GRETA (2019) Ending Explained


  1. Kawaii Kawaii

    Kawaii KawaiiHace 11 horas

    This one looks really interesting but I haven't seen it yet

  2. Liza Alcantara

    Liza AlcantaraHace un día

    well..the note states "samantha bale"

  3. Depression Session

    Depression SessionHace un día

    Private investigators are just made to die in horror movies

  4. John snow

    John snowHace un día

    Oh god its Greta Thunberg

  5. Anfernae Ty

    Anfernae TyHace un día

    Why did all the handbags have to be the same?

  6. issam habash

    issam habashHace 2 días

    Stephanie or Samantha

  7. Just Browsing

    Just BrowsingHace 2 días

    What a sick witch! Lots of foreign sickos using these tactics to secretly attack good people! They need to get a life!

  8. Wumpy

    WumpyHace 3 días

    believe it or not, there are actually people liek tis

  9. Kerch0w

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  10. Vo Huy

    Vo HuyHace 3 días

    *Samantha Bale

  11. Cuteone 2613

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    Koo koo bananas

  12. rocharox

    rocharoxHace 4 días

    never pick up stuff

  13. wicked wonderland

    wicked wonderlandHace 4 días

    As a German, the way he pronounces Greta (or English speakers in general to be exact) is very infuriating 😂 And all the characters named "Gretchen" (or Grätscchhän as they pronunce it) are just torture to my ears...

  14. The Son of Darkness O W O

    The Son of Darkness O W OHace 4 días

    Greta For Smash Ultimate

  15. Marinus van Zyl

    Marinus van ZylHace 5 días

    Pretty sure the cat leaving the room there at the end wasn't part of the movie in the dramatization of the scene? XD

  16. Marinus van Zyl

    Marinus van ZylHace 5 días

    Mr P(rivate) I(nvestigator) Man. Now that is a movie I'd watch? :P

  17. iM HaZY

    iM HaZYHace 5 días

    The name in the bags was Samantha Boyle.. not Stephanie. Other then that great video like always

  18. Friendly neighborhood Book nerd

    Friendly neighborhood Book nerdHace 5 días

    I’m not trying to be judgmental or anything but I think he’s talking unnecessarily loud. I feel like his mic is good enough to not have to do it. I understand that some people are louder speakers and there’s nothing wrong with that but sometimes it makes the mic kinda peek

  19. marian el

    marian elHace 6 días

    wish my mom would want to kix it with me \m/

  20. Alli Herrera

    Alli HerreraHace 6 días

    Lol if I found a bag left in the subway or bus I wouldn’t take it home I would just give it to the bus driver or someone that works in the station!

  21. Astrid Meen

    Astrid MeenHace 6 días

    Did anyone else see the cat-tail in the doorway at the end of the sketch? (That scentecne had a lot of the's)

  22. Andrea Manning

    Andrea ManningHace 6 días

    The scene when she killed dude was amazing I was CTFU 😂😂😂😂

  23. James Kane

    James KaneHace 6 días

    Find a mans who's always there for you like Stephen Rea is for Neil Jordan.

  24. Suit

    SuitHace 6 días

    In horror movies always remember that horror movie villains in movies like this are humans so always aim for the neck punch them in the neck then curb stomp them until they a very dead.

  25. Reliable Potato

    Reliable PotatoHace 6 días

    Stephanie😂 OOf

  26. RathRaholand

    RathRaholandHace 6 días

    What I want to know is: Is that classical snippet at the end Handel: Organ Concerto No.7 In B Flat, Op.7 No.1 HWV 306 - 1. Andante?

  27. Strange W A V E

    Strange W A V EHace 7 días

    It's not often you get a best friend character who smart and gives sensible advice.

  28. Ebizzill

    EbizzillHace 7 días

    man, this movie was crazy. I hate it, but as females in this world, our voices are not heard until.... the unfortunate. I really wish people would take things like this seriously, but I also wish people stopped crying wolf when they're not in danger and just want to hurt someone else.

  29. Dish Man

    Dish ManHace 7 días

    no regreta

  30. Jake Downing

    Jake DowningHace 7 días

    she does go to the lost and found but it was closed,so yah. and Greta sends Frances to get candles not wine glasses.

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  32. Pit

    PitHace 8 días

    This is a really good video Well I’m m8. Keep up the good work Greetings from Britain

  33. To Ju

    To JuHace 8 días

    "Hey Erika, i have this crazy stalker i tell you all about, you are even with me when i try to get a restraining order, but i never tell you her fucking address because the movie would be over too soon later!"

  34. CCW Noob

    CCW NoobHace 8 días

    Actually, this was a pretty good movie. I just didn't like the ending - a failed denouement or worse ... an opening for a sequel that deserves to get made as much as Titanic II .

  35. CCW Noob

    CCW NoobHace 8 días

    I was afraid Frankie was gonna get hobbled.

  36. Hamdi baruti

    Hamdi barutiHace 8 días

    Regreta. Lol

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  38. Kenny Craig

    Kenny CraigHace 8 días

    The Woman at the end, If she is your lady....Good for you. She is Very much a Beauty. Freaking Love your channel. The Majority of movies you go over, I have yet to see. Personally, I Love Spoilers. The movies you go over, I watch, otherwise, I wouldn't Cheers FoundFlix!

  39. BASS boss

    BASS bossHace 8 días

    Go full crazy chainsaw maniac on your stalker

  40. Carolina_ Ellie5

    Carolina_ Ellie5Hace 8 días

    Her name was Samantha not Stephanie

  41. Nikki Cameron

    Nikki CameronHace 8 días

    Was Catherine Deneuve meant to play Greta?

  42. Nikki Cameron

    Nikki CameronHace 8 días

    But what if a man picked up the bag or a older woman or man?

  43. Nikki Cameron

    Nikki CameronHace 8 días

    Oh my god the trailer showed us the ending! 😐

  44. random boio

    random boioHace 9 días

    Wait, ain't stalking illegal?

  45. Amara Hicks

    Amara HicksHace 9 días

    Btw, I would definitely watch a movie you direct lol

  46. Braheme Days

    Braheme DaysHace 9 días

    Movie seems dumb

  47. Amara Hicks

    Amara HicksHace 9 días

    Mini serious comment: police dismissal of people’s concerns in times of need is what results in their murder. The fact that he brushed her off so easily was a little annoying to me. Alright back to your regularly scheduled ESreporter binge

  48. Braheme Days

    Braheme DaysHace 9 días

    So Greta is crazy. "Greta is Crazy"- title

  49. Zoe Mornhinweg

    Zoe MornhinwegHace 9 días

    The modern version of Misery...

  50. Lavish Misfit Tink

    Lavish Misfit TinkHace 10 días

    Do one for MA

  51. Marthine Larsen Wulf

    Marthine Larsen WulfHace 10 días

    Isn't it actually titled "Stalker"

  52. beckster8942ify

    beckster8942ifyHace 10 días

    As long as the dog survived....

  53. Nathan Rogers

    Nathan RogersHace 10 días

    Where’d the dog go

  54. Anti Life9

    Anti Life9Hace 11 días

    Why do people think bad people going to jail will do something?? If they have good in em they can change even then they can go back to who the are. People need to just kill them so they can't come back can't hurt no one else... Jail/prison isn't going to stop them

  55. Jae B

    Jae BHace 11 días

    This reminds me of the House at the End of the Street with the dude kidnapping girls and making them pretend to be his sister

  56. Adam Hawks

    Adam HawksHace 11 días

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Apple released a computer stand that literally just holds your computer.... And costs $999.00

  57. Bethany Talks

    Bethany TalksHace 11 días

    Am I the only one who noticed he said she gets wine glasses out of the cabinet but she was actually getting candles. I only remembered cause I was thinking why she getting candles when lights exist lol.

  58. Jordan Janacua

    Jordan JanacuaHace 12 días

    4:04 wineglasses? candles

  59. Yanique Morrison

    Yanique MorrisonHace 12 días

    She saw the bag and decided to return it... fine. She goes to the address and the owner isn't home so she KEEPS it... why not leave it on the doorstep or something.

  60. Srikar Baru

    Srikar BaruHace 12 días

    Greta = Collector?

  61. Angel of Chaos

    Angel of ChaosHace 13 días

    Ok did anyone wonder when in the beginning Greta said it was construction making the noise but doesn't seem to have any close neighbors and is yelling toward a wall that faces another part of her own house. I was so confused when watching this until it was revealed at the end and even then how was that not weird?

  62. Brian Barry

    Brian BarryHace 13 días

    Can you do Godzilla

  63. Blast Brain

    Blast BrainHace 15 días

    I wish I have a best friend like Erika ! I love what she did to Greta! The most satisfying vengeance ever!

  64. Fabio Fab

    Fabio FabHace 6 días

    I wanna have a frend like that too!

  65. ZEETricks

    ZEETricksHace 16 días

    GUYS I DONT NEED THE WARNING I watched greta on xvideos right after beating my meat

  66. Carlitos Yum

    Carlitos YumHace 16 días

    Do one on the movie ma

  67. Simon Phoenix

    Simon PhoenixHace 16 días

    Greta is a GILF

  68. Tamara Lynn

    Tamara LynnHace 17 días

    Honestly probably one of the most intense and greatest horror movies i've seen in a long while.

  69. D Schulz

    D SchulzHace 17 días

    Her house looks like my house in morrowind, with all of the purses organized as supplies xD

  70. Petros Kouklotheatros

    Petros KouklotheatrosHace 17 días

    I thought,there was something special,about the ending. That title,is very Greta

  71. GamingShockX !

    GamingShockX !Hace 18 días

    Wait what if a man returned the bag? Cause Greta wants a daughter

  72. Andrea Manning

    Andrea ManningHace 19 días

    This was a good movie greta was crazy asf 🤸🏽‍♀️🙃😶😂😂 and they all did great as far as acting is concerned

  73. Tim Culhane

    Tim CulhaneHace 19 días

    The title is ending explained not long boring review.

  74. shymickey6

    shymickey6Hace 20 días

    Did you want Greta to win?? Is that why you said the movie was flat? I’m so over the bad guys winning. Ugh.

  75. Vladiatör Amöndinejad

    Vladiatör AmöndinejadHace 20 días

    She sent her to get CANDLES, not wine glasses! Rewatch the damn movie, genius!

  76. Alexa Young

    Alexa YoungHace 20 días


  77. oJo

    oJoHace 22 días

    Moral of the story: Don't be nice

  78. Marinus van Zyl

    Marinus van ZylHace 5 días

    Actually, the moral of the story is that not everyone that looks nice is nice people. Some of the worst serial killers fooled their victims by playing nice people. A good example for anyone in modern society.

  79. Savannah Cheesebox

    Savannah CheeseboxHace 22 días

    Is no one gonna pay attention to the clicking sound that's happening near the end of this video?

  80. And I Oop And I Oop

    And I Oop And I OopHace 23 días

    Don't get me wrong, but the soundtrack was pretty good in this movie. I never felt the love for classical music except after watching this.

  81. 三好市Red

    三好市RedHace 24 días

    I like this movie for the fact that her best friend's smarter than the main character & she's the reason the protagonist escapes in the end. Its very rare to see that in a movie. Other than that its a very ordinary thriller film.

  82. Samuel Robinson

    Samuel RobinsonHace 24 días

    .......So, this isn't so much a movie ending explanation as it is a 16 minute rundown of the film in its entirety...spelling out what anyone who watched the movie already knew. Ok. Whatever.

  83. Master_DAN_Subs

    Master_DAN_SubsHace 25 días

    I don’t get it, when she was locked in the room she tried to open the window, could she just fucking smash it with the chair she tried to hit the door with lmao

  84. Byron Mansfield

    Byron MansfieldHace 26 días

    The beggining sounded like the bloodborne death Also Stephanie bales? Anyone who can read can see that that said Samantha bales

  85. Ale

    AleHace 29 días

    What if the ending was a dream?

  86. Sovann T

    Sovann THace 29 días

    The entire time she could've just fight Greta.. Just a crazy old lady, nonetheless still an old lady, jesus Christ so many opportunities for escape lol

  87. Ven d

    Ven dHace 15 días

    yeah im surprised she didn't sucker punch her during the piano

  88. less than normal

    less than normalHace 29 días

    She chopped her finger tho

  89. Vikram Kapoor

    Vikram KapoorHace un mes

    I'm surprised by all the small mistakes here... she did try to return the bag to the lost and found, one of their dads own the loft and they're "breaking it in", and she was looking for candle sticks not wine glasses... what's happening?

  90. Steve VC

    Steve VCHace un mes

    ENDING EXPLAINED???? LMAO You need to give people more credit. You must think we're all fucking idiots if we can't understand the ending. Seems there's only really one idiot here.

  91. Bunker Sieben

    Bunker SiebenHace un mes

    Turn in the bag to police, not in person. You never know who you may encounter.

  92. gjh

    gjhHace un mes

    wait, what about the dog??

  93. Ven d

    Ven dHace 15 días

    Greta euthanised him by using the same sedate

  94. Queron Jones

    Queron JonesHace un mes

    I'll 360 a bitch if i have to

  95. Kamilla Virág

    Kamilla VirágHace un mes

    Magyarok rajtam kívül?

  96. Gacha Gracie

    Gacha GracieHace un mes

    Is it just me or in zombie/supernatural/murder mystery movies, do people ALWAYS say ‘let’s spilt up’. I mean. That’s so dumb! If there is a killer/ghost/zombie somewhere then I would NOT want to split up. Comment if you agree with me. ._.

  97. Radmon Carrington

    Radmon CarringtonHace un mes

    *greta killed the detective* 3 second later *dancing like a real psycopath* Me: *am i joking to you*

  98. Sam Hodd

    Sam HoddHace un mes

    this reminds me of the movie ma

  99. Chocolate Fudge

    Chocolate FudgeHace un mes

    The colors are georgeous in this movie

  100. Chocolate Fudge

    Chocolate FudgeHace un mes

    Ive just seen the movie. It pissed me off. The girl is at one point stuck in a box, greta opens the box and the girl doesnt jump at her throat doesnt punch her nothing.

  101. Ha Nghiem

    Ha NghiemHace un mes

    Who can i watch this movie... i can not find it?

  102. zunkwind

    zunkwindHace un mes

    12 minutes in and you've not spoken about the ending...for a video called Ending Explained theres not a long of explaining going on.

  103. zunkwind

    zunkwindHace un mes

    This guy got lots of details wrong. Candles not glasses, Samantha not Stephanie etc

  104. Morphine Dreamzz

    Morphine DreamzzHace un mes

    greta says she can't work her phone, which is an old ass nokia phone. when she starts blowing up frances phone, it's all imessages, nobody caught that? also this dude says "stephanie" like 7 times and the chicks name was "samantha". the movie was good but there are things that don't make sense.

  105. Paige Elwell

    Paige ElwellHace un mes

    Bit random but you kind of sound like the guy from Wotso Videos lol, Awesome video as usual!! x