Gordon Shocked That Chef Isn't Allowed To Season His Food | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Anh Phi Phạm

    Anh Phi PhạmHace 9 horas

    "What's up?" "Well, he likes steven" 😂😂😂

  2. Adithya Nair

    Adithya NairHace 12 horas

    Poor James charles

  3. Farouk King

    Farouk KingHace 20 horas

    boy oh boy steven's gay as fuck , but i like him tho

  4. Dj manco

    Dj mancoHace 21 un hora

    I mean he is there to clean the mess this three guys have done and they say he has to pay for the food he is testing for feedback. BRUH MOMENT

  5. Big Sip

    Big SipHace 23 horas

    Honestly the food in the thumbnail always looks semi awful because it almost seems like they downscale the resolution of the picture in the thumbnail somehow. I may be crazy but they're always "blurry"

  6. abonneer op onze nieuwe kanalen

    abonneer op onze nieuwe kanalenHace un día

    Steven gives me James Charles vibes😂

  7. Kristen

    KristenHace un día

    I love Steven waiters

  8. bruce thundercock

    bruce thundercockHace un día

    Steven is so pure we must protect him at all costs

  9. Jessie Lynch

    Jessie LynchHace un día

    I was raised in the lobster capital of Maine Rockland where the Maine lobster festival is held over 50% of Maine lobster is caught in Rockland and I can tell you this as a lobsterers granddaughter and niece David is stupid as all hell! We season our lobster you don't use anything other then salt and pepper and don't forget the butter if you are home cooking but you DO season it! I grew up on seafood! I know my stuff and he is spouting horse shit! My husband has a chef friend five-star restaurant we invited him over for dinner one night and I made my clam chowder and he wanted to buy my recipe and serve it in his restaurant! So I think I know a little bit more then Davie boy!

  10. king of the hill awa

    king of the hill awaHace un día

    That entry tho

  11. Christopher Thompson

    Christopher ThompsonHace un día

    Ransey isn't even evil, he doesn't take no bull crap and back chat

  12. Wesley Teh

    Wesley TehHace un día

    The one thing that Ramsay can't scold the 3 owners on is hiring Steven

  13. Mohammed Ghihan

    Mohammed GhihanHace un día

    Lol 1:27 thats fucking jaffree star🤣🤣

  14. Backpack BOI

    Backpack BOIHace un día

    Ooo His name is Stephen.... I thought his name was NINOOOOOOOO...

  15. John S

    John SHace un día

    What a shame

  16. Lesley DeMattie

    Lesley DeMattieHace un día

    "like eating a wet diaper" lol

  17. WaterFlame957

    WaterFlame957Hace un día

    That waiter wanted to "service" Gordon. 😅😅😅😅

  18. Minty Love

    Minty LoveHace 2 días

    I think the waiter sounded like James Charles but he was so funny and sweet and I’d love to meet him ❤️💜

  19. Teona Belchamber

    Teona BelchamberHace 2 días

    Does Steven remind anyone of Klaus from the umbrella academy?!? Or just me

  20. Rebecca Johnson

    Rebecca JohnsonHace 2 días

    Why aren't the waiters wearing name tags? I noticed Stephen didn't write down the order

  21. Baker boy

    Baker boyHace 2 días

    1:03 that voice crack though

  22. Dimitrius Mitchell

    Dimitrius MitchellHace 2 días

    Your a kidder

  23. Amberly

    AmberlyHace 2 días

    Can anyone tell me what episode this is

  24. Kick Ass

    Kick AssHace 2 días

    1:55 fffffffagot.

  25. Bonito

    BonitoHace 2 días

    1:14 lol lol I am dead

  26. fashiha rz

    fashiha rzHace 2 días

    That waiter is such a snack. :)

  27. Zage

    ZageHace 2 días

    The Server deserves better 😂

  28. Ajb2nice

    Ajb2niceHace 2 días

    The first waiter was fun.

  29. BH

    BHHace 2 días

    "Is he paying?" No you twat he's gonna order a bunch of food taste it, talk shit about it in front of a camera and commit theft of service for all the world to see when the show airs. What a fucking oxygen theif

  30. Brian Munich

    Brian MunichHace 2 días

    Wonder if Steven is dead from aids yet?

  31. Fire Fox

    Fire FoxHace 2 días

    I like how Gordon jokes with the waiter,James

  32. AwkwardUnicorn

    AwkwardUnicornHace 2 días

    0:23 Gordon: *Ah shit here we go again*

  33. MrBLexify

    MrBLexifyHace 3 días

    4:33 that's probably the only thing though

  34. Jon Mac

    Jon MacHace 3 días

    Rename this video Steven and the Three clueless chumps.

  35. Shivani Kulkarni

    Shivani KulkarniHace 3 días

    I love the dramatic bg music😂

  36. Ezekiel Lois

    Ezekiel LoisHace 3 días

    Other people: having thousands of likes in like days. Me: having my own like after 3 months. WTF

  37. Mods n stuff

    Mods n stuffHace 3 días

    My name is steven if u need help ill help you, did i mention my name was steven

  38. I, Promize

    I, PromizeHace 4 días

    What I’ll never get about this show is how they ask for Gordon’s help and when he shows up they fight him tooth and nail.

  39. TBoy205

    TBoy205Hace 4 días

    who does pay for the food?

  40. T -Series

    T -SeriesHace 4 días

    W H A T A S H A M E

  41. ShawnDRuth

    ShawnDRuthHace 4 días

    Some people can't get their head out of their asses like this owner in charge of food.

  42. micsquzzy106

    micsquzzy106Hace 4 días

    0:23 I never seen this episode and already I don’t like him.

  43. Patty the Part-Timer

    Patty the Part-TimerHace 4 días

    Well, he likes Steven...

  44. Mike Hegarty

    Mike HegartyHace 4 días

    Still waiting for the restaurant that calls Ramsay for help, and he tells them their food is awesome. What kind of total twat thinks he's gonna like your food if you can't make money selling it ? If your foods great you wouldn't need him.

  45. Glorious Content

    Glorious ContentHace 4 días

    What is he at my old highschool?

  46. Demi Jaymes

    Demi JaymesHace 4 días

    If Steven was my waiter, I'd tip him generously. He just seems great.

  47. Alema Wong

    Alema WongHace 4 días

    *Gordon shocked chef isn’t allowed to beat his meat*

  48. Deacon Carr

    Deacon CarrHace 4 días

    *Turns up in hell* Me: this doesn't seem so bad, oh hey look there's Gordon Ramsay Satan whispering in my ear: you're serving Gordon Ramsay bad food Me: Fuck!

  49. ZobbyBull

    ZobbyBullHace 5 días

    David is a moronic cunt. If you go anywhere in the Northeast coastal towns/cities whether it be Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts or Rhode Island, he would know that they fucking season their food. Fuck I hope he has a stroke.

  50. Billy Hemingway

    Billy HemingwayHace 5 días

    “Is he paying for this” i would have left what an asshat

  51. JAY Dee

    JAY DeeHace 5 días

    What was the waiters name again?

  52. Omar trepor

    Omar treporHace 5 días

    Steven is defenitily gay

  53. YourAverageJoe66

    YourAverageJoe66Hace 5 días

    Plot twist: His name is Michael.

  54. Tired Taurus

    Tired TaurusHace 5 días

    Steven looks gay no offence

  55. Last Man Standing

    Last Man StandingHace 5 días

    A business is only as good as it's 18 owners.

  56. Connor Sudsbury

    Connor SudsburyHace 5 días

    We definitely salt and pepper our lobsters rolls, I live in Maine and I hate lobster

  57. Isaac Blanco

    Isaac BlancoHace 5 días

    How dose he know what a diaper tastes like 🤔

  58. Matias Laurila

    Matias LaurilaHace 5 días

    Whos that gay elf waiter

  59. DouGamer 07

    DouGamer 07Hace 5 días

    I like the fact, that its always about the owner and chef mostly, while the waiters are standing there embarrassed somehow

  60. Abin George

    Abin GeorgeHace 5 días

    David has a serious attitude problem...he's one of those guys who absolutely deserves to get shred into pieces by Chef Ramsay

  61. TerminalCarrion

    TerminalCarrionHace 6 días

    He walked in looking like he was about to ask for his monthly protection money

  62. GoldenBoy

    GoldenBoyHace 6 días

    The owners are definitely fucking the servers

  63. mrunal mhatre

    mrunal mhatreHace 6 días

    He is gay ,,and gay loves gossip...

  64. Souhayl A Photographer

    Souhayl A PhotographerHace 6 días

    C'est pas mal tous ça !

  65. Robert Lange

    Robert LangeHace 6 días

    Confrontational? He asked a few basic questions so he can understand the operation. Is delusion and stupidity a prerequisite in the restaurant business?

  66. TasteTheGae

    TasteTheGaeHace 6 días

    That guy came in with them shades just so he can pull them off, and look like he's cool 😂

  67. Noahsusong

    NoahsusongHace 6 días

    His name isn’t Nino it’s Steven

  68. ThatManWebby

    ThatManWebbyHace 6 días

    0:23 did they really have to make his entrance so dramatic like he's the Terminator lol

  69. Enos Lives

    Enos LivesHace 6 días

    These guys think Gordon cant afford their food? Total dip shits

  70. Hap py

    Hap pyHace 7 días

    The server pains me.

  71. Anthony Strambler

    Anthony StramblerHace 7 días

    They disgraced CT

  72. друг

    другHace 7 días

    why was i thinking about james charles

  73. BuRn u

    BuRn uHace 7 días

    steven is wet for gordon

  74. neogeoriffic

    neogeorifficHace 7 días

    Gordon’s a complete twat!

  75. davids11131113

    davids11131113Hace 7 días

    'They have salt in Maine'........boom roasted.

  76. Cheese Borger

    Cheese BorgerHace 7 días

    Wow, that owner had one hell of an entrance.

  77. SAFE SPACE W/ Fred Robinson

    SAFE SPACE W/ Fred RobinsonHace 8 días

    Steven has a crush on Gordon lol

  78. JustCool

    JustCoolHace 8 días

    1:02 the voice crack tho Thank KYoU......

  79. Jankarlo Miyamoto

    Jankarlo MiyamotoHace 8 días

    Season 1, episode 16. You're welcome.

  80. Jack Goff

    Jack GoffHace 5 días

    Jankarlo Miyamoto bless you

  81. Alan Li

    Alan LiHace 8 días

    That zoom in on the swordfish eye killed me lol

  82. Alkaris

    AlkarisHace 8 días

    He thinks Gordon is confrontational? Hah… well he has to be up front and honest with everyone, he's not gonna bullshit you, he'll just get straight to the point with you and tell it how it is.

  83. Watson Delmick

    Watson DelmickHace 8 días

    "Well he likes Steven" I laughed so hard

  84. Dutch Vanderlan

    Dutch VanderlanHace 8 días


  85. Loyalty1269

    Loyalty1269Hace 8 días

    David is now a traveling puppeteer. Business isn’t going so good. He was also arrested for exposing himself at an old ladies home. He wasn’t prosecuted because they said the old ladies laughing at his ugly small cock was punishment enough

  86. Frandroid88

    Frandroid88Hace 8 días

    He always use the same words : bland , diaper , dreadful , hideous , fuck me

  87. ka ya

    ka yaHace 9 días

    Everyone thinks gordan Ramsey is evil but he's not its the food he's eating even the waiters hate it

  88. Pandemic

    PandemicHace 9 días

    Stephen is too good at his job, hope the best for him.

  89. Snoozey Bear

    Snoozey BearHace 9 días

    A bit confrontational? Bitch do you know Gordan?

  90. Bryan Vos

    Bryan VosHace 9 días

    “Like eating a wet diaper”. What the hell is that even supposed to mean?

  91. Kiwi_Fruit ಥ_ಥ

    Kiwi_Fruit ಥ_ಥHace 9 días

    Why is Steven so adorable? ;-;

  92. On The Spectrum

    On The SpectrumHace 9 días

    Won't lie, got a mad crush on Steven, plus if we get married and I get alzheimers he'll do anything I need and remind me who he is everyday

  93. imasharky

    imasharkyHace 9 días

    Lol everyone leave Steven alone. Hahaha. That’s actually what waiters are trained to do. In case of a a full house, they need you to know their name so you can call for them need be. Gordon knows that but he’s just pulling his leg because the restaurant is empty for filming... loll. I found the moment endearing.

  94. xRedHawk

    xRedHawkHace 9 días

    0:23 man in Black join the Chat

  95. Crypty_

    Crypty_Hace 9 días

    The waiter is a little too gei

  96. Callum Majer

    Callum MajerHace 9 días

    So what was your name Michel? *angry server noises*

  97. Wade

    WadeHace 9 días

    Gordon asked for a dinner but all he got was a huge fruit cake

  98. Delilah Queen

    Delilah QueenHace 9 días

    Michael is the most adorable waiter on the show

  99. lil ducky

    lil duckyHace 9 días

    James Charles future job

  100. Duhjr88

    Duhjr88Hace 9 días

    I'm more upset that Gordon wasted those fries than anything else.

  101. Azyn Styles

    Azyn StylesHace 9 días

    Thes guys don't know his credentials at all.