FIFA 20 | Official VOLTA Gameplay Trailer


  1. Safi Abd El Kadr

    Safi Abd El KadrHace 19 horas


  2. X__X

    X__XHace 21 un hora

    "Thank you"

  3. E.T Gamer

    E.T GamerHace 2 días

    Lixo este jogo bosta só gastei dinheiro atoa

  4. Ahmad Fähmí

    Ahmad FähmíHace 2 días

    Does it have gamebreaker mode?

  5. john stevens

    john stevensHace un día

    Ahmad Fähmí nope

  6. ryu da bear

    ryu da bearHace 4 días

    just bought this ..the last Fifa I ever bought was maybe in 2008 haha

  7. dark wizard

    dark wizardHace 5 días


  8. Jairo Games

    Jairo GamesHace 7 días

    0:43 ooooooo!! Escenario México en Volta😱😱

  9. 宮崎駿

    宮崎駿Hace 12 días


  10. Canal Med - anime et jeux قناة محمد للأنمي والألعاب

    Canal Med - anime et jeux قناة محمد للأنمي والألعابHace 12 días

  11. Pedro Oliveiira

    Pedro OliveiiraHace 13 días

    Melhor que isso, vamos de pes 20

  12. Bruno Austin

    Bruno AustinHace un mes

    What song is this

  13. kayembe pinga

    kayembe pingaHace un mes

    song name

  14. Lucarques

    LucarquesHace un mes


  15. Lucarques

    LucarquesHace 13 días

    @john stevens I play 😜

  16. john stevens

    john stevensHace 14 días

    Lucarques no one plays this game mode 😂😂🤣

  17. хочу в самп

    хочу в сампHace un mes

    Music pls

  18. MINH HAI NGUYEN[SGNSM - Nguyen Minh Hai] ‍

    MINH HAI NGUYEN[SGNSM - Nguyen Minh Hai] ‍Hace un mes

    Music please

  19. Saykan_027

    Saykan_027Hace un mes

    1:12 R.I.P His Face XD

  20. Lejla Andersson

    Lejla AnderssonHace un mes


  21. soflo23

    soflo23Hace un mes

    Judging by the few trailer s I've watched, I can tell this year's game is going to have one hell of an annoying soundtrack.

  22. 【BT】文Psychoツ

    【BT】文PsychoツHace un mes


  23. Diego Pineda

    Diego PinedaHace un mes

    alex hunter fifa21

  24. mo ro

    mo roHace un mes

    Shitty Game to say the least. Don’t waste your money, you will be disappointed. EA Sports should be ashamed to put out a game that has received so many bad reviews.

  25. naf 207

    naf 207Hace un mes

    why u dont put volta on nintendo switch i bought fifa 20 only for the volta and u dont have it😭😭😭😭😭😭

  26. naf 207

    naf 207Hace 14 días

    Listen bro if you showing something u must have it in the game

  27. john stevens

    john stevensHace 14 días

    You were complying about them not having Volta for the Nintendo switch, you’re definitely 12 😂😂😂

  28. naf 207

    naf 207Hace 14 días

    No i play it because its fun and i dont care what a 5 years old is saying

  29. john stevens

    john stevensHace 14 días

    naf 207 you clearly don’t play it if you think it’s fun or you’re just 12 years old 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. naf 207

    naf 207Hace 14 días

    No its not irrelevant its a very nice game mode with very good features

  31. rapbalance

    rapbalanceHace 2 meses

    Why is FIFA discriminating white footballers?! There's hardly any in the game intro and menu. We're still majority in playing and watching so why are we under-represented?! At least white guy on the cover. I dont know if i'm gonna buy it next year if that's the case! Even the music is performed by a black guy!

  32. J

    JHace un mes


  33. Quasi Stellar Primate

    Quasi Stellar PrimateHace 2 meses

    Another trash FIFA game.

  34. Imran K

    Imran KHace 2 meses

    game breaker??

  35. Tauch Ung

    Tauch UngHace 2 meses

  36. Justin haferbier

    Justin haferbierHace 2 meses

    he game makes you aggressive, instead man you can play against the same strong! The game needs to get a good update! 😠

  37. Carlos Valladares

    Carlos ValladaresHace 2 meses

    Es una deshonra que no pongan a falcao el rey del fútbol sal y street


    SERBANUL2KHace 2 meses

    the beat is fire and the game as well

  39. Lynchy

    LynchyHace 2 meses

    Why does Australia always get left out of stuff?? Anyway the maps look cool and im getting it today so im definitely gonna play a bit of volta.

  40. TotallyMarioBro Gaming

    TotallyMarioBro GamingHace 2 meses

    I never liked fifa but this reminds me of fifa street. The good old days

  41. th7sn simon

    th7sn simonHace 2 meses

    Fifa 20 deze op straaat

  42. Anxo

    AnxoHace 2 meses


  43. Kaylash Dragneel

    Kaylash DragneelHace 2 meses

    Nome dessa musica alguem sabe ?

  44. Mabeezy

    MabeezyHace 2 meses

    Fifa ProClubs is broken

  45. Korus King

    Korus KingHace 2 meses


  46. Andrei Saulea

    Andrei SauleaHace 2 meses

    Whats wrong with it?

  47. nibble on deez nuts

    nibble on deez nutsHace 2 meses

    Does anybody know how to turn off the commentary for Volta? I have the commentary volume all the way down but he is still broadcasting

  48. EPIC Tube HD

    EPIC Tube HDHace 2 meses

    Football is simply MUSIC

  49. Pedro Henrique Nunes França

    Pedro Henrique Nunes FrançaHace 2 meses

    Ainda prefiro os do PS2 muito mais divertidos

  50. Person's Personality

    Person's PersonalityHace 2 meses

    ESreporter recommendations: Yo, dude check it out Me: What now ESreporter: THAT Me after watching vid: IT'S PRE-ORDER TIME!