Former NFL players react to Odell Beckham Jr.’s LSU controversy | Get Up


  1. Kentrell Braxton

    Kentrell BraxtonHace 25 días

    He should’ve known better to do that white a simple white man who is an officer. He just looking for a check.

  2. Joey DesOrmeaux

    Joey DesOrmeauxHace 27 días

    Lol let’s all break the rules!

  3. Scotty Gilbert

    Scotty GilbertHace 28 días

    "You can't condone this" Condone condone condone....

  4. If it's in the Word Then it's in the word

    If it's in the Word Then it's in the wordHace 29 días

    OBJ is black.... So by many they will excuse his behavior. By the way, did he give any money to the white players🤔

  5. Paula Cullars

    Paula CullarsHace 29 días

    Is all about money

  6. Kevin Braud

    Kevin BraudHace 29 días

    Some people (Odell) don't want to be fixed because being broken gets them attention.

  7. Kevin Cumberland

    Kevin CumberlandHace 29 días

    Cant believe these people are saying this is okay..... stupid lost respect for these people

  8. Penny Wainwright

    Penny WainwrightHace 29 días

    He was just playing around.

  9. Chuck Morris

    Chuck MorrisHace 29 días

    A joe who is that white dude he look like a "Giant" over everybody dam I bet non of his nephews or brothers get out of line with the family he coming over smashing. But dang he look just like my old district manager that fired me y'all remember the littles cartoon that's what both of them look like.

  10. Randy Rantana

    Randy RantanaHace 29 días

    What was the police officer doin in tha first place?????..

  11. Isaiah Gauthier

    Isaiah GauthierHace un mes

    At the minimum ban him from ever attending any future live LSU tiger sporting event.

  12. Kenneth Hoffman

    Kenneth HoffmanHace un mes

    OBJ is what happens when you have a little bit of modest attention grabbing success but no real lasting success. "Hey everybody, lookit me! Y'all ain't forgot about since I was exiled to Cleveland have ya? Here.... Lemme do something obnoxious to let you know I'm still around!"

  13. Real Honest Obversations

    Real Honest ObversationsHace un mes

    What a bunch of BS. I hope OBJ counter sues!!!!!!!!!

  14. Error Report

    Error ReportHace un mes

    “Overall this is a very benign situation” 🛑 stop. If that was a female security officer he would’ve found out real quick. He seems immature and to lack impulse control but Y’all just defending him because he’s a player.

  15. Qstar Atma

    Qstar AtmaHace un mes

    Fake News.....lame NFL drama. This league is soft.


    VINYLSELEKTAZHace un mes

    Security shouldn't be in the locker room. Especially the kind that don't like a certain type of people. Security should've been at a horse riding event or NASCAR.

  17. Number One

    Number OneHace un mes

    Everyone has opinion.... most are broke... most are miserable...Go Tigers!!!!

  18. Scott Johnson

    Scott JohnsonHace un mes

    Odell. Congrats. You have all the attention. You are taking this great accomplishment from LSU and alot of the players to make it about you. I am glad NY let you go. You need to grow up

  19. Jim Jimmy

    Jim JimmyHace un mes

    Why was that idiot rentacop messing with that LSU player ????

  20. Lisa Briceno

    Lisa BricenoHace un mes

    Your supposed to protect from bad people not try to create criminals by overreacting to something so small .. overkill on the consequences..

  21. Lisa Briceno

    Lisa BricenoHace un mes

    He was celebrating with everyone around him .this is crazyness..

  22. Erik Hernandez

    Erik HernandezHace un mes

    Why the cops even in the lockeroom? They just won a championship obviously they gonna be a lil wild they just want that check

  23. cmbsoldja

    cmbsoldjaHace un mes

    I would've punched him in his face. On God.

  24. xraysjb

    xraysjbHace un mes

    I hope Odell Beckham Jr. was drunk at the LSU game. Criminal charges is a bit much. I hope the states attorney gets him to court and dismiss the charges. Make Odell spend some money on lawyers and have him explain why he acted like a idiot.

  25. mensa517

    mensa517Hace un mes

    First off, why are police bringing charges and not the "SECURITY GUARD"?

  26. H2D

    H2DHace un mes

    I use to work in a office build with no smoking rules and all other kinds of rules in place. The big wheels did whatever they wanted. Security and etc just looked the other way. Period!

  27. H2D

    H2DHace un mes

    Leave Odell alone. He’s one of the nicest guys on 🌏 🌍 🌎 earth.

  28. Squidward Tentacles

    Squidward TentaclesHace 29 días

    H2D and Odell Beckham leave the guard alone and keep his hands to himself

  29. M Cat

    M CatHace 29 días


  30. Joey M

    Joey MHace un mes

    Cop is looking for money

  31. Post Tramatiq

    Post TramatiqHace un mes

    How about the way the security cop was handling the players about a cigar. He was there doing the escalating.

  32. Mr. Porter

    Mr. PorterHace un mes

    He's pressing charges because he liked it lol

  33. tay fly

    tay flyHace un mes

    Players just can’t get no type of money he could cash them out i he want 🤷🏽‍♂️ tf 💯💯💯💯

  34. Johnnie B. Wright

    Johnnie B. WrightHace un mes

    We the people... & they pimp the players anyway... they earned and deserve.

  35. Rob H

    Rob HHace un mes

    Wow another nfl wide receiver that has diarrhea of the mouth, and the list goes on Owens, Moss, A Brown, Irving, Keashawn, ............

  36. daytonao3

    daytonao3Hace un mes

    These guys are absolute pricks! No respect for cops by black guys! Pretty sad!

  37. Dreux Love

    Dreux LoveHace un mes

    Y’all bosses decide to talk about this ESPN FOX no one is making your topics I don’t get the issue not this deep

  38. Chris Reed

    Chris ReedHace un mes

    This is from someone that knows nothing about sports..I have never even watched a game..I hate football...just not my thing..Here these team players are in their lockeroom celebrating a win..their safe space..I hate to use that term for this but what else can I call it? You expect the security to be there to protect you, not police you while you are in YOUR space! This was not a public space but a private locker room! The idea to issue an arrest warrant over this is crazy! This is another of the MANY reasons people have lost faith in law enforcement! IT's a wonder he was not shot over it seeing how trigger happy cops are these days!

  39. Todd Kamelesky

    Todd KameleskyHace un mes

    Just wait Zeke elliot was there next thing you know lsu and ohio state will be suspended next year from playing in a bowl game by the ncaa for former players living life when they're pro teams are done for the season

  40. Tim Olson

    Tim OlsonHace un mes

    What has Odell Jr done the last three years in the NFL? His numbers are mediocre at best. This clown doesnt deserve any attention.

  41. K V Curtis

    K V CurtisHace un mes

    STFU haters

  42. Jordan Stewart

    Jordan StewartHace un mes

    Smh blacks when will yall learn whites hate y'all smh some whites say "I only watch college cause it's pride, not about money" lol what y'all gone watch now since blacks getting paid once again lol ahahahahahahahahahahahauahahahahahahahahah

  43. RetiredGuy Adventures

    RetiredGuy AdventuresHace un mes

    The only reason you're talking about OBJ is because it's in the script and you were told to talk about him...

  44. Rasheem Green

    Rasheem GreenHace un mes

    What if that security guard was a female?

  45. Charles Hill, Jr.

    Charles Hill, Jr.Hace un mes

    Bruh I really wish people stop making this bigger than what it really is. Odell was turnt up because his school won the national championship and as a proud alumni he should have been excited and anyone else in that same position would have been just as happy. Now, yeah I'll admit he should have turned it down a notch or, two but other than that I see no problem here. I feel like that police officer is just trying to make a couple bags off of Odell and get some clout because it really was not that deep. Now, as far as the NCAA is concerned I don't want to hear the NCAA'S world smallest violin song, I don't want to hear about their weak sauce investigation into Odell giving up some cash. Nor do I want an invite to this pity party that the NCAA is trying to throw for themselves the NCAA makes millions and billions of dollars off of these student athletes and as long as the money is rolling in and these schools as well as the NCAA are living like fat cats off of these kids regardless of the sport the NCAA can miss me with this bulljive. Yes Odell needs to display a little more maturity and tone down his antics a little more but, like I said the dude is not a criminal, he doesn't get in trouble, he doesn't bother anybody let the man be who he is and stop making this issue bigger than what it is. I noticed this week nobody has called Juilan Edelman out for his behavior when he was vandalizing property, being immature and acting a plum fool and Juilan Edelman is way older than Odell and yet I haven't seen this much outrage over his actions. If people are gonna have this much energy for Odell when he acts a fool have that same energy for Juilan Edelman.

  46. Dante rowell

    Dante rowellHace un mes


  47. Mikel Keith

    Mikel KeithHace un mes

    That's what Walt Disney get , Ohio State did beat the s out of Clemson , and would have did the same to LSU , and they knew ,and know it , you would have had a more classier locker room after the game.

  48. Bk Brown

    Bk BrownHace un mes

    Are you kidding me that cop is petty and stupid

  49. grunge truck

    grunge truckHace un mes

    Petty BS

  50. J O

    J OHace un mes

    Is about money 90 millions they jealous black man

  51. James Williams

    James WilliamsHace un mes

    The white-owned media never cease to destroy the black-male image!!!!

  52. hollapro

    hollaproHace un mes

    OBJ is setting up example for out NCAA should pay these athlete.

  53. Real Bro

    Real BroHace un mes

    Once again these clowns continue to justify OBJ's immature behavior!!! OBJ accepting responsibility for his own actions is impossible...🤔🤔🤔

  54. Nebula

    NebulaHace un mes

    anyone trying to make this a black/white just look at johnny manizel... odell is a drama queen and edleman is not, big difference.

  55. Ezperanza Luis

    Ezperanza LuisHace un mes

    The fact that they dont see it being a big deal is fucked up caught on video assaulting someone is a crime maybe they should look up the word assault there also something called verbal assault which also is against the law

  56. 111voodoo

    111voodooHace un mes

    I love OBJ, and I’m not a browns fan at all! But man he makes it hard to defend him sometimes man! He really does make everything about him!

  57. Haute Voltage

    Haute VoltageHace un mes


  58. Tony Feagin

    Tony FeaginHace un mes

    **This is all about money🤯** he seen Odell Beckham giving out money to the players **now he wants his share**💵💰

  59. Mike Smith

    Mike SmithHace un mes

    It's all cuz a black man put hands on a white man. Who had 2days of his racists Family n friends n his ear saying press charges. Get over it should've been being petty

  60. Brandon Philbrick

    Brandon PhilbrickHace un mes

    I hate the fact that this panel is excusing this behavior because you deem the locker room a safe space. Pathetic. Grow up and respect police or security. Take responsibility. Stop excusing this behavior you pathetic panelists

  61. daytonao3

    daytonao3Hace un mes

    He is garbage, plain and simple! As usual no respect for the cops by a black guy!

  62. Flying Spacerock

    Flying SpacerockHace un mes