I Couldn’t Save My Grandma From My Evil Mother So I Become Evil Too


  1. Angelina Diaz

    Angelina DiazHace un día

    WAIT the grandma has a husband name jerry and Jerry is the father of the girls dad and grandma is the mom of the girls mom so does that mean that the parents of the girl are siblings

  2. Amber Ratcliff

    Amber RatcliffHace 2 días

    Your mum is a... CHILD ABUSER CALL THE POLICE AND FBI *fbi come* FBI OPEN UP

  3. Amber Ratcliff

    Amber RatcliffHace 2 días

    I lost my grampa and never met my other grampa I still have my 2 grandmas and they’re getting old and I’m getting worried I’ll lose them soon😰

  4. Amber Ratcliff

    Amber RatcliffHace 2 días

    Grandparents have lost their parents and grandparents so they must be sad Hence y we should treat them like gods/godess’s

  5. kreativkid

    kreativkidHace 4 días

    Allways when I saw videos like that I think: Oh wow, my life is boring...

  6. Norie Laguidao

    Norie LaguidaoHace 4 días

    I love your haircut, gurl 😘😘

  7. Wolfe Player

    Wolfe PlayerHace 4 días

    Is is this true

  8. Trashy Chann

    Trashy ChannHace 4 días

    I actually don’t think your mom deserved all of that but...

  9. Veronika Åkesson

    Veronika ÅkessonHace 5 días

    I-i started to cry, this story is too sad 😭

  10. LPS Lemon

    LPS LemonHace 6 días

    I don’t even live near any of my family besides my parents :,(

  11. Stuffy Stories

    Stuffy StoriesHace 6 días

    Your mom didnt kill her!! Your grandma WAS SICK AND OLD she was bound to die any day now.

  12. Olivia Meyer

    Olivia MeyerHace 6 días

    I lost my grandma at 8 and me and her were VERY VERY VERY close like best best friends

  13. YouTube's Terms of Service

    YouTube's Terms of ServiceHace 6 días

    I would’ve hated her too...damn. What a bad mother

  14. McKenzie Winn

    McKenzie WinnHace 6 días

    My grandma has Alzheimer's (similar to dementia) and she's 84. Shes been in a nursing home ever since I was 4 (8 yrs ago). I have faint memories of her from when I was little, but that's it. I visit her once a week in her nursing home and it's bad... She doesn't know me, she doesn't know my daddy, she doesn't know anyone. She has her original teeth (they are in very bad shape) and she's in pain. Sometimes I wonder what's keeping her holding on life. It's sad but she would so much happier in heaven

  15. game boy xavis xavis

    game boy xavis xavisHace 7 días

    If u love your mom like

  16. Saniyah Cuffy

    Saniyah CuffyHace 7 días

    U should love your grandma because u don't know when they are going to die like if u agree

  17. Lisa Loyd

    Lisa LoydHace 7 días

    Poor mom sounds like she's under a lot of stress..

  18. XxxDark WolfxxX

    XxxDark WolfxxXHace 7 días

    I hate that mom 😠😡

  19. Jake Fenester

    Jake FenesterHace 7 días

    That’s child abuse

  20. Jake Fenester

    Jake FenesterHace 7 días

    That’s aggressive battery

  21. Atria Smith

    Atria SmithHace 7 días

    Bless your grandma. Your mother broke my heart. God said love the elderly. I never had a grandmother although it always hurt me that I didn't

  22. 아름다운Yuki :3

    아름다운Yuki :3Hace 8 días

    I was crying while watching this..Youre mom is so mean u must help old ppl not to hurt they're feeling..

  23. kinelle dickson

    kinelle dicksonHace 8 días

    My grandma died when I was 7 and she really liked me, she would hurt my siblings just to protect me, after she died I never really understood so I asked for a baby and my mom gave birth to my little sister who she named after my grandma

  24. Marquitta Dambazau

    Marquitta DambazauHace 8 días

    I'm going to text my grandma right now this makes me sad

  25. Thayaparan Vivekanandarajah

    Thayaparan VivekanandarajahHace 8 días

    Forest Gump

  26. Samantha Ann

    Samantha AnnHace 8 días

    As much as I feel bad for the grandmother, I can’t exactly blame the mother. I’ve been through a very similar situation myself. Being a caregiver puts a lot of emotional stress on a person and can easily become very frustrating especially when you’ve known the person for a long time. They start to need help with more and more tasks and it makes caregivers angry because they know that they can do it on their own. It’s sad but it is just a natural reaction to become aggravated.

  27. bojana varga

    bojana vargaHace 9 días

    That isn't good I love my grandmas and I won't let them to somthing happends to them😡😡❤❤❤

  28. Blue tiger

    Blue tigerHace 9 días

    Wait so I’m confused Was the grandma the moms mom or the dads mom

  29. amal elaroussi

    amal elaroussiHace 9 días

    This is my weakness😥😭🤤😓😱poor grandma

  30. Elibana awet

    Elibana awetHace 9 días

    i love you Grandmother ❤❤😭🙏🙏 how much Evil has that Mother she is so bad thats not ok pleas a like if you love your Grandmother🙏😭❤❤


    JULIUS CAESARHace 10 días

    " That moment, mom slapped me hard " I would call the police

  32. RED ROSE

    RED ROSEHace 10 días

    I miss my gramma


    RHYSCO STUDIOSHace 10 días

    Am I a bad person for laughing at the thumbnail?

  34. SOKUN Visoth

    SOKUN VisothHace 10 días

    My grandma is kinda like this one But she does stuff she sleep and work abit Before my grandma clean the dishes table and stuff and make a delious food And now i do the dishes table and stuff and make even more great food then mom and grandma When she more old i would help her it my turn I cook things i learn like soup Egg cooking .etc but mostly my favourite is the fry chicken i made it so yummy and tasty

  35. Lira Sis

    Lira SisHace 10 días

    People are evil when they think it doesn't count. Karma will hit hard af.

  36. Sister Snakee

    Sister SnakeeHace 11 días

    it would be different if the mom was grandma's child But I would stomp the mess out of mom if I was grandma

  37. Leo’s fun time

    Leo’s fun timeHace 11 días

    Her dad looks so old as if he is her grandpa😂😂😂

  38. Bianca Copon

    Bianca CoponHace 11 días

    Aye my name is Bianca too sis 🤞

  39. Malika Mokri

    Malika MokriHace 11 días


  40. Uloma adedun

    Uloma adedunHace 12 días

    Must run in the family

  41. Sandra Auras

    Sandra AurasHace 12 días

    Taesha: Nobody linked my comment?😥😟😧😦

  42. Sandra Auras

    Sandra AurasHace 12 días

    Taesha: I feel so sorry for you.😭💀

  43. Kim Sacil

    Kim SacilHace 12 días

    Bless your grandma

  44. Slender Canada

    Slender CanadaHace 13 días

    That mean your grandmother was also like this and was teaching her mother the same thing until she change but your mother became just like her.

  45. Asel Tabaldieva

    Asel TabaldievaHace 13 días

    How would her dad even put up with the way his wife was acting towards his mother

  46. Asel Tabaldieva

    Asel TabaldievaHace 13 días

    I dont think my mom could ever be that rude to my grandma. And to be honest I dont think my dad would even put up with it.

  47. The Bookish Brunette

    The Bookish BrunetteHace 13 días

    This made me cry, i lost my grandma last november, and it still feels like i lost a big part of my life.

  48. Lyrics Queen

    Lyrics QueenHace 13 días

    How to sent a story?? I can't find you on Instagram

  49. Mira Raba

    Mira RabaHace 13 días

    Girl, You wouldve just slapped ur mom

  50. Crystal Snow

    Crystal SnowHace 14 días

    Is it just me, or did the title of this story change? Just me? okay