Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)


  1. yishai fraser

    yishai fraserHace un hora

    hakeye dies no superpowers arrows hit thanos they bounce off him

  2. DiamondGamer466

    DiamondGamer466Hace un hora

    Just check the cast of people in Avengers Endgame on google and you’ll know who’s coming back *also Spider-Man is coming back yeeeeeeeeeee*

  3. aden

    adenHace un hora

    Plz make a video about the big ants in indiana jones

  4. Jr

    JrHace un hora

    Nobody dies.

  5. VRGodzYT

    VRGodzYTHace un hora

    Thor is honestly the coolest

  6. Jason Yacinthe

    Jason YacintheHace un hora

    Cap dying would be too obvious, bets are on him just killing the cap mantle for something else. In a way, the sacrifice of a life should not be the answer to the Cap's arch, but understanding that self sacrifice shouldn't always be your endgame.

  7. Jackson Eue

    Jackson EueHace un hora

    I thought nebula didn’t die just bc she was a robot not a living being

  8. xxyezan lol

    xxyezan lolHace un hora

    I bet 100000 dollars Nebula is gonna die

  9. brbInTheCrapper

    brbInTheCrapperHace un hora

    Everyone dies

  10. Akhil Kanakaraj

    Akhil KanakarajHace un hora

    Also remember, Paul Bettany is not in the IMDB Credits so we know that he’s probably done

  11. Dylan Nicol

    Dylan NicolHace un hora

    Tony isn’t in the FFH trailer so... RIP

  12. LOJIK

    LOJIKHace un hora

    Thanos:kills half the universe Avengers: its rewind time

  13. Benjamin Marks

    Benjamin MarksHace un hora

    Let's get the party started Yee DEVILS.

  14. Kev The man

    Kev The manHace un hora

    Ok this is gonna he my guess and I won’t edit my comment until I watch the movie Cap,Black widow, Hawkeye, Thanos (why not?) and Thats about it I honestly will see what’s gonna happen...

  15. zachishungry

    zachishungryHace un hora

    i told you that (blank) would die!

  16. Carlee Nuber

    Carlee NuberHace un hora

    Captain America’s gonna die

  17. Benjamin Marks

    Benjamin MarksHace un hora


  18. Red Circiut?

    Red Circiut?Hace un hora

    Thanos dies

  19. Jonny Mill

    Jonny MillHace un hora

    Mat is 😎

  20. Purani Kannan

    Purani KannanHace un hora

    matpat should be the spokesperson for disney+

  21. Corwin Hochrine

    Corwin HochrineHace un hora

    Captain America will die , iron man has more of a chance but might still die , thor won't die, hulk won't die, black widow might die, everybody else will be fine.

  22. Kid Kaio 54

    Kid Kaio 54Hace un hora

    me trying not to accept this: It might be cap nebula and probably rhode

  23. Logan Cortez

    Logan CortezHace un hora

    I think everyone is gonna live, cuz movies like to do that.

  24. YeahClickClack

    YeahClickClackHace un hora

    Something tells me Thanos won’t survive this one.

  25. Jacob Movshin

    Jacob MovshinHace un hora

    If u look at scarlet witches vision she gives tony in age of ultron, it’s obvious he’s gonna survive but only him

  26. -Nexus -

    -Nexus -Hace un hora

    Captain America

  27. Cameron Norton

    Cameron NortonHace un hora

    These intros are getting weirder and weirder

  28. Sindy Lopez guzman

    Sindy Lopez guzmanHace un hora

    CAPTAIN America Share Gif:

  29. The Awkward Wolf

    The Awkward WolfHace un hora

    [Opening scene of Endgame] Captain Marvel: **Dies** Entire Audience: **Standing Ovation**

  30. Jeffy meffie Playing station

    Jeffy meffie Playing stationHace un hora

    At the end of endgame the people who die is cap, black widow and nebula

  31. Avery T.

    Avery T.Hace un hora

    Can you do a part 2 that has the other characters that aren’t big players in the avengers officially, but are big characters in the MCU? Like Dr Strange, Black Panther, Vision (will his body get rebuilt or something) , Scarlet Witch etc.?

  32. GH0ST6

    GH0ST6Hace un hora


  33. MaCk hehbensnksksnbehe

    MaCk hehbensnksksnbeheHace un hora



    PIE CRUSTHace un hora

    hmmm but maybe the real question is who will they bring back to life

  35. Alexander Plays

    Alexander PlaysHace un hora

    I feel like the Iron Man or Captain America will die.


    JC THE GAMERHace un hora

    Thanos will die from antman going up his butt, but antman will die from suffocation by thanos’s butt

  37. Major Gamer

    Major GamerHace un hora

    Or maybe she dies and this makes hulk go into what I like to call World war Hulk for his final movie were he dies in his final movie

  38. Jason Opoku

    Jason OpokuHace un hora

    Who do i think is gonna die? Thanos....

  39. Barry Breadson

    Barry BreadsonHace un hora

    Bruce could still die if he's in the Black Widow movie. That would be Mark Ruffalo's 6th movie, ending his contract.

  40. Shadow Smith

    Shadow SmithHace un hora

    Thor: I am THOR! Thanos:I am PURPLE MAN! Captain Marvel:I am CAPTAIN MARVEL! Captain America: Wait wait wait I thought I was the only Captain here... Captain Marvel:Well while you were in ice I was fighting Aliens. Captain America:Well that's fair. Thanos:POW!!!!!

  41. German Raccoon

    German RaccoonHace un hora

    My prediction is captain marvel as well as all avengers memes will DIE

  42. XT_NighTraiN 7804

    XT_NighTraiN 7804Hace un hora

    I bet on Thanos dying.


    PROTON RAPTORHace un hora

    I have a theory that de grape will die sorry aka thanos

  44. Crystal KayNine

    Crystal KayNineHace un hora

    Alright, some of these I have intuitions but others I mostly hope/guess in favor of them living: Black Widow - dies Cap - dies Iron Man - lives (but if Stark dies, Cap lives; either way I can't picture them both dying) Thor - lives Hulk - lives Ant-Man - lives Cap Marvel - lives Nebula - lives War Machine - lives Rocket - lives Pepper - lives Valkyrie - lives What I hope happens: Falcon becomes the new Captain America and Bucky tags along. I know in the comics Bucky becomes Cap but I just don't see it with how MCU Bucky 's character is. Stark retires and has a family with Pepper. Thor, Captain Marvel, Loki, and Valkyrie rebuild Asgard and its people. Maybe Hulk/Banner too, since Thor gets along with both of them. Wakanda is put back to normal and Okoye is happy. The Guardians all come back and Quill and Gamora live happily together, Nebula joins the group. Ant-Man cares for his daughter and dates Wasp. Dr. Strange destroys the stones and teaches magic. Hawkeye's family is back, Vision and Scarlet is back and all living happily. Spiderman goes back to his usual life and does what he'll do in the upcoming movies. Did I miss anything?

  45. Ryan Garcia

    Ryan GarciaHace un hora

    Halk guy

  46. carlos Rada

    carlos RadaHace un hora


  47. Maryam's Stuffs

    Maryam's StuffsHace un hora

    i wasnt screaming

  48. yuno gasai

    yuno gasaiHace un hora

    Congrats on treading

  49. TheRedstone Pyromaniac

    TheRedstone PyromaniacHace un hora

    This one is probably gonna be how it plays out

  50. Randall Wald

    Randall WaldHace un hora

    I disagree about Black Widow (the MCU doesn't have that many female heroes, can they really afford to kill off their original one?), but MatPat's arguments regarding Steve and Tony concur my own gut feelings regarding those two. Both are done with future movies, but only Steve actually dies: Tony simply retires (and so may have occasional cameos).

  51. UnknownSpiral

    UnknownSpiralHace un hora

    Black widow isn't exactly a significant character so if she dies it won't be a heroic moment it'll just be a plot tool

  52. R S L

    R S LHace un hora

    Dr. Strange's Cape is my favourite avenger so why no Dr. Strange's Cape solo flick???

  53. GoldenTime56 -gaming-

    GoldenTime56 -gaming-Hace un hora

    Hawk eye will die because why not

  54. yo scotty boy

    yo scotty boyHace un hora

    Im gonna die at end game coz write now im dieing to see it

  55. Internet Persona

    Internet PersonaHace un hora

    I think that cap,iron man, and Thor all going to die since the contracts

  56. sherrie coleman

    sherrie colemanHace un hora

  57. DarkBeast 27

    DarkBeast 27Hace un hora

    Thanos is killed by Cillet Bang (Bang and the dirt is gone)

  58. Maryam's Stuffs

    Maryam's StuffsHace un hora

    rocket died

  59. JR O1

    JR O1Hace un hora

    I told you ____, ____ and ____ would survive!

  60. Apollo Works

    Apollo WorksHace un hora


  61. MSC

    MSCHace un hora

    The Hulk thing is BS... we know Hulk becomes Professor Hulk so obviously he won’t show up out of a fit of rage. And Nat is there after he becomes Hulk. Lmfaooo. This is bad. It’s not that complicated

  62. Angel Portillo

    Angel PortilloHace un hora

    Mat pat can you make another gravity falls video #bill cypher

  63. Teaa Rexx

    Teaa RexxHace un hora

    I've never really like super heroes and crap like that but after watching this I wanna watch all of the movies xD

  64. DevonTMA //TheMotionAnimator

    DevonTMA //TheMotionAnimatorHace un hora

    R.I.P Fact Boy

  65. dodgers doon1130

    dodgers doon1130Hace un hora

    The thanus theory

  66. Blackbeard_hates_Ubisoft Soosani

    Blackbeard_hates_Ubisoft SoosaniHace un hora

    The man who plays tony stark is qiting

  67. MyFlightYT

    MyFlightYTHace un hora

    Captain America 🇺🇸

  68. JUMPER 154

    JUMPER 154Hace un hora

    2:50 I spent a solid 3 minutes laughing

  69. damian po

    damian poHace un hora

    I don't want anyone to die


    SUPREME_XXXHace un hora

    All I know from leaked spoilers hulk kills thanos

  71. Linda

    LindaHace un hora

    What about dr strange

  72. Ashton Bride

    Ashton BrideHace un hora

    War machine

  73. Oussama Aboulama

    Oussama AboulamaHace un hora

    thanky you for spoiling that comic arc for me , i was litterally two books away from that isuue ,duuuude.

  74. Smackninja 103

    Smackninja 103Hace un hora

    I wonder if the movie companies like marvel and lucasfilm are watching these videos and actually planned to do what matt had said and changed it in spite of him.

  75. Tattoo Art

    Tattoo ArtHace un hora

    Spiderman theory: Far From Home takes place before Infinity War. Why was Peter and his class on the school bus when Ebony Maw attacked?

  76. Hunter Arnott

    Hunter ArnottHace un hora

    Iron Man, captain America, and Thor. Just like the comics

  77. E-team Studios

    E-team StudiosHace un hora

    I agree, tony won’t die. (I mean I prayyy he doesn’t) but ya peter is like a son to him the trailers show that with him holding a picture with him and peter and how he’s doing this for peter. How he’s avenging the person that’s like a son to him.

  78. mr. steel

    mr. steelHace un hora

    I think iron man’s gonna die because in Spider-Man far from home he’s not there and Nick Fury is they’re instead of tony to be peters surrogate father do you agree?

  79. CopBabyCombo

    CopBabyComboHace un hora

    Thor will definitely die

  80. Barry Koltello

    Barry KoltelloHace un hora


  81. Keegan Larsen

    Keegan LarsenHace un hora

    Omg Tony as a father would be so cooooooollll

  82. Lego man fn2188

    Lego man fn2188Hace un hora

    Captain America will die

  83. Cleanut

    CleanutHace un hora

    maybe cap will put on the infinity gauntlet and sacrifice himself by using to defeat thanos and revive everyone

  84. Samantha Stundtner

    Samantha StundtnerHace un hora

    MatPat: I’m giving Black Widow the lowest chance of survival MatPat: *gives substantial evidence and valid reasons for her to die* Me: GODDAMMIT!!! THE FIRST TIME HE GIVES A GOOD THEORY, IT HAS TO BE ABOUT MY FAVORITE CHARACTER’S LOW CHANCE OF SURVIVING ENDGAME!!!

  85. Dareka826

    Dareka826Hace un hora

    Cirno will defeat Thanos, because she is the strongest ⑨

  86. Allyn Williams

    Allyn WilliamsHace un hora

    #7 on Trending!

  87. GamerJ2Gaming

    GamerJ2GamingHace un hora

    How is this Spoiler Free if we know who’s going to die?

  88. Pauly Sanchez

    Pauly SanchezHace un hora

    CALLING IT FIRST : Iron Man dies but Pepper is pregnant with a baby Iron Man Theory 🧬🤰 🤖

  89. Darthbradders11

    Darthbradders11Hace un hora


  90. marian panaitov

    marian panaitovHace un hora

    If Thanos is cursed with knowledge as Tony, it may mean that by killing half of all living things will avoid the arrival of a bigger threat that eventually will come because heroes will bring life back.

  91. Benjamin Marks

    Benjamin MarksHace un hora


  92. sparky chavez

    sparky chavezHace un hora

    Wait... What about Hawkeye???

  93. Vviip

    VviipHace un hora


  94. Zephyrus_anim8

    Zephyrus_anim8Hace un hora

    The original avengers have really shit on Tony, he was right all along and no one believed him. He was betrayed by everyone who had a significant connection to his douche of a father, and I'm still pissed about Civil War. Steve doesn't deserve to die for the greater good, he was narrowed minded because yes, he's severely depressed about waking up, losing the love of his life, and now being unable to save the last connection to his past life. But still betrayed Tony in the most brutal of ways by never outright telling him the truth about his parents; then he and bucky team up, beat him down when he surrendered, and physically ripped out his heart, abandoning him in Siberia knowing that Tony came there alone just to talk to him. Still, Tony serves the public, doing what he does and still helping people while the rest of the Avengers are gone. He is the first responder of the team when Bruce comes back, going after Thanos and surviving. If that betrayal isn't at least acknowledged, and Tony has to live the nightmare he saw in Age of Ultron where all of his team mates are dead, that will be a huge disappointment.

  95. Pancakes with wings

    Pancakes with wingsHace un hora

    Me, two weeks ago: Tony Stark legally cannot die because he has to finish his arc of being the father he always wanted, and his stories have centered around his issues with his father or relationships with children Matpat: Tony stark won't die because of his fatherhood arc Me: Ha! Validated! Me: Me: wait Me: Matpat's theories are never right Me: *-shit-*

  96. Hurtful rock

    Hurtful rockHace un hora

    This sounds pretty accurate

  97. Kimberly Flores

    Kimberly FloresHace un hora


  98. Nicholas Flanders

    Nicholas FlandersHace un hora

    Robert Downey Jr made waaaaay more than $10 million upfront for both Infinity War and Endgame

  99. MrYan

    MrYanHace un hora

    I hope the movie will be like that , It's sounds like an amazing story :)

  100. Amaziah Smith

    Amaziah SmithHace un hora