Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED


  1. Patricia Nield

    Patricia NieldHace un hora

    I wonder what is brown shoes with a grey suit says about him :)

  2. BlackJaGuar

    BlackJaGuarHace un hora

    Me: scratching my butt FBI Agent: i needs to know all the informations about that man

  3. Matin _T

    Matin _THace 2 horas

    so useful thank u 👏👏👏

  4. Gathka Master

    Gathka MasterHace 2 horas

    He is lying

  5. Jose Oquendo

    Jose OquendoHace 2 horas

    This is pure crap. Maybe she’s moving her legs because she’s obese and wants to sit. The poker game stuff is ridiculous. Some of the things mentioned I do out of choice. Nothing to do with hiding anything. One can not base assumptions off body language alone. You need multiples. Speech, fidgety, fluxing. You can’t just assume because someone grabs there shoulders.

  6. All The Way Gaming

    All The Way GamingHace 3 horas

    sub to me if u can

  7. linda cohen

    linda cohenHace 3 horas

    And she stood with her knees together.... really has to pee

  8. Best Choice Art

    Best Choice ArtHace 3 horas

    FBI: You are drunk and lying. Me: nah I got Parkin...

  9. Crying Cat

    Crying CatHace 3 horas

    me going incognito FBI: *hol up thats illegal*

  10. Echo Chambers

    Echo ChambersHace 3 horas

    A lot of this was interesting.I know during WW2 Germans trying to pass as American GIs chewed Gum.Apparently,It made them seem “American” ,to cause havoc behind the Lines

  11. james gornall

    james gornallHace 3 horas

    Be careful requesting 3 beers in a German pub

  12. E. Gaborovna

    E. GaborovnaHace 4 horas

    Because it's safer for the flowers to hold them upside down, less likely that they will break. (Eastern European here.)

  13. Native-American

    Native-AmericanHace 4 horas

    You can only be read if you sit in your minds eye rather than in the present moment - if you sit in the present moment outside of your minds eye then you will read others and see their agenda.

  14. AxeKick80

    AxeKick80Hace 4 horas

    Thought he said his was Joan of Arro at the beginning

  15. Hayley Marse

    Hayley MarseHace 4 horas

    I wonder what this guy would think of me. I constantly move my feet while I’m standing still and I do really weird things with my hands such as wringing them while I’m having a normal conversation because I have social anxiety. Even if I don’t feel nervous at all I’m still constantly fidgeting even if it’s just moving my toes up and down

  16. Felix de Villiers

    Felix de VilliersHace 5 horas

    This man is talking rubbish. The same gestures can have a thousand different meanings.Watch his behaviour; one leg stands out affirmatively while the other draws back somewhat contortedly as though he has things to hide; he is altogether too controlled; his arms come out and he does a lot of talking with his hands as though to convince people, but not too exaggeratedly like those of Italians; he wants to appear reasonable. If I met a man like that I would steer clear of him.

  17. Kimberly Lunk

    Kimberly LunkHace 5 horas

    Him talking about the flowers reminded me of Inglorious Bastards when Diane Kruger's character did the German 3 hand signal instead of the Westernized 3 hand signal. Such exquisite attention to detail. I would like to see his opinion on people who gesture when they're talking or not. I'm so animated I wonder what my body language says about me. Even when it's silent communication, my body goes into action for emphasis.


    GATOR GUYHace 5 horas

    This is one bad mofo

  19. One Random Potato

    One Random PotatoHace 5 horas

    Me: *scratches leg* FBI: *OH BOY I KNOW WHATS GOING ON!*

  20. Sneaky Turtle

    Sneaky TurtleHace 5 horas

    So at least 10 millions peoples now gonna start to analyze other more often lol

  21. Zack Goodchild

    Zack GoodchildHace 5 horas

    We'll never know if he was any good though if you think about it 😂🤦‍♀️

  22. Joshua Williford

    Joshua WillifordHace 6 horas

    I would beat him down with the edge of a Dr. Seuss book. He would never catch me. I am the toughest agent and Assassin on the planet -John Wick


    AUDIOHOSTEM187Hace 6 horas


  24. Mary Valentine

    Mary ValentineHace 6 horas

    This is bull crap.


    AUDIOHOSTEM187Hace 6 horas

    Do You Think You Know About The Bulge In My Pants? FBI: DO YOUR JOB AND INDICT TRUMP!


    DR. BROOKSIE ESQ.Hace 6 horas

    This guys full of BS

  27. Sham Keith

    Sham KeithHace 6 horas

    *walks up* *snaps to attention* "Hey, what's up guys?"

  28. Lee Johnson

    Lee JohnsonHace 7 horas

    What if someone gives me the middle finger? Does the expert know this one?

  29. wozadamada

    wozadamadaHace 7 horas

    Interesting. I would love to get this guy's take on Bombard's Body Language. I thought she was good but he has put considerable doubt in my mind.

  30. nuahs b

    nuahs bHace 7 horas

    Me: looking around// shaking leg//moving hands.. FBI: what you hiding?? Me:: nothing,,been doing meth all night.. 😤😤😤

  31. Dustin Frlich

    Dustin FrlichHace 7 horas

    "very lengthy..... conversations"

  32. Angelica O

    Angelica OHace 7 horas

    Ok but you have to be crazy to hold flowers upside down

  33. mooxjesus

    mooxjesusHace 7 horas


  34. Arthur Huizar

    Arthur HuizarHace 7 horas

    This is the guy who spies on my depression memes.

  35. Sophia Redwood

    Sophia RedwoodHace 7 horas

    I’ve always wanted to read people like books, but I think people would be those kinda books you start reading and then never end up past the first page for some reason

  36. Grey Ghost

    Grey GhostHace 8 horas

    Rule number One. Don’t talk to the Police. Rule 2. Never talk to the FBI. Anything you say, WILL be held against you in a Court of law.

  37. No C

    No CHace 8 horas

    Duuuude, I entered and a Trojan condoms add appeared saying "I love to read... Body language"

  38. Violatte Vi

    Violatte ViHace 8 horas

    Me: Sits down Him: wHeRe dId yOu hiDe tHe bOmB?!?

  39. yousof mansoory

    yousof mansooryHace 9 horas

    Put me in a room with this man and I will drive him crazy

  40. Mika30041975

    Mika30041975Hace 9 horas


  41. Owen Ouzheng

    Owen OuzhengHace 9 horas

    I rather trust most people than thinking too much on who want cheat on u.

  42. Aj Balasabas

    Aj BalasabasHace 10 horas

    Me:*Literally Dies* FBI:He's acting to fool somebody

  43. vipmonicake

    vipmonicakeHace 10 horas

    Póker girl had an outfit change

  44. Marshmello gamer

    Marshmello gamerHace 10 horas

    I have ADHD I fiddle like this on a daily basis lol

  45. Infinite Jack

    Infinite JackHace 11 horas

    FBI lol

  46. Marvin Thomas

    Marvin ThomasHace 11 horas

    Fascinating information but it gave me a chuckle. Because of my autism, I can't read body language. My dependence on verbal/written language and context has made it so that I rarely misunderstand what people mean if they are at all articulate. I don't play poker much but when I do, I can squelch my non-verbals almost to non-existence by selecting certain self-soothers and using set patterns that don't indicate anything. Of course, my inability to read body language negates any benefit this might provide in a poker game.

  47. Sofia Restivo

    Sofia RestivoHace 11 horas

    no one: not a single soul: youtube algorithm:

  48. Israelite Reign

    Israelite ReignHace 11 horas

    FBI Agent bwhahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. Nate Svensson

    Nate SvenssonHace 12 horas

    Hold up did he say that all East European's are holding the flower's wrong. Because I have been with a East European and he has never hold the flowers up side down that is such a lie. Also I have my arms close to me when at the table the real reason. I'm socially awkward or I'm uncomfortable if there are others I don't know or I don't like.

  50. bluff kirschman

    bluff kirschmanHace 12 horas

    I really want to see this guy play poker

  51. Theo N de Bray

    Theo N de BrayHace 12 horas

    Interesting, but no mention of cultural differences, which can be very big.

  52. Andrew Cole

    Andrew ColeHace 12 horas

    Now I do believe this guy knows his stuff but sometimes I think he might be reading into these people's body movements a little bit too much. I think he might be wrong some of the times.

  53. Velocity Killswitch

    Velocity KillswitchHace 12 horas

    And now EVERYONE who watches this will know that their body language can be interpreted and change the manner in which they behave with a concerted effort that makes the current rules of observation outdated overnight. Way to go, genius.


    JAMES HOWARTHHace 13 horas

    too bad the did not use this on Comey

  55. Emma Rainey

    Emma RaineyHace 13 horas

    I have insomnia so my eyes are permared and it makes me twitchy/fidget; so good look with that , my guy

  56. CIA ุ

    CIA ุHace 13 horas

    Lady, never keep your hands under the table while playing poker or any type of card game. This would‘ve gotten you shot couple of years ago

  57. Shane James

    Shane JamesHace 14 horas

    I can tell this guy is lying to us because of how open his mouth is when he is talking.

  58. J-I F.W. BR

    J-I F.W. BRHace 14 horas

    lol i carry flowers both ways i must be a spie where ever i go =D=D

  59. Leb NiAc

    Leb NiAcHace 15 horas

    A persons IQ is muy importante. Example a person with a low IQ caught in a lie will get very aggressive defensive immediately, high IQ process differently will look for future processes or analyze

  60. Devin Carless

    Devin CarlessHace 15 horas

    Him: I know your blink rate is about eight times a minute Me: *blinks four times in three seconds*

  61. ivan carlson

    ivan carlsonHace 15 horas

    the way he sits in that chair disturbs me

  62. ichibanski8

    ichibanski8Hace 15 horas

    So what's that ballerina foot under the chair mean at the beginning?

  63. Drunkbikewrenchen

    DrunkbikewrenchenHace 15 horas

    Thought police

  64. Aihara

    AiharaHace 15 horas

    Child: I got all A’s in my SAT Father: No. Child: *I did* Father: An A- doesn’t count

  65. MrMethadrine

    MrMethadrineHace 15 horas

    wow fbi is pretty useless..

  66. joe gonzalvez

    joe gonzalvezHace 15 horas


  67. joe gonzalvez

    joe gonzalvezHace 15 horas

    All of these things apply to a normal person, but in the real world most of those guys tend to be on drugs and that's when you realize you're F up because you don't know how they're going to react to, and by the time you figure it out it's too late

  68. Julia F

    Julia FHace 15 horas

    This is soo totally ace!! I love it😍

  69. joe gonzalvez

    joe gonzalvezHace 15 horas

    And now you have a spy sitting in the white house 🇷🇺

  70. Kima 256

    Kima 256Hace 16 horas

    After watching this, I have come to the conclusion that my girlfriend is cheating on me!!

  71. Señor Negro

    Señor NegroHace 16 horas

    3:27 "... and I said that's how they carry flowers in Eastern Europe." Hmm ... How about nope ?

  72. Red Head Trucking

    Red Head TruckingHace 16 horas

    I don’t do any of these

  73. Rob Ishere

    Rob IshereHace 16 horas

    Judge Judy disagrees with all the prejudices you invalidate! Don't mess with Judge Judy!

  74. Top Cat

    Top CatHace 16 horas

    Hmm , I carry flowers upside down - I'm def not eastern European....

  75. katia m

    katia mHace 16 horas

    The guy writing this book sure had no personal life....

  76. katia m

    katia mHace 16 horas

    I want that book

  77. Cee Cee

    Cee CeeHace 16 horas

    There are no greater lie detectors than Greek moms... 😜

  78. katia m

    katia mHace 16 horas

    Me: scratches my head Him: *where's the marijuana?*

  79. Michelle Waterhouse

    Michelle WaterhouseHace 17 horas

    Vice just LOVES the US Security State. Why don't they have a sociologist or psychologist with a PhD to discuss this instead. Check out who's on the board of Vice and you'll know why.

  80. A.CAndeliz

    A.CAndelizHace 18 horas

    No one: FBI agent: I'm gonna pause right there.

  81. Dallas Walters

    Dallas WaltersHace 18 horas

    The beautiful thing about body language, is that most of it is subconscious, both providing, and interpreting it. When I was young, I used to think "WOW, that guy looks like an absolute A**hole!" Then, I wondered why I thought that, and how the f*** I was right.

  82. UKIP_UK

    UKIP_UKHace 18 horas

    He is talking just rubbish

  83. Demi R

    Demi RHace 19 horas

    Don't know about body language, but it's true about the flowers. Especially in former Soviet countries. The reason is not break the flowers - during Soviet times one of the most popular flowers was carnation, which is very delicate and easy to break when you're carrying them upright. But if it's a bouquet of short flowers, people can carry it upright.

  84. bouldaa

    bouldaaHace 19 horas

    Thanks for the information on how to beat a fbi interrogation.

  85. Ganbare

    GanbareHace 19 horas


  86. Commentator541

    Commentator541Hace 19 horas

    You are very American. Too American. No way people like shaking hands ESPECIALLY when it's unnecessary. Makes me wanna swab their fingers. Other people's bacteria - nooooo tnx.

  87. valerie

    valerieHace 21 un hora

    3:31 wow wtf we actually do

  88. valerie

    valerieHace 21 un hora

    I always touch my nose when I'm lying

  89. F4PTR

    F4PTRHace 22 horas

    Body language is inadmissible in a court of law, I wonder why? Could it be that it is circumstantial and unreliable? I don’t know, could be!

  90. David Schnell

    David SchnellHace 22 horas


  91. Kevin Richards

    Kevin RichardsHace 22 horas

    I always thought that the chin stroking nose scratching tell of lying was a load of old twaddle. You look at post match interviews of sports stars and they always make those gestures when they're obviously telling the truth.

  92. Loki Main

    Loki MainHace 22 horas

    Criminal: *watches whole video* time to take notes to avoid being caught!

  93. Georgina Toland

    Georgina TolandHace 23 horas

    Body language is not a universal language. Cultural differences need to be taken into consideration.

  94. Marie Campbell Dawson

    Marie Campbell DawsonHace 23 horas

    American People’s Don’t trust nobody, but they want that other Peoples trust them... always something is they Mind .... Create something, .... To Say or do .... Thanks

  95. Marie Campbell Dawson

    Marie Campbell DawsonHace 23 horas

    Body lenguaje Don’t Say Everything..... Thanks

  96. Heith Watkins

    Heith WatkinsHace un día

    Yet still not one democrat charged with anything???????

  97. Heith Watkins

    Heith WatkinsHace un día

    I have studied body language for years. So I use it to fool people like you.

  98. Nadia Subri

    Nadia SubriHace un día

    Deceiving people tend to have this negative aura anyway, as soon as they walk into a room you can sense this negative energy, even if they seem to be nice & smiling.

  99. Jess Martin

    Jess MartinHace un día

    If the American Mole is bringing down the Trump presidency is he a mole, or is he a patriot who believes that the USA is being damaged by a Sociopath who is, perhaps unwittingly, destroying this great country.

  100. ed bled

    ed bledHace un día

    where did he say they carry flowers like that?