Green Day - Father Of All...(Official Audio)


  1. Pika

    PikaHace 9 horas

    It's good. Not the Green Day vibe I know but still good. Cant wait to hear more

  2. Clarence Pagtalunan

    Clarence PagtalunanHace 9 horas

    Nah I'm confused about the song title in Spotify it's named "Father Of All..." But in art cover it's named "Father Of All Motherfuckers". what is actually the song name?

  3. Clarence Pagtalunan

    Clarence PagtalunanHace 9 horas

    Nah I'm confused about the song title in Spotify it's named "Father Of All..." But in art cover it's named "Father Of All Motherfuckers". what is actually the song name?

  4. ZicodaExodus

    ZicodaExodusHace 9 horas

    This is not Green Day, man... I don't even hear Billie singing anymore...

  5. Graham Wellington

    Graham WellingtonHace 9 horas

    Mash it up with k.flay's "this baby don't cry!"

  6. fran panchi

    fran panchiHace 10 horas

    This sucks

  7. John David Suayan

    John David SuayanHace 10 horas

    Sounds like a throwaway track they recorded during the Dos sessions.

  8. 김태오님 만세만세

    김태오님 만세만세Hace 10 horas

    Will you really come to korea ???

  9. Raul Alejandro Sarmiento Macareno

    Raul Alejandro Sarmiento MacarenoHace 10 horas

    En qué mierda se convirtió green day

  10. Killer Angel

    Killer AngelHace 10 horas

    10/10 fall out boy and green day

  11. Blue PandaNW

    Blue PandaNWHace 11 horas

    love the new song fuck the hate and fuck the world this is your revolution

  12. Mar2d2 *

    Mar2d2 *Hace 11 horas

    oh, fuck off you edgy bitch.

  13. Keegan Parrish

    Keegan ParrishHace 11 horas

    who let the local crackhead write the description?

  14. pietro

    pietroHace 11 horas

    Finally a new song and a new album!!! I will see you live in Milan 10th June 2020

  15. Skullhouse

    SkullhouseHace 11 horas

    Who are these men, and why are they playing soccer in my house whilst driving the all new 2020 Toyota Tundra?

  16. Kqrma Gaben

    Kqrma GabenHace 11 horas

    What this.... pop..

  17. Hartzal Ray Patterson

    Hartzal Ray PattersonHace 11 horas

    If this is green day , they went to sucking big time WTF is this ?

  18. Vincent Layugan

    Vincent LayuganHace 12 horas

    Description said they're the baddest rock band lolol sorry green day your new music sucks

  19. Lernd Beno

    Lernd BenoHace 12 horas

    I swear the drum sounds so familiar...

  20. Fabián Equisde

    Fabián EquisdeHace 12 horas

    FIFA 20 main theme.

  21. themadscientest

    themadscientestHace 13 horas

    Nobody thinks it is cool they put this out before Friday the 13th? Also I can hear elements from every previous Green Day album and side project in this.

  22. Kaikie Kun

    Kaikie KunHace 13 horas

    "North America, Europe, Asia, etc" fuck you kid, we're not etc. Just because we dont give you enough money to be the "life and death of the party" don't dismiss us like that.

  23. ᐛ 돈까스윙스

    ᐛ 돈까스윙스Hace 13 horas

    this is weird but good hmm It's not my green day but I really like it

  24. Lowkey Narcissist

    Lowkey NarcissistHace 13 horas

    I'm not sure if i dislike this or dig this.

  25. Lowkey Narcissist

    Lowkey NarcissistHace 13 horas

    "Rock has lost its balls." lol


    SUPERNOVAHace 13 horas

    *That unicorn shitting real fire.*

  27. GatoLocoXD

    GatoLocoXDHace 13 horas

    Alguien aquí habla español? Xd

  28. everything random

    everything randomHace 13 horas

    they're finally back and as always, i won't be able to see them live.

  29. MarksmanMiles13

    MarksmanMiles13Hace 13 horas

    1988 -2019 and still a Legendary band with awesome albums, songs, members, and tours! ROCK ON GD! Who’s excited for hella mega tour by the way!?!

  30. U46Raven

    U46RavenHace 15 horas

    When did Green Day become hot garbage?

  31. wan dy

    wan dyHace 15 horas

    you hate music like nowadays so why you play music like that?

  32. Otamabread

    OtamabreadHace 15 horas

    This new album better be a troll, that album cover, this song, it’s only 26 fucking minutes?

  33. BlokeAfterWar

    BlokeAfterWarHace 15 horas


  34. ᴅᴀʀᴋ

    ᴅᴀʀᴋHace 15 horas

    I liked the chorus.

  35. NETO

    NETOHace 15 horas

    this doesn't sound like green day... but i like it

  36. sivvybee

    sivvybeeHace 15 horas

    GREENDAY ROCKS AGAIN. Thank Goodness.

  37. I AM Nathanael Acquirer of Sounds

    I AM Nathanael Acquirer of SoundsHace 15 horas

    This sounds like Greenday ripped off a White Stripes song.

  38. Johnny Punx

    Johnny PunxHace 16 horas

    Just wait til the EP comes out..then we shall see what anyone has to say. You know what else bugs me? The same band who did Christie road, noone knows and pulling the same one who is hated for this song. Maybe someone could explain the logic there? 🤔

  39. Justin Potts

    Justin PottsHace 16 horas

    Why do I even read the comments? 🙄

  40. JuaffreBlumpkins

    JuaffreBlumpkinsHace 16 horas

    I cringe when i see green day fans.

  41. M C

    M CHace 16 horas

    I really like this song, even tho it's bittersweet that it doesn't sound "Green Day-ish". I wouldn't have realized this was Green Day if someone had shown this song to me without telling me who it was by. Yet I'm glad they're not scared to expand; they've been making music for 30+ years, it's OK to experiment and do something new. ((Just my feelings summed up))

  42. Sinael Avila

    Sinael AvilaHace 16 horas

    Les quedó bien puerca

  43. Flamber

    FlamberHace 16 horas

    Waited for billy to not be muffled and it never happened. Depressing how bad this music is getting worse and worse since Uno. Just gonna support your old music now. But if your trolling, you got me!

  44. The Spectre of Communism

    The Spectre of CommunismHace 16 horas

    This has to he a joke

  45. Stupid phone

    Stupid phoneHace 16 horas

    when mold lol

  46. Лена Воропаева

    Лена ВоропаеваHace 16 horas

    Sounds like they made this for an Apple commercial


    SATURATEDTVHace 16 horas

    This is fucking terrible.

  48. Takuto kiriyama

    Takuto kiriyamaHace 16 horas

    I love Green Day 大好き

  49. Anthony Brault

    Anthony BraultHace 16 horas

    When you go to skip the ad, but the song's already started...

  50. -` awsten knight enthusiast ! 'ु੭

    -` awsten knight enthusiast ! 'ु੭Hace 16 horas

    After a couple listens, I'm getting used to it.

  51. Jay Vigil

    Jay VigilHace 16 horas

    its not old school green day but its still amazing!!!!

  52. Chuck Tempalski

    Chuck TempalskiHace 16 horas

    Their new stuff sucks. Sounds like banging on pots and pans. Past their prime. Time to hang it up.

  53. Emma Brown

    Emma BrownHace 16 horas

    You don't like the new song? Too bad Green Day doesn't have any other songs you can listen to.... Not gonna lie, this isn't even close to my favorite Green Day song, but if you put aside any preconceived standards, it isn't that bad

  54. Residual Energy

    Residual EnergyHace 17 horas

    Nhl 20 menu song

  55. siti nur khoeriyah

    siti nur khoeriyahHace 17 horas

    I love your natural voice billie

  56. Debonaire Nerd

    Debonaire NerdHace 17 horas

    This is the new Green Day single? Urgh..... Wake me up when September ends.

  57. Van Deselka

    Van DeselkaHace 17 horas

    What the hell happened, this is real dookie, sad!

  58. everything will be ok

    everything will be okHace 17 horas

    Reading the description genuinely makes me think Billie is doing a lot of cocaine. What happened to this band....

  59. D Dixon

    D DixonHace 17 horas

    I could literally see a new car driving on a flat desert making a wide turn towards the camera

  60. everything will be ok

    everything will be okHace 17 horas

    “Ok guys, we’re not as relevant as we used to be. What can we do to get back into the mainstream? Oh I know, Let’s make a song so generic and inoffensive and non green day sounding that we can at least get some revenue from FIFA and maybe some car commercials”