Frankie Grande Sings Henry Danger, Victorious, and More Theme Songs | Finish The Lyric


  1. Rayan Ibrahim

    Rayan IbrahimHace 3 días

    He just skipped Zoey 101 like how?!

  2. dale aquino

    dale aquinoHace 3 días

    Frankie got that sage mode

  3. El chico 1

    El chico 1Hace 4 días

    It sounds like he singing it

  4. Unyime Benson

    Unyime BensonHace 6 días

    Oh mah gosh dis is xo halerious.🤣🤣😂😂


    ALANNA SHILLINGHace 7 días

    Frankie: Zoey. 101 skip got it right!😂😂


    JONAH VASQUEZHace 9 días

    Is the theme song from sam and cat

  7. Max vd B

    Max vd BHace 9 días

    That musical is verry funny with that musical curse over swelvieuw

  8. Kawaii Puppies

    Kawaii PuppiesHace 10 días

    I love Ari and Frankie

  9. Fe Dosumu

    Fe DosumuHace 11 días

    2:38 I thought it was 'skdbtfifidn and rnfdjsjekf and skjffd is he!!' 'Spongebob SquarePants!'

  10. Kenan Alan

    Kenan AlanHace 14 días

    YOUR Sister is Ariana Grande cool

  11. Buddika Gunawardena

    Buddika GunawardenaHace 17 días

    How come he never played Cat's brother on Victorious

  12. jessica meyer

    jessica meyerHace 17 días

    Who deos not like frankie and he is is just makeing up the rule and he is just going though all the song beause he know all of the songs and he messed up sam and he wears makeup and i think he is on herny danger beause he is so stupid and dumb

  13. laureen Olislagers

    laureen OlislagersHace 17 días

    i love frankie sm !!!

  14. FizzBee

    FizzBeeHace 17 días

    *I love how he says that he got everything right 😂*

  15. Tiy Sanchez

    Tiy SanchezHace 17 días

    He sounds different

  16. Fort Playz

    Fort PlayzHace 24 días

    Kutta khusra

  17. Bianca Vd Bruggen

    Bianca Vd BruggenHace 25 días

    to the musical curse make the song geuss please

  18. Matthew Wade

    Matthew WadeHace 28 días

    The last one was wrong, it’s “feels good”

  19. M_Hplays Games

    M_Hplays GamesHace 28 días

    He's so annoying

  20. Chris Oon

    Chris OonHace 29 días

    4:59 A voice crack a little ahead

  21. Farida Nooreldeen

    Farida NooreldeenHace 29 días

    Is frankie grande Arianna grande's brother

  22. bubbles dash

    bubbles dashHace 27 días

    Farida Nooreldeen yes

  23. Tyler Jones

    Tyler JonesHace un mes

    Frankie: *Gets Sam and cat wrong* Ariana: You are "never" my brother ever again.

  24. Doaa Abdullal

    Doaa AbdullalHace un mes

    Frankie Grande look like a boy is it a boy or girl

  25. Eleven Eggos

    Eleven EggosHace un mes

    4:31 ummm he forgot the “FEEEEELS GOOOOD” part 😒

  26. Lee van Rooyen

    Lee van RooyenHace un mes

    You are so fun I love it when you cast a Spell on everyone that they can't Stop singing oh my gosh you are awesome

  27. Emilee Parks

    Emilee ParksHace un mes

    *Henry danger* ... Isn't it "now we blow bubbles and fight crime... Feels gooood🤔"?

  28. Giovanna Van Helden

    Giovanna Van HeldenHace un mes

    For Henry Danger, he was supposed to say " Now we blow bubbles and fight crime, Feels good"

  29. Mythical Msp

    Mythical MspHace un mes

    The henry danger one was actually "Now we blow bubbles and fight crime, feels good"

  30. Tarah Ditri

    Tarah DitriHace un mes

    So he knows Justin Biebers But not his own sister🤪

  31. Kylie nrs

    Kylie nrsHace un mes

    He is just as sweet as Ariana

  32. Kylie nrs

    Kylie nrsHace un mes

    I love Frankie🖤

  33. Zach Klingel

    Zach KlingelHace un mes

    Frankie Grande got victorious right because Ariana is his sister but didn't get sam and cat for who knows why

  34. Kiley Allen

    Kiley AllenHace un mes

    is he wearing makeup

  35. lps produkshens

    lps produkshensHace un mes

    That's Ariana's brother?

  36. Rehab Ward

    Rehab WardHace un mes

    They forgot every witch wayyyyyy 😭💔

  37. Ashton Burgess

    Ashton BurgessHace un mes

    I thought Ariana was your sister… ???????????

  38. bubbles dash

    bubbles dashHace 27 días

    Ashton Burgess she is.

  39. Qamil Caku

    Qamil CakuHace un mes

    Frankieana Grande

  40. Ashkid 213

    Ashkid 213Hace un mes

    Frankie:Now we blow bubbles and fight crime Me:now we blow bubbles and fight crime FEELS GOOD LMAO

  41. X-Mel -X

    X-Mel -XHace un mes

    Henry danger was wrong the answer was Feels good

  42. nompi hlengethwa

    nompi hlengethwaHace un mes

    Wrong theme song😂😂😂

  43. otis woods

    otis woodsHace un mes


  44. Lilly White

    Lilly WhiteHace un mes

    Frankie is the cutest and so is Ariana

  45. Midnight_cow

    Midnight_cowHace un mes

    I did not know Ariana Grande has a brother

  46. Matris

    MatrisHace un mes

    Than go watch some facts about her

  47. Kiki Kosay

    Kiki KosayHace un mes

    شفث غحه طارقي صاحب شقخشزث اقشزيث؟

  48. Chill Time

    Chill TimeHace un mes

    Was he on Nickelodeon like Ariana?

  49. maroc1 Ayn

    maroc1 AynHace un mes


  50. Lizzie Kilburn

    Lizzie KilburnHace un mes

    He forgot the "feels good" part in the henry danger theme song.

  51. Tamara Love

    Tamara LoveHace un mes

    I didn’t know Frankini was Ariana Grande’s husband

  52. Tamara Love

    Tamara LoveHace un mes

    Lizzie Kilburn I don’t know wat half siblings mean

  53. Lizzie Kilburn

    Lizzie KilburnHace un mes

    They're half-siblings.

  54. Hannah Hindel

    Hannah HindelHace un mes


  55. Army Ricia

    Army RiciaHace 2 meses

    How you not know Icarly theme or your or Sam or cat

  56. Akeem Ross

    Akeem RossHace 2 meses


  57. Ariel Rios

    Ariel RiosHace 2 meses

    It’s so crazy how he’s related to Ariana Grande

  58. Keve Chan

    Keve ChanHace 2 meses

    Omg i love the musical henry danger i love to watch that show and i loved all of your songs

  59. Zishya Sambo

    Zishya SamboHace 2 meses

    Now we blow bubbles and fight crime.... Feels gooooooddd... He missed it 😂

  60. Abbie Scott-Butcher

    Abbie Scott-ButcherHace 2 meses

    No big time rush, how could you 😖😡

  61. Hannan Scott

    Hannan ScottHace 2 meses

    When he got them wrong I was dying if laughter 😂😂

  62. XXXTENTACION Rapper Roblox

    XXXTENTACION Rapper RobloxHace un mes

    Hannan Scott you mean of?

  63. Agata Cavallaro

    Agata CavallaroHace 2 meses

    The bhother the ariana grande i love

  64. Aleah Clark

    Aleah ClarkHace 2 meses

    He forgot “Feels Good! “

  65. Winter Co

    Winter CoHace 2 meses


  66. ILoveCookie

    ILoveCookieHace 2 meses

    2:57 Anyone else lose it?🤣🤣🤣🤣