Giant Pac Man in Real Life!!


  1. JoaQuin Davalos

    JoaQuin DavalosHace 12 horas

    Nothing is impossibe because the word posibble is in impossible

  2. Halo Fire

    Halo FireHace 5 días

    Where's the 4 ghost

  3. Tomeka Colenburg

    Tomeka ColenburgHace 6 días

    j-fred y u always liyin stop always liyin ima kid and i saw your arm (probably butt-cheeks) flinch

  4. Luis Diaz

    Luis DiazHace 7 días

    You should give richy and the crew each a $100😊😏🙄

  5. Ebu Gogo

    Ebu GogoHace 8 días

    It's cool but is it: DOPE or NOPE. DOPE

  6. Sara Nevarez

    Sara NevarezHace 9 días

    Thank you richy builds and the crew for content

  7. The Rainbow Marshmellow

    The Rainbow MarshmellowHace 10 días

    I remember nerf PAC man from BU

  8. Sabrina Spence

    Sabrina SpenceHace 12 días

    That is cool I am a fan of team edge I hope I meet you sometime

  9. Sean Sims

    Sean SimsHace 12 días

    Glow in the dark, yay

  10. Doglover Robbins

    Doglover RobbinsHace 16 días

    Bobby I want dots

  11. Carter Birdwell

    Carter BirdwellHace 18 días

    THATss gonnna hảd

  12. E Lilly

    E LillyHace 19 días

    2:12 Pac man is eating O R B S

  13. MrSportscollector

    MrSportscollectorHace 19 días

    I have a reg job and is better than yours.

  14. Alex Pratt

    Alex PrattHace 20 días

    You guys should do a paintball galaga version of this challenge.

  15. Chikn Nuggies

    Chikn NuggiesHace 20 días

    u could make a pac man costume and ghost costumes and play around your house!

  16. Lans Lagdamen

    Lans LagdamenHace 23 días

    blinky pinky inky Clyde some improvisations

  17. Frida S. Klüver

    Frida S. KlüverHace 24 días

    I feel like "Pac Man in now Smacked Man" (7:04) was a missed opportunity

  18. Muhammad Revan Oetji

    Muhammad Revan OetjiHace 24 días

    I’m glad I got to see the wwe handicap match of pac man vs 3 ghostly bois

  19. Mike Whittaker

    Mike WhittakerHace 25 días

    Pac-Man is in real life

  20. Taurus Dragon

    Taurus DragonHace un mes

    do a Donkey Kong IRL!!!

  21. Leilany Delgado-Carrillo

    Leilany Delgado-CarrilloHace un mes

    Shut up J-Fred Bryan was right and butt boy aka J-Fred not some one else I love your vids there are the best

  22. Spencer Walton

    Spencer WaltonHace un mes

    Played it wrong team image

  23. Jerimi Waldron

    Jerimi WaldronHace un mes

    :vote Bryan:

  24. Jerimi Waldron

    Jerimi WaldronHace un mes


  25. Jerimi Waldron

    Jerimi WaldronHace un mes


  26. Jerimi Waldron

    Jerimi WaldronHace un mes


  27. Jerimi Waldron

    Jerimi WaldronHace un mes

    thanks for voting Bryan

  28. Brock & Haylee Erickson

    Brock & Haylee EricksonHace un mes

    You guys have awesome ideas

  29. kirito kitigaya

    kirito kitigayaHace un mes

    It's impossible.

  30. Maggie 505

    Maggie 505Hace un mes

    Strangely violent

  31. Gtx Burj

    Gtx BurjHace un mes

    i laught cray on 10:54🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. AK47 suppressed gamer

    AK47 suppressed gamerHace un mes

    Poor Pac man got mauled

  33. Samson Amari

    Samson AmariHace un mes

    Reply and say “Power Pellets” If u watched the pac man show on Netflix

  34. David Crader

    David CraderHace un mes

    power pellets

  35. victor espinoza

    victor espinozaHace un mes

    5:57 brian says too easy! And then doesn't catch bobby

  36. MmeganN E.

    MmeganN E.Hace un mes

    This was so funny to watch... XD lol 😂

  37. Airi Ozaki

    Airi OzakiHace un mes

    You won Bryan! Are you happy?

  38. N7 Arcanine

    N7 ArcanineHace un mes

    actually rooster teeth did it before them but with my advanced like camers and such

  39. N7 Arcanine

    N7 ArcanineHace un mes

    not my but more advanced stuff cause sorry for my typos allot

  40. N7 Arcanine

    N7 ArcanineHace un mes

    i meant to put more

  41. Hungry Gamers

    Hungry GamersHace un mes

    Why did you broke it? Thanks

  42. Connie Jones

    Connie JonesHace un mes

    Why why did I doubt them why I can't do nothing they are so funny thouth hahahaha I'm having so much fun watching this

  43. Captain Zee#Potato Gaming

    Captain Zee#Potato GamingHace un mes

    also j-fred has a power up that makes him birst threw walls

  44. Captain Zee#Potato Gaming

    Captain Zee#Potato GamingHace un mes

    am i the nerd who has to say there is no yellow ghost in pac man?

  45. Inazuma 11

    Inazuma 11Hace un mes

    It's actually kinda cool seeing Corey on set.

  46. Blase Bugosh

    Blase BugoshHace un mes


  47. Virginia Coffman

    Virginia CoffmanHace 2 meses

    They suck