Frozen II - Movie Review


  1. Killer Bee

    Killer BeeHace un hora

    I honestly love Olaf BECAUSE he’s annoying lol

  2. Sara Sam

    Sara SamHace 3 horas

    I love it I’m 28y 😁

  3. Melissa Mermaid

    Melissa MermaidHace 6 horas

    I wanna hear you talk about the spoilers now!

  4. MissZoey007

    MissZoey007Hace 9 horas

    End racism against White people Disney is dead

  5. Juan Jose Pineda

    Juan Jose PinedaHace 14 horas

    Huh the wrongs made by the grandfather was the villain and they had to correct the wrongs of the past. Dislike this critic review what makes a great Disney musical? Let’s hear it out :)

  6. c0mpu73rguy

    c0mpu73rguyHace 15 horas

    I actually hated the forced villain in the first film, so there being no villain here is an improvement. Actually, I enjoyed Frozen II while I hated Frozen with a passion, so it must be doing something right even if I can't put my finger on it (because it's too cold and and could get stuck).

  7. Kelly Pagano

    Kelly PaganoHace 17 horas

    I agree with you on the Olaf thing. The movie was visually fantastic. I didn’t mind the story choices as much as you. The two Elsa songs are amazing. The song with the dude made me laugh because they did it like a Brian Adams or Peter Satera video from the late 80’s early 90’s. I thought it was fun. Lol. I liked the story a lot more than you now that I think about it. I know the choice you’re talking about. I actually liked that choice. Anyway... good times as always Chris. I gave it an A. I get where you’re coming from thiugh

  8. Gabriel Anderson

    Gabriel AndersonHace 17 horas

    Please review Klaus!

  9. Astaria Naira

    Astaria NairaHace 18 horas

    Please post a spoiler review sometime. I was confused and disappointed by the movie and really want to hear you vent.

  10. Fodwocket

    FodwocketHace 18 horas

    I'd love to see a spoiler video when it's okay to do so 😁

  11. Tim Willson

    Tim WillsonHace 20 horas

    Chris, I normally vibe with your opinions, but I felt like you were way off on this one. It's a very insightful story about identity, and I for one found it to be compelling and deeply satisfying. Just wanted to respectfully disagree! I love your reviews!

  12. Misty Rose

    Misty RoseHace 22 horas

    I absolutely loved it because that was the was just so out of place that it was hilarious, and as much as I love it, that is something I just cannot overlook. As soon as those guitar riffs started I knew I was in for something weird, and had a great experience, just not something I expected in a Disney movie at all 😂😂 Totally something you could just play anywhere else and no one would guess it’s a Disney song.

  13. eggnoG

    eggnoGHace un día


  14. Musfirat Hasan

    Musfirat HasanHace un día

    THANK YOU for saying this! The whole movie was sooooooo good! but the end didn't make sense (to me). It really made me sad! I mean that seriously was not a happy ending man! (maybe it isn't a proper reason not to be satisfied with the ending BUT IT IS!) Me and my little sister relate so much with Elsa and Anna as we practically grew apart but are really close now. I am having a slight bit of anxiety cuz of the ending as I literally feel Elsa so much. what? can there not be two queens? that's why she has to go to exile? -_- Narnia had 2!

  15. uno23sleep

    uno23sleepHace un día

    I just watched this recently. The animation is so damn amazing, but I get your point about the flaw with the story. But you can't deny the setup on the lore for the opening hymn!

  16. SHY SHY

    SHY SHYHace un día

    Thank you for acknowledging the character and plot flaws! Most people are just raving about how amazing it is and I’m not sure I loved it that much.

  17. Bilbo Bagins

    Bilbo BaginsHace un día

    I completely disagree with this score. I saw this movie tonight and I'd give it a solid 7/10 and the story was 100x better than the first movie. I've been watching Chris's reviews for over 3 years now and this is one of the first reviews that I 100% disagree with. This movie is pretty damn good.

  18. Panda

    PandaHace un día

    I was very excited for this film. I enjoyed it but I do agree that it does have its problems. Some of the story choices I did not like at all. Especially the thing that happens at the end! Ugh! Why?

  19. • EatBullets •

    • EatBullets •Hace un día

    That intro killed me 🤣🤣 By the way fuck coppa

  20. laurie M haysom

    laurie M haysomHace un día

    Frozen is the highest grossing animation of all time so of course it gets a sequel and Disney can sell all the frozen toys that didn't sell the first time just put new packaging on them

  21. Katherine Black

    Katherine BlackHace 2 días

    Ooo ouch C+. Seems you enjoyed Weathering with You more since gave it a B

  22. l3emh

    l3emhHace 2 días

    I was hoping the stone trolls and Kristoff have more important roles :(

  23. Daakkuu Sama

    Daakkuu SamaHace 2 días

    Frozen 2 had a bad story, full of cliches and none of the characters did something usefull. However, when I think about what I liked in the original, and that's was the sisters' bond, Frozen 2 took it to the extreme in a good way. It was just a sugar cube one by one. So overall I'm satisfied with the movie, but I still can't think it as a proper sequel. It was like two hours of children books of Frozen that Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff have fun. But that's what I wanted to be honest.

  24. Jeremy Ray

    Jeremy RayHace 2 días

    That’s not her name John Travolta.

  25. Jeremy Ray

    Jeremy RayHace 2 días

    They are never going to live that down. Adele Dazeem.

  26. curated bits

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  27. Archie Utai

    Archie UtaiHace 2 días

    What decision did you not like?? *SPOILER* Was it saving Arendelle?? Or the sisters separating??

  28. Lazarus Tennessee

    Lazarus TennesseeHace 18 horas

    Spoilers Probably talking about when Anna wanted to destroy the dam and possibly destroy the town of Arrendale.

  29. jeremy 94

    jeremy 94Hace 2 días

    Am I the only one who thought the movie was about race and classism??....The wall, the two different groups, when Elsa quotes that fear blinds you, and that doing the right thing will not take away from you, "Arendelle(America) didn't fall"...that's what I got. (Making this comment before watching the video)

  30. octagonproplex

    octagonproplexHace 2 días

    It's a bad movie. Beautifully animated. But bad.

  31. Aim 33

    Aim 33Hace 2 días

    I think Elsa missed an opportunity to make an ice ship in that scene at the beach, could’ve beat the ice castle in Frozen 1

  32. ultravioletgirl123

    ultravioletgirl123Hace 3 días

    Please do a full spoiler-filled review soon! ❤️

  33. Paul Carlo Peralta

    Paul Carlo PeraltaHace 3 días

    Where's your spoiler review for this?

  34. JD Pragmatic

    JD PragmaticHace 3 días

    Looking forward to & anxiously awaiting your spoiler video

  35. WillfulVisions

    WillfulVisionsHace 3 días

    So...... the movie's out now. Where's the spoiler review?

  36. remmy recorderz

    remmy recorderzHace 3 días

    So basically Elsa obtained the water horse Pokemon and made it use growl to save the kingdom

  37. James Court

    James CourtHace 3 días

    I've gotta say I disagree with your view of the songs and I feel like Kristoff's song was by far the best and most stand out song amongst them.

  38. gtone339

    gtone339Hace 3 días

    I haven't seen Frozen 2 yet but will soon tho hehe!

  39. flat_foot

    flat_footHace 4 días

    Frozen 2 was trash. A ton of musicals added, in attempt, to make up for the writing. There were even continuity issues that you would normally see in old live action movies. Remember that one guy they fired from disney >_> yea they shouldn't have done that 6/10 anna should have died in the first movie -_- sooooo... the queen doesnt have an official guard -_- and then the plot holes that could have easily been avoided -_- i guess the black guy doesnt know loyalty, cause he just left the queen on her own a short stick was used to paddle an ice boat on a moving stream -_- she made that torch like turning on flash light on your phone -_- ah... you're only trapped in the forest when it is convenient -_- who knew ice could compress and decompress -_- and yet the 2 sisters grow at the same pace -_- spirit human my ass convenient plot is convenient art alone cant save a movie imdb and rotten tomatoes' ratings are bull shit Disney WTF

  40. Bec SocSci

    Bec SocSciHace 4 días

    Who was the random African American man in the movie and how did he get to Arendelle? 😆😆😆😆

  41. l3emh

    l3emhHace un día

    @Who Knew 22?

  42. Who Knew 22

    Who Knew 22Hace un día

    he managed to get though before the wall got built lol

  43. l3emh

    l3emhHace 2 días

    it's a spoiler

  44. melodramatic7904

    melodramatic7904Hace 4 días

    I loved the story more this time actually...except the proposal thing. That could have been cut from the movie.