Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale TOP 20 WTF and Easter Eggs


  1. Emergency Awesome

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    Here's my *Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6* Finale video. Lots of Book Easter Eggs and References to stuff from earlier seasons of the show and the pilot episode. Let me know how many you spotted! I'll post a bigger video about the ending of the characters and how close I think it will be to the ending of the Books. Special HBO Game of Thrones Bonus Episode airs next week. And Game of Thrones Prequel stuff coming soon this week too!

  2. Chuck chillout

    Chuck chilloutHace 21 un día

    Hey I was wonder why was Jon smiling once he went beyond the wall with the wildlings. Do you think its because he's free. Also is he now considered king of the wildlings?

  3. Nicola Kerr

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  4. Sarah Speelman

    Sarah SpeelmanHace 9 horas

    Bran being king was the worst choice ever

  5. Grenger Stevens

    Grenger StevensHace un día

    I thought John snow and that dragon lady would be sitting on and off the iron throne. That chair look uncomfortable to me, so it needed to be destroyed. I stopped carrying about this show when the killed the mon of the north. I liked her and she should had never died. The old lady that killed that stupid weird looking butt munch of a kid wanna be king, should have never been killed either. I liked her a lot. I didn't like how easy the white Walker guy got killed by that stupid wanna be faceless weirdo of a girl. Whatever man. The white Walker main dude should had been killed by the dragon tearing his ass apart. The dragon mom messed up burning them people like that. She needed to die if she did that. The bunch of losers following her to the iron throne, should had died with her by the dragon burning their asses for being stupid and the dragon smarter then all of them put together. This show sucked a big one after what I said with the mon of the north. The stupid queen should had been shamed again then executed in front of everyone who hated her. That killed what she did by having her died where no one was watching. Yes, the writers messed up big time and ruined Game of bones cause too many died for no reason. They got stupid and thought it was funny just killing for the sake of killing. Rubbish

  6. Mitchell van Doorn

    Mitchell van DoornHace 2 días

    Thank you Charlie for all the Game of Thrones videos. I've watch most of them the last years and for someone who hasn't read the books they really give valuable additional information.

  7. Anna Jordan

    Anna JordanHace 3 días

    Honestly, I like the ending. I would loved Jon to be on the throne, but it makes sense. The Unsullied would’ve hated it, so Tyrion thought up Bran, which makes sense because Bran is literally the wisest person in the world. Although honestly I hated how corrupt Daenerys became.

  8. vichkovski

    vichkovskiHace 4 días

    I guess i am one of the only people totally satisfied with the final season and last episode. Well done hbo

  9. Angela Jones

    Angela JonesHace 5 días

    I feel that this was sadly ended very wrongly . and im very upset about it. And I hope the prequels are better

  10. Joel Golden

    Joel GoldenHace 6 días

    They took too long to bring this show back, then they bring it back to change good characters you love to being evil.

  11. DeMon Spencer

    DeMon SpencerHace 7 días

    Why were there so many children walking into the forest with Jon Snow at the end?

  12. Laura Metheny

    Laura MethenyHace 7 días

    Ahhhh. Too fast. They rushed it.😶

  13. Scorpion Knight

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  14. Fdeenewer

    FdeenewerHace 9 días

    if someone is going to watch this series 5 years later, he will find it perfect!!! the many stupid theories and spoilers killed this series. And i am sorry that it has becomed so popular! Popularity kills quality!

  15. MGRIFF

    MGRIFFHace 9 días

    Re-Watch GOT Seasons 1-8 and change your perspective to the journey of Jorah Mormont...rename the series ‘The Exiled Knight,’ and you will have the most satisfying story arc and conclusion.👍

  16. Monique Sjors

    Monique SjorsHace 10 días

    Look at the cover of season 1, you see Ned Stark on the iron throne. If you look more closely, you'll see a raven on the armrest. The three eyed raven. We could have known...

  17. Irenio Salazar

    Irenio SalazarHace 10 días

    Logic and season 8 shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence.

  18. JoshieMike

    JoshieMikeHace 11 días

    i do like how it ended but that should have been like 3 seasons away

  19. DAN IT UP

    DAN IT UPHace 12 días

    Why Cersie kill missandei. Grey worm cant eat the pussy.

  20. obafemi ayanbadejo

    obafemi ayanbadejoHace 13 días

    I'm having a hard time letting Jon Snow go my friends.......Probably the most impactful character from the screen for me in many years. However, i started watching Outlander and it has been a great elixir. James Fraser has a lot of Jon Snow in him!

  21. Tricia Morrissey

    Tricia MorrisseyHace 13 días

    Thank you Charlie for the great job and analysis you have provided as at times that ended up being more interesting than the show itself. My favorite scene in episode 6 was Drogon responding to Daenerys death. I thought that was moving and I have read that dragons are suppose to be very intelligent so I felt he destroyed the throne because of all the pain and chaos it had caused. I also thought that was Drogon letting Jon know he made the wrong choice which as far as I'm concerned he did. I thought one of the worst scenes and there were many in this episode was the small council meeting. It just reeked of how nothing was or had really changed. I watched the episode a few times after it's original airing and after the second time I just changed the channel after Drogon flew off with Daenerys. I would like to see a sequel about Drogon and where he went with Daenerys and if she is resurrected and what would happen if that were the case.

  22. YuGo Asap4Ever

    YuGo Asap4EverHace 13 días

    Yall forgetting the fact that the king of qarth Xaro Xhoan Daxos got stuck on that dark scary ass chamber?

  23. Marjorie Tan

    Marjorie TanHace 13 días

    I hate Bran 😒

  24. cerg

    cergHace 14 días

    In defense of Drogon melting the iron throne, they make references in the books to how intelligent dragons are, and how a rider has to treat them as an equal. This would suggest that they might be capable of some measure of higher intelligence, even if they can't really talk or anything. So the dragons may have been aware of their mother's plight for the throne the entire time, and realized that it had a corrupting effect on her and everyone else.

  25. Haleema

    HaleemaHace 4 días

    cerg dont get why people are so shocked they’re that intelligent

  26. Serena Morris

    Serena MorrisHace 14 días

    Hey Charlie you may have already answered this sometime and if so im sorry but im curious-Dany called the Dothraki her blood riders. In the books, blood riders fulfilled any last wishes of their leader or khal and then died after him, following him even into death. Two things, does this mean they would commit suicide? And now that Dany is dead will her blood riders follow her in death? It seems they were on the ships with the unsullied

  27. Nii Naa

    Nii NaaHace 14 días

    For a minute i thought drogon was going to plop danys body into the fire and ressurect her somehow and then Jon wouldve been stuffed ..

  28. chidioko

    chidiokoHace 15 días

    Nazanin Boniadi was in ‘Game of Thrones’??

  29. MrPolit3

    MrPolit3Hace 15 días

    what a shit show of disappointments.

  30. Mike Redoble

    Mike RedobleHace 15 días

    Jon not becoming king is in line with the theme that nothing good happens to people who are good and at the same time keeping everything the same in this world as the meeting of all the small council shows...

  31. dropdeadchoop

    dropdeadchoopHace 16 días

    I have been wondering..why didn't they release an "Inside the Episode" for Ep6? :/

  32. tyranomegosaurus

    tyranomegosaurusHace 16 días

    i think drogon is smart enough to know that the throne is what really killed his mom. It's the reason that she turned into the mad queen.

  33. Kit Shibley

    Kit ShibleyHace 17 días

    Seems to me Bran would be a fabulous King - Based on his ability to know as much as he needs to know about anybody or any body of people, he would be able to forecast potential issues before they occur. Then, with the right people in his council, they should diplomatically be able to handle problems before they arrive. REGARDING Jon and Dany's chemistry...I don't know about most of you out there but DUDE!! I could feel the heat coming off the two of them when they were with each other. Their first night might have been a bit clumsy, but they sure could kiss. And based on other videos when Emilia is asked about "best kissers" she totally commits to Kit Harington as being the best male co-star kisser. So there you have that! Hahah, I'll best Rose would agree!! :D

  34. One Punch Taco

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  35. Tiana

    TianaHace 17 días

    Dude..... just shhhhhhh....

  36. Reba Granger

    Reba GrangerHace 17 días

    Who's job is it to climb the wall and hang the banners?? How did they get up there tho???

  37. Paradyn

    ParadynHace 18 días

    I didn't like the ending, it was too quick and nothing happens. I thought there would be more fighting with the white walkers.

  38. Jan Bil

    Jan BilHace 18 días

    Thanks for this. Love your Video. And I think the best way to watch, or re-watch GOT is to make Season 6 the last one.

  39. Scott K

    Scott KHace 18 días

    I was so sad to see this show end two years ago.

  40. Alan Wallace

    Alan WallaceHace 18 días

    Feels like for season 8, GRRM just said, you're on your own bitches, which is the only explanation for this epic let down. Looked great, awesome production value, but most dialogue was sophomoric, cringe worthy at times. And the slapped together, at times silly and pointless, script - Bron just showing up for a completely meaningless scene with his crossbow at Winterfell? Huh? Drogan not frying Jon... well because. Shure! Bran becoming King cos he can impart sage wisdom such as, you're where you're supposed to be. Arrghh! We invested so much in these fully fleshed characters and in one fell swoop of brutal scripting almost every character lost their depth, to the point where you were left thinking, whatever: kill them, don't kill them, just get this over with.

  41. Quasi Motto

    Quasi MottoHace 18 días

    Jon came back to lead the free folk and bring them to a new good future. It was never planed that he stays here at castle black for life. Jon did't think to meet Tormund here at castle black. I think that was planed by bran. He looked a little bit suprised when the doors opend and he sees Tormund and all the wildlings. Not a bad ending for jon i think.

  42. half-assed gaming23

    half-assed gaming23Hace 18 días

    This episode was boring as fuck.

  43. Rockerboy

    RockerboyHace 18 días

    What an absolute shit ending, skipped through most of the half part towards the ending. Unbearable to watch. Season 8 overall been a stinking pile of dog shit.

  44. Dicaprio

    DicaprioHace 18 días

    They ruined the whole show

  45. Dimmysimmy123

    Dimmysimmy123Hace 19 días

    t gay

  46. c c

    c cHace 19 días

    Over 3,500 people work hard on this TV show. Can't you just appreciate how special this group is and stop all the bitching about the way the season ended? Hopefully, most of these very talented people can find jobs with the upcoming prequel and produce more incredible shows.

  47. winchester8154

    winchester8154Hace 19 días

    Kings Landing was Berlin, Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagazaki. Drogon was US and British Air Forces..! just dracarys..! They burned whole cities with tke people in them..! When Germany and Japan already lost the war.!

  48. Kieron Chard-Maple

    Kieron Chard-MapleHace 19 días

    It’s so obvious dragon burned the throne coz he was symbolising how its destroyed so many ppl inc. his mum. How have you not figured that out

  49. Michele Conley Eckert

    Michele Conley EckertHace 19 días

    @17:00 NOT EVERYONE WATCHED THE HOBBIT MOVIES ! Gees the ending was done hundreds of time in other storylines. IMO. IMO 🤨❤️🐉

  50. Michele Conley Eckert

    Michele Conley EckertHace 19 días

    Re:#8 @13:30. Did u see the water bottles? I’m sure HBO has cleared that up by now.

  51. QUploads T

    QUploads THace 20 días

    Jon walked long enough till Drogon was covered in snow.

  52. Herminio Figueroa

    Herminio FigueroaHace 20 días

    Yup, he's the only Martell alive. Bro to the other.

  53. Chandara Choey

    Chandara ChoeyHace 20 días

    So...FRIENDS had 10 seasons So...BIG BANG THEORY had 12 seasons...!! Yet...GAMES OF THRONES only had 8 seasons with 6 episodes...with such amazing characters...history...plot and just basically everything...does that even make any sense??? This show absolutely broke my heart...I binged watched this show to come to an end like this...unbelievable!!! What a bunch of crap

  54. Braeden

    BraedenHace 20 días

    I was really hoping he would have criticized it more. I get that he usually tries to be neutral but damn this show is ruined

  55. Malfi0us

    Malfi0usHace 20 días

    Did Brandon died?

  56. Malfi0us

    Malfi0usHace 20 días

    Serj Tankian is a boss

  57. xxl96

    xxl96Hace 20 días

    Hard to care with such a weak ending

  58. KageNoTenshi

    KageNoTenshiHace 20 días

    I don’t know why so many people are piss over the finale, I liked it, it was as logical as it would be after all the shit going down

  59. Tunnelrat6666

    Tunnelrat6666Hace 21 un día

    Two years for the worst season of them all. Total shit story ending.

  60. Co Z

    Co ZHace 21 un día

    Wasted 8 years of my life to watch a disappointing ending!!!

  61. Luke Robertson

    Luke RobertsonHace 21 un día

    Fuck this ending fuck dumb and dumber

  62. TheForknut

    TheForknutHace 21 un día

    Ok let me say something there is no way that nothing is going happen beyond the night watch. I dont think i spelled night watch correctly

  63. M LG

    M LGHace 21 un día

    *Sopranos*: Worst finale ever. *Game of Thrones*: Hold my beer.

  64. J K

    J KHace 8 días

    M LG big facts

  65. JabberCT

    JabberCTHace 21 un día

    Despite the last season, still the best show ever. I will miss it.

  66. Doc Holladay

    Doc HolladayHace 19 días

    Why miss it? I didn't start watching GOT till the day of the last episode. I just finished the whole series 20 minutes ago. (I know I got a problem.. stayed up for days binging) Anyway I'm going to re watched the whole series again tomorrow. There is so many thing I can pick up on more easily watching a second maybe even a third. There are so many damn things that go on in the show it's hard to process what when on or who this person was and who that person was and what kingdom is that and that... give it another watch Kodi will assist you in a binge watch of the whole series commercial free

  67. na436 0865

    na436 0865Hace 21 un día

    RIP game of thrones...2011 -2016 I kinda knew the new series was gonna suck, it's like all series...they put hard work into the first few years because they want to produce well... then the series goes down hill when producers & executives already collected that bread. Looking forward to stranger things 3 tho

  68. Gustav Crock

    Gustav CrockHace 21 un día

    Okay everybody knew that this season sucked. Is anyone out there going to do a fan remake? Please.

  69. that is amazing All

    that is amazing AllHace 21 un día

    Jon Snow should have been fucking King of the Iron Throne. He is the Aegon Targaryen the rightful King

  70. Alexey Baal

    Alexey BaalHace 21 un día

    Game of thrones the only show where you just love child killers like Theon, Stannis, The Hound, Dayeneris and think they are positive characters.

  71. Mande Peer

    Mande PeerHace 21 un día

    When it looked like Dany sprouted dragon wings that was easily one of the best scenes in the entire show, even though the 8th season was terrible

  72. 6zwbob

    6zwbobHace 21 un día

    Og my god that was Sweet Robbin! I didn't recognize him

  73. jojolafrite90

    jojolafrite90Hace 22 días

    They also kind of forgot that Dorne still wanted independence...

  74. MsB inSYDNEY

    MsB inSYDNEYHace 22 días

    I liked the fact that Bran became the King. I don't think it was simply a coincidence that he was sitting in a chair (of sorts) virtually from very early on.

  75. Annette Hagstrom

    Annette HagstromHace 22 días

    Do you think the theory that Bran orchestrated everything that happened by not interfering with his visions is plausible? Also: considering Sansa's experience with men, if she cannot bring herself to marry again (how) do you think the Stark line continues (outside of Jon's Wilding babies that nobody knows about because they stay North of the Wall)?

  76. J Chung

    J ChungHace 22 días

    Every unwritten episode got progressively off the rails. They barely crossed the the finish line like in one piece like a sleepless, wild eyed marathon runner, running out of steam. If they tried to do any more, it would have been worse, not better. It felt like I was watching a symphony and halfway through, (season 5) porky pig(D+D) took over as the conductor. When it ended, was happy that it was over because as much as I wanted it to be good, I knew that the conductor left, and it was only a matter of time before the train was off the rails. That’s All Folks!

  77. Tino Lopez

    Tino LopezHace 22 días

    What a show.. keep up the good videos!

  78. Peter Schancel

    Peter SchancelHace 22 días

    The Circular nature of Characters was well done . Tyrion remained the constant or glue of Reason. Jon Sno The Emo King of Brooding ends up loosing The Psycho Girlfriend' and The Crown but Ends up with The Dog . A Great Dog to Brood off into the sunset with .

  79. Warclubz

    WarclubzHace 22 días

    Everyone! Let it be known that Ginger P is a fucking retard!

  80. Lucy Pear

    Lucy PearHace 22 días

    No logic for Bran the Broken becoming King

  81. SecondVelcory

    SecondVelcoryHace 22 días

    I feel like the only fan out there who loved season 8... so much so that I consider it the best season of the entire series...... feel free to hate me now.

  82. MrSiingh

    MrSiinghHace 20 días

    SecondVelcory no hate, just confusion

  83. Aulis Rintala

    Aulis RintalaHace 22 días

    Jaime was redeemed! Why does so many people think otherwise? He fought for the living and thus got forgiveness from Bran. He died on a noble mission to try to reduce bloodshed and get Cercei to surrender. His name was written into the history books in a positive light. He got his wish to die in the arms of the woman he loved. Its tragic but he was redeemed. The very first lesson we learn in GOT was "He who passes the sentence should swing the sword". Daenerys never does this but passes the most sentences throughout the 8 seasons, always her killing done by other people or dragons. "They can live in my new world or die in their old one". Targaryen rule had to come to an end, even though Jon would make a good king, sooner or later history would repeat itself. But now, we actually have a king who knows history itself.

  84. Saif Imam

    Saif ImamHace 22 días

    how the hell unsullied are suppose to start their own house?

  85. Sara Bonetto

    Sara BonettoHace 22 días

    Soooo disappointed in the whole season. They really ruined the show, I can't wait to read the book to see what should have been.

  86. Ben

    BenHace 23 días

    How the hell does GOT have a fucken Easter egg lol

  87. k worth

    k worthHace 23 días

    If Jon Snow had just peed on the red snow and hidden the blood...everyone would have thought Dani had just flown away. 🙃 I'm not happy with King Bran the Broken. I'm not happy Jon was banished back to the Night's Watch. stupid to have Sansa Queen of the North...when the wall is north of the territory? Whatever.

  88. Secretly a celebrity

    Secretly a celebrityHace 23 días

    That melting is not random, it took effort on his part.

  89. Shivan Anirudhra

    Shivan AnirudhraHace 23 días

    Really awful ending.. Couldn't even express it to my friends but was so let down by this show Brilliant plot lines built over years, ends in some weak watery nonsense Pathetic really...

  90. Daniel August

    Daniel AugustHace 23 días

    when will this bullshit end? I have a better game. The game of throbs.

  91. Kevin Fry

    Kevin FryHace 23 días

    The only thing in the throne room is the iron throne...

  92. T3 G

    T3 GHace 23 días

    GoT: Smallfolk, you'll never have a good populist ruler. The Lords of Westeros will choose a ruler for you, who will snoop on you -- and did not have anything whatsoever to do with how said populist ruler ended *wink**wink* Also GoT: Democracy is hahaha -- the wheel keeps turning. You know nothing Smallfolk. :(

  93. Jonas Sami

    Jonas SamiHace 23 días

    Hi everyone, I am sure I will NEVER subscribe to this channel

  94. DekeyserDekes

    DekeyserDekesHace 23 días

    Season 8 inspired me to read the books

  95. Doc Holladay

    Doc HolladayHace 19 días

    True. I think I'll order the audio book

  96. Butter Scotch

    Butter ScotchHace 23 días

    Wow so they just kill her at the end? Thats stupid

  97. Βασίλειος Βουγιατζής

    Βασίλειος ΒουγιατζήςHace 23 días

    The only way I could swallow this ending would be if it was Tyrion's dream inside his cell, waiting to be executed. I realy cannot believe this wasn't a dream.... it felt so unreal

  98. Ann Wooten

    Ann WootenHace 23 días

    I will really miss this show!

  99. Jane Huttner

    Jane HuttnerHace 23 días

    I thought Tyrion was excellent in this episode. The music was excellent as well. I'm glad Dani died - she ended up a tyrant who wanted to rule the world by force with no one else having a choice. Look how well Bronn turned out - Lord of the Reaches, the most productive land in Westeros. Pod got knighted. Jamie's record got updated by Brienne. The Starks seem to rule - Bran is king the 6 kingdoms, Sansa is queen of the North, Jon is Night Watch Commander again. THANKS for all your excellent videos.

  100. M.C. Maldek RLSV

    M.C. Maldek RLSVHace 23 días

    Well its made of iron so...

  101. Owen Polley

    Owen PolleyHace 23 días

    It's funny, ghost is as big as a normal big wolf. Dire wolves should be big as horses

  102. strange3able

    strange3ableHace 23 días

    Is it just me who feels that if John had taken care of Dany and not made her feel unloved, she would not have turned mad at all! A different ending with Dany as a righteous Queeen and John as!

  103. Georgina Fontana

    Georgina FontanaHace 23 días

    Thank you. Have appreciated all the videos!

  104. A Person

    A PersonHace 23 días

    Years from now in film school, GoT will be used as a case study in how to not fuck up a show.

  105. Nikø Stark

    Nikø StarkHace 23 días

    Ok a question, so the Starks have won the game of thrones sure, but, am I missing something here? Bran can’t have children, Arya “that’s not her” and Sansa’s children will not have a Stark last name! So this is basically the extinction of Starks. Even tho they won it still feels like a loss! But Lanisters survive! Wtf! And if we are going that far than Targaryen’s are extinct too. So bad. They could of easily have a sentence where Bran says, “well I can still have children”. Horrible ending, just horrible!

  106. Laurence Goldkamp

    Laurence GoldkampHace 23 días

    This episode was so slow. Jon is very beta male.

  107. senses six

    senses sixHace 23 días