Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers NFC Championship Preview


  1. Diamond Hero

    Diamond HeroHace 17 días

    Hopefully the niners win the nfc championship

  2. Riley Bouzoumita

    Riley BouzoumitaHace 29 días

    49ers are in


    SINGHIZHEMHace 29 días

    Rodgers should had gone with Allstate...

  4. Tenner Eseunen

    Tenner EseunenHace 29 días

    Hahahaha green gay suck ass 49ers but 49ers kiss ass chiefs

  5. Fast Furious

    Fast FuriousHace 29 días

    34 - 17 was pretty close lol.

  6. Missie Koetke

    Missie KoetkeHace 29 días

    green by pakrs to the championship vs 49years

  7. John Hatchel

    John HatchelHace 29 días

    Looks like Brady was right to fear Jimmy G...he's a winner.

  8. Üte T.

    Üte T.Hace 29 días

    Fix is in. Real football is no more. Football has become the new wwe.

  9. P Monk

    P MonkHace 29 días

    OH Shutup !!!!

  10. spark Adventures

    spark AdventuresHace 29 días

    Bang bang superbowl 💍6th

  11. Owen Grant

    Owen GrantHace 29 días

    37-20 49ers-Packers

  12. Bhaskar K

    Bhaskar KHace 29 días

    Anyone here after the win over packers

  13. Playamade Mexican

    Playamade MexicanHace 15 días

    Im here after 49ers losing in SB 😆

  14. Josh350

    Josh350Hace 15 días

    I'm here after the SB. Lol

  15. triple 0verkillZ

    triple 0verkillZHace 29 días

    Ya know I'm fine with 20-37 considering at half it was 27-0 at least they kept their dignity. GG 49ers

  16. Vanessa Davis

    Vanessa DavisHace 29 días

    I've been a Green at for many years I'm a rider for my Green I get mean when u mess with my GREEN #FEELME🆗

  17. Mark Oliver

    Mark OliverHace 29 días

    Packer fans left at halftime to get a earlier flight home. LMAO

  18. Soviet Re4per

    Soviet Re4perHace 25 días

    False. I seen a lot of Packers fans who stayed for the trophy presentation. Nice try tho.

  19. Fumi S

    Fumi SHace 29 días

    Packers beat Seahawks just to get embarrassed and laughed at by Niners once again...smh. Should have just let Seahawks win and kept their

  20. Mark Oliver

    Mark OliverHace 29 días

    I know Rodgers will choke.

  21. Costitutionalist AntiPelosi

    Costitutionalist AntiPelosiHace 29 días

    will rogers retire after this spectacular loss?

  22. SketchBOOKninja

    SketchBOOKninjaHace 29 días


  23. SketchBOOKninja

    SketchBOOKninjaHace 29 días

    ON THE DARK WEB STOCKS A MAN THAT GORS BY NICOLETTI WENT ALL IN ON GREENBAY. I AGREE AND HES 100% . Why? The man runs Vegas, and has strong ties with the NFL . GB and KC is going to be in super bowl, because it makes more money. “ history repeats itself” having the super number one again will bring in billions. So trust me and take the money live on Green Bay.

  24. triple 0verkillZ

    triple 0verkillZHace 29 días


  25. tJorge Torres

    tJorge TorresHace 29 días

    I want packers to win but I think 49ers are gonna win sorry guys

  26. Garrett Wilds

    Garrett WildsHace 29 días

    SF 40 GB 10

  27. efren84120

    efren84120Hace 29 días

    49ers will dominate green bay!

  28. Stanley Salters

    Stanley SaltersHace 29 días

    GreenBay will win 😁😊☺️

  29. Jodi Loyas

    Jodi LoyasHace 29 días

    GO PACK GO!!!

  30. Isabel Rosas

    Isabel RosasHace 29 días

    Niners gonna win 🤝 cmon where all my niners fans at?❤️🖤💛

  31. Bay Area sports fan

    Bay Area sports fanHace 29 días

    💛❤️💛❤️🏈🏈🏈Right here!


    JQKILLA GAMINGHace 29 días

    49ers 28-23

  33. Foimai Totua

    Foimai TotuaHace 29 días

    Bang Bang Niners gang let's go Niners Nation!!!!!

  34. Dezi

    DeziHace 29 días

    GO PACK GO!!!!!

  35. Exponation715

    Exponation715Hace 29 días

    Powerful 9er dynasty, won't be close , it's 10 point win + S.F Superbowl vs chiefs

  36. ghost of Cali

    ghost of CaliHace 29 días

    🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺and then 🍔🍟and then watch 9ers destroy, and then 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺.

  37. I know Trap ツ

    I know Trap ツHace 29 días

    Packers for the win🙏💯

  38. Maria hernandez

    Maria hernandezHace 29 días

    Go 49er

  39. Kim Mccabe

    Kim MccabeHace 29 días

    How come football players, espec. 49's-aren't forced to get a flu shot? Like nurses..

  40. zGunnery

    zGunneryHace 29 días

    Who’s here after the chiefs won

  41. Zak McKee

    Zak McKeeHace 29 días

    if the seashawks could get 20 on niners. and GB can beat the hawks.. then I think GB can do a better job than they did round 1

  42. miguel arbos

    miguel arbosHace 29 días


  43. miguel arbos

    miguel arbosHace 29 días

    Green bay AAROzn

  44. Zak McKee

    Zak McKeeHace 29 días

    28-24 niners 27-23 niners

  45. Elijah McCauley

    Elijah McCauleyHace 29 días

    green bays gonna win and then go onto win the super bowl

  46. 4ifee

    4ifeeHace 29 días

    watch me have a heart attack every single time we play 49ers 😢

  47. Polo Red

    Polo RedHace 29 días

    49ers all day ever day!!!!

  48. WWE Jackson Parker

    WWE Jackson ParkerHace 29 días

    I am a Dolphins fan but go Greenbay!!!

  49. 808 Dreco

    808 DrecoHace 29 días

    31-21 greenbay

  50. Tuqzx

    TuqzxHace 29 días

    Packers got this win. Aaron Rodgers won’t allow an L. I hope so😰

  51. Jdnole

    JdnoleHace 29 días

    GB 27- 24

  52. Jagger and Cody: Sports Game Day Live

    Jagger and Cody: Sports Game Day LiveHace 29 días

    Go 49ers

  53. Sean Gray

    Sean GrayHace 29 días

    All they do is blitz

  54. Nate Marino

    Nate MarinoHace 29 días

    Packers got this 🥱

  55. Jermaine Legging Man

    Jermaine Legging ManHace 29 días

    49ers to superbowl 54 they gota win tonight

  56. Alexander Ruiz

    Alexander RuizHace 29 días

    The 49ers favoritos para ganar el súper tazon

  57. Counter Tenor

    Counter TenorHace 29 días

    Very one sided. Saying this being a fan of neither team.

  58. MsFine As-ALWAYS

    MsFine As-ALWAYSHace 29 días

    📢📢📢📢GO NINERRRRR 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💯💯‼️‼️

  59. carbonated milk

    carbonated milkHace 29 días

    Hopefully the packers use tyler ervin he is really good

  60. Chris Nguyen

    Chris NguyenHace 29 días

    Go Pack Go BayBay!!!

  61. Tom W

    Tom WHace 29 días

    Niners 31-17

  62. Mini Van Dan

    Mini Van DanHace 29 días

    this just sounds like a "vote for 49ers cause stats prove they're better" video. I didn't see how this is some how a preview of the NFC championship. Especially if you're going to go over stats how it's so one sided in favor of the 49er's

  63. sean richardson

    sean richardsonHace 29 días

    it was one sided because the Packers weren't that good this year. and the niners were. and the stats prove that. and so did how they played!

  64. Eduardo Carriola

    Eduardo CarriolaHace 29 días

    Man I hope the 49ers take this one home

  65. J Hustle AKA imreddi

    J Hustle AKA imreddiHace 29 días

    49ers are taking it

  66. Jeromy Zwiers

    Jeromy ZwiersHace 29 días

    Niners, God willing

  67. The Saint's Pigeon

    The Saint's PigeonHace 29 días

    I really hate the 9ers and wished to hell they didn't make it this far but i think they are going to crush the Packers........again

  68. I H

    I HHace 29 días

    State Farm is shitty insurance!