Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: the luxury phone


  1. The Verge

    The VergeHace un mes

    What do you want to know about the smaller Note 10?

  2. Melville Bloom

    Melville BloomHace 9 días

    @Michael Hall the spen is a HUGE difference

  3. Melville Bloom

    Melville BloomHace 9 días

    WRONG... The note 10 plus has a Quad HD plus screen!!

  4. Abhay Singh

    Abhay SinghHace 14 días

    And finally I had to add that, throughout the review that passive aggressive sarcasm that you show for the product just explains it better that how technically challenged you are. Probably this is the worst place for your career. Note 10 gives you a thousand choices and not a single path designed by people who you don't even know personally. I know me correcting you will lead to nowhere. But bruh, somebody needs to put you back to where you belong. Go star in some reality show or something where your negative attitude and endless sarcasm will earn you a living.

  5. Abhay Singh

    Abhay SinghHace 14 días

    When you begin a review narrative with a negative approach then the entire 10 minutes spent further on do not matter as the entire aura of the device in review becomes unappealing. These devices are the best on the planet. And if they fail to generate an enthusiasm in the buyer then nothing else will. I think this is kind of the first ever video of The Verge that dissappointed me.

  6. Arshad Qureshi

    Arshad QureshiHace 2 días

    What a beautiful way of explaining a great machine is much easier way.....Good job The Verge....I subscribed you.

  7. Ian Paul Saligumba

    Ian Paul SaligumbaHace 2 días

    Love this video 😍

  8. gsxer13

    gsxer13Hace 2 días

    The 10+ has more Ram..

  9. Bucky McCletus

    Bucky McCletusHace 4 días

    reg note 10 shouldn't exist just get a note 9 for $450

  10. inshan hosein

    inshan hoseinHace 6 días

    Excellent review

  11. Jose Escalambre

    Jose EscalambreHace 7 días

    Is that an ace ring he's wearing?

  12. Why not?

    Why not?Hace 10 días

    I'm sorry: MISSING a headphone jack????!! 😱😱 - Why would that not be a major flaw? Am I out of the loop or something??? How would one listen to music in public spaces etc?

  13. jksanrio

    jksanrioHace 10 días

    The best part of this phone? ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

  14. Mzitto

    MzittoHace 12 días

    Awesome review

  15. Arthur Correa

    Arthur CorreaHace 15 días

    Where is the Dex video??

  16. Farhan Ahmed

    Farhan AhmedHace 15 días

    This time verge not share the wall paper sad

  17. ranjan dev

    ranjan devHace 16 días

    hello sir, i want to buy note 10 plus. but there are 2 models one with ims service and without it. which one to buy ? i dont know what is IMS service

  18. ranjan dev

    ranjan devHace 16 días

    hello sir, i want to buy note 10 plus. but there are 2 models one with ims service and without it. which one to buy ? i dont know what is IMS service

  19. EpicViperr

    EpicViperrHace 16 días

    I love my note 10 + its thin and looks a lot futuristic than any other android in the market

  20. TG & FIFI World아기 태강이와 삐삐새

    TG & FIFI World아기 태강이와 삐삐새Hace 18 días

    I have a S10 5G phone purchased only 2 months ago. And now because of your video, I want to already change my phone. Thanks for your review. Awesome review!!

  21. Mumthas Gani

    Mumthas GaniHace 18 días

    Abcd efg hijk lmno p quret uvw xyz haha so nice

  22. Kougeru

    KougeruHace 19 días

    Not getting the latest Android is NOT a big deal anymore. The changes are extremely minor. The new gesture is the most noticeable change on my Pixel 2 compared to Android 9. Well, that, and the dozens of bugs and things that simply don't work. Android 10 is NOT ready for other phones. It's a buggy mess.

  23. Kougeru

    KougeruHace 19 días

    Bixby has been good for're just using it wrong if you think it's remotely the same as Google Assistant. Google Assistant is for web stuff, Bixby is for phone stuff.

  24. Ashish Kapadia

    Ashish KapadiaHace 22 días

    For US note 10 nd iphone 11pro both $1000 In India note 10 is 70000 nd iphone 11pro 110000😕😵

  25. Milf Level Savage

    Milf Level SavageHace 23 días

    Does the samsung fold have dex

  26. Tuts Fruts

    Tuts FrutsHace 24 días

    I bought the note 10 plus and I have no idea on when to use the pen . I'm a pastor so I do highlight a lot of notes ok n my sermons other then that idk how to use it

  27. xD3bod

    xD3bodHace 23 días

    You have 4 camers in the bacc and one in the front

  28. Aswin Asok

    Aswin AsokHace 24 días

    Something tells me America is jealous of Samsung because their homegrown Apple is way down the lane when it comes to pure innovation.

  29. Samrat Babu Koirala

    Samrat Babu KoiralaHace 24 días

    Okay OnePlus 7 Pro has clearly paid the verge! Clearly!!!

  30. Jeanne D.

    Jeanne D.Hace 24 días

    "most people wouldn't miss the extra RAM and battery life [of the larger Note].... " Come on!!! Maybe not now that it's new but eventually, yeah, you will. RAM is good. Longevity of battery life is even better!

  31. G Grace - Bama Boy

    G Grace - Bama BoyHace 24 días

    That's why I love it. Variety my friend. I have the pleasure to chose between Window apps, google apps and Samsung apps. Did I mention I love this phone. Thx for the great review

  32. Tuts Fruts

    Tuts FrutsHace 25 días

    I've been with this phone for 4 days after having iPhone for 6 years. I got so bored with iphone and tired. I saw this phone and I had to get my hands on it. The aura glow color is so beautiful the display is amazing. I love it so much

  33. Ridz Nova

    Ridz NovaHace 25 días

    Of course the note 10+ is the king now

  34. Arvind S

    Arvind SHace 26 días

    Who likes that mic in video feature 📹👍👌


    WHITE LIONHace 26 días

    Sadly, you're correct. Notes are just S#'s with a stylus...not the innovative flagships they used to be. 👋🏿😟😖😔🙁😭🙁😞😖😟👋🏿

  36. Ridz Nova

    Ridz NovaHace 25 días

    Better display better camera, better battery life, and better design thats enough... they not say that with iphone 11,,, just like iphone xs max with better camera

  37. Scoopy

    ScoopyHace 26 días

    Great video, the best review about this phone by a mile. I am an iphone user. I have the X but I am currently thinking about switching to the Note 10 plus. The iPhone 11 Pro has almost nothing new to offer for me. However, I am hessitant, I had a Note 4 years ago and that Samsung Android skin was a mess. The phone was not usable anymore after a few months. What do you guys think?

  38. K Brisbon

    K BrisbonHace 26 días

    The ports light up? I haven't seen or heard anything about that! How does the work? Please someone let me know.

  39. Tracy Powell

    Tracy PowellHace 27 días

    why do people talk about the price of the note 10 plus $1100 256 GB but note the iPhone 11 pro $1100 64 GB

  40. Sara Johansson

    Sara JohanssonHace 25 días

    Cause iPhone peeps will always be prepared to pay more for less. Haven't you seen the really neat shiny apple on the back?

  41. Scoopy

    ScoopyHace 26 días

    exactly that what I was thinking!

  42. A B

    A BHace 27 días

    I give up the pen for more battery. I dont like the camera right in middle and the other camera at the side

  43. George Pulliam

    George PulliamHace 28 días

    I have one and it's worth it

  44. Nguyễn Duy Anh

    Nguyễn Duy AnhHace 29 días

    The time you most use the s pen is to take quick note when the screen is off, translate, take screenshot. That's it. Not too much use but when you stick with it, you can't get out 😂

  45. Clarence Bangelisan

    Clarence BangelisanHace 29 días

    i hope my mom will get me one :)

  46. PsychedelicSunrise

    PsychedelicSunriseHace 29 días

    This looks soooooo much better than the iPhone 11 pro

  47. Klimt Guatav

    Klimt GuatavHace 29 días

    I WANT IT!!!!

  48. David Martrano

    David MartranoHace un mes

    I use the s10+, I'm not a pen user but the note10+ is simply gorgeous plus it's feature packed. For myself these two phones have no equal. The new Apple's are here but 64gb's of base storage is so 2016, no thanks Tim Apple!

  49. Cedric Henry

    Cedric HenryHace un mes

    Pricing is high for something that might be considered a subsidy.

  50. milun bosiljcic

    milun bosiljcicHace un mes

    Well done. Very good actually. 💝 And it makes sense. Thx

  51. Keale Pennington

    Keale PenningtonHace un mes

    I just got the note 10 plus and it blows apple out of the park. To say that I'm impressed with Samsung's latest flagship phone is an understatement! (Coming from a former apple diehard fan). Android is where it's at now, trust me... no notch!

  52. ok

    okHace un mes

    The best note 10 to buy is in fact the note 9

  53. abbas fadhel

    abbas fadhelHace un mes

    1:40 , hd+ ??? Note 10 plus : am i joke to you ?

  54. Jo Senga

    Jo SengaHace un mes

    So much samsung hate 🤔

  55. Vyzard

    VyzardHace un mes

    i switched to a non-stylus phone recently and I feel so unproductive *cough buy me one boss cough*

  56. Cutie Critty

    Cutie CrittyHace un mes

    I purchased the Note 10 Plus. I loooove the battery life. Its unbelievable. I go all day without charging it. I have never had a phone I did not have to charge until I came home at night. Plus, the phone charges fully usually 47 min. Super fast!!! Love this phone.

  57. xD3bod

    xD3bodHace 23 días

    You can buy a 45 watt charger from samsung and it will charge in 30 mins

  58. bad65dad

    bad65dadHace un mes

    To note users this phone is a beast nothing can touch it hands down. The 3d app is on the galaxy store and it works.

  59. runbmp

    runbmpHace un mes

    Man these reviews are so bare bones... I really miss having techy people doing reviews and actually talking about specs. Instead I get these apple like descriptions on features...

  60. Umer Salman

    Umer SalmanHace un mes

    Deiter bohn is one of the best out there.

  61. Josh Simpson

    Josh SimpsonHace un mes

    “ giddy with excitement over this little stick “

  62. shyam

    shyamHace un mes

    one of the best reviews by Verge

  63. nicolas galasyka

    nicolas galasykaHace un mes

    *Iphone 11 Pro Max enters the chat

  64. Curry Chicken

    Curry ChickenHace un mes

    What's the identity tho? It's not the same as what it's used to

  65. Curry Chicken

    Curry ChickenHace un mes

    Shoulda waited until next year to drop the headphone jack 💨

  66. Triple A Pro

    Triple A ProHace 28 días

    Eventually it was going to happen.

  67. KEN BEE

    KEN BEEHace un mes

    Could NOT have picked a better reviewer for this awesome phone Could NOTE

  68. Gibran Crismatt

    Gibran CrismattHace un mes

    Good and well done review except for the headphonejack comment. How many years does it have it pass to reviewers get over that fiasco? Samsung was the last big manufacturer to keep it alive. Its dead lets move on.

  69. vhilai

    vhilaiHace un mes

    Lol alphabet

  70. George Vanderbilt

    George VanderbiltHace un mes

    No one is even going to use a pen on there phone.

  71. Umer Salman

    Umer SalmanHace un mes



    ARCHIT KOTHARIHace un mes

    It also has a camera design copied from the Xs