Green Day -- Oh Love (Behind the Scenes Video)


  1. nuclear kid

    nuclear kidHace 4 meses

    I'm sure none of those girs knew who green day is.

  2. Vinz Lopez

    Vinz LopezHace 7 meses

    Billie please back to green day


    ESAU HERNANDEZHace 9 meses

    Que buena rola....!!

  4. Clarisse Virgilia

    Clarisse VirgiliaHace 9 meses

    Billie Joe, my beloved, I love you.😍🇧🇷🇺🇸🎶🎸😎

  5. Trinity Livingston

    Trinity LivingstonHace un año

    The man who never ages. Lol, he's hot.

  6. Hashirama Uchiha

    Hashirama UchihaHace un año

    here for the girls!

  7. Shooby Doo

    Shooby DooHace un año

    The video Is disgusting

  8. River Lopez

    River LopezHace un año

    Who was the girl with the blonde wig

  9. Jesus Ambrosio

    Jesus AmbrosioHace un año


  10. Whatsername

    WhatsernameHace un año

    1:08 greetings from the floor XDD

  11. Zodiac Queen

    Zodiac QueenHace un año


  12. Lucas Pita

    Lucas PitaHace un año

    focking voice

  13. Sarah Walter

    Sarah WalterHace un año

    Jason White looks like an old man and a baby at the same time. How??

  14. Sarah Walter

    Sarah WalterHace un año

    I wish they went into the concept of the video and whos idea it was. If I was one of their wives I'd be pissed.

  15. Billie Joe Armstrong

    Billie Joe ArmstrongHace 2 años

    1:09 a 1:30 mi parte favorita

  16. Sleeping Faiiry

    Sleeping FaiiryHace 2 años

    Yeah Sam Bayer!!!

  17. Cristofer

    CristoferHace 2 años

    Un saludo wn a las putas que salieron en el video xd.😂😂

  18. cunt666

    cunt666Hace 2 años

    Does anyone know wich brand is billie's jacket?

  19. BandCat

    BandCatHace 2 años


  20. Lazaretto boi 3

    Lazaretto boi 3Hace 6 meses

    All of them 😍

  21. Henwee noowen

    Henwee noowenHace 8 meses

    josh dun 😍

  22. Daniel Oster

    Daniel OsterHace 2 años

    tre turned me gay

  23. sargentrowell81

    sargentrowell81Hace 3 años

    I wish Jason White was still an official band member.

  24. Guapa Grande

    Guapa GrandeHace un año

    He was sick for a while.

  25. Ana Longoria

    Ana LongoriaHace 2 años

    Wait, he isn't?

  26. Northern Irish Gamer

    Northern Irish GamerHace 2 años

    sargentrowell81 yea but to be fair he left by himself, the band didn't force him to leave and he still tours

  27. Demon

    DemonHace 3 años

    this is a question to the singer of greenday have you ever tapped one of the fine ass background chicks ?

  28. Not Dan Howell

    Not Dan HowellHace un año

    Tré has

  29. Mango

    MangoHace 2 años

    Adrienne's way prettier than any of those bitches.

  30. Shannon Roberts

    Shannon RobertsHace 2 años

    Demon the singer's name is Billie Joe

  31. unholyxconfessions

    unholyxconfessionsHace 3 años

    They are married

  32. Channel Number Dos!

    Channel Number Dos!Hace 3 años

    Married man...

  33. El Khalil

    El KhalilHace 3 años

    14 août 2012 ---> 14 août 2016

  34. El Khalil

    El KhalilHace 3 años

    14 août 2012 ---> 14 août 2016

  35. Paulo Hyamamaru

    Paulo HyamamaruHace 3 años

    Nome das modelos e atrizes please

  36. Mariela Rodriguez

    Mariela RodriguezHace 3 años


  37. Pirojok Netu

    Pirojok NetuHace 3 años


  38. Pirojok Netu

    Pirojok NetuHace 3 años

    вам слушает одна моя знакомая вы говно and fukun fun

  39. Paramita Devi

    Paramita DeviHace 4 años

    they are all look best here

  40. Crunchy B Roll

    Crunchy B RollHace 4 años

    that was funny when billie joe was "hiding" behind the couch

  41. Jonas Jensen

    Jonas JensenHace 4 años

    1:09 xD

  42. pie pie10329

    pie pie10329Hace 2 años

    Best face ever😁😁

  43. Jodie Williams

    Jodie WilliamsHace 3 años

    That face is too perfect! 😊

  44. FallChemical Day

    FallChemical DayHace 4 años

    i wonder how their wives feel about this

  45. Trinity Livingston

    Trinity LivingstonHace un año

    Well, their probably used to this by now. I mean, they knew that they were marrying famous punk rockstars, so they should've also known that many girls would want go out with them.

  46. pupu games

    pupu gamesHace 2 años

    FallChemical Day one of them is Mike's wife 😂😂

  47. Caleb Gri-Abbott

    Caleb Gri-AbbottHace 3 años

    I always wondered this too

  48. Rean Mondejar

    Rean MondejarHace 4 años

    they probably told them about it... I mean they are RockStars, so they're probably used to seeing other women around them. idk

  49. Austin Walker

    Austin WalkerHace 5 años

    Greenday is so cool they made a new gunra

  50. tcg24/7

    tcg24/7Hace 5 años

    This set up reminds me a lot of the sweet child ol mine by guns and roses video

  51. Zodiac Queen

    Zodiac QueenHace un año

    No. It was Guns N roses

  52. Space Dandy

    Space DandyHace 5 años

    ohhhh. Thank, bro : ) *The more you know*

  53. Minecraft4Diamonds

    Minecraft4DiamondsHace 5 años

    Nah it wasn't mate it was sweet children

  54. Space Dandy

    Space DandyHace 5 años

    oddly enough, sweet child o' mine was there bands original name, was it not?

  55. Лера Волкова

    Лера ВолковаHace 5 años


  56. Khristine Villanueva

    Khristine VillanuevaHace 5 años

    Billie is so sexy!!

  57. Trinity Livingston

    Trinity LivingstonHace un año

    To bad he's famous and married.

  58. Plz Kill Me

    Plz Kill MeHace un año

    Khristine Villanueva ovvio

  59. Juxlia

    JuxliaHace 5 años

    Achei que não ia rir nesse Video, me enganei. Billie 1:11 XD

  60. Knockout MX

    Knockout MXHace 5 años

    1:08 ese Billie es un loquillo xD

  61. Billie Joe Armstrong

    Billie Joe ArmstrongHace 2 años


  62. Зоя Бутенко

    Зоя БутенкоHace 6 años

    Как я все-таки люблю гринов:3

  63. Зоя Бутенко

    Зоя БутенкоHace 5 años

    Как говорится, кто не любит гринов - тот не слышал гринов)

  64. Васильев Никита

    Васильев НикитаHace 5 años

    Все мы любим гринов :3

  65. J E S S

    J E S SHace 6 años

    Lol 1:11 billie

  66. dasdasdasa dasdasdaas

    dasdasdasa dasdasdaasHace 6 años

    Too short only 2:43

  67. Archie Jameson

    Archie JamesonHace 6 años

    Now in English.

  68. Rohan Singh

    Rohan SinghHace 6 años

    Wow that's the reason why this guys make the so g beautiful

  69. Lars Damen

    Lars DamenHace 6 años

    Green Day made a new genre: Modern Punk :)

  70. Sonia Dumet

    Sonia DumetHace 6 años

    If poeple are referring Jason White as the " old weird guy in the background ", there's obviously a problem xD.

  71. Robby Johnson

    Robby JohnsonHace 6 años

    How much do I have to pay for your virus? Is it on sale?

  72. ameer mahdi

    ameer mahdiHace 6 años

    its the same guy who directed american idiot

  73. Natalie Tolliver

    Natalie TolliverHace 6 años

    1:07 lol so funny

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    No RegretsHace 6 años

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  75. Mirah Hhlb

    Mirah HhlbHace 6 años

    Screw the dislikes they're awesome

  76. Larry M

    Larry MHace 6 años

    ah cool they still have the same dude who directed the American Idiot videos as well :D

  77. Kanwaljeet Chhabra

    Kanwaljeet ChhabraHace 6 años


  78. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesHace 6 años

    Juste un commentaire français qui viens par ici.

  79. rosselle isip

    rosselle isipHace 6 años

    it's too short

  80. Bryan Tan

    Bryan TanHace 6 años

    ill give you one guess which is the nutella and which is the shit

  81. Nowuseeme.

    Nowuseeme.Hace 6 años

    Russia loves you :))))

  82. TheNotoriousMe

    TheNotoriousMeHace 6 años

    Lol shut up.

  83. Linych

    LinychHace 6 años

    ахахах а меня там нет)ахах типичный Билли Джо))

  84. Alfréd Tóth

    Alfréd TóthHace 6 años

    Sam. :)

  85. Chelsea Cook

    Chelsea CookHace 6 años

    lol Billie by the girls leg is way too funny, when he came back he was like "i didnt do it" lol