Film Theory: The Spiderman 2 Mystery! Why Spiderman Lost His Powers!


  1. John Axle Sermonia

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    The truth is the more he doubt about he's power the possibility he lose being spiderman

  2. Brisbae

    BrisbaeHace 24 minutos

    I coincidentally watched this movie last night then found this video today, and I just have to say that this was totally addressed in the movie and is far from a mystery. The 'chill doctor' identified that Spidey's lack of powers could be ascribed to his poor mental state, although he said so in the most layman terms possible. So I don't think this was a mystery, because I think the movie implied it through what the doctor said and how that connected with how Peter felt throughout the film (which was clear through events, his actions, his expressions). You really just expanded on that with the ptsd thing.

  3. Wi Fi

    Wi FiHace un hora

    He also lost his job at the start of the movie which has to put a lot of stress on peter because he’s always struggling to pay rent anyway

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    Fuck... my life is basically spidermans life. Except for the spider part.

  7. CrackedReality

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    This was all kinda blatantly shown in the film to explain his powers are affected by his emotions. So this isn't even a theory. You're literally stating something that was already known.

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    Me after watching this vid: No dah.

  10. Jay Tee Dubbs

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    This is super obvious. Clearly it was psychological but the movie never had to explicitly say it because it was shown without them ever saying it. Enjoyable video though!

  11. Lux Arcadia 15

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    He lost his power because his depressed.When he needs it come back.

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    Andrew Garfield can not come back from that one

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    I actually thought Austin was going to do this one

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    Thank you very much for this AMAZING content. This video just made me an even bigger fan of this trilogy. Thanks a lot man!

  16. Jack Rivers

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    Literally the entire point of the film. It’s not really a difficult thing to suss out.

  17. KagenNoTsuki

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    And this is why Spider-Man 2 will forever be the second best Spidey movie. Spider-Man PS4 is the best one. TELL ME I'M WRONG!

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    I... Checked off most of the ptsd things with him... And have been doing none of the things he does to make himself feel better... Damn. Thanks spiderman.

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    My baby got the PTSDss that can be the only reason!

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    uhm... funfact..... mary jane..... is another... term.. from.. marijuana...

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    This actually helped me contact emotional trauma I buried.

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    Lucas the Spider 1:22

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    Why am I watching spider Man 2 while watching this

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    Oooooooh so this is what’s happening to lil uzi vert

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    Wrong. Spider-Man lost his powers 'cause you missed the hyphen.

  27. Ran Wolf

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    the problem is if a superhero takes the time to get psychological help they run the risk of getting their heads caved in with a wooden mallet wielded by a sexy blond clown girl

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    Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a wonderful day

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    I hated Spider-Man 2. Idk what makes it so good

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    Oh no, I just self diagnosed

  32. babyem

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    I feel like the creators weren’t thinking about ptsd when they made it mostly because it doesn’t show how bad it really is or maybe they just wanted to tone it down a little because ptsd is way worse then it shows I’m the movies and doing those little things don’t help that much

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    You’re lucky you don’t get copy strikes. You’re a great channel and produce some of the best content, but you’re on ESreporter’s favorites list, if Pewdiepie incorporated half of this… he would be mega demonetized and someone would’ve tried to find connections to hitler in the color scheme or something dumb like that. Again don’t get me wrong nothing against you I watch and like all of your videos I’m against ESreporter’s favoritism

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    I think I suffer from ptsd

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    Still waiting for theory of Treasure Planet. Who is the main characters father?

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    TheOneAndOnlyCoughdropHace 9 horasídeo-TJ2yVoK7Kj8.html?t=182 Says scientific and he shows Bill Nye XD

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    Um he just went to the dark realm in doctor strange

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    With Great Stress, Comes Great Loss of Spider Powers.

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    Anyone notice Lucas the Spider?

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    Aww, now that's just sweet

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    "Press f to pay respects" fffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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    this was posted on my birthday.

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    why are spiderman and batman popular than superman because they have theme songs

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    matpat is dead

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    This guy makes me cry every time he addresses mental health because he's so positive and empowering, but also understanding and compassionate. He just seems so acutely aware of the struggles people with mental health issues face and is one of the few I find who seem to accept it without judgement. Mat and the theorist gang, you guys are _amazing_ and you've helped so many people to find joy and meaning, myself included. I love you guys!

  54. The K

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    this is the reason why most marvel films are shit today they don't bother with been deep or sad moments in there films, it's just fighting and talking about the heck we all know all the charters will come back to life in infinity war so who honestly cares if a charter like Spiderman dies.

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    First, matpat says venom is a scared entity now he says he's a demon make up your mind okay!

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    Not the bat credit card

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    ... all my oc,s have at least 1 thing of ptsd ... that’s how lonely and sad I am...

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    Dr. Octavius explained to him before he loses his powers "if you keep something as complex as love it'll keep you sick" problems with mj. falls on a building. Problem with Harry and mj loses powers permitly. Almost kisses mj power comes back.

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    did anyone else noticed that “green” spiderman he used was tom holland? no. just me? okay *^*

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    F for spiderman

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    Spider-Man from home trailer came out

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    And that's why Marvel is better than DC

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    ADAA is American Dodgeball Association of America!!! thank you Chuck Norris

  71. Rasmus Labæk

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    ADAA is American Dodgeball Association of America!!! thank you Chuck Norris

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    Venom was the best movie in the world!!!

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    Was......was this not obvious? I knew this from when I first watched it

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    Now next theory on spider man is are his powers passable through genetics. And to make this clear, would his children gain all of Peter's powers or only a few of them.

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    3:55 Bro that had me dead

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    #Justice4Neighborgirl Sorry, she is hotter than Mary Jane, more committed, and brings cake. The Trifecta of Neighbor Girls! I didn't see Mary Jane bring Peter cake she she was the neighbor girl! She said Hi over trash cans!!! More importantly Mary Jane fell in love with Spider Man not Peter, NeighborGirl Fell in love with Peter.

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    I instantly thought that it was because he was sad or something like that I was 1/3 close

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    This is a a ESreporter channel called Lucas the spider 1:20

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    I honesty didn’t know why he lost his powers. I just never questioned it. Good to know

  87. Talia Terrell

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    “Bobble head Tobey Maguire” 😂

  88. Malcolm Hunter

    Malcolm HunterHace 12 horas

    Matpat, as my first comment on any video, i'd like to say that i love all 3 of your channels (still waiting for the 4th). In this theory, i completely agree that his loss of power is due to some psychological syndrome, but not ptsd. According to mayo clinic the patient must not feel the effects of ptsd until 6 months after the event, and the effects last for months to the rest of their life, no matter how much therapy (which in Peter's case is very little). I love everything that you and Stephanie do, but i did feel entitled to try to correct this theory as i have researched this in the past. Keep theorizing!

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    how ptsd connect to webb

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    Ur a meme

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    I think in Iron Man 2 they actually addressed Tony Stark's mental health which was really progressive and we really need more super heroes that deal with internal mental struggles

  93. The King of Stanule

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    The reason why Spiderman suffers so much is the reason why I love it so much. The Spiderman from the first movie series, I mean. The newer Spidermen I hate because they are far to over-the-top . The original Spiderman you can relate to and you see vibrant humanity in him. The new ones are either over-the-top dark like in the second movie series or funny, quirky, bubbly like the one in Spiderman Homecoming. Say what you will about the newer Spidermen, including the one from Disney, they are just too over-the-top in my eyes.

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    *F to pay respects to Spider-Man*

  95. Cen2050

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    This...actually makes a lot of sense. I always felt like it was connected to Peter's feelings. Spider Man was, to be blunt "getting in the way" of Peter Parker's life, he didn't WANT the responsibility so his powers began fading. It wasn't until he accepted the fact that he NEEDED his powers to protect his friends and family that they return in full.

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    I got PTSD from spider-man 3

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    I'm not tryna be that "Haha I knew this already what an idiot" guy but... I thought this was kinda obvious

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