*FIRST TIME* Chiropractic CRACKING on Female Athlete


  1. Nate Atkins

    Nate AtkinsHace 10 horas

    God I need a Y strap adjustment so effin bad

  2. ian abaya

    ian abayaHace 10 horas

    What is that He is doing the same cracking on all patients over and over again

  3. Master Bayt

    Master BaytHace 20 horas

    6:07 thank me later.this is what you waiting for

  4. Xalitus Sales

    Xalitus SalesHace 22 horas

    7:21 target down, good job 47

  5. Geremi Yaguachi

    Geremi YaguachiHace 22 horas

    5:10 :V

  6. nub gamers

    nub gamersHace un día

    *7:18** WTH MEN :V*

  7. ekiwoi

    ekiwoiHace un día

    her instagram pls

  8. Zo Hor

    Zo HorHace un día

    kebiasaan nonton sim*nt*k gua pikir endingnya di ent*(d)

  9. Milton Ferreira

    Milton FerreiraHace 2 días


  10. Karl Plays Skyrim

    Karl Plays SkyrimHace 2 días

    These women in rights are killing me

  11. Thiago 78

    Thiago 78Hace 2 días

    What is the woman's name?

  12. Endrico Nainggolan

    Endrico NainggolanHace 2 días

    who's her name..??😍

  13. I'm fat also

    I'm fat alsoHace 3 días

    7:20 close your eyes when you watch, I got a jumpscare


    TIMUR HANHace 3 días


  15. Noob Pro

    Noob ProHace 3 días

    2:58 i like how he fixed the Tshirt

  16. Godzilla 2219

    Godzilla 2219Hace 3 días

    Need her Instagram

  17. Boosted GT

    Boosted GTHace 3 días


  18. Harsh Jain

    Harsh JainHace 3 días

    I asked myself "Why cant I pusue a career like this" Answer came "Because I am a perfectly healthy person without erectile dysfunction"

  19. scoopylol

    scoopylolHace 4 días

    7:22 I thought she said “oh daddy”

  20. nonoyo beezewax

    nonoyo beezewaxHace 5 días

    (7:24). Okay, just breathe. Don't pay attention to your head that's now been separated from your shoulders. You just keep breathing while I call my lawyer.

  21. Tomboygamer 01

    Tomboygamer 01Hace 5 días

    7:22 ngl I thought her head was gonna come off

  22. Savage Davis

    Savage DavisHace 5 días

    2:50 I thought he killed her

  23. Nobody Explodes

    Nobody ExplodesHace 3 días

    Look at 7:20

  24. Ski Das

    Ski DasHace 6 días

    7:23 oh dang oooh 💕, dang! 😍

  25. Bruno Bentaberry

    Bruno BentaberryHace 6 días

    Tranquilo Ned, piensa en la biblia

  26. Ruth Perez

    Ruth PerezHace 6 días

    Damm that's painful

  27. Coco-Z

    Coco-ZHace 6 días

    i wish i get chiropractic even just only once, because my left arm and right leg is different then my neck is like not in its position

  28. Timur Tayirler

    Timur TayirlerHace 6 días

    I thought he would tear off her head

  29. Blop Blop

    Blop BlopHace 6 días

    Oh okay. I thought she was pregnant

  30. Lorichos

    LorichosHace 5 días

    Why WHY

  31. K_V_N

    K_V_NHace 7 días

    7:20 And....the head comes off.

  32. guaypro guay guay

    guaypro guay guayHace 8 días

    el unico que habla español por aqui ???????

  33. Jay Ventura

    Jay VenturaHace 3 días

    No haha

  34. Lorichos

    LorichosHace 5 días

    No lo se creo si

  35. samuel serafim

    samuel serafimHace 8 días

    7:25 OWWWWWWWN

  36. Stanky

    StankyHace 8 días

    Her makeup on the face rest be like “let’s split up gang”

  37. Alphawind1

    Alphawind1Hace 8 días

    He has American Eagle pants on

  38. 27GhettoBreakStar27

    27GhettoBreakStar27Hace 9 días


  39. 27GhettoBreakStar27

    27GhettoBreakStar27Hace 9 días

    Wow. This video hasnt any cuts. That means he can control hisself cause i have a borner just watching this. Damn

  40. Isobel xox

    Isobel xoxHace 9 días

    oH dAnG

  41. Jedi Knight

    Jedi KnightHace 10 días

    She is pretty.

  42. Gill ਸਾਹਿਬ

    Gill ਸਾਹਿਬHace 10 días

    I know the reason for 7million views

  43. Hace 10 días

    What's her name though?

  44. Groupotrade Social

    Groupotrade SocialHace 10 días

    If one day your visit Bangkok I want you do for me, 6 month I hurt my back and here is just joking massage I am trader stay 20 hour day front of computer is not easy, very impressive your job !!!

  45. Lucky Kaushik

    Lucky KaushikHace 11 días

    6:09... thanx me later !

  46. zu wild

    zu wildHace 12 días

    1. she looks like 16 2. she is wearing tights but still has no 🍑

  47. Deep World

    Deep WorldHace 12 días

    What kind of athlete is she

  48. Brandon Gallardo

    Brandon GallardoHace 12 días

    Nose como ctm llegué aqui pero el que sea chileno dele laic ya que hay puros weones hablando ingles

  49. Lorichos

    LorichosHace 5 días

    Yo tampoco se como llegue aca

  50. Rizky Nur Ardiansyah

    Rizky Nur ArdiansyahHace 12 días

    Wow so hot🥵🥵🥵

  51. Crescent Rose

    Crescent RoseHace 12 días

    Actually everyone could do or learn something like this so easily....I have back pain since I was kid until I met my new friend he is 16 yrs old n he knows how to fix human bone...I asked him where did he learned about this...then he said "u must know how human body/bone work"....and he also told me that he learned all of this from science textbook at school

  52. Ilya Siata

    Ilya SiataHace 13 días

    teach me dr joseph

  53. Anank Maulana

    Anank MaulanaHace 13 días

    What her name ?

  54. Lorichos

    LorichosHace 5 días


  55. Jholyon Lopes

    Jholyon LopesHace 13 días

    Canequinho delícia

  56. ElJesusVali YT

    ElJesusVali YTHace 13 días

    7:21 fatality

  57. Dennis Victolero

    Dennis VictoleroHace 13 días

    Lucky duck !

  58. Jojos :v

    Jojos :vHace 13 días

    Que rica chuleta V:

  59. Gelton Rulite

    Gelton RuliteHace 14 días

    No one search this

  60. Deep World

    Deep WorldHace 14 días

    Does anybody knows who is she

  61. Axel Vásquez Valdivia

    Axel Vásquez ValdiviaHace 14 días

    7:20 hurted me too. :v

  62. Manuel

    ManuelHace 14 días

    Le iso la del santo Qliadon xD

  63. MatiasAlb

    MatiasAlbHace 14 días

    7:21 *FINISH HIM*

  64. Rip x

    Rip xHace 14 días

    4:24 thank me later boys If you got the reference give the like for my boy Leon lush

  65. Kaio Cesar Ribeiro de Oliveira

    Kaio Cesar Ribeiro de OliveiraHace 15 días

    Am I the only one who when he asks to breathe do what he says? xD

  66. andy paredes

    andy paredesHace 15 días

    Hahaha she is dead 7:10