First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family


  1. robloxian games

    robloxian gamesHace 10 horas

    I like the Mario games it's so fun!

  2. m1lk._teaa

    m1lk._teaaHace 11 horas

    can you play animal crossing new leaf on a Nintendo switch lite?? PLEASE ANSWER

  3. Pudim Yummy yummy

    Pudim Yummy yummyHace 19 horas

    *nintendo switch lite wheel breaks* Oh no! The wheel have broken, What do I do Nintendo? Nintendo - sob

  4. Sami Channel

    Sami ChannelHace un día

    Where is Thing like PS 4

  5. Maxx Games

    Maxx GamesHace un día

    Thats not Nintendo Switch, i cant switch to TV mode, or table mode. Correct name for this model is Nintendo Lite.

  6. Anonymous

    AnonymousHace un día

    Even if nintendo give it name nintendo xhwkabhw .. its still the correct name

  7. KyleGaming HD

    KyleGaming HDHace un día

    Nintendo Switch Lite Available September 20, 2019 $199:99 MSRP $99.99 MSRP, I wish.

  8. Aundrea gomez

    Aundrea gomezHace un día

    Can you use the pro control for the lite

  9. Jude Edwards

    Jude EdwardsHace 2 días

    Notice how there’s like random people and business men just walking through the middle of the skatepark

  10. Bob Bob

    Bob BobHace 2 días

    Did he actually do that snapping sound

  11. Hey pass the cheesecake!!!

    Hey pass the cheesecake!!!Hace 12 horas

    Sound affect

  12. somedork

    somedorkHace 2 días

    Its a nintendo switch, but its not.

  13. MoonLight Gacha

    MoonLight GachaHace 3 días

    Switch lite: Yellow,Blue, Grey Mine: *broken*

  14. Deion Greenaway

    Deion GreenawayHace 3 días

    Moondancer:😒💢 this time i well try again

  15. Alican Tuzcu

    Alican TuzcuHace 4 días

    Nobody Nintendo switch lite joysticks MEGA DRIFT

  16. Vik‘s UwUchu

    Vik‘s UwUchuHace 4 días

    “And this is how it looks on the back” Me “wtf ew”

  17. Jacob Grammer

    Jacob GrammerHace 5 días

    the thing i dont like about the Nintendo switch lite is that it cant connect to the 📺 i love playing my 🎮 on my tv and the go,

  18. Anonymous

    AnonymousHace un día

    Buy the switch then.. This is for someone who love handheld console and doesnt care about the tv feature

  19. Bubble Dum

    Bubble DumHace 5 días

    so basically, its worse

  20. What am I doing with my life studios Ultra

    What am I doing with my life studios UltraHace 6 días

    Nothing like a space man brining a Nintendo switch lite along

  21. Shadow22 Ultimate

    Shadow22 UltimateHace 7 días

    It’s lite not light

  22. flufft flufft

    flufft flufftHace 7 días

    pls give me nintendo

  23. Alexandra Pühringer

    Alexandra PühringerHace 7 días

    Darf ich eine zum Geburtstag geschenkt bekommen 17 Oktober bundesstraße 1 heißt das 🏠

  24. Brayden Schneider

    Brayden SchneiderHace 7 días

    Nintendo switch is dead switch lite has over

  25. Brayden Schneider

    Brayden SchneiderHace 7 días

    Nintendo switch is dead switch lite has over

  26. 1spore2

    1spore2Hace 7 días

    This is the best thing since the gba advanced sp and the ds lite!

  27. Sqq da dude

    Sqq da dudeHace 7 días

    Nintendo Switch Lite: Plays in handheld mode. Nintendo 3DS and 2DS XL: Am I a joke to you.

  28. Allen Naorem

    Allen NaoremHace 7 días

    Really like the fact that this official ad is direct and to the point. He makes sure to explain the key differences quite well and no confusion whatsoever is created.


    RAJESH KUMARHace 8 días

    I want in India with PUBG & call of duty mobile

  30. Minebeast

    MinebeastHace 8 días


  31. Yiloot

    YilootHace 8 días

    Where is apex legends for switch?

  32. Weirneir

    WeirneirHace 8 días

    i wish it was availabe in red colour...

  33. Tal the gamer

    Tal the gamerHace 9 días

    Nintendo stuck.

  34. Rose Brothwood

    Rose BrothwoodHace 9 días

    Sooooooo basically a DS?

  35. Cats

    CatsHace 9 días

    So just a Wii U

  36. Snap that’s gonna go Camera

    Snap that’s gonna go CameraHace 6 días

    Cats very funny and original

  37. Smelly Feet

    Smelly FeetHace 9 días

    What's with the gay music?

  38. Lol Lol

    Lol LolHace 9 días

    My mind is like a joycon, always drifting away

  39. Justin Cintron

    Justin CintronHace 9 días

    Can you make a blue and red one

  40. Snap that’s gonna go Camera

    Snap that’s gonna go CameraHace 9 días

    There is sorta blue but not red

  41. Calum Lindsay

    Calum LindsayHace 10 días

    Plainrock when looking at the turqouise one: WWWHHHYYY, NINTENDO??? Me: That's a-- SDSLAYER100: *cutesy* me: 0w0 that's a good way to look at it. SDSLAYER100: *merci beaucoup*

  42. Snap that’s gonna go Camera

    Snap that’s gonna go CameraHace 9 días


  43. jocelyn

    jocelynHace 10 días

    anyone getting airplane safety video vibes..

  44. Marjorie Ramirez

    Marjorie RamirezHace 10 días

    Guácala esto no me gusta no le llega ni a los pies de la original

  45. zUltra

    zUltraHace 10 días

    Lol $200 Switch's exist on eBay

  46. MMGAMER50

    MMGAMER50Hace 11 días

    So its a smaller Nintendo switch?

  47. Pasteliica

    PasteliicaHace 9 días


  48. Tcof

    TcofHace 11 días

    How it look ? not great. This size doesn't change much. I want something small that can fit my pocket. This is useless. Should make it more portable.

  49. Tcof

    TcofHace 6 días

    @Snap that’s gonna go Camera What the ppoint ? new release game doesn't go to DS anymore. And do that something they shoudn't do ? These suppose to be for outside need, more portable and carry around. Yet, they make the size roughly the same ?

  50. Snap that’s gonna go Camera

    Snap that’s gonna go CameraHace 6 días

    If it’s to small buy a ds

  51. Falls_Gaming_ PT

    Falls_Gaming_ PTHace 11 días

    How to get bullied at school.

  52. Cassidy Kimmins

    Cassidy KimminsHace 12 días

    I brought 2 switches the other day, 1 is original and 1 lite, I cannot wait till sword and shield comes out so I can do evolution trade my stuff

  53. channelsthat SuckLIKe theses

    channelsthat SuckLIKe thesesHace 12 días

    I want a red Nintendo Switch Lite. Please make it.

  54. Dennis Bowen

    Dennis BowenHace 12 días

    I was a big critic on this since it seemed this console didnt include a game in the us, but when I saw that yall had a decent price point for switch online (20 bucks a year vs like 60 or something on playstation and xbox) which also includes both a nes classic library and snes classic library, that more then makes up for it. I hope however that the joycons dont fail but I paid for a four year warranty so I think Ill be ok.

  55. oreo

    oreoHace 12 días

    hahaha jokes on you nintendo. Im getting a 3ds xl?.

  56. Cøøkîė !

    Cøøkîė !Hace 13 días

    Isn’t it just a WIIU?

  57. Cøøkîė !

    Cøøkîė !Hace 3 días

    Snap that’s gonna go Camera :P?

  58. Snap that’s gonna go Camera

    Snap that’s gonna go CameraHace 6 días


  59. Zackery Argueta

    Zackery ArguetaHace 13 días

    I went to best buy and I was able to play with the switch lite and it felt amazing! - zack

  60. Surp Nurp

    Surp NurpHace 13 días

    I’ve always wanted a glorified Wii U

  61. Cheesy Potato

    Cheesy PotatoHace 14 días

    I guess the Lite is just a Nintendo switch and 3DS mashup

  62. Turd Sandwich

    Turd SandwichHace 14 días

    I love it so much

  63. MoahGentle

    MoahGentleHace 15 días

    I always found the Switch to be too bulky to use as handheld. I think I'll give Lite a go.

  64. Luix Michael Yeso

    Luix Michael YesoHace 15 días

    I have switch lite

  65. joe

    joeHace 15 días

    This sounds like x forts

  66. joe

    joeHace 6 días

    @Snap that’s gonna go Camera hes a youuber look him up

  67. Snap that’s gonna go Camera

    Snap that’s gonna go CameraHace 6 días

    X forts?

  68. Modco

    ModcoHace 15 días

    i like how the first bit is just saying "yeah bud your missing out if your buying the lite"

  69. kiwi pp

    kiwi ppHace 15 días

    Nintendo switch lite trailer: shows many people playing Reality: plays my switch in the dark by myself

  70. Yubin cho

    Yubin choHace un día

    So its a Switch for singles, loners, the no-friends?

  71. Juliet Watson

    Juliet WatsonHace 7 días


  72. Miloš

    MilošHace 11 días


  73. Heitor Carneiro Bispo

    Heitor Carneiro BispoHace 15 días

    Not soment the switches 2020: wii 80 ( CD/DVD ) 2021: Wii 360 ( portable ) 2022: Wii one ( portable ) 2024: Nintendo trix ( portable CD ) 2024: gameboy trix ( portable ) 2025: gameboy trix 3D ( HD portable ) 2026: gameboy trix CD ( CD/DVD ) 2026: gameboy trix 3D CD ( CD/DVD ) 2028: hollyplay and maxplaxplay (portable) 2029: N4DS 2030: N4DS Lite 2031: N4DSi 2032: N4DS xl 2033: N4DSi xli

  74. Heitor Carneiro Bispo

    Heitor Carneiro BispoHace 15 días

    Switch pro - switch 4 09,99 bucks in national Nintendo final portable - CD/DVD console 49,99 bucks in national

  75. Heitor Carneiro Bispo

    Heitor Carneiro BispoHace 15 días

    Wii 80 - N4DSi xli 30,00 bucks in Japan , brazil , usa , europe , national

  76. Little Demon Ęløise

    Little Demon ĘløiseHace 15 días

    I prefer normal switch

  77. Ronisson Silva

    Ronisson SilvaHace 16 días

    4:25 represents max resolution

  78. FLEX

    FLEXHace 16 días

    I prefer the lite just so i dont have to play with my little brother.