHace 2 días

    Lol now you should do mako mermaids.

  31. ApplePi 3141

    ApplePi 3141Hace 2 días

    *SO COOL*

  32. mercedes dubisar

    mercedes dubisarHace 2 días

    jokes on you i have the 96 pack of crayons

  33. Kenzie XD

    Kenzie XDHace 2 días

    Don’t you love when your watching something ON ESreporter there’s an add to DOWNLOAD ESreporter

  34. A Tree Called Ivan

    A Tree Called IvanHace 2 días

    *h2O gave me an Australian accent*

  35. Magical Patato

    Magical PatatoHace 3 días

    SooOR coRrl!!!!

  36. Sarah X

    Sarah XHace 3 días

    nobody gonna mention that cleo and rikki played in the vampire diaries aswell??

  37. Eli Alone

    Eli AloneHace 3 días

    Did anyone else just really, really crave to go swimming ALL THE TIME while watching this show as a kid? :D

  38. Eli Alone

    Eli AloneHace 3 días

    Oh man the nostalgia :'D They aired this yearly every summer in this kid/teen pool show in tv that only aired during summer months :D Although I remember completely stopping watching the series after Charlotte showed up because I super hated her and then suddenly the other girls became just... mean? 😅 But yeah, seeing it now, well, kind of a weird series :'D Still nostalgic, though!

  39. Maddie Malpique

    Maddie MalpiqueHace 3 días

    Ok I’m sorry but H2O was my my whole childhood! Who else was confused when Emma left? 😇

  40. sweet dreams!!

    sweet dreams!!Hace 3 días


  41. The Ferret Of The Internet

    The Ferret Of The InternetHace 3 días

    The school that they filmed at was my old school lmaoo

  42. Dominik Kuharić

    Dominik KuharićHace 2 días


  43. GachaPotato

    GachaPotatoHace 3 días

    Lmao those mermaid shows like h20 were my favorite shows and so was mlp

  44. April

    AprilHace 3 días

    holy crap this is giving me war flashbacks of making mermaid potions literally every single day

  45. Lilly_Purr

    Lilly_PurrHace 3 días

    Do the show that came out after they stopped h2o, it's called "mako mermaids" (or smth) and it's not that good either 😁

  46. Clara Hayward

    Clara HaywardHace 3 días

    There is a special place in everyone specifically designed for hating Charlotte.

  47. Clara Hayward

    Clara HaywardHace 3 días

    ‘Lewis you really let me down’ that whole scene made my heart break every time I watched it lol

  48. Bamboo Bhang

    Bamboo BhangHace 3 días

    Dude I LOVED that show as a kid

  49. RoRo

    RoRoHace 3 días

    I know this is a bit late but, dude. Going on an accidental adventure, getting inexplicably turned into sometimes-mermaids with water powers, and then learning to navigate everyday life with those abilities and the inconveniences thereof is *exactly* the kind of scenario that tends to come up with girls between about eight and twelve years old, maybe even other age groups. It's in the same category as horses and the whole, fantasy princess dragon explorer whatever imaginings.

  50. Glaze Ce

    Glaze CeHace 3 días

    I mean, hAyLoW?

  51. Goat Lopez

    Goat LopezHace 4 días

    Mako Mermaids is better

  52. Teddy Masters

    Teddy MastersHace 4 días

    Now you have to do the sequel series

  53. Izziluvskats 123

    Izziluvskats 123Hace 4 días

    Omg I couldn't stop laughing at him commenting, I actually loved watching this when I was younger

  54. SkullGirls Ultimate Gamer

    SkullGirls Ultimate GamerHace 4 días

    WaTeR PoLiCe

  55. A And k

    A And kHace 4 días

    I know

  56. Hiraku

    HirakuHace 4 días

    so cool

  57. Josh Walker

    Josh WalkerHace 4 días

    I've watched alot of Australian TV shows on Netflix and just in general and...this is the most bizarre Australian show I've seen

  58. Its Queen_Emma

    Its Queen_EmmaHace 4 días

    Can you react to a brat series

  59. Yen Vuong

    Yen VuongHace 4 días


  60. Koala

    KoalaHace 4 días

    not gonna lie, must of them i never watched but this series was kinda nice 5 years ago

  61. Sille Milther

    Sille MiltherHace 4 días

    I have 3 Mermaid tails, i have The neckless they found on The bottom of The sea. And The neckless is The one With The blue Stone, wich is cleos. And you cant change My mind With That This is The Best series in The World