FIFA 20 | Official VOLTA Gameplay Trailer



    SHAHMY WAZEERHace un hora

    Please pick VOLTA MODE in NINTENDO SWITCH......... PLEASE EA.... 😭

  2. Wilfried Landry Ngameni Nekui

    Wilfried Landry Ngameni NekuiHace 6 horas


  3. Antonio Lopez

    Antonio LopezHace 13 horas

    Where the fuc* is volta for nintendo switch?

  4. Luizpedro 75

    Luizpedro 75Hace 18 horas

    RJ Aeee br

  5. Enzo Mon Chou

    Enzo Mon ChouHace 18 horas

    After playing the PES 20 demo, FIFA 20 isn't making sense tbh. Idk I might get it... but I have this weird feeling I'm better off with PES than with FIFA. If you haven't tried PES, I suggest you try it. It's mad yo.

  6. Vevo Rap

    Vevo RapHace 19 horas

    Кошмар... Я думал хуже точно не будет

  7. Real Skillz

    Real SkillzHace 21 un hora

    FIX PLAYER CAREER MODE ! You people are so lazy you can’t even bother to let the player choose what team he wants to play for after the first and you can’t even change the time of day, birth year, etc! It’s crazy how I am even complaining the basics necessities every football game should have... In 2019!

  8. Mo Bamber

    Mo BamberHace 22 horas

    I want a messi face scan


    NURBLOODHace un día

    Короче говоря, мы будем играть в дворовой футбол

  10. Stefano Sagin

    Stefano SaginHace un día

    Una merda

  11. PaNdA Hairboss

    PaNdA HairbossHace un día

    Is CFR Cluj in fifa 20 ?

  12. Jalen Johnson

    Jalen JohnsonHace un día

    Wow all I do is play 2K this look fun

  13. Kroox breaker

    Kroox breakerHace un día

    Fifa Street remake

  14. Periya samy

    Periya samyHace un día

    The untold truth 😕- Each 5 Times Ballon d'Or Winners (Messi10 & Ronaldo7) Not in the Video (Atleast 1sec) even they Still Playing... 😑😑

  15. Nicolas Garcia

    Nicolas GarciaHace un día

    La verdad que siempre jugué al FIFA pero por un tema de licencias creo que está vez le voy a dar la derecha al pes20. Una lástima que no puedan incluir a todos los clubes

  16. Juan Pineda

    Juan PinedaHace un día

    Let’s gooooooooooo it’s time boys

  17. SudoSociety

    SudoSocietyHace un día

    Hey guys :) I made my own Fifa 20 REAL LIFE gameplay trailer, and i put a lot of hard work and effort into it. I would really appreciate it if you would check it out and give me chance, it would mean the world to me, I really gave it my best and think it looks really cool/funny ;D

  18. Mateo Strugar

    Mateo StrugarHace un día

    EA can you please make Volta mode in Fifa mobile 20,please!


    JAH KAMRENHace un día

    Does this mean NBA Street will come soon?! I swear if that is the case I will buy double for it! Anyway, I am getting this game.

  20. John Dylan

    John DylanHace un día

    This is the last FIFA Street they released bundled with FIFA 17 re-skin and all you muppets are lapping it up like it's revolutionary. EA robbing customers yet again. I feel sick

  21. Las aventuras de julio

    Las aventuras de julioHace un día

    EA Sports put volta in fifa 19 please

  22. WM Silva

    WM SilvaHace un día

    Volta é o KCT! Eu quero futebol!

  23. Kid Flash

    Kid FlashHace un día

    I have been begging for EA to put fifa street in fifa. And they finally did!

  24. Ebervinicios Silva

    Ebervinicios SilvaHace un día

    brings what fifa 20 pra antiga generation pleaseplease!!!!!! i not gotta as have what PS4 eo my sonho is have what PS3 pragamble fifa20!!!!! Voçes estarão realizando um sonho!!!por favor

  25. salvarea jocurilor

    salvarea jocurilorHace un día

    Vafi adaugata liga 1 Romania

  26. Latras

    LatrasHace un día

    Add online coop to Volta

  27. Idk

    IdkHace un día

    Add online coop

  28. ichigo aizen

    ichigo aizenHace un día

    Top raiting fifa

  29. Talal Ahmed

    Talal AhmedHace 2 días


  30. Aubrey Tembo

    Aubrey TemboHace 2 días

    Things like that are little changes, not something to highlight in your new game. Nothing is really new here if you want to go head-on Pes 20 this time. It is still a disappointment coz people are expecting new things then you bring the obvious. Pes has had this staff which leaves a question again. Whats is new on FIFA 20. I saw Noticed there is no Juventus who wouldn't want to play with both Ronaldo and Messi together even if they are there for Juve worse it's completely fake.CR7 is CR7, not Chris Orlando. Now we have to run around looking for patches and updates this is the major drop on @t far I have not seen anything impressing on FIFA 20.I still think FIFA 20 got served with PES 20 this year and they cant step up.

  31. Ray Youtube

    Ray YoutubeHace un día

    Aubrey Tembo FIFA street is originaly a FIFA thing and btw they have added a nummer of cool features

  32. The Gamers Of The Apocalypse Fire

    The Gamers Of The Apocalypse FireHace 2 días

    Counted, about 50 seconds of gameplay in the trailer

  33. しんしん☆

    しんしん☆Hace 2 días

    Piemonte Calcio💩

  34. Eseh Francis Morara

    Eseh Francis MoraraHace 2 días

    Best trailer since FIFA 17 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Emanuele Pietropaolo

    Emanuele PietropaoloHace 2 días

    Fifa street

  36. NoobMaster69TM

    NoobMaster69TMHace 2 días


  37. FixPaper

    FixPaperHace 2 días

    Where is my TIK TOK TIK TOK

  38. Yusuf

    YusufHace 2 días

    FixPaper Tutututututuutuututu Tiktak Tiktak Tiktak

  39. CheoElChido

    CheoElChidoHace 2 días

    Mexico aparece :D

  40. Федя _13

    Федя _13Hace 2 días


  41. 24SparrowJack

    24SparrowJackHace 2 días

    They got troopz as a commentater I'm definitely not playing this mode now can't stand him

  42. A_S996

    A_S996Hace 15 horas

    24SparrowJack Good no one cares about you anyway

  43. eeduu I lgd

    eeduu I lgdHace 2 días


  44. Jake

    JakeHace 2 días

    Can you make a whole team of custom characters, like on Fifa Street?


    CR7NEYMARHace 2 días

    No updates to career mode? I’ll pass

  46. Yusuf

    YusufHace 2 días

    CR7NEYMAR there is...

  47. Noor Ariffuddin

    Noor AriffuddinHace 2 días

    What song is this ?

  48. Marwan Ben

    Marwan BenHace 2 días

    Is algerian team will be in fifa 20

  49. Marwan Ben

    Marwan BenHace 2 días

    fifa 20 the best game Thanks ea sports for the street mode #fifa20 #easports #voltafootball 👏👏👏👏👏

  50. Lou Cif

    Lou CifHace 2 días

    Rip Pes fans

  51. Noella Luniama

    Noella LuniamaHace 2 días

    I cant wait for fifa20

  52. ZISCOR s

    ZISCOR sHace 2 días

    Where is juve??? Please why did you do this juve was awesome with cr7 going high and suddenly no juventus in FIFA 20 This is bad

  53. Hamzie Plays

    Hamzie PlaysHace 19 horas

    Hate you punks that overuse ronaldo in corners I’m glad

  54. I mastrubated 2 minutes ago

    I mastrubated 2 minutes agoHace un día

    You mean Piemonte Calcio

  55. Harvey Talbot

    Harvey TalbotHace un día

    Yeah pes own the individual rights so they legally can't

  56. Fs flashdash080

    Fs flashdash080Hace un día

    ZISCOR s they didn’t do it themselves juve signed with pes

  57. PaolinoChannel91bao

    PaolinoChannel91baoHace 2 días


  58. Omer

    OmerHace 2 días

    Is this fifa street online to play with mates and does anyone think there’s gonna be a pro club version?

  59. Adem Efe Karadağ

    Adem Efe KaradağHace 2 días

    Fifa mobile 20?

  60. _Süleyman_ Gezgin_9_

    _Süleyman_ Gezgin_9_Hace 2 días


  61. Jonathan Max

    Jonathan MaxHace 2 días

    Fifa 19 pior jogo já lançado

  62. Brad Mihai

    Brad MihaiHace 2 días

    this game becomes more and more a game for the less intellectual gifted. It was fun some while ago for the smart ones too, but the ingame hyperspecialization conducts to less interest for people who really do smth with their lives

  63. Gabi Gabov

    Gabi GabovHace 3 días

    When will fifa 20 come out

  64. Juan Chavez

    Juan ChavezHace 3 días

    EA: If we bring back Fifa Street, they'll stop asking us to change career mode

  65. TheNoobzoid

    TheNoobzoidHace 2 días

    Fans: Bring back FIFA Street! EA: Ok

  66. Arun Gopan

    Arun GopanHace 3 días

    Cyberpunk 2077

  67. Lautaro Molina

    Lautaro MolinaHace 3 días

    Tiene que poner el var

  68. LSJ Martin

    LSJ MartinHace 3 días

    So its gon be like park in 2k????

  69. Jonathanboy 27

    Jonathanboy 27Hace 3 días

    I played against my dad in fifa and we went to penalties. when took my first penalty, i decided to hit it down the middle but it went to side and i hit the post. Next it was my dads turn. HE shot it in between the middle and the right post, I dived for it and my goalkeeper went the other way! sort it out ea 20/100 for this. My recomendation is that you FIX THIS FOR FIFA 20. thank you.

  70. RodY MorgadO

    RodY MorgadOHace 3 días

    Mode edit en Fifa 20 please!!! Poder editar os times genéricos e seleções com modo edição 100% editável, criação de emblemas e várias opções de criação no uniforme !

  71. Mehdi Nooar M_N

    Mehdi Nooar M_NHace 3 días

    اتمنه منكم شركة EA ان تقدموا اصدار فيفا 20 كون يصبح بداية شهر التاسع مو تخلون الاصدار بنهاية

  72. Tele Players

    Tele PlayersHace 3 días

    realmente esse jogo ta uma porcaria mesmas mecanicas lixo , o jogo forçando para vc perder no modo carreira errando passes bobos , a bola sempre sobra pra ia nos chutao, qualquer goleiro fazendo milagres toda hora , e bola na trave , os graficos continuam o msm lixo de sempre , e os caras ainda perdem liçenças , realmente so vai comprar esse jogo lento quem é muito fanboy dessa empresa de preguiçosos , ainda o jogo é lento demais , comprem o pes que esta muito melhor que essa porcaria , pq isso ae é um fifa 19 atualizado , o jogo continua um lixo

  73. Shivam Gupta

    Shivam GuptaHace 3 días


  74. Shivam Gupta

    Shivam GuptaHace 3 días

    #MayIGetHighAndManage? #Creative

  75. Sultan Musa

    Sultan MusaHace 3 días

    It says Lagos, does that mean they’ll finally add Nigeria?

  76. jm K

    jm KHace 3 días

    Joao felix face please

  77. Misan tropo

    Misan tropoHace 3 días

    they already had this mode finished since 18

  78. Haroon Nadim

    Haroon NadimHace 3 días

    I love the avatar outfits

  79. VBrickFIFA

    VBrickFIFAHace 3 días

    Romanian liga 1 its in fifa 20? Please EA answer

  80. Xavier Woods

    Xavier WoodsHace 3 días

    Kam dog😈💯

  81. prodigyH11

    prodigyH11Hace 3 días

    improve the personalization of characters in pro clubs with tattoos, new hairstyles, accessories and customized shoes

  82. Мавиле Неметулаева

    Мавиле НеметулаеваHace 3 días

    А там будет российская лига и серия а


    GAME CHESTHace 3 días


  84. Xx_El i3_xX

    Xx_El i3_xXHace 3 días

    i wonder if Volta will have an overall system ?

  85. Andrew SC

    Andrew SCHace 3 días

    OMG. This is the only game mode I’m playing

  86. Toro Loco

    Toro LocoHace 3 días

    came for troopz

  87. crunh

    crunhHace 3 días

    Lol who cares fifa

  88. Angus Pedersen

    Angus PedersenHace 3 días

    Love the Trailer but can you only score bicycle kicks and volleys? 😂

  89. TomyCrist ツ

    TomyCrist ツHace 3 días

    please put Zamorano, Salas and Figueroa as icons for fifa 2020